Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause.
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Love is a thing, well, its kind of like quicksand: 
The more you are in it, the deeper you sink. 
And when it hits you, you've just got to fall.
       ~ UB40


As soon as they stepped through the portal, they were back in the attic.... though changed a bit. "Oookay... good sign... doesn't look like the Halliwell Museum anymore."

"A museum?" Leo snickered at the thought. "Where to baby?" The elder asked, wanting to let Chris have some control over matters since the boy was nervous.

"Well Wyatt turned this into a shrine after the charmed ones died to show everyone the great power he came from..." Chris explained with rolling eyes. "I don't know where to go... if this has changed then who knows what else has changed. For all I know, future you and me live here still."

"Only if our house burned down." Leo said with a grin. "We'll just be careful. We're not strangers to stealth." The elder brought a hand up to Chris' cheek. "It can only have changed for the better.

Chris smiled. He couldn't help but do that often when he was around Leo... or being touched by him. "All right... let's go downstairs... carefully."

"Downstairs....how far downstairs? Maybe we can visit our old room." Leo kidded, and took Chris by the hand, staying in front of his son. "Stealthily we go."

"Shh... noises... I hear noises..." Chris stopped moving and listened intently... realizing it was their own feet shuffling. "Never mind." He passed his mom's room and Phoebe's then Paige's. All the doors were closed and he dared not open them. He approached the window on the second floor and looked outside. "I don't see any cars in the driveway."

"Looking for someone, Christopher?"

Chris turned around quickly, startled. "Uh... Wyatt."

"That's me. What are you doing?"

"Nothing..." Chris was visibly nervous. "Nothing."

"Hello father." Wyatt said blankly.

"Wyatt." Leo said calmly, not letting his surprise show. He looked Wyatt over, trying to reconcile the image of the man before him with that of his son. The elder stood by Chris, keeping one hand clear of his body just incase.

"Now Chrissy..." Wyatt started with a grin. "Are you going to tell me why you and the old man are in my house?"

"Your house?" Chris asked, incredulously.

"Mine. Anwer me." Wyatt stood firm, arms crossed across his chest.

"Hey." Leo stepped up in front of Wyatt. "Don't call your brother that. He has a name." The elder stared at Wyatt, not looking away. "He has just as much to be here as you do. Maybe more so."

"Who the hell do you think you are, old man? You may have made me but you are not my father... I never needed one and most certainly don't need one now."

"You obviously need some kind of guidance." Leo said, not backing down. He didn't want to hurt Wyatt, but he wasn't going to let him near Chris. "Don't call me old man. I'm your father, no matter what has happened, or what powers you have...I'm the dad, you're the son. Got it?"

Wyatt did nothing to conceal his amusement. He burst out into laughter immediately. "You must be joking right. Listen... Leo is it? You may have that bitch whipped into some kind of sick submission but I'm way more powerful the either of you... so please... go save the world or something before I decide you no longer amuse me."

"Bitch?" Leo turned to look at Chris, needing his husband to calm him down. "That's my- don't ever talk about Chris like that!" Leo couldn't believe how cold Wyatt was, talking to his family this way. He orbed behind his oldest son, then pushed him against the wall, his arm against the back of Wyatt's neck. "I will not have you talking to him or about him like that while I'm around."

"Oh stop that... it tickles." In a series of split second moves, Wyatt had orbed away from Leo, rematerialized behind him and sent him flying against a wall with the wave of a hand.

"You asshole!" Chris yelled and charged towards Wyatt.

"Now now Chrissy, that's not very nice." With another wave of his hand Chris was sent flying, bursting out the window and landing on the front lawn. "When will you ever learn? I want you two gone by the time I returned." He shot over at Leo who was down on the floor and then he orbed out.

Leo got up from the floor, dazed by the attack from his own son. ~You attacked him first....~ The elder ran to the window and saw Chris lying on the ground. "Oh no..." Leo orbed to the lawn, not caring if neighbors saw him or not. "Baby? Are you okay?"

Chris groaned in pain and slowly opened one eye. "Be thankful we're family... he would have killed us if we weren't."

"That was family treatment?" Leo said incredulously. He glanced back at the broken window, still shocked by the events. "Are you sure you're okay? You and...our family?"
The elder was nervous, but if Chris said he was fine, then he'd believe him.

Chris touched his stomach. "I'm all right... we're all right... I think."

"Do you want to go to a doc-" Leo stopped himself, knowing that Chris would tell him if he thought something was wrong. "Okay. What do we do now? Should we see if everyone else is.... okay too? Or go back?"

"First thing's first... help me up so we can stop giving the neighbors a show." Chris said with a chuckle and extended his hand to his father, lover, husband, and friend.

"Sorry." Leo grabbed his son's hand and helped his husband up. He refrained from holding Chris' hand, knowing that wouldn't fly with the neighbors either. "I'm just a little shook up with it all."

"As you should be... it's our child." Chris stated, reassuring Leo it was all right to feel that way. "Just means I get to say ‘aww’ and think you're cute all over again." He said, slightly blushing.

Leo smiled and put his hand on Chris' shoulder. "When did I stop being cute?" He teased his husband, but sobered up quickly. "You know I'll always worry about our family."

"That's good... now let's get back inside and wait for Mr. Halliwell to return... 'cause now he's pissed me off. He put our baby in danger!"

"He didn't know." Leo said, immediately sticking up for Wyatt. ~What am I saying? He could have killed Chris. He could have hurt our baby!~ "I'm sorry, baby. I'm having trouble getting the two Wyatt's separated in my mind. I didn't mean that. He was completely wrong. It doesn't matter if he knew or not. He shouldn't have done that to you, no matter what."

It'd cut deep to hear Leo stick up for Wyatt like that. It had nothing to do with what happened just now but rather what he'd felt had happened all his life. Everyone preferred Wyatt. Chris walked away from Leo and back into the house with not so much as a word.

"Baby I'm sorry!" Leo hollered, and ran to catch up with his husband. ~Damn it. I blew that one.~ Leo shook his head and closed the door to the house. "I'm sorry. Chris..." Leo didn't know what to do, other then to just start saying he was sorry with lots of  "I love you's ".

Chris walked up the stairs, subconsciously ignoring Leo's rambling. He hated that he was so susceptible to this kind of wound being opened but he couldn't help it. Twenty-two years of it made sure he couldn't help it.

Leo followed Chris up the stairs, talking in a normal voice. "I was wrong. I leapt to his defense, something I would do for any of my family, when he didn't deserve it. And worse, I hurt you. I'm sorry." Leo stopped, but didn't see any change in Chris. "I should have put you first. That's what being married is...I'm sorry baby. I know you're right about him. I didn't have to see him treat you like he did. I believed you. I was- I was wrong."

"We're going home." Chris said, his voice barely above a whisper as he continued to make his way to the attic. Once there, he dug into his pocket to find the vial of potion and he looked at it for a second. He threw it against the portal and it opened like he knew it would. "You first." He said to Leo.

"Chris, no." Leo knew they couldn't go back angry. "Please, we can't go back home angry." The elder took a few steps closer to Chris' trying to gauge how angry and hurt his husband was.

"Have to... last vial of potion used." Chris dug into his empty pockets for emphasis. "Go." He said and pointed at the portal.

"This doesn't-" Leo looked at the portal, then back at his husband. "No. We can make more if we need to. We can't go back like this. This- it doesn't feel right."

Chris stood in silence for a moment. It hurt him more than anyone would know to do this but something in him pushed him to. He waved his hand towards Leo. "Portal!" And Leo was orbed into the portal. Seconds later, with another wave of a hand... this time Wyatt's, the portal closed. Chris turned to see his brother grinning.

"Alone at last." Wyatt smirked.

Leo was tossed into the attic, landing roughly on the floor. He waited, knowing that Chris wasn't going to come through, until the portal closed. He stared at the chalk marks, willing it to open the portal back up.

“Tell me, little brother…” There was a tone of confidence and arrogance in Wyatt’s voice. “What are you going to do now?

Chris, whose head was bowed, looked up at Wyatt, tears streaming down his cheeks. “Nothing. I won’t fight you.”

A flash of something that could have been interpreted as worry flashed through Wyatt’s eyes but as soon as it appeared, it was gone. “Aw, what’s wrong Chrissy? Miss daddy already?”

Leo shook himself mentally, knowing that he couldn't leave Chris in the future. "Okay, get Piper and Paige. Can't tell Patty, she'll freak out....what am I saying? I'm freaking out." Leo paced around the attic, trying to remember where Paige and Piper were so he wouldn't have to ask Patty.

Chris’s tears wouldn’t stop flowing. He couldn’t pinpoint the exact trigger but it had to be a combination of feeling the loss of his husband… the fear of Wyatt… the loss of his family… it had to be all of that… and more.

“Aw poor Chrissy… no one to give it to him up the ass.” Wyatt moved closer with every word but Chris could barely tell, his sight clouded by tears. “Well don’t you worry. That’s what big brothers are for.” Wyatt brought a hand up to Chris’s cheek and wiped away a few tears. Seconds later, Chris fell to the floor, unconscious, surprising Wyatt.

“Chris?” Wyatt knelt down on the floor next to his brother. His voice now showed genuine concern. “Christopher?! Wake up! Shit!” He shook Chris but didn’t get a response.

Leo tripped over one of the boy's toys, and fell on the attic floor. He kicked out angrily at the toy, but did not get back up to pace. Instead he sat still and used his training to calm down, trying to sense the charmed ones. It took him a few minutes, but he finally got a feeling and orbed out to get help.

Wyatt carried Chris over to the couch and laid him down. “Chris… come on… wake up!” He got no response from his little brother. “Jeez I was having a little fun man… I wasn’t going to kill you… I’ll be back.” Wyatt stepped away from Chris and orbed out, in search of a healer.

When Wyatt rematerialized, he found himself in the aftermath of a battle. A wounded witch on the ground and her healing white lighter, kneeling over her.

“You!” Wyatt said to the white lighter. “Come with me…”

“I can’t… she’s…” The white lighter started but was cut off.

“No one says no to me…” Wyatt approached the young man quickly, grabbed him by the neck and orbed back home.

Leo orbed to Magic School, and hurriedly walked to the nursery. ~Tell them... crap; I'm going to get in trouble for doing that spell with Chris. And on top of that he's still there...~ Leo pushed open the doors of the nursery, and spotted Piper and Wyatt easily. He headed over to the trio, ignoring Paige's displeased look. "We have a problem."

"You have many problems... what else is new?" Paige quickly shot at Leo.

"Chris and I went to the future, to make sure it was okay." Leo glared for a moment at Paige, then looked back at Piper and Wyatt. "Wyatt attacked us and the orbed out. Then I said something really stupid-"

"Again, nothing new." Paige said with rolling eyes.

"Paige, not helping." Piper cut her off. "Continue with the story so I may know why I'm kicking your ass."

"That's not funny. You don't know how horrible I feel." Leo folded his arms over his chest. "He was so hurt.... I tried to fix it. But he threw the vial to return home and then orbed me into the portal when I wouldn't go. He's still at the manor. Wyatt's manor." Leo stopped talking, taking a second or two to calm down. "We can't leave him there."

Wyatt orbed back into the attic, still grabbing the white lighter by the neck. “Heal him!” He said and practically threw the boy on the floor.

Scared, the white lighter crawled over to Chris and placed his hands above Chris’s chest and began to heal, only nothing was happening. Chris remained unconscious. “I… I don’t… know what’s… wrong… he won’t … heal.”

“Fool!” Wyatt yelled in anger and sent the boy flying against the wall. “Get out of here, you imbecile.”

Terrified now more than ever, the white lighter orbed out of the attic quickly.

"Okay wait... what?!?!" Piper snapped. "Chris is stuck in the future where Wyatt wants him dead?"

Leo kept his mouth shut, his jaw flexing as he grinded his teeth. ~Dead...yeah right.~ The elder shook his head. "I don't think Wyatt wants to hurt him, but we can't leave him there. He thinks I love Wyatt more then I love him...we have to go and get him."

"What did you two use behind our backs to go to the future?" Paige asked, trying to remain calm.

"A spell from the Book of Shadows, and a vial. Two vials." Leo tried to remember some of the ingredients, and kicked himself, as he couldn't name one. "One to go forward and one to get back." He looked up at the ceiling, wishing he'd paid more attention. "We have to get back to the manor. We can't- just..." Leo wanted to hold Wyatt, but he couldn't, feeling like he would be betraying Chris if he did.

"Leo, calm down... if it was a potion then the potion you used was the one we made to send Chris back to the future originally... meaning the problem is easily solved. There are about 5 extra vials of it on the shelf in the attic." Piper explained. "All you have to do is throw one at the portal which I'm sure Chris drew on the wall."

"Wait we're not going?" Paige asked.

"Oh no... Leo needs to resolve his own marital problems." Piper answered her.

Leo didn't know if he was happy that Paige wasn't going, or scared that he wasn't going with back up. Ultimately though, he knew he couldn't let Piper see Wyatt. ~Not when he's so...~ Leo couldn't even think about calling Wyatt evil in his head. ~Besides, she can't come to the future, it'll wreck too much and Patty will get suspicious.~

"Someone has to stay with," Leo looked down at his eldest son. "Wyatt." He reluctantly reached out and smoothed the boy's blonde curls. "Thanks." Leo orbed back to the attic, not able to be around Wyatt any longer.

"That man has issues." Paige said, once Leo was gone.

“Tell me about it." Piper agreed.

"Shelf." Leo looked along the shelf, it was full of junk. "Shelf, shelf....couldn't they have been more specific?" The elder found the potions, and pocketed all of them except one, not wanting to get stuck in the future. He held the one vial in his hand and walked to the wall with the portal on it. Leo closed his eyes, and threw the vial at the wall.

Chris slowly began opening his eyes, the first thing he saw being his brother’s face. “Wyatt?”


“What happened?” Chris rubbed his eyes.

“I fucked you so hard, you passed out.”

“What?!?!” Chris sat up quickly, alarmed. “You asshole.”

“No, Chrissie… not yet at least… waiting for ya to wake up, princess.” Wyatt said with an evil grin.

Leo opened his eyes, and was relieved to see the portal. Not thinking about it a moment longer, he jumped into it.

“You!” Wyatt practically growled at the sight of his father coming through the portal.

"Wyatt." Leo said much more calmly then he felt. He looked to Chris, not sure why his husband was on the couch. "What's the matter? Get jealous of Chris again?"

"Jealous? What the hell do I have to envy?" Wyatt walked away from Chris and towards Leo.

"Stop it, you two!" Chris yelled.

"Mind your business Chrissie." Wyatt said and backhanded Chris's face hard.

"Hey!" Leo shoved Wyatt to the ground. "I told you not to talk to him like that." He glared at his eldest son. "Don't take it out on him because you have issues with me. Be a man."

Wyatt quickly stood up, making sure he invaded Leo's personal space. "Be a man? Like what you're not?"

"Guys?" Chris tried to get their attention but it was futile so he'd just let this play out... gave him time to recover from his daze.

"A real man never hits anyone because they're hurt." Leo looked down at Chris, afraid that something was wrong since he wasn't getting up. "You could stand to be a little more like me. At least then you wouldn't be putting your brother and nephew in danger." Leo stared at Wyatt, not moving an inch.

"Nephew? Psh... old man I think you're losing it... Princess Chrissie is here alone." Wyatt walked away from Leo and back towards Chris. "Isn't that right, Chrissie?" Wyatt touched Chris's face, which made Chris flinch away.

Leo felt his heart stop when Wyatt said Chris was alone. "Don't touch him." The elder said, his voice hoarse as he tried to get past the sadness and anger welling up in him. "Get away from him!" Leo grabbed Wyatt by the shoulders and tossed him across the room.  

Wyatt landed on the floor with a loud thump and he was fired and ready to snap Leo's neck. "You can't handle me, old man... don't even try." He quickly stood, as if nothing had happened.

Chris closed his eyes. He couldn't stand to watch, much less thinking this was all his fault... that Leo's instinct was what he'd shown earlier... to prefer Wyatt... but because of him, they were fighting.

"I don't want to try. You sicken me." Leo said quietly, looking at Chris, and feeling like a failure. He'd angered Chris, and then got sent back...leaving Chris alone to be hurt. "I'm sorry baby." The elder wanted to cry, but kept it inside.

Chris just shook his head, his eyes still closed. "He... doesn't know... about the baby..." Chris whispered. "We're both okay." He felt he needed to let Leo know although his emotional wound remained open.

Wyatt, watching what he considered a sickening scene, decided to break it up and sent Leo flying across the room with a wave of his hand.

"Dad!" Chris called out, worried.

"Stay out of this Chrissie." Wyatt said as he walked past him and called out for rope to encircle and tie Chris down.

Leo stood up, staring at Wyatt. He felt a hundred times better, even though he had just been thrown across the room. ~He's okay. They're both okay.~

"What did I do to fuck you up? I wasn't there enough for Christopher." Leo emphasized his son's name. "What was so horrible, that it turned you into a bastard?"

"You will not speak to me that way!" Wyatt charged up an energy ball and threw it Leo's way.

Leo put his hands up, sending out some of his power to disperse the ball before it reached him. "I'm your father I'll speak to you as I damn well please!"

"You... are... not... my... father!!" Wyatt charged towards Leo, knocking his father to the floor.

Leo fell back, but held onto Wyatt and rolled them over so Wyatt was on the ground. "I am." He used his strength to keep Wyatt's arms at his sides. "I made you. Me and your mother. So do as I say."

"Fuck you!" Wyatt shot back and spit at Leo.

Leo tightened his hold on Wyatt's arms, trying not to lose his temper. "You wish." The elder picked Wyatt up by his arms a bit, then pushed him back to the ground.

Chris silently orbed away from his ropes to help Leo but after doing so realized Leo didn't need any help.

"You think everything's about you, old man? Well it's not! Chris may worship you like some sick puppy but there's nothing about you to worship, as far as I can tell." Wyatt kept struggling against Leo.

"You haven't seen his cock." Chris mumbled silently.

To be continued...
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