Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.

 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause.
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There is no instinct like that of the heart.
       ~ Lord Byron


"I didn't ask you to worship anything about me!" Leo grunted as Wyatt tried to escape. "All I asked for was you to call your brother by his name."

"Fuck off! Princess Chrissie has it easier because he's so much weaker than I am... but... just you wait till I get my hands on him!" Wyatt gave one mighty push against Leo and still he couldn't break free.

"You will never touch him." Leo said darkly, his grip on Wyatt's arms turning his knuckles white, but he didn't stop. "You will calm him by his name. You will stop insulting him. And you will show me some respect! If not, I'll beat your ass."

Wyatt looked over at Chris, intentionally ignoring Leo. "Your little asshole opens up just thinking about it, huh bitch? A real man with real power ramming into it."

"Shut up, Wyatt!" Chris yelled.

"Beg for it baby... beg for me." Wyatt grinned.

Leo reacted without thinking, and punched Wyatt in the jaw. "You son of a bitch! Don't talk to my husband like that!" He punched Wyatt again, and then drew his fist back to punch him again.

Wyatt realized the best way to hurt Leo was through Chris so he had no intention to stop vocalizing his desires anytime soon. "I know you're dying to feel a few of my loads in you, Christopher. Feel what sperm... a real man's seed can do to your bitch body."

"They should have taught you to keep your mouth shut!" The elder slammed Wyatt's body down against the floor. "Christopher doesn't need to. He has a husband who is extremely proficient." Leo put his arm against Wyatt's neck.

"Chrissie tell him." Wyatt choked out. "Tell him how the thought of my... hot cock cumming huge loads into your tiny ass excites you... come on Chrissie... no one can fuck you better than me... get ya pregnant Chrissie... with my seed baby."

"No." Leo stopped choking his oldest son. "He doesn't. We managed to do that on our own." The elder didn't know what to do, so he continued to hold Wyatt down. "We have a beautiful baby, a baby you put in danger today!" Leo looked over his shoulder at Chris. "He dreamed about me all his life." He looked back at Wyatt. "He's always dreamt of being with me. Dreamt of me fucking and making love to him. That's why he wouldn't let you touch him!"

"Think about it Chris." Wyatt disguised his voice to sound husky, sexy, and romantic even. "I'd fuck you all day and all night... rip your little ass so it bled just a little for me... and with every fuck I'd cum buckets inside you. Fill you up till you can't take no more and still fill you even more... so much that we'd make a baby... you'd carry my baby, Chris. We'd have the most powerful child ever to be born." Wyatt truly wanted that. He thought a union between he and Chris would create an even greater concentration of power than him. Wyatt stopped struggling against Leo and watched Chris intently, playing off the pain Chris felt thinking he was inferior in Leo's eyes. "Chris..." Wyatt orbed away from under Leo and next to Chris on the couch. "Chris baby... we can do this..." He put an arm on Chris's shoulder, which caused him to flinch away. "Chris... let's make a baby."

"I said you weren't allowed to touch him." Leo growled out as he struggled to keep his anger in. "You can't make a baby with him. He's mine. My lover, my husband, my Christopher." Leo stalked over and threw Wyatt to the floor again; not liking the way Wyatt was staring at his husband.

Wyatt continued to ignore Leo, knowing full well if he had a chance, he had to play to Chris like he was the only one in the room. "Baby... please... can't you imagine how good it'd feel to have me inside you? Chris let me make you mine."

"No!" Leo said, getting frustrated by Wyatt's attempts to seduce his husband. "He could never want you. You aren't good enough for him. You tortured him, put him through years of hell." Leo glared at Wyatt and was overcome by the need to hit his son until he stopped looking at Chris. "I've loved him unconditionally." Leo walked over to Wyatt and kicked him in the side, so that he rolled over. "I'm all he's ever needed." Leo knelt down next to Wyatt and pushed him onto his stomach, holding him down.

Wyatt let himself be defeated, knowing that showing a softer, human side would be the only way to make this union happen. He had to paint pictures in Chris's brain that would attract him. No mention of power or superiority... just a picture of Wyatt's fat cock sliding in and out of Chris's hole and spewing sperm into him as they kissed and "made love." That's what Chris would respond to so Wyatt closed his eyes and focused on Chris and getting into his head.

Chris shook his head from side to side. Hardly being able to believe what Wyatt was suggesting when all of the sudden his mind was invaded by images he had not put there. He saw Wyatt smiling... he saw himself beneath Wyatt with legs spread and then he saw it... saw Wyatt’s cock head sliding into him slowly... then they were kissing and Wyatt was making love to him and he could still see his hole as it opened and closed when Wyatt pushed his thick cock in and pulled it out.

Leo let go off Wyatt, thinking he'd hurt him. He checked his pulse, and saw that he was fine, but couldn't figure out why he had his eyes shut. "Wyatt?" He heard a groan from Chris and looked back at his husband. ~What the hell is going on?~

The elder was sure it wasn't anything good and punched Wyatt in the jaw. "Stop whatever you're doing to him!" He tried to ignore Chris' moans, getting turned on by them.

Wyatt was momentarily jarred by the punch but he concentrated again on Chris, this time making sure he could watch his own hole getting fucked.

Chris's images became clearer and he could see his tiny hole quiver and close when Wyatt pulled out his enormous shaft and then willingly stretch open when Wyatt pushed all 10 thick inches back in and then it was like he could feel Wyatt cumming inside him... an impossibly huge load of hot sperm.

~Come on Chris... let me in.~ Wyatt blasted him with one more visual, this time of Chris sucking him and right before Wyatt comes, he shoves into Chris's tiny rosebud and now Chris was watching his hole getting flooded.

Chris didn't even realize he had been moaning out loud. The images stopped and he opened his eyes. It still felt real. His hole felt opened and he felt full of sperm.

"You bastard." Leo knew what Chris sounded like when he was 'excited' and slammed Wyatt down on the floor again. "That's the only way you'll ever be with him. He would never touch you. He loves me. And our future." ~Chris was right I should just beat him...until he figures out who not to mess with.~

The elder sneered at Wyatt. "You're nothing compared to me. I'm older, smarter, and bigger." Leo fought against the rush of adrenaline telling him to hurt Wyatt. "He's my son, my husband...I'm his father, and yours."

Wyatt went practically limp for Leo, letting Chris observe their interaction and not feel threatened by Wyatt. "All right. I'm sorry, Leo. I was wrong. I'll leave you alone."

"Some how I don't believe you, son." Leo was still glaring at Wyatt. He knew better then to trust evil bastards, which apparently his eldest had turned into.

"Let me go... please... dad." Wyatt sounded much like you'd imagine he would if he didn't think he was the center of the universe. He glanced over at Chris who locked eyes with him. "I'm sorry, Chris... for everything. He's a very lucky man to have what I realized too late I wanted."

"Chris," Leo pinned both of Wyatt's hands together and held them with one hand and grabbed one of the vials from his pocket. "Go back to the attic, your mom is very worried about you."

"But dad..." Chris started but stopped. He was so confused at the moment. He couldn't tell where those pictures had come from... if they had come from secret desires in himself... he couldn't tell why he felt them so real... but he'd never disobey Leo. "Yes, sir." He grabbed the vial and tossed it at the portal. Once it opened he glanced back at Wyatt who planted the image of his cock sliding in and out of Chris in his brain again, and Chris stepped through the portal.

"I couldn't do this in front of him" Leo let go of Wyatt and stood up. "Where did Piper and I go wrong with you? You were always such a good child." The elder looked back at the portal. "Chris...I didn't get to see his childhood. But I've seen the man he became...He's a good man. But you..." Leo bit his lip for a moment. "You're such a disappointment."

"I'm sorry you feel that way, dad." Wyatt stood up too. "I promise I won't come looking for you. Consider this disappointment, one less thing to worry about." ~Chris will be back. I planted the seed of doubt in him and that's all it takes... a grain of sand. The more he thinks about it the more it'll control him... and he's alone thinking about it now. He'll return delirious and alone and as soon as he sees me again, he'll be ready to take my sperm all inside him.~

"I'll always worry about you. You're my son. My first born." Leo looked off at the wall, not wanting to get emotional. "I just- want to know what I can do to fix it. I don't want to hate you. Hell, I don't hate you now." The elder looked back at Wyatt. "I don't get it. Chris thought that I-"

"It's not you." Wyatt stated simply. Three words but the deepest window he could have given anyone into his soul. "Go home. Go home to Chris."

"I can't." Leo lied. "I can't leave you like this. I also gave Chris the only potion I had." The elder watched Wyatt. "I'll have to wait until I can get some more together." He wasn't buying this turn around of Wyatt's, and wasn't planning on leaving until he was sure that his family was safe.

"I can help you if you want. What was in the potion?" Wyatt asked, sounding as sincere as an academy award winner.

"Where are your spell ingredients?" Leo didn't know what had been in the potion, but figured whatever time he could buy would be better than nothing.

"Book!" Wyatt called out and the book of shadows appeared in his hands. "Here you go. Feel free to browse and if you need any help, ask. I'll be in the kitchen." He left the room, Chris still on his mind. ~Come on, little brother. Don't let me down. I'm counting on you. I need you to carry my child, Chris.~

Meanwhile Chris was beginning to get worried. Leo should have been back by now... but he couldn't get away from the images of Wyatt's enormous member cumming inside him. ~Snap out of it Chris!~ "All right... if he's not back in ten minutes, I'm going after him." ~Seeing Wyatt is not wise right now... I'm weak to him... he'll have me spread out and inside me in seconds. Get a fucking grip, Chris!~

Leo found the entry in the book and took it downstairs to the kitchen, noting a few changes in the furniture. ~I can't really do this, can I?~ The elder ignored his own worries, and forced a smile when he saw Wyatt. "I found the list of ingredients."

"Great." Wyatt said. "Pretty much any ingredient you find in there will be in this kitchen. I don't use it much for cooking so... might as well have it for something useful. Help yourself."

"I could use your help, if you don't mind spending sometime with your old man." Leo set the book down on the table, turning his back to Wyatt so he wouldn't see him frown.

"Sure... what do you need?" Wyatt felt a shift in the magical Nexus the house was built on and he knew what it was. Same way he'd been alerted earlier to their coming... Chris stepped through the portal. After years at the manor he'd learned how to channel the nexus as an extension of his power therefore he could literally feel any powers being used in the house.

Leo took a deep breath and turned around, grinning at his oldest son. "I think we need some alone time. To straighten out all of the mess we have going on here." Leo walked over to Wyatt, and put his arms around the younger man's waist, solely so Wyatt couldn't get away. He nipped at Wyatt's neck with his teeth, unable to fake a kiss with the man.

"Dad... what are you doing?" Wyatt asked, instinctively placing his hands on Leo's arms around him. ~Two can play that game, Mr. Wyatt and if I have to let you fuck me so I can get to Chris and get him pregnant... so be it.~

"You need to see." Leo pulled back and looked at Wyatt. "It's better this way. It worked with Chris..." The elder pushed back the urge to barf, kissed Wyatt's cheek. "I have to show you, once and for all...who's the stronger one." Leo unwrapped his arms from around Wyatt's waist, and unbuttoned his son's pants, then his own. ~Think about Chris, you're doing this for him.~

~God damn... okay that's big... and it'll hurt...~ "Dad, you already proved who's stronger..." ~I can tell you don't want me... why are you doing this?~ "But as you wish, dad." Wyatt said and turned around, his back to Leo.

"You have to understand." Leo pushed down Wyatt's pants, and rubbed his sons' ass. "You can't just go around hurting people." The elder stopped and began to stroke himself, so he could fuck Wyatt. "You've hurt your brother so much..." Leo groaned as he imagined it was Chris before him. He almost asked Wyatt if he wanted anything, but then remembered this was supposed to be punishment. ~Stop babying him!~

Leo nudged Wyatt's legs apart, and situated himself against his ass. "You have to learn to respect people." Leo licked his own lips, remembering how he'd had to do practically the same thing to Chris. With that thought in mind, Leo rammed his cock in Wyatt's ass.

"Uuuuumph!" Wyatt growled. He couldn't hide the pain he felt but he kept focused. He was serving a greater purpose. He would get through to Chris since Leo's defenses were down and their child would be born. An heir more powerful than anyone has ever seen.

"Why do you do it?" Leo asked as he steadily thrust into his eldest. "Why do you treat the others around you like crap? You're supposed to be a force of good. Not another bastard that wants to kill my family."

~Oh I see what he wants... all right. I can fake that.~ "I don't know... oh fuck... dad..." Wyatt was pushed against the table with every thrust but he tried to block out his discomfort. "I'll never do it again."

"What do you mean, you don't know?" Leo fucked Wyatt harder, knowing the boy was playing him. "There's always a reason." Leo grunted out, starting to get into it.

~Oh give it up!~ "No... I don't know... instinct... I guess." Wyatt gasped out, his discomfort elevating.

"That's not right." Leo said, fucking his son harder. "You were raised to be good... Something changed." Leo had his eyes shut picturing Chris in his head.

Just then, Chris made his way down the stairs, moving closer towards the noises he'd been hearing.

"I'm sorry... so... so so sorry Dad... please forgive me." Wyatt sounded sincere. Anyone might have mistaken him for a decent human being... they'd be wrong.

Leo didn't hear Wyatt at first, too busy thinking about Chris. "Really?" The elder asked, having forgot his own question. "So...what are you going to do?"

Chris walked closer to the kitchen, peeking from just around the corner. He observed Leo driving in and out of Wyatt with force but then he heard words he never thought he'd hear from Wyatt. Something about being sorry... and asking for forgiveness... Could it be possible? Had he misjudged Wyatt? Just then the image of Wyatt inside him popped into his head again.

"I'm going to give you my body..." Wyatt whimpered. "And beg for you... to forgive me... as you prove to me just... who the real man is."

~Oh my god... Wyatt.~ Chris moaned inwardly... the images getting more real as he heard his brother soften.

"You don't have to beg." Leo groaned and could swear he almost felt Chris, but knew that was ludicrous. "I'm doing this for your own... for your own good, son." Leo pounded into Wyatt harder. "You can still be good."

"I will be dad... daddy... I promise. I'm sorry." Wyatt said in moans and pants.

Leo felt instantly better hearing Wyatt promise to be good. "I knew you would...I knew it the first minute I saw you." The elder moaned and his thrust became more frenzied as all his worries seemed to be unwarranted. "I forgive you." Leo called out as he started to cum.

Chris shut his eyes and the images continued. Wyatt was now fucking him hard against a wall and he loved it... screaming Wyatt's name and begging for more.

"Oh shit!" Wyatt moaned. ~He's cumming in me... damn... does it ever stop cumming?~

"I forgive you." Leo repeated the phrase again and again, his mind unable to think much more then that. He sagged against his oldest son, relaxing, and his head on Wyatt's shoulder.

Wyatt's breathing slowly returned to normal as his body got used to not being invaded like it had been for the past few minutes. He squeezed hard around Leo and the last of his father's seed seeped into his ass. ~For the love of duck... Chris you better want me now!~

Chris opened his eyes, his breathing ragged and his body beyond excited. He felt his asshole open again and craving to be filled. Definitely not the right time to see Wyatt.

"I knew you could be good. You just had to see." Leo whispered, and gingerly removed himself from Wyatt. The elder felt bad about it having to come to this, but if it meant Wyatt turning around it was worth it. He pulled his pants up and buckled them.

Chris quickly but quietly made his way up the stairs and back to the attic. He didn't want them to know he'd seen them although he had the sinking feeling Wyatt knew somehow.

"Do you always cum that much? 'Cause if you do, it's no wonder Chris had 8 kids." Wyatt said, bringing his own pants back up.

Leo blushed, and grinned at the eight kids part. "It's umm... no I don't. I, umm you aren't Chris..." Leo didn't want to say he'd only cum because he'd been thinking about Chris, and that when he was Chris it was a million times better.

Wyatt chuckled and moved closer to Leo. "It's all right, Dad. I know you would have preferred to have cum inside Chris... I love you anyway." He brought one of Leo's hands to his lips and kissed it. ~Ugh!~ "I do."

Leo smiled, and hugged Wyatt. "I love you too, son." The elder was beyond happy. Everything was going to be perfect. He had Chris and their children, Wyatt was good again. Leo pulled back from the hug.

"So... let's get you back to wifey, huh?" Wyatt said with a smile.

"Great." Leo missed Chris, and wanted to be with him. And then check on the kids. ~Poor Patty, we left her alone with the boys.~

"Let's go back to the attic. I have the potion in my pocket."

Wyatt smirked. "Gee... what's the world coming to when you can't even trust your own father who just so happened to release his seed deep inside you?"

"I only did that to help." Leo protested, and then looked down at the ground. "I'm sorry. But I didn't think you would...listen."

"Hey... I'm not mad... I got to have you inside me... even if just once, it made my life." Wyatt said with another smile. His face was beginning to hurt with all this fake smiling.

Leo blushed even more. "I, uh. Didn't know that you thought that..." The elder didn't know what to say to Wyatt, especially since he'd never thought of his son like that.

"I didn't." Wyatt answered quickly. "I certainly do now." He finished with a smirk.

Leo tried not to frown, hoping that the plan hadn't backfired on him. "Well... you'll find someone who... you love, I did."

~Ah ha! This could work to my advantage... make the old man think I have feelings for him.~ "Right..." Wyatt sounded disappointed. "Umm.. I will."

"It took me a long time. Don't worry you'll..." Leo trailed off, confused by the hurt look on Wyatt's face. "You'll find someone."

"Yeah.. well um..." Wyatt cleared his throat. "Don't you worry about that Dad... just get back to Chris. I'm sure he's worried about you and... you... want to see him... so go ahead."

Leo wanted to kick himself. He hadn't meant to make Wyatt think that he loved him in, that, way. "Son," The elder purposefully used the term. "Are you okay? This didn't... I didn't make you.."

"Just go..." Wyatt pulled all his saddest memories together to conjure some tears to fall from his eyes. He walked away from Leo, orbing as he did so and rematerializing in the attic, before the portal. He smiled. "You were just here Chris... I felt you... and you'll be back soon. But first thing's first... I have to make sure Leo doesn't get back to you... at least not the Leo you know." He stepped back from the portal and cleared his throat again before speaking. "In this place and in this our, bring to me the ancient power to open the door through time and space and send Leo to a darker place." He knew the spell would cause Leo and his darker version to switch places... which fit right into his plan. He waited there for his father... to give him one more demonstration of his newfound love.

Leo felt like a complete ass. He berated himself the whole walk up to the attic, knowing there had to be consequences to fucking Wyatt, that he'd been stupid to assume everything was going to be perfect. Leo opened the door to the attic, and stared at the ground as he walked over to Wyatt. "I'm sorry. I didn't- I should have considered all the consequences of what I did before I did it. I never meant to hurt you." Leo looked up at Wyatt.

Wyatt reached out for Leo's hand, taking it in his and using his free hand to caress up Leo's arms tenderly. "I'm... " He sighed and looked away to let a few tears fall. "Sorry."

Leo wanted to comfort Wyatt, but knew it would only make the situation worse. "I'm sorry too, Wyatt." Leo pulled the vial from his pocket and threw it at the wall. "You'll find them." He said to Wyatt, and then jumped into the portal.

Wyatt watched with a smile as the darker version of Leo stepped into the attic from the portal. "Hello.... dad." He waved his hand to close the portal.

"Son." Dark Leo grinned. "So, is there a purpose I'm here? Or did you just want to raise some hell?"

"Oh there's a purpose all right..." Wyatt grinned and moved closer then motioned for them to sit on the couch. "I need your help with little insubordinate Chrissie."

To be continued...