Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause.
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For one human being to love another that is perhaps the most difficult of our tasks;
the ultimate, the last test and proof; the work for which all other work is but preparation.
       ~ Rainer Maria Rilke


"What does everyone want with that guy?" Dark Leo laughed, making himself comfortable on the couch. "How can I help my favorite son?" He grinned knowing that Wyatt had an exciting plan with plenty of entertainment planned for them.

Wyatt sat right next to the man he really considered his father... the man who'd guided him to be the power he is today, the man he was really in love with. He made himself comfortable by snuggling really close to Dark Leo. "Oh come on dad... you know me better than to fall for some pussy... nah... I need him for a bigger purpose. I sent the wimpy version of you to your world so he'd be out of the way. I need to create an heir... a child whose power is unparalleled... and I need Chrissie for that."

Dark Leo rolled his eyes. He kept his opinion to himself, thinking that Chris would only weaken the baby's powers. "Why would you want to make someone who is stronger then you? You're the strongest magical force there is. Do you really want to sully your 'good' name by having a baby with that boy who's practically a fucking white lighter?"

Wyatt couldn't help but laugh. "He'd be my heir dad... under my guidance... my control... we could do great things and guarantee the Halliwell name will reign far after I'm gone."

"Or that fucktard you call a brother will get him and turn him into a," Dark Leo curled his lips; appalled by the very words he was saying. "Into a force for good." He put an arm around Wyatt. "You could choose someone much more..." Dark Leo brought his other hand up and ran it through Wyatt's blonde hair. "Family oriented."

Wyatt smirked. "I thought we already tried that... you didn't get me pregnant... speaking of which... Leo just fucked me..." Wyatt said, amusement in his voice. "He came in me... impressive." He was hoping to make his father a bit jealous.

"Whatever." Dark Leo pulled his hands from Wyatt.  "Pansy ass muncher." He muttered, wishing he could beat the hell out of his lighter half for touching Wyatt. Then he'd castrate him for fucking Wyatt.

"Dad..." Wyatt started as he moved to the floor on his knees, between Dark Leo's spread legs. "Don't you know by now the only man who can ever have me is you? I know you and I would create a child even more powerful than Chrissie's offspring... but it didn't take when you tried to get me pregnant. Not that I'm opposed to trying again."

Dark Leo grinned, thinking about Wyatt and Chris' son fighting with Wyatt's and his son. "That would be something to see." He chuckled to himself. He looked down at Wyatt. "Go have a baby with that pussy, I don't care." Leo sneered, covering up his own feelings. He'd been extremely disappointed to say the least when he and Wyatt hadn't made a son.

Wyatt was the only one who could read Dark Leo like an open book. It was the years of being together that had brought him that privilege. "Dad..." Wyatt called out. "Dad... look at me." He grabbed Dark Leo's cock through his pants. "Weak Leo with weaker sperm than yours... did it. He got that bitch pregnant... which means it's possible. Specially for someone as potent as you... if that's what you want dad... then tell me... and we'll make it happen."

"Sorry." Dark Leo rolled his eyes, not touching Wyatt. "You have a plan, we need to follow your plan. Where the hell is that bitch anyway?"

"No!" Wyatt said loudly and stood up, seconds later sitting on Dark Leo's lap. "Cut the bullshit... we're going to make a baby... you and me. Got it?"

"You want a baby?" Dark Leo grabbed Wyatt by the hips, and grinded him against his cock. "You want me to fuck you so hard you pass out? And I just keep fucking you anyway until I pump you full of seed?" He leaned forward and flicked his tongue against Wyatt's lips.

~He's baaaaaaaaaack!~ "You think you can do it huh? Prove it... fucking prove it... prove to me that weak bitch's sperm is nothing compared to yours!" Wyatt growled.

Dark Leo grinned. "Sorry, all tapped out." He pushed Wyatt off him. "I was too busy fucking my own goody goody version, that I hate to claim as my own, Wyatt. Go find your brother..."

Wyatt fell to the ground, momentarily surprised but letting it slide off of him. He stood up and centered himself. He appeared cool and calm... not at all jealous to hear his father was fucking the weaker version of him. His act wasn't going to hold up for much longer so he needed to get out of there before his feelings showed. He made a mock gesture of bowing after a performance and orbed out materializing atop the Bay Bridge. "FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!" Wyatt yelled. "I'll kill him! I'll fucking rip him to shreds!" Wyatt yelled out loud, referring to Good Wyatt... "He's not good enough... he doesn't deserve MY father!"

Dark Leo sighed and leaned back against the couch. It pissed him off to no end that Wyatt and he hadn't had a kid. There was something so... genuinely evil about the Wyatt. It made Dark Leo want to torture people, and bring Wyatt along with him so he could share it with the boy. Dark Leo scoffed at the stupid notion, even though he had done it from time to time, and licked his lips. ~I'll help him out. Then I'm going to fucking drop that kid off on my lighter half's door steps, let him have a constant reminder of Chris' infidelity...fucking pussy deserves it for touching my Wyatt.~

Wyatt couldn't manage to calm his rage. As much as his head knew he needed to get back to plan, his fucking piece of shit heart didn't let him get over the mental picture of HIS father with someone else. He figured rage and all... he needed to do this seeing as his father was unwilling to try for their own offspring again. "Too fucking busy wasting sperm on some bitch." Wyatt mocked. "What-the-fuck-ever!" He orbed back into the attic, still fuming. "Don't even fucking talk to me." He immediately said to his father. "Just make your sorry self look like Elder Leo and go get Chris... don't even look at me or so help me god... I'll rip you and your son to pieces."

"Drama, drama, drama." Dark Leo stood up. "Been hanging around that pussy too long if you ask me." he walked over to a mirror and frowned. "Fuck. This better be worth it if I have to pretend to be that moron."

"Worth it? You mean like good angelic Wyatt's ass?" Wyatt was becoming angrier by the second. His emotions, though truly hidden, were beginning to manifest themselves in his powers, starting a small fire by the attic window and an explosion of the light fixture.

"Wooo!" Dark Leo glanced back at Wyatt. "Turning into the little drama queen are we?" He looked at the mirror again and moved his hand over his head, changing his appearance to look like his lighter half. 

Wyatt had never felt like this but then again he'd never been made to feel inferior in anyone's eyes... much less his father's. His breaths were now ragged and his fists clenched tight. Seconds after Wyatt closed his eyes in a futile attempt to control his rage, the mirror before his father exploded into shattered glass.

"Fucking!" Dark Leo shimmered away, and looked at his hands, which he'd brought up over his face. "You fucking cut me!" There was blood on the palms of his hands, and a piece of the mirror glass in his left palm. "You..." He turned and glared at Wyatt. "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Wyatt stood silent, eyes still closed, deep in focus still trying to control his emotion s which would in turn control his powers. The ground began to shake violently... like many of the earthquakes known to this part of the world.

"You better fucking stop that!" Dark Leo pulled the piece of glass from his palm, and then healed himself.  He walked over to Wyatt, keeping his balance as the house shook. He watched Wyatt, ready to shimmer out if the boy was going to topple the damn house. "Stop acting like a pussy! Stop being his damn son! I taught you better than to pull this emotional bullshit!"

Wyatt heard his father and he was right... Wyatt had been taught better than to be weak to anyone or anything... the one thing Wyatt hadn't been taught about though... being in love. "You..." Wyatt's voice was hoarse and deep... almost demonic. "Betrayed..." His eyes opened and instantly fixed on his father's... "ME!!!" All of the sudden, a huge explosion was heard and to anyone who looked outside, it was evident what had happened. Half the neighborhood was devoured in fire.

Dark Leo grinned, and wanted to go see what catastrophe Wyatt had caused, but didn't. "You want to fuck another man and get him pregnant!" He retorted, and checked out the window. ~Oh hell yeah...fire as far as the eye can see...~ Dark Leo turned around, turned on by the display of power. He licked his lips. "Such a fucking waste on that pussy."

Wyatt closed his eyes again for an instant. This time when he opened them, they were consumed in fire and it burned brighter by the minute. "You... don't.... fucking..." He moved closer to Dark Leo, pushing him back as he went. "Care!!! His hole or mine... as long as your cock is in one." Wyatt grabbed Dark Leo's package in what had to be a painful grip. "FUCKING COWARD! You're weak... a slave to your desire to fuck..." Wyatt released his father with a powerful shove against the wall.

He panted, crouched down as he tried to think about something other then the pain in his groin. Easily enough, he had to stop Wyatt from killing him or something worse, like sending him to the damn goody goody world. "Fucking bastard! You want to knock someone up, and I'm getting the shit squeezed out of my testicles because I said I slept with him! What the hell is that!" Dark Leo glared at Wyatt. "I would have kept trying! But you fucking had to have an heir this instant!"

Wyatt's fury was beginning to get the best of him and his body was beginning to feel the effects of all that power flowing through him. He was after all, still human, though his powers would indicate otherwise. He blinked a few times, the fire in his eyes leaving and being replaced by complete and utter darkness. Nothing but pitch black in his eyes. He brought his hands to his sides, charging up what must have been a combination of a fireball and an energy ball in each hand.

"Go ahead." Dark Leo coughed, and watched Wyatt. "Let them fucking turn you into a pussy like your brother. You kill me, and you'll turn into them." He straightened up, not going to be crouched over if Wyatt did kill him. "They don't understand you. They could never understand you, they'll turn you into one of them." He stared Wyatt in the eyes, feeling momentarily proud. "They'll change you, make you fit them...I never asked you to change. I accepted you, and raised you as my own."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Wyatt growled in fury as he tossed the balls at his father, hitting the walls at his sides but intentionally missing Dark Leo.

He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to slow his fast breathing. Dark Leo opened his eyes again and looked at Wyatt. ~Still good...somewhere deep down.~ He wanted to yell at the boy, berate him for sparing him, but walked over to Wyatt instead. "They could never accept you." He hugged Wyatt, his skin tingling at the waves of magic coming off the boy. "I do." He leaned down to the boy's ear. "Because you’re my son. Meant to be."

Wyatt would never admit this but his body was ready to give out. His powers still burned in fury but his body, not so much. "I fucking hate it! I should have killed you. Why do I have to be in love with you, YOU FUCKING PRICK!?"

"Because." Dark Leo snickered, pleased by the statement. "No one else could love you like me." He pulled back from the hug, getting sick of the emotional connection and tossed Wyatt onto the couch. "They can't understand. No one." Dark Leo smirked and walked over to his 'son'. "You can call me any names you want, doesn't change the facts. You and I are two of a kind. You need me." He knelt down next to the couch, and moved his hand under Wyatt's shirt, rubbing then scratching the boy skin. "Just like I need you."

Wyatt was instantly turned on but his anger fueled by his jealousy still burned. "No." His voice was weak, evidence of his body's state. He hated this side of him... he hated that he was subject to emotions like most beings beneath him.  He'd seen demons fall in lust... make a union... vow companionship forever. He'd seen humans vow never ending love to each other... but where did he fit in?

"Yes." Dark Leo grinned, and moved his hand further up Wyatt's shirt. "Or is it this form?" He brought his other hand up and the glamour faded away, his spikey hair and goatee back. "You can't say no to me. I've molded you...shaped you." He leaned down and kissed Wyatt then bit the boy's lip before leaning up. "You're my son." He pulled the shirt up to Wyatt's neck and licked a trail from the boy's naval to the shirt.

"You fucking owned me..." Wyatt confessed. "No one can lay claim to me... not my powers and not my body but you did it... so WHY THE FUCK would you throw it away for some cock-sucking weak version of me, huh?"

Dark Leo shook his head and stared Wyatt in the eyes. "I just said that to piss you off. You know it turns me on to see you unleash your powers." He got up from the floor and straddled Wyatt. "I could never touch that wuss... not after having you." Dark Leo grinned and unbuckled Wyatt's pants, staring at the boy spread out before him, tired...weak as a lamb... his to play with.

Wyatt couldn't hide his weakness as much as he tried. He let his exhausted body slump against the couch, his eyes close and his head fall back. "You're an evil man... Mr. Wyatt... I knew I loved you for a reason."

Dark Leo grinned and lay out on Wyatt. "It's because I'm hot too." He reached out and put his arm around Wyatt, trying to make it up to the boy for having lied. "That's the only good thing that comes from them..."

"You want to see power, dad?" Wyatt grinned, eyes still closed. In a flash, Wyatt glamoured into an identical copy of his goody two shoes brother, Chris. "Oh please big bad Mr. Evil Leo... don't hurt me. I'm just a boy... I'm only used to my husband's weak attempts at fucking... I can't handle a man like you."

"Ugh!" Dark Leo pushed up, so he wasn't holding the boy. "Stop that. I know you're powerful." He looked at Wyatt's pants instead. "All those houses on fire out there are beautiful chaotic proof."

Wyatt laughed as he let the glamour wear off and he was back to himself. "Well... they were ruining the look of the neighborhood anyway... this way the neighborhood's a little warmer don't you think?" He said and began laughing.

"Smoking." Dark Leo smirked and lay back down. "You're so powerful, you can do as you please. They'll make more houses, somewhere else...this is your territory."

"You should know better than to piss me off... next time you want to see power... start a fight about anything but me losing you." Wyatt stated and grabbed Leo's shirt, bringing him in real close. "You don't want to lose certain privileges do you?"

"Like you would deny me." Dark Leo whispered, then closed the distance between their lips as he passionately attacked Wyatt's lips with his own.

"Don't try me..." Wyatt said when he pushed Dark Leo away, quickly bringing him back in for another smoldering kiss. ~Hell no I can't deny you... and I hate that you know that.~

Dark Leo broke their kiss, biting Wyatt's top lip enough to sting, and smirked. "So, where's the wuss? He can't be here, he would have peed his pants through your..." He scratched his fingernails down Wyatt's body, coming to rest atop the boy’s pants. "Show."

"Chrissie's back in his time... probably breast feeding or something." Wyatt rolled his eyes.

"Gross." Dark Leo rubbed his hand over Wyatt's crotch. "That would at least be one upside to you getting him pregnant." He smirked, hating the thought of Wyatt becoming domesticated.

"Ah come on... even when you get me pregnant... I ain't no bitch..." Wyatt made emphasis on the word 'when' instead of saying 'if.' "Surely you can think of an upside to us having a baby."

"I can think of lots of positive things." The smile left Dark Leo's face. "Mostly that we could raise him in our image. He would be a fearsome force to reckon with."

"Mmm hmm..." Wyatt nodded in agreement. "The more I think about it... the more I want it."

~It's stupid to want a child. A child who will eventually want to take your place, overthrow you...~ It didn't stop him from teaching Wyatt, no; it had only spread to him wanting. Actually fucking wanting, to have a real child with his son. Dark Leo stared at Wyatt. "What are you going to do about that?"

"Oh I've got a few ideas but I'm open to suggestions from a knowledgeable source." Wyatt said in an even tone to Dark Leo.

"Ideas?" Dark Leo pulled away, and glared at Wyatt. "What kind of ideas." He growled out, thinking he was talking about Chris again.

Wyatt wanted to laugh so badly but he held it in and settled for a smile. There right before his eyes was irrevocable proof that his father loved him. "Ideas like... we don't quit till we make it happen."

"Ass." Dark Leo glowered, but lay back down. "He doesn't deserve your baby." He stared hard at Wyatt. "We should wait, you're tired from your 'show' earlier." Leo realized that sounded wussy and added on. "It won't work if you're too fucking tired."

"Or one could operate on theory that I was too strong to take it before." Wyatt smirked and slumped back on the couch.

"That's stupid. He must have leaked some of his stupidity into you when he fucked you." Dark Leo said angrily. It wasn't that he was mad at Wyatt; he was just still enraged that the pansy had dared to touch his son. "Whatever, as long as I can..." He smirked, rubbing Wyatt's chest. "As long as I get a chance to remind you how decadent and good sex is supposed to be."

Wyatt loved that his father was still jealous, "We can get back at him... wouldn't you just love to teach him a lesson... let him suffer for sticking that dick in me... putting his seed in there?" Wyatt knew full well that Dark Leo would get angrier.

Dark Leo's lip curled up in disgust. "Why would you let him touch you?" He pushed Wyatt's shirt up again, biting at his skin. "I should rough you up...fuck you on the stairs for letting him touch you."

"Ah but think..." Wyatt started with a smile. "It'd be so much fun to make him squirm... force him to watch as you fuck HIS son... or as we both do... his little wife cheating on him."

"Why would he care?" Dark Leo licked a path along Wyatt's sternum. "He fucked you, what makes you think he cares if Chris fucks other people." He went back to leaving light red teeth marks on Wyatt's skin, and reaching down to undo his pants.

"Oh please... you know your wimpy half... his fucking me was a dumb ass attempt to teach me a lesson... nothing more... he loves his stupid bitch. Why is beyond me."

"You're shitting me." Dark Leo started laughing. "The fucker actually, thought that would work? He's stupider then he looks!" He kept laughing; it making his night to hear how retarded his lighter half was. "Oh, it's because Chris is the only other person in the world who's more of a pussy than him."

"Sad to think Chrissie sees that as real man... oh well... more of the real thing for me." Wyatt said with a huge grin, obviously referring to Dark Leo.

"Like I'd ever touch someone like him unless there was a profit or motive." Dark Leo pulled Wyatt up, and jerked the shirt over his head, letting Wyatt fall back onto the couch. "So you want to fuck the little queenie, and make him watch?"

"That's one possibility." Wyatt placed his hands once again on Leo's shirt, grasping it roughly and in one swift motion, ripping it open, revealing hard smooth taut flesh. "Oooh... been working out..." He said with laughter.

"Oh yeah. Got to keep in shape. Whipping, torturing.. the usual." Dark Leo Laughed again. "You have no idea how hot your ass looks with red marks all over it." He winked at Wyatt. "What's another possibility? The carpet muncher needs to pay for touching you."

"Double fucking his little bitch... ripping that little ass with both our dicks... make sure Chrissie squeals like a whore."

Dark Leo stopped cold and looked up at Wyatt. "That would be.." He grinned widely, just thinking about it. "The pussy wouldn't know what to do...calling out for his daddy...You're amazing. Truly deceptive."

"I learned from the best." Wyatt said with a huge grin. "Now get your hard cock over here and fuck the shit out of me!"

"Patience is a virtue." Dark Leo took his pants off, quickly shucking his underwear to the floor. "Or some shit like that." He then stripped Wyatt of his pants. "Besides, I like watching you squirm...off and on my cock."

"Yeah I've noticed... I don't mind squirming for you... as long as you give me something to squirm about." Wyatt tempted his father.

"You know I wouldn't let you down." Dark Leo said, and then smirked at his son as he settled himself between Wyatt's legs. "Here, or on those stairs I mentioned?" He raised his eyebrows at Wyatt, only half joking.

"You'd better do it right here... right now if you know what's good for you." Wyatt threatened playfully.

"Oh yeah, no more earth quake rumblings please." Dark Leo rolled his eyes mockingly, and pushed the head of his cock up against Wyatt's opening. He rubbed his head against it, halfheartedly preparing Wyatt even though what he really wanted to do was slam into the boy. "You know how hot that makes me. Maybe I should threaten to sleep with that bitch if it gets you to burn more houses?" He lightly threatened as he pushed his cock head in a little bit then pulled out before starting the process over again, going further each time.

"Don't you... fucking.... dare.." Wyatt said in a low growl. "Fuck... ain't no substitute for the real thing... especially not a soft copy of said real thing." He said and gave his father and tiny grin.

"What? Me? Do something evil?" Dark Leo put a hand to his chest. "Not me!"

"Ha! If you're not evil... neither am I... and I think we already saw..." Wyatt didn't finished, just pointed towards the window and the chaos outside.

"It was all magnificent of course." Dark Leo pushed his cock into Wyatt, mindful of the boy's exertions by using so much magic. "I wanted to push you down, and fuck the shit out of you when I saw the houses."

To be continued...
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