Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


Chris looked himself over in the bathroom mirror before heading orbing back into his room. He wanted to make sure he didn’t look out of sorts as to not raise any questions by his grandmother.

“There you are.” Patty said as Chris’s form came into view from the orbs. “Where’s Leo?”

“I sent him off to get a couple of things we needed.” Chris said with a smile he hoped appeared genuine. “Thank you so much for watching the kids.”

“Anytime. Now I’ve really got to get going… say goodbye to the girls for me… and Leo too.” Patty stood from where she sat and walked over to the sleeping babies. “And of course, these little angels. I guess we’ll see you for a wiccaning soon, huh?”

“We’ll see…” Chris shrugged and chuckled. “Grams has to approve of me to begin with.”

“Oh leave the old witch to me.” Patty said with a laugh. “Be good and take care of yourself.” And with that, Patty faded into heavenly orbs of light.

Chris sighed, having successfully pulled off looking and acting normal. He walked over to the babies and placed a kiss on each one’s forehead. “Hopefully dad will be back before you wake up…” He whispered to them and made his way to his bed, and lay down. He felt weaker than usual… but that could have just been the pregnancy… or the very draining day they’d had. ~Dad… what’s taking you so long?~ He closed his eyes and let his body surrender to slumber.


Leo stepped through the portal, and looked around. The attic looked a little bit off, but it wasn't something he could name right off. So, the elder went down the stairs and called out for his husband.

The elder didn't get a reply from Chris though, and began to search the rooms. When he got to Wyatt's room he hesitated, not sure why Chris would be in there, but still wanting to find his husband. ~I miss you so much Chris, where are you? Where is everyone?~

Leo opened the door, and was immediately struck with how wrong it looked. There was a real bed in there, not a crib, and there were no baby items in the room at all. Leo tried not to panic, and closed the door quietly.

He then headed down the stairs, knowing something was really wrong. Thousands of possibilities raced through his mind, and he was blaming himself for not going home with Chris. ~What if we changed the past? I sent him back home alone...~ A further search turned up that there was no one in the house, and that confirmed to Leo that they must have changed something when they went to the future.

Out of desperation, Leo went down to the basement. "Hello? Is anyone down here? Chris?"

Wyatt slid against the wall, bringing his knees up to his chest, not wanting to deal with his father again. He kept quiet and hoped that Leo was just drunk, and wouldn't come looking for him.

Leo went down the stairs, having heard a noise. When he got to the bottom of the steps he stopped. ~What the...~ He saw a figure huddled on the bed, and went over to help them, assuming it was an innocent of Paige and Piper's.  

"I'm not going to hurt you. Are you all right?" Leo slowly stepped towards the figure, not wanting to alarm the man.

Wyatt closed his eyes, wishing that his dad would go away. He couldn't stand to see the sadistic look in his own father's eyes. "Go away!"

Leo stopped, stunned by the voice. He had only heard it a few times, and it made his blood turn cold in his veins. "Wyatt?" The elder rushed forward, not understanding why Wyatt was grown up in the past.

"Get away from me!" Wyatt clasped his arms tightly around his legs, starting to rock and hum to himself.

Leo stopped again, his hands inches from his eldest son. "Oh god."


"Should have done it... should have fucked me right there." Wyatt gasped out. "Might have cooled me down... or fired me up even more."

Dark Leo chuckled. "But then I wouldn't have gotten to see your display." He stared at Wyatt, watching the boy's facial features as he thrust in hard and then pulled out slowly.

"FUCK!" Wyatt hissed. "Damn... my hole's sensitive since the bitch fucked me." ~He wasn't so bad... actually kind of good... lots of cum.~

Dark Leo scowled. "What are you saying?" He didn't change his tempo any, but hated the implications of Wyatt's words. ~I'm trying to be nice, and he's fucking telling me...~ Dark Leo wanted to start fucking the boy until he bled, but held himself back.

Wyatt inwardly chuckled at the effect hearing someone else had fucked him had on his father. "I'm saying... fuck... oh shit... I'm saying... the bitch messed with your property."

Dark Leo shut his eyes, and gripped Wyatt's hips harder. "Watch what you say..." He couldn't help but fuck Wyatt harder. "Or this could turn very wrong...very fast."

"Don't... threaten... me... oh fuck." Wyatt moaned and groaned beneath his father. "Oh shit... dad..." The combination of his already sensitive hole being ravaged by Dark Leo and the sperm inside him that Elder Leo had deposited coating his walls was driving him insane.

"Don't tell me...what to do!" Dark Leo groaned out, deciding that it was time his son learned a lesson. ~I'll teach him to let anyone else touch what's mine.~ He slammed into Wyatt heedless of the boy's sounds, jerking Wyatt's hips against his own body.

"OH FUCK! Dad... fuck... hurts... so much." Wyatt whimpered loudly and dug his nails into Dark Leo's back. His ass clenched tightly around his father's cock, pushing all of Elder Leo's sperm around his father's cock

"You shouldn't of...threatened me." Dark Leo continued his vigorous pace, knowing in his mind that if he was lax with the boy all his hard work would have been for nothing. "Was trying to be nice...and you fucking taunt me!" He watched Wyatt's face, wanting to see any signs of pain, the nails in his back making him believe there might be some.

Wyatt's whimpers became louder and louder as he grabbed onto Dark Leo tighter. "I won't... do it... again... only you... can fuck me."

"Damn right!" Dark Leo grinded out as he felt the nails in his back dig in deeper. "I'll kill him... I don't care who he is...to you..." All the hatred and raged rose up, and he fucked Wyatt harder, about to cum from all the emotions he was feeling.

For a minute Wyatt had forgotten what had even made his father angry  with his father's rather pleasurable and painful movements. The sensations clouded his thoughts and all he could see was Dark Leo.... and then Elder Leo... and then both... and then their seed... and every time he screamed, he felt them both inside him.

~Touched my son...I'll kill him...that pansy ass better not have...~ Dark leo banished the thought from his head, knowing that he would just take more of his anger out on Wyatt if he let himself continue to think like that. Still, the idea was in his head and it made him ram as hard as he could into Wyatt. Hearing his son's screams Leo felt vindicated somehow and came, spilling his seed into his son.

Just as he felt his insides flooded again, Wyatt's mind began to wander and he didn't like where it landed. ~Shit... what if I do get pregnant... but not by dad... what if the bitch got me pregnant?~

Dark Leo glared at his son, but lay down against him. His dark thoughts returned, and it was only the fact that he was so tired that stopped him from beating the shit out of Wyatt.

~Shit! Shit! Shit! Fuck... what have I gotten myself into? Fucking bitch... dad and I have tried a million times and it hasn't worked... if I get pregnant, it's almost for sure that it's the stupid bitch's baby. What if it's just his seed that can do that? Fucking would explain why Chris gets pregnant.~ Wyatt tried but failed to push the thoughts and fears out.

The silence was making Dark Leo more agitated, and he couldn't stand to be so...lesbo like any longer. "Whatever. Let's get this plan over with." He extricated himself from Wyatt, wanting to take a shower after having his cock surrounded by his lighter half's seed. "You go get that bitch and I'll be back after my shower." He didn't look at Wyatt as he got up and headed for the bathroom.

Wyatt stood up slowly, collecting his clothes and getting dressed. ~Why do I have a feeling my fear's going to come true? ~ He waved his hand at the portal and it opened for him. He looked around the attic one last time and stepped through, landing in the past. "Chris..." Wyatt concentrated on feeling his brother's presence... he felt close. He walked down the stairs, getting closer to Chris's essence and then he saw him... through an open door... laying in bed sleeping... two bassinets close by. "It'd be too easy to take out the little fuckers now..."Wyatt said with an evil smirk. He walked closer to the room but didn't enter, noticing the crystal cage around it. He observed for a minute as Chris tossed and turned in his sleep and called out for Leo. "Weak bitch." Then he heard something that made his grin disappear instantly. ~What did you just say little brother?~

Wyatt listened harder to Chris's mumbling which confirmed what he'd just heard. Chris was mumbling about being pregnant. ~HE'S PREGNANT?! NOW?! FUCK! Sperm-hungry whore!~ He turned around, furious and ran to the attic, opening the portal and stepping back through. He paced HIS attic... the familiar one... "He's pregnant... can't fucking get him pregnant if he's ALREADY pregnant with the bitch's baby. FUCK!"

Dark Leo felt something, and realized it as Wyatt about to throw a temper tantrum. ~Can't that little brat do anything without letting his feelings get into it?~ He turned the water off and got out of the shower, grabbing a towle as he  went to the attic. He wrapped it around himself, and saw Wyatt pacing. "What the fuck is the matter now?!"

"Don't fucking mess with me now, Dad" Wyatt warned the man, not even bothering to look at him. "Chrissie's pregnant. The cock whore is pregnant with Leo's baby... again!!"

Dark Leo stared at his son. "That fucking faggot!" He dropped the towel and put on his clothes. "That fucking little.." Dark Leo was so angry he couldn't talk. ~That bitch! Ruining our fucking plans!~

Once he had his clothes on he was still furious. "That bitch is going to get it. He's not gong to fuck this up!" Dark Leo was fuming, thinking that Leo had gotten his son pregnant and that now Chris was also pregnant. "Fucking cunt! I'll fucking teach him to.." He stared at the spot on the wall. "Get the potion." He said darkly, a plan forming in his mind.

"Wait..." Wyatt put his hand on his father's chest. "What did you have in mind?"

Dark Leo stared at Wyatt, not sure if he would be able to deal with what he was going to do. "You're getting that bitch pregnant. One way or another."  He looked back at the wall, then to Wyatt. "My way is just going to be faster."

Wyatt pulled a vial out of his pocket and handed it to his lover. "I don't need to know." He turned away from his father.

"Good." Dark Leo wanted to smack Wyatt, tell him he was being a pussy, but didn't. He threw the vial at the wall, and the portal opened. He turned to Wyatt, knowing that unless he kept Wyatt happy, the boy might turn on him. "He should know..." Dark Leo brought his hand to Wyatt's chin and forced the boy to look at him. "No one, will ever get in your way." He kissed the boy passionately, then broke off the kiss and stepped into the portal.

Wyatt smiled. It was rare he got any display of emotion from his father... specially emotions towards him. Wyatt never feared showing his father respect, loyalty, lust... even love. Dark Leo never reciprocated.

Dark Leo stepped into the attic and saw no one around. He listened quietly, trying to hear where Chris was. His damp clothes were annoying him, and he took off searching the rooms until he found the one he wanted. He saw the boy on the bed, almost missing the two bassinets in his rage.

His anger rose even more as he saw that his lighter half and Chris already had two children. ~They don't fucking deserve those children! Wyatt and I do!~ He lunged at the bassinets, wanting to scar the shit out of the two babies, but was repelled by a force. As he landed on the ground he saw the crystal and growled. "Fucking assholes!"  He stood up and went to the bed. "You don't fucking deserve to have any kids!" He whispered at the sleeping boy. He grabbed Chris and threw him across the room.

Chris awake to a terribly painful blow to his back which he quickly realized was an impact with a wall. "What the..." He started, confused, but soon enough he saw the face of his father... only it wasn't him... he recognized it was his father's dark counterpart. "What are you..."

"You fucked it all up!" Dark Leo shouted and crossed the room before Chris could run away. He picked the boy up and slammed him against the wall. "You and your goddamn precious Leo." He sneered then punched Chris in the stomach. He let the boy sink to the ground, and started kicking him as hard as he could, letting his rage take over.

Chris felt an obscene amount of pain but soon it subsided. Right around the same time his pain began to fade, so did his vision. The world around him blackened and his eyelids felt heavier.

"You little bitch. Couldn't keep your fucking legs closed!" Dark Leo centered his kicks to Chris' stomach, wanting to make sure he accomplished his mission. "You probably acted like a whore, trying to get him to fuck you as often he could! While Wyatt and I tried dozens upon dozens of times to get pregnant!" Dark Leo stopped kicking and bent down.

"The only thing saving you from me killing is is that Wyatt needs you...." Dark Leo punched Chris in the face, wanting Leo to see what happened when he messed with the wrong people. ~A black eye or two... Let's not forget to hurt that precious mouth of his..~ He punched Chris as hard as he could in the jaw, wanting him to think about the beating his was getting whenever Chris opened his mouth to ask Leo for some 'loving'.

He stopped punching Chris, the babies screaming, and his hands covered in blood. Dark Leo was still angry and picked Chris up, ignoring the warm blood he could feel soaking through to his own clothes. ~One more time.~

Dark Leo grinned as he carried Chris out into the hall, He stopped at the top of the stairs. "Only one person will be getting you pregnant." His own words pissed him off, and threw Chris down the stairs. He watched the boy lay motionless, a pool of blood forming.

Dark Leo felt his rage slow, as he saw the pool getting larger. He stared a moment longer then headed back to the attic and went home.

Wyatt sat silent in the attic. Pondering what may be going on with his father and his brother... he didn't let it bother him any though... instead he was scared shitless that the piece of shit elder he had for a biological father had gotten him pregnant. He sense the portal open and looked up. He saw his father walk through... a sadistic smile on his face and blood covering his strong arms. "Dad?"

"Wyatt." Dark Leo cleared his throat, ignoring the slight ache from having yelled at Chris. He stared at the boy before him, thinking about what he'd just done for him. It was probably one of the closest things he would ever do that showed his love for Wyatt. "He's not pregnant anymore." He said, wanting to know how Wyatt was going to react. Dark Leo went over and retrieved the towel, cleaning off his hands.

"Oh." Wyatt looked away from his father, letting the news sink in. "Well good." He said, ignoring the guilt deep inside him. Instead he replaced it with a sense of accomplishment. "Like they need anymore kids..." It sounded like he was happy because it was unfair that his father and he hadn't been able to produce an heir, which in part it was, but mostly he envied the relationship between Chris and his wimpy Leo. “Is he… did… is he dead?”

To be continued...
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