Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause.
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Special Note:
Thank you to all those who've written me over the past 3 weeks. It didn't go unnoticed. The lack of updates was because I've been on holiday away from home. My holiday has come to an end and not on the best of notes... a family member passed away... but anyway... I'm back and I'm hanging in there and there's more Leo and Chris to come. Take care.

Dark Leo searched Wyatt's face, but couldn't tell if the boy was hiding his feelings from him. ~Taught him too well.~ He threw the towel to the floor and walked over to Wyatt. "Not just yet." He said vaguely not wanting Wyatt to have to lie if Leo thought Wyatt was the person who'd hurt Chris.

“Leo can't suspect we had anything to do with this... he'd never let me near Chris. The old bitch needs to think I'm in love with him and would never hurt his husband. So now all we need to do is get Leo back so he can find Chris... but how?" Wyatt wondered aloud.

"You sent him to my universe right?" Dark Leo wondered out loud. "He'll recognize soon enough he's not in the right one. Especially when he finds my universe's version of you." His lip curled again thinking of his pathetic son. "No, the only thing we have to do is get someone else to take the blame."

"No one would be stupid enough to have an elder pissed at them..." Wyatt shot at Dark Leo. "Unless..." A smile crept unto Wyatt's face. "Well the old man thinks I'm in love with him... I'll prove it to him even further by 'rescuing' him from your world. I'll tell him I sense something is wrong with Chris but can't get to their time to check on him because I don't have the potion..." ~And I get to see him again... wait... what am I thinking? I hate him!~

"I love how your mind works." Dark Leo grinned and walked over to Wyatt, fighting the temptation of kissing Wyatt. "In no time, you're going to have that heir of yours." He resigned himself to having to take care of Wyatt and Chris' baby, but tried to think about how evil the boy would be.

"Yeah. I'm sure of it." Wyatt nodded quickly. ~Though not the way you think, dad. I may be pregnant with your twin's baby... it's all right. I can pass it off as yours.~


Leo didn't touch his son, not wanting to scare him anymore. "Wyatt. I'm not going to hurt you. What are you..." The elder didn't know what to think. He was supposed to be back in the past, but he obviously wasn't. He wanted to leave, to go back to Chris, but couldn't leave Wyatt like he was. He couldn't ignore his instincts that were telling him to take Wyatt with him and protect him from the dark version of himself.

Wyatt flinched away from the sound of Leo's voice. His instincts told him something about this man was different but he'd learned by now not to trust anything when it concerned his father. There was a fairly easy way to test the waters. He knew certain things would push his father's buttons... one of them being called "daddy." Wyatt cleared his throat, still terrified of what this evil man might do to him, but willing to try. "Daddy?"

Leo tried not to get his hopes up. "What Wyatt?" The elder stayed perfectly still, not wanting to cause Wyatt more pain. ~How could he treat his own son like this?~ Leo's heart broke seeing the way Wyatt cowered away from him.

~It's not him!~ Wyatt cautiously stood to his feet. "Who... who are you? I know you're not my father... he would have already ripped me a new asshole for calling him that."

The elder looked at Wyatt, seeing bruises on the parts of skin that wasn't covered with clothes. "I'm...I'm from a parallel universe. I'm like the kinder, gentler version of your father." He looked away, trying not to imagine what Wyatt had meant by the new asshole comment.

"Oh... I... I'd heard him before... communicating with someone from your universe I guess... I don't know whom though. Why are you here?" Wyatt asked, now feeling more at ease.

"I was trying to go home. Only..." Leo sighed. "I guess it went wrong. Why are you here?" The elder asked, wanting to know why Wyatt was in the basement of all places.

"It's where he keeps me... if he sees me out of here without his permission... well... I'm never out of here without his permission." Wyatt admitted to the warm stranger.

"Why don't you leave? Go, start over somewhere else?" Leo couldn't imagine ever being so cruel to his own children, and he wanted to help Wyatt out even if it wasn't his Wyatt.


“You need to hide… when I come back through with the bitch, you can’t be here… wait for me on the bridge. I’ll cross and get him… follow him home if he wants me to and as son as I see it’s worked, I’ll come get you… that way he doesn’t realize you were ever involved.” Wyatt explained to his father.

He turned back to face the portal and took a deep breath. “All right… here’s to hoping he buys my act.” Wyatt said and jumped in, crossing into the mirror universe.

There was an ulterior motive to him being Wyatt coming to Leo’s “rescue.” He figured he could get an answer this way… an answer to a question he was afraid to ask. He’d figured if he were pregnant with Leo’s baby, Leo would be able to tell. He didn’t know how it worked and if it was even possible for Leo to sense it but if he did, then Wyatt would know once and for all rather than having to wonder.

Wyatt walked from the attic down to the second floor where he began to call out for the elder. “Dad? Dad! ... Are you here daddy?”

Leo heard shouting and looked to the door. "Stay here. If it's him...I won't let him hurt you." He waited to see if Wyatt understood.

Wyatt nodded and smiled timidly at the kind man. "Thank you.”

Leo wanted to say something to Wyatt, but didn't know of anything that would be appropriate. He nodded and then headed up the stairs, closing the door quietly so that his darker half wouldn't know he was down there. "Who's here?" He wandered out into the living room, knowing that whoever was in the house had to pass through there to get to the basement.

"Dad?" Wyatt called out again. "Is that you down there?"

"Wyatt?" Leo ran up the stairs needing to see his son after seeing this universe's Wyatt. He stopped at the top of the stairs, seeing Wyatt in the hallway. 

~Okay now remember... love... love.. love... he can't suspect me.~ "Dad!" Wyatt ran to Leo, immediately hugging him "Thank god I found you!"

Leo hugged Wyatt back, glad to see his eldest was in good shape. "What happened?"

"I don't know..." Wyatt said, sounding relieved. "I'm so glad you're okay... I could sense something went wrong but couldn't find you dad." He kissed Leo's cheek and neck repeatedly. ~For the love of duck... he'd better be buying this!~

Leo put his hands on Wyatt's shoulders, growing uncomfortable with the boy's affections. "I'm all right. I was just trying to find a way back. No need to worry." Leo pulled his hands away and stepped back from Wyatt.

"Oh." Wyatt instantly looked hurt, betrayed, abandoned and rejected. "Well... um... you need to get home... something's not right wit Chris..." ~Your little cock slut who deserves to die! Why the fuck does he get you? Because he had kids? Big fucking deal! I could be having your kid too... asshole... wait what... snap the fuck out of it Wyatt. What the fuck is wrong with me?~ "... I can feel it... but I couldn't go check on him. I know you wouldn't want me near him anyway." ~Seeing as he matters but not me... dick-wad!~

"I never said that." Leo started to protest, but realized what exactly Wyatt had said before. "He's hurt? What happened... We have to go to him." Leo grabbed Wyatt's hand and headed for the attic.

"Do you have the potion da... uh Leo?" Wyatt made a conscious effort to appear hurt and betrayed by Leo. He not only wanted this man to have no suspicions of him but he could play with the man's heart and mind also... even better!

Leo was going to correct Wyatt, to let him know it was okay to call him dad, but figured it probably wasn't a good idea. "Yeah, I have some of it with me, Wyatt."

~Heartless prick... I knew it. You're a heartless prick.~ "Okay good... " Wyatt said. "Go ahead... hurry... make sure Chris is okay... and please... let me know if everything's all right. I'll be waiting for any news."

Leo couldn't leave Wyatt when he was obviously feeling so hurt. "Come with me. He's your brother." The elder stared at the ground, not sure how he'd take it if Wyatt said no.

"No... it's obvious to me your place is with him... not with me." Wyatt said, not taking his eyes off of Leo. ~Feeling bad? Well you should be you fucking asshole... poor excuse for a father.~ "Just make sure he's safe and protected... that's all that matters."

"Look, I just got the shock of my life, seeing this universe's version of you in a basement!" Leo said loudly, but not screaming. "I don't know what to do with how you're feeling, but I don't want to leave you in your time if that bastard who looks like me is in your future." Leo blinked back tears, upset about hearing about Chris, and about Wyatt.

"You're going to start worrying about me now?" Wyatt had not intended to say that out loud and certainly not as bitter as it sounded. He silently hoped it didn't make Leo feel any different. "I'll stay here... I won't go back to my time just yet if it makes you feel any better... I'll help out this Wyatt then I'll go home... and if he's there waiting... then so be it Even I, with all the powers I have at my disposal, recognize that an end comes to us all... today may be mine." ~Now tell me I'm not a major bull-shitter! HA! How's that for a sob story?~

"No!" Leo shouted. "I refuse to let him hurt you. You're coming with me damn it!" Leo tugged on the boy's hand, dragging him.

Wyatt smiled inwardly. His plan had worked. The wimp probably thought Wyatt was in love with him or something... or what’s worse... he might have thought Wyatt was good. "Fine. I'll keep my distance... I know how uncomfortable I make you... oh don't give me that bullshit look... you flinch every time I touch you... so let's just go make sure my brother's okay."

"I'm in love with Chris." Leo said softly, although he knew it would hurt the feelings of his eldest. "You're my son, I love you too. Just not like that. I'm sorry I gave you the wrong idea." Leo continued to practically drag the boy to the attic.

“No... you're sorry I exist... it's not the same. I've given you nothing but headaches since birth... and now you wouldn't feel guilty if you I didn't exist because then there'd be no one falling in love with you now would there? And your life would be perfect as it should be." Wyatt shook his hand free from Leo's grasp and walked up to the attic alone. ~Damn I'm good!~ "Ready when you are."

"It's not like that!" Leo shouted as he entered the attic. "You're my first born. You'll always be special to me. I'm not sorry for how you feel, I'm only sorry that I can't help you. I'd never want you...dead. You're my son."

"Let's just get this over with..." Wyatt said as he shook his head from side to side, not believing Leo. It frightened Wyatt to see more and more of his true feelings coming through. He didn't have to fake the fact that he didn't believe Leo loved him... all his life he'd known it. "Chris may be in danger and needs us."

Leo nodded and took the potion from his pocket. "He needs both of us." The elder threw the potion at the wall, and waited for Wyatt to step through, not wanting to loose his son again.

Wyatt scowled at Leo and stepped through the portal, speaking as he did so. "I may love you but don't have to like you."

The remark hurt Leo and he waited a moment before going through the portal. ~At least he's going with me.~ Leo stepped through the portal and into the attic. "Can you feel anything?" The elder asked even as he closed his eyes to try and sense Chris.

"No... and that's what scares me." Wyatt answered Leo. "Come on..." Just then the babies began crying. "Oh that can't be good."

Making a fast decision, Leo looked at Wyatt and knew he could trust him. "Go see how the babies are. I'll look for Chris." Leo wished that the boys were just hungry, and took off down the stairs looking for Chris.

Wyatt rolled his eyes and with a sigh made his way towards where he heard the hideous noises coming from... where he'd been earlier. He entered the room and approached the bassinets. "Crystal!" He called one of the crystals to himself, breaking the protective cages around the babies. "Okay... what's wrong?” He looked down at the babies with disgust... or was that jealousy that he didn't have one? "Ah come on... you got to be tough..." He picked up the babies... one on each arm and gently began to rock them. "Shh. SHHH I said!"

Leo checked the bathroom and the rooms, leaving his and Chris' for Wyatt, but found nothing. "Come on, baby, where are you?" The elder was starting to get very upset that he couldn't sense Chris, and headed down the stairs. He was almost at the landing when he saw Chris. "Chris!" Leo jumped the last few stairs and landed on the floor next to his husband. "Oh," His hands slid in the pool of blood as he leaned over his husband to check on him. "Oh come on baby, say something!" Leo looked for the wound causing all the blood, but couldn't find any. "Wyatt! Wyatt I need your help!" Leo called out desperately, crying as he held Chris.

By this time the babies had calmed and they weren't fussing quite as loudly. Wyatt placed them back in their bassinets and put the cage back in place. ~Guess he found Chrissie. Here we go.~ Wyatt hurried down the stairs to find Chris in Leo's arms, both of them surrounded by a pool of blood. He'd be lying if he said the image was more than he expected and maybe more than he was ready to handle. Chris looked... dead... Wyatt didn't want him dead. "Oh my god..." He rushed to their side, letting his act momentarily fall. "He's not... he can't be..." He looked Chris over and grabbed him from Leo, hugging him close, not understanding where these emotions were coming from... he just knew he didn't want to lose his brother... and then he saw... he saw the heartbreak and pure desperation written all over Leo. Wyatt broke too. He began crying... genuine tears... something he couldn't remember experiencing.

"HEAL HIM! Don't you fucking let him die!" Wyatt yelled.

To be continued...
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