Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel ( kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true; at least not to my knowledge. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


"You can have whatever you want, boy." Dark Leo said meaning it. "You guys stay here. I'll be right back." Dark Leo orbed to his room and got a few things.

"I think you broke through his tough exterior." Leo chuckled and kissed Chris's lips. "Baby, I want you too. I can't believe were here like this." Leo looked at the spot between his legs where Chris had been. ~Man, that was the best. ~ Leo blushed realizing he had forgotten to zip himself up, but kept his hands on Chris, unbuttoning his son's shirt.

"Yeah... care to break something of mine, daddy?" Chris smiled mischievously. He once again leaned forward for a kiss, their lips locking, tongues dueling as moans and groans escaped Chris' lips. He had begun subconsciously rubbing himself back and forth on his father's reawakening member.

"Break? Chris, I don't want to hurt you, baby." Leo said when he had pulled back from the kiss.

"He doesn't mean..." Dark Leo stopped before he insulted his light side. "Who missed me?" The Dark Leo said as he approached the couch.

Leo ignored his dark twin and kissed Chris's neck, moving his hands to the boy's hips, grinding against him.

"Mmm..." Chris moaned. "Daddy, I didn't mean literally... oh oooooh... dear god I think you found my spot. Stop that before you force me to just sit on it and ride it till I get tired..." Chris looked back at Dark Leo, "Which your twin probably knows is never."

Dark Leo smirked and walked over to the pair. "I know many things." He said taunting them as he dropped the items he had grabbed on the couch. "Most of all I know you want us."

Leo looked up and blinked, remembering that his evil double was around. "Chris baby, are you sure you want this?" Leo asked, having to make sure.

“Don’t even!” Chris warned Dark Leo. He knew that the Darker half of his father would call Leo a wimp or something and he wasn’t having any of it. “He’s my daddy and I love him… and so not a wimp.” Chris turned and smiled at Leo. “I’m sure… never been more sure of anything… well except that time I switched the Boof of Shadows for an empty one as a practical joke… I was SURE mom was going to freak out.”

Dark Leo laughed out loud, imagining the scene. "Yeah, she always has to have her say." Dark Leo came up and rubbed Chris's back. "But let's talk about the three of us, okay? I promise to be good."

Leo smiled at the sight of his body massaging Chris's. "I want you now." He told Chris, the young man still rocking against his fully erect shaft. "Let him take your pants off, baby."

"Daddy, you should know by now I'd let you do anything to me, on me, in me... whatever." Chris said, with a huge smile on his face.

Leo nodded and began to stroke himself. Watching as his dark twin reached around Chris and started to undo his son's pants, ~Those hands, just like mine. ~ the whole scene was turning Leo on.

Dark Leo smirked at Leo's look and unzipped the boy's pants, pushing them down until they hit the floor. He pulled down Chris's underwear next, taking the time to wrap his hand around the boy's hardening shaft, working his hand on it for a few seconds. He then reached up and pulled the boy’s shirt off. ~Mm, definitely hot. ~ Dark Leo pulled back and began to undress himself.

"Stop!" Leo told his dark twin. "Chris, undress him." Leo let his eyes roam over his son's exposed body.

"Yes, sir!" Chris smirked and made his way to the oh so gorgeous Darker version of his already stunning father. He placed his hands on Dark Leo's chest and caressed it for a bit before grabbing onto the hem of the tight shirt and ripping it open. "Yum." Chris said and moved forward, licking all the way up from Dark Leo's belly button to his neck as his hands worked on undoing his pants. When he had the pants unbuttoned and unzipped, he dropped to his knees and pulled the pants all the way down, pooling on the floor beneath Dark Leo's stunning body. He licked his way up one of Dark Leo's legs and made it to the hard long thick hard shaft which he quickly wrapped in his mouth and sucked for a couple of minutes before standing up again. "Done, daddy."

Leo had pulled his hand away from his shaft, the sight of Chris and sucking him, even an evil version of himself, too much to stroke himself to. "That was very good, baby, you made me proud." He was telling the truth, and smiled. "Why don't you get that and put it on me." Leo said, it was not a question at all as he pointed at the littler of things Dark Leo had brought them.

"Jesus, kid!" Dark Leo put his hands on his hips, trying to catch his breath. Dark Leo grabbed Chris and kissed him hard and passionately. "That was something else, you ever done this before today?"

“Some things just come naturally to me... just like fucking me should come naturally to the both of you..." Chris kissed Dark Leo again, moaning loudly into their kiss as his hands played with Dark Leo's soft hair. Chris could barely contain his excitement. He was going wild knowing that he was being touched... kissed... caressed... by his father... and a copy of his father. He jumped on Dark Leo quickly wrapping his legs around him and intensifying their kiss. He pulled away to catch his breath for a second and realized his euphoric climb on Dark Leo might have been a bit much so he let go and stood back up. "Sorry... just... excited..."

"That's fine with me. Feel free to do that whenever you want." Dark Leo said holding the boy against him, enjoying the sensation. "But I think your dad told you something to do." Dark Leo reminded the boy.

Leo realized his evil twin was pointing stuff out to him. ~Damn that completely slipped past me. ~ "Son, do as I said." Leo looked at his son with his most unconcerned look, trying to do the things his dark twin had.

"Yes, sir." Chris nodded and took the cock ring in hand then kneeled on the floor and made his way to his father by crawling on all fours on the floor. Once he'd reached his spot between Leo’s parted legs, he sucked the entire shaft down his throat as he worked on placing the cock ring on his father.

Leo held still as Chris put the ring on him. "Not what I was pointing to, but good enough." Leo looked over at his dark twin. "Get over here."

Dark Leo took two steps, and was next to them. "Yeah?" ~I should go along with him; it'll help set the tone for the boy. ~

"Make him feel good," Leo said, clenching his hands at his sides.

Dark Leo smiled. "No problem." He knelt down next to Chris and stroked his back, and bottom, going slowly so the kid could call out before he did something the boy didn't want.

Chris let his father's cock slip from his mouth and concentrated on licking around Leo's thighs and balls as his hands caressed, massaged Leo's strong powerful legs. "Mmm hmm." He moaned at Dark Leo's actions.

Dark Leo smiled and moved his hand further down, brushing against his asshole to see what the boy would do.

Leo watched his dark twin moving behind his son, and wondered what he was doing. "Tell me what he's doing to you, baby, and how it feels. Wouldn't want him to get discouraged." Leo brought his hands up to Chris's face, and stroked his cheeks lovingly.

"Mm...” Chris moaned again and licked up Leo’s thigh. "Oooh daddy... he’s touching me... ooh... his hand's close to my entrance ... mmm feels good... oh yes..." Chris once again moved to Leo's shaft swallowed him entirely into his mouth, sucking hard all the way back up and once again let it out of his mouth.

Leo moaned and traced his son's lips with a thumb before weaving his hand in Chris's hair. "Good boy. I'm sure he appreciates hearing how you feel."

Dark Leo licked and nipped at Chris's back. "Very much."  He brought his hands back up to the boy's back moving his hands teasingly across the flesh, slipping his hands down the boy's front. "You can keep on talking as long as your father says its okay, no complaints from me." He felt the boy's shaft and wrapped his hand around it, jerking the boy off slowly.

"Keep telling him if you want, Chris." Leo said, deciding to be softer with the boy, he couldn't keep up the hard act for too long when he saw his son smile.  

"Oh ... ooooh!!" Chris hissed when he felt Dark Leo wrap his hand around his shaft. "Oh god..." Chris panted and moaned at the sensations overcoming him. “Daddy, please..." His eyes pleaded up at Leo. "Fuck me."

Leo smiled at his son. "Okay, Chris." Leo looked at his dark twin. "Stop it for a little while."

Dark Leo nodded and moved his hand up and down the boy’s shaft one last time. With a kiss to the center of his back, Dark Leo stood up and sat down on the couch next to Leo.

"Get up on my lap." Leo told Chris, looking over at the items on the couch. He picked up the lube and stared at Chris, silently holding it out to the young man.

Chris took the lube he was offered, thankful for Dark Leo's instinct to be prepared. He opened the cap and poured a generous amount onto his palm and quickly smeared it onto Leo's thick cock. His hands worked slowly up and down the large shaft, covering it with the slippery liquid. He then took the residual amount and reached around himself, smearing his entrance with it and even slipping a finger inside, which caused his entire expression to contort into that of extreme pleasure. He quickly withdrew and used his hands to stroke his father's huge erection one last time before letting go. The moment he'd longed for was finally here... he was finally going to be entirely Leo's.


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