Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause.
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Leo held his hands out over Chris, the familiar glow emanating from them. He closed his eyes, trying to focus all his healing on his husband. ~Please work, please work, please work..~ As he felt the power leaving him Leo opened his eyes, and much to his relief Chris looked normal, though a little pale. The blood around them was gone, and Leo wiped the tears from his face. "What happened, baby?" 

"I... can't... who are you?" Chris said, quickly escaping Wyatt's arms and standing up. "Daddy... is that who I think it is?"

Wyatt bowed his head and sighed in relief. Chris was alive and well. ~And Leo still hates me... and I... I hate him... if I'm pregnant... I swear I'll kill it.~

"It's Wyatt." Leo held his hand out and cupped Chris cheek. "I couldn't get back to you...Wyatt sensed something was wrong. And we- we," Leo trailed off his mind assaulting him with the images of Chris lying lifeless on the floor.

"And we found you here... lying a pool of your own blood." Wyatt finished for Leo. "I'll be going now. Glad to see you're okay, Chris." Wyatt said and turned, walking up the stairs.

"Is he for real?" Chris asked Leo. "He looks... hurt... human. Is that possible?"

"Of course it is, he's your brother." Leo brought his hand from Chris' cheek and hugged his husband closely. "We were so scared." He whispered, and then pulled back. "What happened? How were you hurt? I didn't see any wounds on you, but you were surrounded by blood."

"I don't know... last thing I remember is lying down on the bed to sleep and wondering what was taking you so long... next thing I know... I'm here..." Chris answered his husband while searching his own brain for answers. "Oh my god..." Chris brought his hands to his stomach. "Dad... the baby."

"What? Is something wrong with it?" Leo was about to panic; sure he was in for a heart attack if something else had gone wrong. "Do you need a hospital?"

Chris looked down on his hand on his stomach then up at Leo, tears in his eyes. "I can't... I can't feel the baby anymore."

Leo sucked in air, but it didn't help, he couldn't make his chest and lungs work. "Chris." The elder hugged his husband, doing his best not to cry. ~Oh god. Our son...that blood was...~ 

Wyatt watched from atop the stairs. He neglected everything he'd been feeling until now, reverting to his former self... the self that didn't care about anything or anyone but himself. "You can 't feel him..." He whispered then placed his hands on his own stomach "...but I can." He continued to walk up the stairs, making his way to the attic.

Chris felt like he'd been hit by a truck then flattened by an army tank. He couldn't hold back on his pain and his sobs could be heard all over the house. "Our... son..."

Leo stroked Chris' back, holding onto his husband tightly with the other hand. "Shh, baby. Shhh, calm down." Leo looked up at the ceiling trying to find the words that would comfort Chris. He looked around the room, and noticed Wyatt was gone, he pushed it to the back of his mind though. "Baby, I'm so sorry. I should have been here. I'm so sorry."

"No... I..." Chris couldn't speak through his sobs. "... our... son... is... gone..." He held onto Leo tightly although he realized it wasn't bringing him any comfort. He felt even worse knowing that his husband was feeling the same thing.

"He's..." Leo took a breath, his lungs deciding they wanted to work again. "He's moved on. He's going to live again. He's not gone forever." The elder knew this most likely wasn't helping his husband, but it was the only comfort he could offer. "I love you, Christopher, nothing will ever change that."

Wyatt reached the attic but one painful fact become clear. He didn't have the potion to get back... he didn't plan on coming in the first place. He figured approaching the asshole downstairs about it was not a smart move right now so he sat and waited... for him to come looking... so Wyatt could go home. He placed his hands on his stomach again. "Fucking mess I got me in... but everything will be back to normal as soon as I get home."

"I love you too... " Chris tried his best to calm down... to regain control over his breathing. He wiped his face with his hands and took a deep breath. "I'll... never... stop loving... you... I... um... I’m… going to…. Uh… check on the babies..." Tears began to fall again but he turned and ran upstairs before Leo got to witness any of them.

"Chris!"  Leo called out, knowing his husband wasn't all right. They were both hurting, both Leo let Chris go, knowing his son needed some time to himself. ~Why now?~

The elder slowly ascended the stairs, going in search of his other son, to give Chris the space he needed. He walked past their room, and headed for the attic sensing Wyatt's presence there.

Wyatt sensed Leo approaching and let out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding. ~I don't fucking care about him. He's a fucking asshole to me and I hate him... I need to remember that.~

Leo opened the door to attic, getting his emotions in check before he spoke. "Hey Wyatt." He stopped a few feet away from his eldest son. "Thank you for rescuing me from the, umm other universe." Leo stopped speaking, and looked out the window so he wouldn't cry as he remembered just what he'd come home to.

Wyatt quickly moved his hands away from his stomach, realizing too late that Leo may have seen that as odd. "Uh..." He decided not to comment on anything he'd done, seen, heard, or felt in the past hour. It was the safest way to get away. "I need to go home."

"Of course." Leo put his hand in his pocket, but it was empty. He tried the other pocket and pulled out the last potion. "Here." He held it out to Wyatt, not wanting to deal with his son at the moment.

Wyatt took the potion from Leo's hand and threw at the wall, the portal quickly opening. He walked towards it but before he stepped through he gave one last look back at Leo. "Some things will never change." And with that he walked through the portal, back to his time.

Leo stared at the wall, wondering what his son's words had been referring to. He shook his head and went back to Chris and his room. "Baby?" Leo said quietly, not wanting to upset his husband.

Chris had just finished changing the babies and he was lying on the floor with them on a big comforter. He looked up at Leo, his swollen red eyes evidence of his pain. "I know him dad..." Chris was referring to Wyatt, preventing Leo from bringing up a more painful subject. "... and something wasn't right... he was hiding something.... big."

"He was worried about you." Leo sat down on the floor with his sons. "He's probably not used to showing his emotions." He watched their babies, then looked up at Chris. "What do you think he was hiding?" He tried to ask casually, not wanting to talk about what had just happened either.

"Oh believe me... I know it terrified him to even show the glimmer of emotions he's shown you... and even me..." Chris said as let one of the babies play with his fingers. "But that wasn't it... there was fear in his eyes... something I've never seen in Wyatt's eyes."

"Maybe he was afraid of losing you?" Leo wanted to elaborate but couldn't without indirectly bringing up the child they had lost.

"I don't buy it." Chris stated simply. "No I think it was something about himself... and the way he was looking at you was just... different ... "

Leo blushed and stared at the comforter. "I'm sure he was just happy to see me take and interest in him." Leo traced part of the design, but knew he couldn't keep quiet about what happened. "Chris, there's something I have to tell you."

"Oh?" Chris asked, looking down at the babies, and not at his husband.

"I- do you remember how you had that fantasy about me and Wyatt?" Leo didn't wait for an answer, not sure he wanted to know what his husband thought about it now. "Well, Wyatt was... he wasn't listening and it worked-" Leo stopped realizing those were not the words to use. "I... umm... punished him like you dreamt about...in... your... fantasy..."

"I know." Chris said with a nod, still not looking at Leo. "I mean... I could tell... to you it was punishment and disgusting... to him... well it caused the look I was just talking about... and probably the fear I saw... and more likely than not, has to do with what he's not telling us in a big way."

Leo was relieved that Chris wasn't upset with him. He looked over at his son. "What do you mean?" He stretched out, lying down but still looking at Chris.

"I wish I knew... but there's only so much insight into his psyche he's given me." Chris really had no idea what it could have been but it didn't stop him from speculating. "It could be as simple as him realizing he doesn't hate you as he thought he did or it could be something bigger... much bigger." Little did he know that he was onto something. But as long as they remained in their time, Wyatt secret was safe... the secret that he didn't hate Leo... that he didn't hate having Leo inside him... that he was now pregnant... and that he had plenty to do with both, Leo being sent to the dark universe, and Chris being almost killed.

"I guess we won't know." Leo smiled as one of the babies gurgled. "Unless we go back sometime." He said as an after thought, not really intending to do so.

"Oh we'll know... we have to know... Wyatt having knowledge that we don't is not a good thing... and if ANY of what I've said is even remotely true... then we... or at least you... NEED to go back." Chris said to Leo, finally looking him in the eye. "Look I know you have this weird thing with Wyatt... this connection you two have always shared since he was born... I don't expect you to suppress or abandon it because of me. I don't want there to be conflict in you because you think being a certain way with him will upset me... it won't. He's as much your son as I am... as long as you don't put him before me... he can be in your life. Just... trust your instincts about him... whatever they tell you, do."

"You're amazing." Leo smiled at Chris. "I promised you once, I would never put him before you again, and I meant it. You're the most important person in my life, followed by our family. I'll go back, but only so I can make sure our family is..." Leo choked on his words, because his family hadn't been safe. "I'll go back."

Chris moved close to his husband, closing the distance between them with a kiss. "You're a good man, Leo Wyatt. A great man."

"Only because I have someone around me who keeps me in check." Leo smiled softly at Chris and kissed his cheek.

"And don't you forget that... now go... go before his highness, King Wyatt releases his wrath on all of us." Chris said, only half joking.

"Now?" Leo was surprised, but stood up. "I have to make a new potion. I used the others. But as soon as I'm done making it I'll go, okay?"

"Did you think I wanted him to regroup and come after us for whatever he thinks we did to him now?" Chris asked, not really expecting an answer. "No... if I know my vindictive big brother, he is scheming as we speak as to how to make us pay for making him feel human.. or whatever he thinks you did to him." And how right Chris was indeed.

Leo stared at Chris, thinking he was misunderstanding his husband. ~He thinks Wyatt's going to come after us? But he was so...~ The elder didn't know what to think. "I would never-" Leo stopped his words once again proving to be useless. ~I didn't stop him from getting hurt did I?~

"I'll make sure Wyatt isn't up to anything, baby." Leo kissed the top of his husband's head and then left the room.

Chris watched as Leo walked away, silently admiring the man strength. "Your dad's a superhero... did you two know that? Sh! Don’t tell him I let you in on his secret identity." Chris turned his attention to the babies with a smile.

Leo gathered the ingredients for the potion, and then made the potion, all the while trying to figure out what was going on with Wyatt. Once he had filled up a few vials, he peeked in on Chris and the babies again before heading to the attic. As he threw the potion, Leo silently hoped to himself that Wyatt wasn't going to be difficult.

Wyatt had just finished his rather loud discussion with his father before sending him back to his own universe. They'd argued as to why Wyatt didn't just let Chris die and what the hell Wyatt was hiding from his father... oh and of course... why Wyatt was giving up on getting Chris to carry their heir.

Leo stepped into the attic and looked around as the portal closed behind him. "At least he's not here." Leo mumbled to himself. He saw Wyatt and spoke up louder. "You left kind of quickly."

"What the hell are you doing here? Go back to your white picket fence and your housewife please... I think you've done enough for one day, don't you?" Wyatt asked bitterly. The sight of Leo had made him angry happy sad disgusted and horny all at the same time.

"I just want to make sure you're okay." ~And I promised Chris to come check you out.~ Leo walked over to his son, stopping a couple feet away. "It must have been hard seeing your brother like that..."

"Did Chrissie send you to check out 'the evil monster in his natural habitat'? Is that what this is? Because you couldn't possibly give a rat's ass about my well being." Wyatt was getting bitterer by the second.

"That's not why I came." Leo said, meaning it. He had been worried about how Wyatt was dealing with his emotions. "Emotions don't seem to be one of your strong suits...and after finding Chris the way we did... I just wanted to make sure you had someone you could talk to."

"Oh yeah... sure... look around... the house is filled with my closest friends!" Wyatt said in obvious sarcasm as he slumped down on the couch. Leo was right... emotions didn't come naturally to him and he certainly didn't know how to deal with them but why the hell should Leo care?

"I kind of had that feeling." Leo walked over and sat down on the couch next to Wyatt. "You can talk to me about it if you want. I'm a good listener." He was trying, but he didn't know if Wyatt would actually accept his offer after everything that had happened between them.

"Yeah... you're good at everything it seems." Wyatt hadn't meant to say that. "But I'm fine... I'm alone... always have been and always will be and I'm fine and will continue to be fine... because I don't need anyone."

Leo reached out and took Wyatt's hand. "I'm not saying you have to start liking me...I just want you to talk to me." The elder looked at Wyatt's eyes. "You don't have to be alone this time."

Having his hand in Leo's was sending electricity through his body in a manner he'd only felt with his father. "Look... Leo... we both know you don't need this on top of everything else in your life... you have your own time and your own life to go back to... I mean come on... what are you going to do? Make daily trips to this time to see me? Give me a break... you don't want to be here now."

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be." Leo said, not wanting Wyatt to think he really was trying to get information on him. He squeezed Wyatt's hand and then let go. "It doesn't have to be daily, but if you felt the need to talk to me, I wouldn't mind seeing you."

Wyatt was becoming angrier with himself with each passing second. Why was he still talking to this man? Why not just kill him on the spot. He closed his eyes and sighed. "Trust me Leo... you don't want me in your life..." Wyatt grabbed Leo's hand this time. Wyatt kept Leo's hand in his and strategically guided their hands to rest over his stomach. He didn't think Leo would think any of it but to Wyatt... he felt a second of peace... a feeling he didn't remember experiencing for years.

Leo didn't get what Wyatt was doing, and wanted to jerk his hand back.  But the fact that Wyatt was actually touching him made him wait to see what the boy did. "You're my son. I'll always want you in my life."

Wyatt sensed Leo's disgust and immediately released the man's hand, his peace now over. He opened his eyes and stood up. "No Leo... that baby boy in your time is your son... I'm not."

"You're my son." Leo stood up, not knowing what had happened. "What'd I do? We were getting along...."

"Go home... run to Chris and tell him everything's all right and you're all safe from big bad Wyatt. I promise... you won't hear so much as a peep from me." Wyatt said, walking away even further from Leo. He stared out the window at a woman walking with her baby and couldn't help but let a tiny smirk appear.

"I want to be a part of your life. Why is that so hard for you to accept? You're my son too!" Leo was getting frustrated, always saying the wrong thing to Wyatt. "Why are you acting like this? I came here to help you, and you push me away!"

Wyatt turned around to face Leo again, revealing eyes full of emotions and filled with tears that threatened to fall but Wyatt pushed back. "What do you want from me? You show up and turn me upside down... make me feel things... well just... made me feel period... and I'm supposed to watch you just turn around and walk away... back into a world where I'm not there and I'm left in a world where you're not here... you know what pisses me off the most... is that I DON'T NEED YOU! So why the fuck do I want you?!" Wyatt turned around again, his emotions getting the best of him... emotions he swore he didn't have. His fists clenched and he unwillingly triggered an explosion of the window before him... glass shattering and cutting him in the arms.

"Wyatt, stop it!" Leo rushed over to his son, blown away by the intense outpouring of feelings. "Son.." The elder's shoes crunched on the glass as he neared Wyatt, and he could see the blood on Wyatt's arms. It made Leo remember how they'd found Chris, and he wanted to make the image go away once and for all. He grabbed Wyatt's arms and healed them, not stopping until the last traces of blood were gone. "You can't shut yourself off. You can't control your powers if you keep everything bottled up."

"I don't care about my fucking powers! That's all I've always been... a concentration of power... never a person." Wyatt didn't even care anymore that he sounded like the biggest pussy on earth. "I don't need them... I don't want them... take 'em."

"I'm not going to take them. They're yours. Your gift, given to you from your mother's family." Leo held Wyatt's arms, not wanting the boy to pull away again.

"Da... Leo..." Wyatt wanted to scream it... tell Leo... but this new found conscience of his didn't let him... kept telling him it would complicate things for Leo... hurt him... make things harder... and for some reason that now mattered to Wyatt... so he swallowed his secret.

"It's all right, son." Leo pulled Wyatt into a hug. "I know how hard it can be to have the ability to do what you want. It can be very alluring to use your powers for personal gain. You've gone down that road. And it's times like these that make you want to give up on your powers. Or use them to make yourself happy... But you're better then that."

“Yeah... that..." Wyatt quickly pulled away from Leo, his resolve weakening the more time he spent with Leo.

"It's okay to be scared." Leo said softly, trying not to let his hurt show on his face. "I've been scared, I still get scared. But you can't let that fear rule your life."

"Oh my god... will you shut the fuck up?!" Wyatt had had enough. He may have been feeling all these new feelings for Leo but the man was being a moron right now. "I'm pregnant okay? That's what it is! Fucking A!"

"What does fucking A mean? And why is it a bad thing you're pregnant? Granted I thought that wasn't usually a guy thing...but I mean you have someone who loved you enough to give you a baby, what's bad about that?" Leo was beyond confused, he had only been trying to let Wyatt know it was okay to talk to him and the boy had blown up at him.

"Oh my god... Jesus fucking Christ... dad... listen to me... what were you and I doing just a couple of hours ago?" Wyatt asked him, hoping it'd trigger some kind of thought process. "You can be so dense... thank the gods you're hot, man."

"What? But that was...I mean two hours! You can't- No one could know after-" Leo stared at Wyatt in shock. "But, but..." Leo stared at Wyatt's stomach, the gesture from before making sense.

"Your stupidity is going to be the death of me... yes it was just hours ago but believe me... I know. I'm sure Chris knew the exact second you got him pregnant or am I wrong?"

"But..." Leo had the sense not to say he thought it was because he and Chris were married. "Oh fuck." The elder groaned and knew Chris would never forgive him.

"You already did that remember?" Wyatt couldn't help but smirk. "Quite well actually. Still feeling it man."

"Do you know what this means?" Leo ran a hand through his hair. "I mean if it weren't bad enough that you can barely stand to be around me, I'll never get to see him...and Chris..." Leo walked back over to the couch and sat down. "What are we going to do?"

"Leo..." Wyatt walked over to Leo and knelt down before him, between his spread legs. He did this on instinct... he'd done it millions of times with his father. "This is why I didn't want to tell you... didn't want to complicate things for you or obligate you to be a part of this kid's life."

"He's my son." Leo looked down at Wyatt, surprised that the boy would think he wouldn't be a part of the child's life. "How can I not be a part of his life?"

"I don't know... being in his life means being in mine... " Wyatt offered up as an exit.

"You're my son too. If I wanted to be in his, by the same rights and counts I'd want to be in yours too." Leo said, not sure if he could actually be in either of his son's lives, not without Chris thinking he'd put Wyatt first again.

"I'm not dumb... I know none of this is even an option until you talk to Chris..." Wyatt said to Leo from where he knelt. "And I know it has to be done with tact or else he's going to come shoot me... but Chris is a smart guy... wise and understanding."

"He is." Leo smiled at Wyatt. "Don't think that I won't try. I want to be a part of you and our baby's lives." The elder sighed and leaned back against the couch. "I just need a few minutes to think about what to say to him."

"Oh... of course..." Wyatt stood up. "I'll ... uh... go downstairs... get something to drink." He said and walked out the attic, leaving Leo alone to think.

Leo sighed. "I didn't mean you had to leave." He said to no one. ~What am I going to tell Chris? Hey baby, you know what I just got the greatest news! I got your brother pregnant, you know the boy who terrorized you as you were growing up! Ugh... He's going to shoot me and orbs my balls to Mexico!~ Let his head rest along the back of the couch. "Maybe if I orb when he does it, it won't hurt?"

Wyatt scoured through the fridge, looking for something to quench his thirst. "Ah ha!" He said excitedly and grabbed a beer. ~No alcohol while pregnant.~ "Damn it!" He put the beer back where he found it. "This pregnancy already sucks!"

~I wish Wyatt could come back with me. It would be so much easier if the two of us could tell it, but Chris would never forgive me for bringing Wyatt in on our relationship. Besides, I can't be certain that I'd be able to stop them if they decided to use their powers against one another.~  Leo stood up, needing to talk to Wyatt. ~Chris is going to hate me. We lose our child, and now Wyatt is pregnant with mine...~ The thought disturbed Leo greatly and he fell back down onto the couch.

"Okay this pregnancy is going to suck ass." Wyatt walked in with a bottle of water. "Can't have beer. Oh I'm sorry... were you not done thinking? I can go pee."

To be continued...
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