Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause.
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"No. I've reached the point where I've realized thinking up something to say won't work. Because I'll forget it all the minute I see him cry." Leo looked up at Wyatt. "Yeah, and you can't have it even after you've had the baby if you're going to breastfeed." Leo said softly, having given up his occasional beer because Chris couldn't have any. Not that Chris would have wanted one; he had just been trying to be supportive.

"Are you kidding me?!" Wyatt sounded alarmed. "Are we absolutely sure alcohol is bad for the kid? I mean come on..."

"Wyatt." Leo rolled his eyes. "Drinking is bad, smoking is bad...anything fun is bad when you're pregnant. Basically you eat, drink, pee and bitch a lot. And sometimes when you're really lucky you can do most of those at once." Leo chuckled and stood up.

"What about the whole... " Wyatt looked away from Leo to finish his question. "Increased libido during pregnancy thing? True, false, very true, very false?"

"It's true and false." Leo smirked. "The last few months you won't want to be doing anything. But the first half of the pregnancy..." Leo grinned remembering all the times Chris had woken him up in extremely pleasant ways.

"Great... just great... I'm going to be cranky and horny all the time... oh dear lord it's already starting!" Wyatt went over to the couch and sat down. "My life is over. I'm going to be one of those people that others make fun of and always say 'he needs to get some.' Ugh! Jeez Leo... thanks for the super sperm, buddy!"

"I'm sorry." Leo watched Wyatt as the boy acted normal for once.  "I just wanted you to be good. I didn't mean for this to happen." Leo tactfully avoided the rest of Wyatt's words, not even wanting to know or offer Wyatt his own services.

"That's okay... I'll just sleep around... I won't tell 'em I'm knocked up." Wyatt said and watched Leo for a reaction.

"You will not!" Leo stared at Wyatt, not believing he'd just said that. "I may not be with you, but I'm still your father...and you are not sleeping around!"

Wyatt grinned. "Cute... real cute. All right... I'll just pick a few and sleep with them. I'm not going to be miserable and deprived."

"You can't-" Leo stopped, realizing that method wasn't working. "You don't want to hurt the baby, do you?"

"Well what am I supposed to do? It's not fair! Chrissie got his brains fucked out while pregnant!" Wyatt didn't even realize just how childish he sounded at that moment.

"I said I was sorry!" Leo ran a hand through his hair. "It's not like I can just pop into the future to keep you sexually satisfied."

"Oh but you can to get me pregnant huh?" Wyatt stopped and listened to how he sounded. "I think you opened a can of worms with this emotions stuff. Okay... I'll figure something out... demons! I have lots of demons who serve me... one of them is bound to be cute, right? Hmm Jax... the Sokol demon... mmm that blonde spiky hair... those piercing blue eyes... the bulging muscles... hmph!"

"You're not exposing our child to a demon!" Leo cried out, beginning to pace. "Geez! I know I shouldn't be getting huffy, that it's not my business...But it is now in a way."

"Oh you haven't seen this demon... fucking bastard is hot... and he knows he's hot too... cocky little shit... I don't care as long as he's got the equipment to back it up." Wyatt continued to ramble off.

"Stop that! The baby can hear you!" Leo stopped pacing and stared at Wyatt. "He doesn't need to think demons are a good thing!"

"OH NO!" Wyatt looked down at his stomach. "Sweetie... demons are only for me okay... and this one is special... he's got a hot body... and hopefully other hot stuff too. I mean did you see him the other day with that open sleeveless demon thing he wears? I mean... woo! It's enough to drive a guy into demon worship..." And again Wyatt was rambling.

"No! No demon talk around the baby! They are not cute, and they are not for anything other then killing! Do not tell our child otherwise." Leo slapped his hand to his forehand, wondering why he had listened to Piper and let Phoebe talk around their unborn child.

"You know who else was hot?" Wyatt asked, ignoring Leo's obvious opposition. "That guy Phoebe dated... he's in the book... Cole was it? Shame he's dead. I'm sure he's good for a fuck or fifty."

"Oh my god! You have your mothers mentality!" He sat down on the couch, trying not to freak out. "I mean Chris is neurotic... but you... demons are hot! Not! Would you please stop talking about demons?"

"Fine! Would you rather I stick a magical pager on you... zap you every time I need some?" Wyatt had to laugh.

"Chris would never allow that." Leo said, knowing it was the truth. "Can't you find a non demonic lover? I know there's plenty of those out there."

"Psh! Weaklings!" Wyatt rolled his eyes.

Leo rolled his eyes. "Then you know use other stuff...just no demons." The elder felt weird telling Wyatt to use toys. "Because unless you can convince Chris that you've worked out a penance schedule with me... I don't see what else you can do."

“That may actually work.” Wyatt said and nodded. “Chrissie’s a sadistic bitch when it comes to punishing me and penance is a means of repairing a sin committed, and obtaining pardon for it, voluntary submission to a punishment corresponding to the transgression.” Wyatt had rambled as if he was talking to the air. “Sorry… Chris isn’t the only one who likes to read.”

Leo chuckled. "Maybe I should start calling you Dic?" The elder settled down. "How'd you guys ever get to be readers? One would think you would both be very physical, what with being around demons."

"That's precisely why we are readers... between Paige taking over Magic School and mom freaking out about a different demon every five minutes... we had the Book of Shadows memorized by the time we were 7... I'm serious... we were quizzed." Wyatt confessed with a smile.

"Piper quizzed you on the book?" Leo shook his head. "We can only pray that Paige will slow her down."

"So enough about that... can I conjure myself a magical sex toy?" Wyatt asked Leo, out of curiosity.

"Uh," Leo was thrown by the question. "As long as it's not evil, I guess."

"What about if I resurrect Cole?" Wyatt really wanted to see Leo's face when the words sank in.

"Demon." Leo said automatically. "And even if you managed to bring him back without powers, he'd still want them."

~Perfect!~ Wyatt thought. "You're right. Okay... I'll just suppress the urges. I can do that... and don't you worry about telling Chris anything... I can raise the baby by myself, you know."

"Wyatt... I don't want you to do that." Leo sighed, not sure what he was going to do. "I know you think I'm going to walk away, and realistically I know that I won't get to be around as much as I want to...but I'm going to do my best to be here."

"It's all right... really. No one would dare mess with me... much less my child... so we'd be okay." Wyatt tried to release Leo of any responsibility... he didn't know why he cared, but he didn't want Leo to have another burden to bear. Or maybe he just didn't want Leo around.

"It's not just about that. When Chris first came back...I heard about how I was this horrible father. I thought he was lying. All I had ever wanted was a family, and when you were born," Leo smiled at Wyatt. "Everything I did was for my family. But he was right, somehow in the future I changed, and now that I know... I can make sure that doesn't happen. With all of my kids, not just one or two."

"Whatever." Wyatt tried to sound like he wasn't pleased that Leo would be around... after all, he didn't want Leo to get a big head. "It's not like I need you or anything." ~Okay now that sounded fake... damn it~

"Wyatt." Leo wanted to assure the boy in some way, but didn't know how. "You may not think you need anyone, but you have to have someone."

~Like Cole... or Dark Leo... or both.... oooh yum.~ "Uh yeah... so stop procrastinating... if you're going to tell Chris you should go do it already."

"Okay." Leo put his hand in his pocket, fingering one of the vials. "Just..." The elder turned away from Wyatt. "You can come and get me if you need me." He pulled his hand from his pocket and threw the vial at the wall.

"You worry too much... kind of sexy." Wyatt confessed without making it a big deal, just shrugging. "I'll be here."

"It's what fathers do." Leo said then stepped into the portal. ~Wonderful. Now I get to tell Chris...~

"Finally... I thought he'd never leave..." Wyatt rushed over to the book of shadows, quickly thumbing through the pages, his brain serving as an index. "To call a lost soul... this better work... for your sake dad or your going to be pulling double duty."

Leo walked back to his and Chris' room, not having any idea of how he was going to tell Chris about the news. "I'm going to get blown up I know it."

Wyatt cleared his throat and closed the book. "Okay... here goes nothing..." He waved his hand and 5 candles formed a circle before him. He lit them with a snap of his fingers and stood just outside the circle.  "In this night and in this hour, I call upon the ancient power, to bring back a life, bring back the dark power. Powers of the Halliwell witches rise, course unseen across the sky, come to me, who calls you near, come to me and settle here. Power to power I summon thee, magic to magic return to me."

Leo stepped into the room and walked over to Chris, kissing his cheek. "Hey baby."

Chris looked at Leo oddly. "You're nervous, I can tell. What happened? Did he attack you? Are you okay?"

"No, he didn't attack me. He was..." Leo paused, trying to find the right word. "He was pacing in the attic. He was disturbed. And eventually I got him to tell me why."

"Oh?" Chris sat up, interested in hearing this. "You got through to him? Good job, Mr. Dad."

"It's not all good." Leo sat down on the bed. "He- he thinks he's pregnant." The elder couldn't look at his husband, not wanting to see anymore hurt.

"He's pregnant?" Chris had to ask. "Wait... from who... WHAT?! You got him pregnant." He grabbed a pillow and hit Leo. "Condoms! CONDOMS PEOPLE!"

Leo half-heartedly put his hands up to protect himself. "I'm sorry! It's not like I meant for it to happen."

"Well excuse the hell out me... did he just happen to fall on your dick as it was cumming?" Chris was angry but he wasn't exactly sure as to which of his many issues with Wyatt to attach the anger to.

"I didn't know I was going to-to do what I did. And if I had thought about it, it's not like we use stuff. I don't have any." Leo said, trying to defend himself though it was pointless. "Look it's my fault. I know."

"That's all you had to say... because in this marriage... it is always your fault!" Chris sighed and breathed a little more normal. "What is he in love with you now? Because you're mine... all mine! He can't have you... well just a little but mostly you're mine."

"No, he made it quite clear he didn't need me around." Leo was glad Chris had stopped hitting him. "You know I only love you."

"You can love him... psh.. I'm a big enough person to know you have to love my brother but... I also know that... I need your cock more than he does."

"You know that's not how I meant it." Leo smiled. "I'm not going to be 'on call' if Wyatt needs some. I'm your husband."

"Ah the good old' days." Chris recalled with a shit-eating grin... cut short as soon as he remembered the good old' days were just earlier today... before he lost the baby. "Uh... anyway... so ... what... how are we going to handle this? Is he going to move to our time?"

"I didn't ask him to. I didn't want to offer anything without talking to you first." Leo glanced at Chris. "I did tell him that I would be there for the baby."

"Aw could you be any cuter? If we weren't talking about my husband impregnating my older brother who just so happens to hate me and I have an inferiority complex with, I'd think it was cute."

"I know this is bad." Leo stood up, not able to sit any longer. "But we have some decisions to make."

"I understand our lives will be a little different and I may even have to say hi to him from time to time." Chris shuddered at the thought. "But it'll be okay... we just all need to have a sit down together and discuss what we're going to do... without lighting bolts, energy balls, or holy water.... yeah don't ask."

"I won't." Leo walked over to the dresser and leaned against it. What are we going to do? Sometimes go to the future and see how he is doing?"

"I meant he needs to be part of this discussion... but I'm not going to him. He can bring his lazy pregnant blonde ass back here."

"You don't want to talk, just you and I first?" Leo said, surprised. He shifted a little, so the dresser drawer wasn't digging in his back. "Okay. So, if he comes here we'll all have a discussion on what we do."

"Dad... I love you... I really do... but you can be as dense as a rock sometimes. What I meant is you and I have to discuss our issues first.... set some rules and boundaries as to what is okay and isn't okay... but as far as pregnancy and where Wyatt will be and all that... he needs to be present... it's his life after all." Chris told Leo and walked over to his husband, getting comfortably close. Close enough that body heat was being exchanged and skin was touching. "See like now... is this..." Chris started with a kiss to Leo's lips. "... acceptable..." He bit Leo's bottom lip and sucked on it lightly. "... with Wyatt?"

"Totally not acceptable with Wyatt." Leo swallowed, a little nervous. "You don't have to worry about me wanting to be with him. I don't want to."

Chris smiled and giggled, very close to Leo's lips. "Mmm... he must want you though... badly... I mean who wouldn't." Chris thought as long as he had the upper hand, he might as well use it to his advantage. Leo felt guilty so Chris would play a little flattery and seduction into the guilt to get what he wanted. "You're strong... and sexy... mmm... masculine... caring... handsome... we both know you're huge where it counts. You're pretty much a walking wet dream."

"Only for you." Leo smiled at his husband, not sure what Chris was doing. "I mean, I only want you to know that about me."

"But it's easily accessible information to anyone who looks at you. You may not know it but you're quite the poster boy in the magical community..." Chris said with a chuckle. "If there was a calendar called 'hot elders', you'd be the only one in it."

"But they wouldn't know that last thing you mentioned." Leo grinned and put his arms around Chris. "And even if there were a calendar I wouldn't want to be in it."

"Mmm imagine December... the elder without his robes... wearing just a holiday bow." Chris said with a huge smile. It was now time to reveal what he wanted. "We need to move out of this manor... soon... before the babies get too big for their bassinets."

"I know. I remember the talk we had." Leo wanted to sigh; he knew he had to get cracking on the whole house thing. But stuff just kept popping up at them.

"Just a friendly reminder, my king." Chris smiled and gave Leo a quick peck on the lips.


Wyatt watched as a swirl of bright light formed within the circle of candles and then fire burned, revealing the form of a man... a nude man... a tall dark and handsome nude man. "Oh... wow... um..." He swallowed hard. "Are you Cole?"

"Depends." Cole took a look at his new surroundings, instantly recognizing them. "Who are you, and what do you have to do with the Halliwells?"

"Wyatt... that's me..." Wyatt walked over to behind the couch and grabbed a pair of boxers his father had left behind and handed them to the handsome stranger. "Piper and Leo's son. Yes... we are about 25 years in the future... 25 years after you were vanquished by my mom and aunts that is. Sorry about that by the way... hope it didn't hurt."

Cole took the offered clothing and put it on as he thought about what the man had told him. "It's not the worst that's happened to me." He looked the young man up and down, wrapping his head around the fact that he was really Piper and Leo's son. "So the angel and her worked it out... can't say I'm thrilled about that." He looked around the attic again, but there wasn't anything hugely different about it. "Why did you call me here? Twenty five years is a long time, and when I died the sisters weren't that happy with me."

"Well let's just say they're not the greatest magical force there is anymore." Wyatt stated simply as to not reveal too much. "Besides... your issues were mainly with Phoebe... not the entire Halliwell clan. Yes she wrote it all in the book of shadows." He kept quiet as to why he brought Cole back from hell... there was no easy way to tell a demon that you're horny and are only going to keep him around if he agrees to fuck you like his bitch every time you needed to be fucked like a bitch.

Cole ran his tongue against his teeth, deciding to ignore the man's attempt to change the subject. "How is Phoebe? They must be in a jam if they asked you to bring me back."

"Phoebe? I resurrect you and 2 minutes back you're asking about Phoebe? Phoebe's fine if you must know... married... children..."

"You're the one who isn't telling me anything worth hearing." Cole pointed out. "And a suggestion for the next time you bring someone back," Cole leaned forward, getting the man's personal space. "Try to be more prepared, some people aren't as confident as I am." He winked and pulled back.

Wyatt swallowed hard, a small whimper escaping in the process. ~I definitely got the right guy to fill my... uh needs.~ "Must have... slipped my mind... that you don't wear clothes where you just came from."

Cole gave Wyatt a look of disbelief. "Unless you want to start talking, I'm going to go piece together an outfit." Cole headed for the door leading to the hallway. "See you later kid."

Wyatt orbed to right in front of Cole, stopping him. "What do you want to know?" He asked with a grin.

Cole ran his tongue against his teeth, making the man wait for his answer. "Why'd you bring me back? Is this some sort of way to piss off your aunts? If it is, I'd like to point out that most kids usually get a piercing of some kind."

"One... I'm not a kid... Two... the aunts couldn't care less what I do with my life and Three... I brought you here because... well... a guy like me can benefit a lot from the talents and experience of a guy like you." Wyatt said, approaching closer with every word, invading Cole’s personal space much like he had done to Wyatt earlier. “Did I happen to mention I’m confident too?”

"I find that hard to believe." Cole said, not clarifying to which of Wyatt's statements he was answering. "But I'm not one who looks a gift horse in the mouth." He stood cooly, wondering what was up with the man in front of him.

~Oh he's good.~ "You see... magically, there's lots we can learn from each other... those are the talents I was referring to... the ones mentioned in the book of shadows." Wyatt covered up then mumbled under his breath... "and those not mentioned."

"I don't do that kind of magic." Cole said straight forward. "Sorry, Junior, I guess you'll have to find a new playmate now."

"Neither do I... only when necessary... See this is why you shouldn't meet a legend. It's always disappointing. So much can be said about a man... and little can be true. I guess it could be partly my fault. I did bring you back without your powers and maybe that's all there was to you...your powers." ~Nothing like going for a demon's ego.~ Wyatt snapped his fingers and the candles lit again, reforming the portal from which Cole had come. "Well if you really must go..."

To be continued...
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