Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


"Hold on now, Junior." Cole eyed the candles. "You don't do good magic, unless you have to." He gave Wyatt a searching look. "How...unless you aren't Piper and Leo's son. Which frankly if you're just saying you're their son, you'd be much better off saying you were a demon. But hey, bygones."

"I speak the truth... I am Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt's first-born son. I'm sure you must have heard something about me before you were vanquished... twice blessed child... largest concentration of powers ever known... danger to both sides of the battle... blah blah blah." Wyatt walked around the circle of swirling lights. "You see Cole... I came from good magic... but all I'm really concerned with is power... he who has the most power... is above all else… so it is to my advantage that I can harness both white and black magic. Being attacked by demons I could vanquish with a blink of an eye since I was five was tedious but it's how I picked up a few things." Wyatt charged up a massive fireball to prove his point and then just as quickly, dissolved it.

"This is too rich." Cole chuckled. "You're telling me that I missed seeing one of the good guys turn bad." Cole snapped his fingers. "Damn. I always miss the most important moments." Cole eyes Wyatt more appreciatively. "How powerful are you? Say...strong enough to know where I can get some powers?"

"Take a look outside that window..." Wyatt pointed to one of the windows in the attic. "That, my friend, was me... not intentional though... someone royally pissed me off... big no no. As far powers would go, half the underworld serves me... it'd be easy to just let you 'borrow' from a few of my guys... but why would I do such a thing?"

Cole walked over to the window and pursed his lips, before turning around on his heel. "Like you said, there's things we can teach one another." Cole went back to Wyatt, stopping a few feet from him. "What do you say? I teach you a few magic tricks the parents will hate, and I get some powers. A fun time will be had by all."

"Not interested in tricks..." Wyatt said to Cole with a slight shrug. "I've got plenty." He waved a hand in front of his face and glamoured himself into a replica of the Phoebe that Cole had married. "Happy to see me, baby?" Wyatt shook his head, shaking off the effect of the glamour and transforming himself into Cole's demonic form, Belthazar. "See?"

"Then what do you want from me?" Cole hid his anger from seeing the man turn into Phoebe. "Why bring me back. If you're so absolute," Cole stared intensely at Wyatt. "Why say you needed to learn a few things from me?"

"Because maybe..." Wyatt walked closer to Cole, walking around him... behind him. "Just maybe... we can have a very satisfying relationship. You give me what I need... I give you a power..." Wyatt removed his glamour and got back to his original form. "See I don't need a slave... have plenty of that too. I need an equal... a companion..."

Cole slowly turned around. "You want me to be your companion? When you plan to piss dear ole ma and pa off, you go all out." Cole smiled. "I'm in. Not like I was doing anything else," He gave Wyatt a knowing look.

“Good.” Wyatt smiled and orbed away the candles, closing the portal. “See my one concern is, Mr. Turner, that you will try to double-cross me. Notice the term ‘try’ because you will not be successful… but nonetheless… I want to be able to trust my companion because that trust will allow me to treat you like an equal rather that another useless minion and you’ll have the powers and freedom that no one else has… and I don’t want us to end badly… I don’t want to have to send you back. I think you know by now just how much I want you… around. So if you’re planning on using me… tell me now and I won’t waste anymore of your time.”

"Why would I endanger this venture?" Cole was intrigued by the man before him. "I get to be alive, and powers. What more could I want?"  Cole grinned. "Now, what do you say, we go and discuss," Cole gave Wyatt one of his winning smirks. "all the things I have to do as your companion?"

"First thing's first... can't very well have a weakling by my side..." Wyatt extended his hand and an athame appeared in it. "This little tool will come in handy for you... with it you can collect the power of the magical being you just killed using it. Won't work on me though... I've already blessed it... just in case you were getting any ideas." Wyatt smirked and handed Cole the athame

"Now why would I do that?"  Cole looked at the athame, taking in its simplistic yet gorgeous beauty. "I remember a time when I didn't need toys to get power." He smirked and tested the athame's balance. "The dead can't be picky though can they?"

"Those days will return my friend," Wyatt said and put an arm around Cole's shoulder. "I promise. In fact..." Wyatt snapped his fingers and two demons appeared in the attic.

"Yes sir?" The demons said in unison.

"Why don't you give that athame and that hard body of your a try?" Wyatt whispered, getting very close to Cole ear.

Cole chuckled, ignoring the demons at first. "I like the way you think." He threw the athame at one of the demons, hitting it in the chest. "Don't go anywhere." He said to Wyatt, he swaggered over to the demon he'd killed, pulling the athame from it's chest. He was surprised, and pleased, that the other demon hadn't moved. "You've got them well trained."  Cole said as if it were an after thought, then thrust the athame into the second demon's gut. "Really, they're well disciplined." He brought the athame up, cutting thru the demon's chest cavity.

Wyatt chuckled. "What can I say? I have an excellent health plan for the help... they obey and I don't kill them."

Cole let the demon drop to the floor, and turned to Wyatt. "A smart businessman, also. Come on, tell me the truth." Cole walked over to the man. "You're not their son, are you?"

"I'll prove it to you next time dad visits... you get to say hi to him." Wyatt said with a smile. "He's going to lecture me on conjuring you but oh well... you make sacrifices for the things you want." He said as he licked his lips and aimed his vision to the area below Cole's belly button.

"And just when is dear dad visiting next?" Cole asked, not caring, all he wanted was a time frame. "If I'm to be a capable companion, I need to know how many more... powers to get. Wouldn't want Little Leo thinking his son was with an undeserving guy now, would ya?"

"I actually don't know when he'll be back... probably tomorrow after he's fucked wifey-dear." Wyatt shrugged.

Cole rolled his eyes. "You don't sound to happy about that. Got a crush on daddy?" Cole would have laughed, but didn't want to anger the man with him. "Don't worry. I've seen him and Piper together. There's only so long a man can be henpecked before they leave."

"Oh he's not with Piper..." Wyatt shook his head. "Dumped her for my little brother who is a less powerful less hot version of me... but whatever... it's not like he's not going to fuck me again... I know he will."

"He dumped Piper? Maybe I was wrong about Leo." Cole stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Doesn't matter. All I have to do is impress him, not play best friends, right?"

"Exactly... which you know won't be easy... but if anyone can, you can... impress him I mean. As long as you can get him off my back about being with you... we're good to go."

"Leave Leo to me. I'll make sure he understands there could be no one better suited to being your companion." Cole cocked his hip to the side. "Which leads me to my next question. Why me? Why not some willing servant?"

"They're no fun." Wyatt walked over to the couch and sat down. "I didn't want someone to serve me. In other words... no wimps... no weaklings."

"I'm flattered." Cole walked over and sat on the arm of the couch. "It's good for the ego that someone remembers me."

"I wasn't around in your time but if the past 10 minutes is any indication..." Wyatt paused to smirk. "You're not easy to forget."

"And it's only been ten minutes." Cole slid down to sit sideways on the couch. "Just think of how unforgettable I'll be by tomorrow."

"Oooh the possibilities." Wyatt stood from the couch, intentionally turning his back to Cole and walking right in front of him, giving him a perfect view of ... a couple of the family goods. "You can go bathe if you like... and I'll bring you something to wear."

Cole checked out Wyatt's ass, his cock stirring at the thought of fucking the man. "Clothes would be nice." Cole stood up, and started to walk off, but paused. "Bathroom still in the same place?"

"Last time I checked." Wyatt chuckled. "I'll be in my room... right across from the bathroom. I mean ... so you know where to come get your clothes."

"Right across." Cole ran his tongue across his teeth, knowing he wasn't going to forget. "I'll be there in no time. For my clothes." Cole turned and looked at Wyatt for a moment, then headed for the bathroom.

"Oh yeah... dad's definitely not going to approve... and that's the best part." Wyatt orbed down to his room, slowly going through his own closet for clothing to give to Cole. ~How do you dress a man better left naked?~ Wyatt picked out a sleeveless black muscle shirt and black pants... intentionally not going for any underwear.

Cole washed up, luxuriating in being able to take a shower. There were many things he'd missed, and he planned on doing all of them until he was dead again. After a couple more minutes of just enjoying being able to feel water against his skin, Cole got out of the shower. He searched around and found a towel and wrapped it around his waist, then headed for the room across the hall and knocked on it.

"Open." Wyatt said loudly from inside the closet, looking for a pair of shoes for Cole.

Cole entered the room, and didn't see Wyatt. He did however see some clothes on the bed and scowled. ~That solves it, he's Leo's son.~ He fingered the clothing disdainfully. "Don't you have anything in leather?"

"Leather and sleeveless shirt? Aren't we going for daddy's approval?" There was something about the way that Wyatt said "daddy" that made it sound... special... sensual... unique.

"I don't see him here now." Cole tucked a thumb inside the edge of his towel. "Expecting to go shopping after seeing your old man. But for now," Cole used his thumb and pushed the towel away from his hips. "These will do."

Wyatt shook his head with a smirk. "Hey after you've impressed him, you can do whatever the hell you want. If you want to walk around naked... I won't stop you."

"Sorry, I don't do naked for servants." Cole smirked and pulled the pants on noting that the man had forgotten underwear. That was fine; he hadn't planned on wearing any.

Wyatt was semi disappointed he hadn't gotten another glance at the "good stuff" like he had when he conjured Cole but didn't show it... at least not verbally. "So I'm your servant now?"

"No. I meant your servants." Cole picked up the shirt, wondering if Wyatt had ever heard of silk. "I'm your companion. Not theirs."

"True." Wyatt nodded then walked back into the closet, removed something from one of the hangers and brought it out to Cole. It was a leather jacket. "Here... this'll have to do for now."

Cole tossed the shirt back onto the bed and took the leather jacket. "Thank you." He pulled the jacket on, smiling as the smell of leather hit him. "How do I look?"

"Like sex on two legs." Wyatt answered honestly. "Hot sex on two strong legs."

Cole chuckled. "Not shy, are you?" He left the jacket unbuttoned and sat down on the bed.

"Why would I be? Nothing to be shy about...." Wyatt turned off the light inside the closet and closed the door before walking back over to Cole. "Hmm..." He got closer to Cole, reaching out and touching his face. "You need a good shave... or do you want to keep it this way?"

Cole absently rubbed a hand against his jaw. "Scruffy." He pulled Wyatt’s hand away, but held on to it. "The real question is, do you like scruffy or clean shaven?"

"You look like a fuck machine no matter what..." Wyatt said absent-mindedly. "But personally... I think a bit scruffy's hot... gives ya this tough guy look. You look hot and sexy clean shaven... you look hot sexy and like you can hurt some one scruffy." He chuckled.

"Hmm." Cole stretched out on the bed. "So, I'm shaving before Leo comes tomorrow. Any other changes you want to make before daddy dearest shows up?"

"Absolutely none." Wyatt smiled. He boldly sat on Cole's lap. "I think you know how to win anyone over... you're charming and handsome... so don't worry about him too much."

"I'm not worrying over Leo." Cole lay completely still, wondering how long the other man could wait. "I just wanted to hold up my end of being your companion."

"Ooh hopefully you don't have any problems holding anything up."

"Haven't received any complaints." Cole smirked. "Am I about to get a complaint?"

"You're about to receive a request..." Wyatt said and leaned close to Cole's ear. "That you prove there are no problems with the tool box."

"Requests are a different matter." Cole leaned up and shrugged his jacket off. "You'll have to get up so I can get everything out."

Wyatt moved off Cole slowly, making sure he rubbed the area in question.

Cole held his moan in, wanting to demand that Wyatt suck him, and reached down slowly. He unbuttoned the pants and inched them down his hips. "Have you seen many tools before?" Cole asked, wanting to know just how relaxed he could be with the other man. He pushed his pants all the way down, and waited for an answer.

"I've seen plenty... impressed by few... fucked by even less..." Wyatt answered the older man as he stared intently. ~What is it about the hot demons? God damn... powerful... hot... and ass-fucking huge.~

Cole smirked at the look on Wyatt's face. "Does that mean I'm testing it out by myself?" He reached down and carelessly caressed himself.

"Certainly looks impressive..." Wyatt said in a moany whisper. "But just because you have it doesn't mean you know what to do with it."

"Do I have to remind you about the never had a complaint?" Cole grabbed Wyatt's hand. "Why don't you just tell me what you want.... and I can work on it from there."

Wyatt dropped to his knees before Cole. "Well for starters... how about a taste?" He leaned over Cole’s semi hard impressive cock and darted out his tongue to run along the massive pole. "Mmm... not bad at all."

Cole moaned and propped himself up with his hands. "It gets better." He winked at Wyatt, his cock getting harder as he thought about fucking Wyatt.

"Mmm..." Wyatt smirked as he saw the shaft harden and grow even more. "I can see that." He placed his hands on Cole strong legs and took the shaft in his mouth once more, this time swallowing it whole.

Cole watched the man suck him, and tipped his head back groaning at how hot it was. "I see you know how to check out tools...All that pining for Leo must have made you become quite the little master."

Wyatt momentarily pulled off Cole's hot cock. "As you can tell... I get no complaints either... and yes... got to be good for daddy." He said then immediately returned his attention to Cole's dick... sucking with a fury.

"What does he think of you practicing on other people?" Cole looked back at Wyatt and grinned. "I'd just like to say that I think it's great."

Wyatt casually ran his hands up and down Cole's legs as he ignored the man's question for a while. He continued to suck hard as his head bobbed up and down on Cole’s thick long cock. Wyatt then pulled off and wrapped his hand around the large member. "Might turn him on... might make him want to fuck me... or make you fuck me so he can watch." Wyatt grinned at the thought of Leo catching them... should be enough to get even Leo hard. ~Hmm... ooh what will be waiting for you when you arrive tomorrow daddy.~

"And how have you pictured Leo finding us." Cole knew better then to take Wyatt's words for idle chat. "Should we make him jealous? Do white lighters get jealous?"

"He's an elder now." Wyatt stood up, removing his own pants quickly then falling back to his knees and stroking Cole's massive tool. "And should be fairly easy for him to catch us... he comes through a portal in the attic... we make sure we're... there and going at it."

"You want to stun him and whomever comes through the portal." Cole groaned and involuntarily thrust his hips up to meet Wyatt's hand. "I have a better idea. We fucked our brains out right here. Making him listen to us, and have him guessing and getting irrational over who it could be..."

"I like the way you think... Mr. Turner." Wyatt kissed Cole's cock head. "We might as well take advantage of the fact that we're already here..." Wyatt closed his eyes and concentrated on Leo, using that dreadful connection he'd always had with his father since birth. He figured when Leo sensed him, he'd come running... probably worried and thinking he was in trouble. He opened his eyes and smirked at Cole. "Daddy's coming...."

"I guess I better get to work then." Cole pulled away from Wyatt. "I think the first thing your dad needs to see is your handsome face." Cole turned so his back was to the head bored. "Hands and knees, or do you want to go for a ride?" He was getting to the point where he was about to bend Wyatt over and fuck him into the ground, but reminded himself it would be funny as hell to see Leo freak out.

"Hands and knees, stud." Wyatt answered and crawled onto his bed. "Don't hold back... got to be loud enough for him to hear."

"That won't be a problem." Cole gritted out from his clenched teeth. He settled in behind Wyatt and rubbed his shaft against the man's back side. "I'm never one to disappoint." He thrust his hips forward and closed his eyes as his cock sank into the tight hole.

"OH FUCK!" Wyatt hissed out. Cole was definitely stretching his hole wide open and he loved it. "Twenty five years... is a long... time... without a hot... tight... wet... hole around your fuck monster."

"AN eternity." Cole grunted, and started fucking Wyatt. "You'll forgive me if I'm...over exuberant after all the time that's passed." Cole couldn't have held back if he wanted to, the second he'd felt his cock in that tight ass, he'd been lost.

"I ain't complaining big guy..." Wyatt grunted out. "A man's got to eat." Wyatt finished with a moaned chuckle.

"Good." Cole grabbed Wyatt's hips and pounded into the boy harder. "I wouldn't want to upset my new friend. Because I was too eager."

Wyatt closed his eyes as he pushed back to meet Cole's thrusts into him. He focused on Leo again, sensing his energy and calling for him. "Fuck you're good."

Leo had been washing some dishes, but was struck by an intense need to see his sons. He ran up the stairs, and found Chris and the babies asleep. He checked on Piper and Paige, but something still felt wrong. Leo concentrated and realized he was feeling Wyatt. The elder freaked and went to the attic, scrambling around until he found the potions.

"Comes from experience." Cole moaned out. "Hey, open the doors from here to the attic... We want daddy dearest to know all right?" Cole shoved his cock in harder, enjoying the tight ass around his cock.

Wyatt used his telekinetic powers to slam open all the doors from the attic to the second floor where they were. "Done... oh fuck..."He continued to push back hard against Cole despite the fact that Cole was doing a more than good enough job at it.

"Great." Cole kept fucking the other man, his body working out the frustrations of not having gotten any in twenty-five years.

Leo threw the potion, worried about Wyatt and the baby. He stepped in without a second thought, and prayed nothing was wrong.

To be continued...

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