Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
(other characters: Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Wyatt, Cole, Penny, Patty)
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true. These are  fictional characters.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause. You never cease to amaze me... keep smiling, gorgeous.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


Leo smiled a little. "Do we really want to play the title game? It's confusing enough for the twins."

"Yeah I don't think they'll understand it until they're twenty-one." Wyatt said, look over at Leo. "Hey kids I'm your dad and Chris is your dad too... but I'm Chris's dad too which makes him as much your brother as he is your dad... and you see Uncle Wyatt? Well he's technically your brother too and Uncle Wyatt's son is not only your cousin but also your brother because he's my son too."

"You know, it sounds really bad when you break it down like that." Leo sat up and looked at Chris, hoping he'd chosen correctly. "Wyatt, if you promise to be around. And not just for...stuff, for family events and holidays and stuff...We can do the second option."

Wyatt and Chris shared a look as soon as Leo had spoken. There was a smile dying to break out on Wyatt's face but he never let it... Chris saw nonetheless.

"Come on, do I have your word?" Leo turned to Wyatt. ~Damn, Cole is going back as soon as I can convince Wyatt.~

Wyatt paced around the room. "What are we talking about here? Because if you're going to treat me like an object then I'd rather not..."

"I don't mean it like that." Leo stood up, clasping his towel as he did so. "I just don't want for my feelings to go back towards trust and love, and your just using me to sleep with. I want us to be a family, and if we do this-this sharing, then that's what it's going to become."

"Family..." Wyatt repeated and stopped pacing. "Foreign concept to me... would I... have to live here?"

"That'd be helpful." Chris answered.

"Don't you think this place is crowded enough?" Wyatt asked.

"Yes I do..." Chris answered and shot a look at Leo.

"I'm working on that." Leo gave Chris a look. "We're looking for a house. I've gone to a few, and I know what I want. You can live with us if you want. You don't have to, I know family isn't your thing, but it might help you if you're around the twins... get a idea of what the pregnancy is going to be..."

"And I've been through it... I may be able to help... and of course be on your side when you want to curse Leo out." Chris offered with a smile.

Leo rolled his eyes. "Yes Chris, childbirth is painful. I'm sorry you had to go through it. But back to the issue at hand. Wyatt, you don't have to live with us, we wouldn't force you to. But we would like it if you were around."

"I guess I could... give it a try... but not in this house... this house doesn't mean family to me." Wyatt admitted.

"I know what you mean.." Chris agreed.

"Well, would you guys like to go look at the houses I've seen?" Leo asked, trying to avoid that they hated the manor.

"Uh yeah!" Chris said, way too excited which caused Wyatt to laugh.

"Great." Leo smiled at his sons. "I'll go get dressed, and maybe you guys take that stuff you were going to be packing up, and put it in the day bags for the twins?"

"Yeah, sure..." Wyatt answered.

"I don't see why you need to get dressed... you look fine to me." Chris stated.

"Yeah... that's the problem." Wyatt added.

"Because not everyone likes to try and sell a house to a man in a towel, makes them think he hasn't got any money." Leo winked at his sons and orbed out to get dressed.

"He knows just what he does to me and that's what makes him so hot." Chris confessed to Wyatt.

"Whatever you say... just finish putting the stuff in the bag or else you're going to be stuck in this manor for the rest of your life... without getting sex because you have your mom and aunts breathing down your neck." Wyatt said to Chris, only half joking.

Leo dressed quickly, wanting to get a quick start on finding a home for his family. He was glad that there hadn't been bad instances since they agreed to try the sharing thing, Leo was half afraid that Wyatt and Chris were going to get into a physical fight. The elder got on the phone with the realtor he'd spoken to, gathering up his notes he had on the houses as he spoke.

"Damn it where is the baby blue bib? Ugh... when you look for something, you can't find it in this house!" Chris sat on the bed, frustrated.

"Chris... hate to break it to you but you have the bib in your hand." Wyatt told Chris as he finished packing the diapers.

"Oh." Chris felt stupid now. "Well... as you can tell I'm an excellent father."

"I'm sure you are and you have nothing to worry about..." Wyatt said to his brother, putting one of the bags on his shoulder and offering the other to Chris.

"Thanks." Chris took the bag from Wyatt. "A little neurotic though, don't you think?"

"It's our legacy." Wyatt stated as they walked out of the room, each with a bag and baby in hand.

Leo thanked the realtor for agreeing to meet with them, and grabbed his notes, tucking them under his arm, and headed for the boys. ~At least she didn't seem too pissed off that we wanted to meet today. But I couldn't waste the opportunity, not when both of them are willing to try.~

"Are we ready to go?" Wyatt asked Leo. "Because these little guys are thrilled at the mention of sunlight."

"Yes we are." Leo smiled and walked over to his sons. "The realtor has agreed to show us the houses. I think her eyes saw money signs when she heard how many people I was bringing this time." Leo chuckled. "Do you guys need any help with that? Or you got it?"

"I'm fine." Chris said, smiling wide at the baby in his arms.

"Yeah I'm okay too." Wyatt added, not quite as cheerful.

"Okay. Let's go to the first house then. Unless you guys want to stop for some food first?" Leo didn't wait, and was already making his way downstairs, wanting to get started on the plans for the day.

"Nah we're good..." Chris told Leo, slowly making his way down the stairs. "Wyatt and I just had breakfast and so did the boys... we'll do lunch later though since the boys are going to want to eat."

Leo nodded his head distractedly, and headed towards the kitchen, looking for the keys. "This would be much easier if we could orb." He said, smiling when he found the keys on a counter, and not the on the peg where they were supposed to be. "I'm driving." Leo said, not sure he wanted to see how Wyatt drove.

Wyatt smirked, silently thanking the gods for letting Leo drive... vehicles weren't his thing unless used to run people over.

"Smart move." Chris said.

Leo chuckled and opened the back door for them, "Come  on, out the door we go. Plenty of houses for you to scoff and ridicule."

Wyatt chuckled and Chris answered in mock anger. "I will do no such thing... it's not my fault the architects aren't as bright as me!"

"Yeah, the people who went to school to build houses are dumb, sweetie we all know." Leo shut the door once they were all out of the house and unlocked the jeep.

"You'd think I wouldn't enjoy his patronizing because it is so fake... but I really do!" Chris said with one of his beaming smiles.

"I can tell." Wyatt said to his brother.

"All right, get in, you guys!" Leo shook his head, chuckling as he opened the side door.
"There is to be no telling of anything that doesn't pertain to buying the house, got it?" Leo walked around to the other side and opened the door before heading back around to the driver's side and getting in.

"Okay... so... what are... your sons coming with you to help you decide... because I don't think she'd believe the twins are much help." Chris said, settling down in the back seat.

"That works fine. I just don't want their to be any embarrassing exclamations of  'Oh daddy, look there's a Jacuzzi! Could you just imagine me sucking you in it?' " Leo shook his head and waited to start the car until everyone was in. "Okay?"

Wyatt was laughing out loud. "First of all... the impression... uncanny! Second... you know it's exactly what you'd say Chris!"

"Well excuse me for examining our future home for comfort and... future pleasure!"

"Just try to curb back the enthusiasm." Leo backed the jeep out of the drive and carefully took to the semi busy streets. "I don't want to shock her. You don't know how hard it is trying to find a place without a realtor here."

"Don't worry... I'm not going to do anything like that... although you shouldn't have brought up sucking you... because now I want to." Chris confessed.

"You sure he's not pregnant because damn!" Wyatt exclaimed.

"He's always like this." Leo smirked, and pulled out one of the sheets of paper when they came to a stoplight. "This is the information on the first house. Want to take a look at it?"

"Go ahead and give it to me... Chris is daydreaming right now... I can tell because he's drooling." Wyatt said to Leo.

"I am not!" Chris defended himself. "I just happen to have a lot of saliva!"

Leo handed the sheet back to Wyatt, pleased that the boy wanted to look at it. "I know baby, and I love it. Just not right now." The elder teased his husband as he drove.

"Damn you!" Chris said mockingly and turned to look out the window. "That's fine... I can control myself... not like I need you... no... 'cause I don't... I don't need to have your cock in my mouth or in my ass... I don't need to have you cum inside me..."

"All righty then..." Wyatt focused on the paper Leo had handed him. "Looks good... maybe a bit small for all of us but we'll see."

"Do you want to see the other papers?" Leo brought a hand down from the wheel and briefly tapped the papers next to him on the floor of the jeep. "Feel free. And Chris, baby, you look too. No sense in getting yourself worked up when we have to meet the realtor."

"Too late... he's already worked up... I'm telling you, he's salivating back here... not that I blame him." Wyatt grabbed for the papers Leo had offered, looking through them one by one. "Ooh this one looks perfect." He was looking at a rather large house. "Seven bedrooms? WOW! Heated pool... hot tub in the master bedroom... 5 bathrooms... oh this is great."

"So you do like one of them?" Leo smiled and turned the last corner, approaching the first house. "We'll take a look at all of them, try to get some perspective, furnishing ideas, and all that."

Wyatt set the papers down his lap. "Hey dad... what about sleeping arrangements... where do I sleep?"

Leo pulled up at the curb, and looked around, not spotting the realtor's car. "You can sleep where you want. If anyone has a problem with it, we're going to talk it out, and not hide it right?" Leo looked in the rearview mirror at Chris.

Chris nodded with a faint smile.

"But what if... hypothetically speaking... I want to sleep with you one night... I don't mean sex... I mean sleep." Wyatt posed the question.

"Why would that be a problem?" Leo asked, turning the car off, and moving so he could look at both his sons.

"I don't know... I'm just trying to see where I fit in." Wyatt looked into Leo's eyes.

"Doesn't bother me." Chris spoke up.

"If Chris doesn't have a problem with it, then it's fine. I don't see anything wrong with you sleeping in our bed." Leo smiled at his sons. "Really, it's fine. We know it's not always about sex. That sometimes you just want to know you're not alone."

"All right... just needed to know..." Wyatt responded with a sigh of relief. "So where is this lady... Chris's dream home awaits."

"Darn tootin'." Chris said with a chuckle.

"She'll be here soon. Want to get the twins out in the fresh air?" Leo pocketed the keys and got out of the jeep. Opening the door facing the house, not wanting them to get out in the middle of the street.

Wyatt stepped out first, carrying the baby and the bag with him and Chris soon followed. "Sure is bright out... damn." Wyatt said. "How ya holding up there Chris? Still salivating?"

"Oh yeah." Chris nodded.

"I think," Leo leaned back inside the jeep. "There's a pair in here." He looked between the seats, knowing Piper always had a pair in the jeep those she never used them.

"Nah don't worry about sunglasses... we'll be inside the house soon enough..." Wyatt said and covered the baby's head with the hoody from his shirt. "Just make sure they don't get too much sun Chris... their skin is still very sensitive."

Chris smiled and moved closer to Leo then whispered in his ear. "Someone’s parenting instincts are kicking in."

“That’s a good thing.” Leo smiled, leaning close to Chris and rubbing against him, teasing his husband.

"Why do you do these things to me?" Chris practically moaned. "You know I'd give anything to get fucked by you right now."

Leo grinned and rubbed his husband's back. "Because I love you and want you to know I care." He was going to kiss Chris, but he spotted the realtor's car.

"Oh don't worry... I sure am not... because I recall a certain promise you made to me a while ago... what was it again? Oh yes... new home... leave the twins with Piper... letting me suck you all day." Chris smirked and grabbed Leo's crotch discreetly.

"Chris!" Leo choked out, and pulled his husband's hand away. "I'm going to keep my promise, just wait until we actually move into a house." He whispered, watching as the realtor got out of her car.

Wyatt watched the exchange with a smile on his face... ~This 'family' might actually be fun.~

Leo straightened up, and smiled at the realtor as she walked over to them.

Cassandra smiled back at Leo, he wasn't that bad of person to have to look at homes with. Though she was a little perturbed that the man had called her up and hadn't wanted to look at houses in twenty minutes. "Hi Mr. Wyatt. You brought your sons with you too look at the choices this time?"

"Yes." Leo politely shook her hand. "They wanted to have a say. Who am I to tell them no?" He grinned, and looked over at Wyatt, wondering what he was thinking.

"Who are these adorable little boys?" Cassandra asked, grinning at the two small children.

"These little boys are my sons..." Chris offered to her as an answer. "I figured they could help find their grandpa a house too." Chris smiled at Leo, waiting to see what kind of reaction he'd have to being called 'grandpa.'

Wyatt walked closer to the three of them and put on his best smile for the realtor. "Hi. I'm Wyatt... I'd shake your hand but... kind of taken right now."

Leo nearly choked on air as he heard Chris call him the grandfather. He wanted to pout, but didn't want to make the realtor wonder. "Yeah, I'm- I'm proud of my boys."

Cassandra smiled, a true smile. "You should be. They're very beautiful." She clutched her bag that had the papers for the houses and smiled at Wyatt. "How are you related to them?" She was curious; sure that Mr. Wyatt wouldn't have named his son Wyatt Wyatt.

"I'm Leo's son." That was rare statement right there and not one Wyatt uttered often without anger. "And no my name's not Wyatt Wyatt... I have my mother's last name." He explained with a smile.

Leo grinned, ecstatic to hear Wyatt say he was his son. "Yes. So, about the house...could we get the tour again?"

Cassandra pulled the keys from her bag. "This way." She walked to the front of the house, pointing out the structure and unlocked the house.

Chris followed behind Leo and the realtor, Wyatt by his side. "I don't like her..." He whispered. "She's too chummy with my husband."

"You mean grandpa." Wyatt whispered back and laughed.

Cassandra pointed out the furniture that'd been left behind. The renovations to the rooms and pipes, not sure what Leo's sons would be interested in. "This is actually a good place, it's close enough that everything important is a short drive away, but it's in a nice neighborhood. The neighbors keep to themselves for the most part, but are friendly."

Leo nodded, that house was fine, but Wyatt had been right it was definitely too small for them. "I think it's too small. The boys are going to be over all the time.”

Cassandra smiled politely. "There are two guest bedrooms and a master bedroom. I think anything with more rooms would be just extra space. Unless you were planning to convert them into a study or library."

"Yeah I think dad is looking for the extra space... so he can have a home office... a gym... you know things of that sort." Wyatt told Cassandra. "And he's right... Chris and the babies are probably going to be over a lot and so will I... we don't like leaving dad alone for too long."

~Geez. guys you're making me sound like I'm old and senile.~ Leo stopped Cassandra from showing them the backyard. "Can we go to the house on Dover?"

Cassandra smiled back automatically when Mr. Wyatt asked he to see the house with a smile. "We should if your sons are going to be at your house so much."

Leo blushed, thinking that if she knew, the realtor would freak out. "Yeah. Wyatt really liked that house when I told him about it, so..."

"Say no more." Cassandra packed up her bag and grabbed the keys from her house. "Do you still remember how to get there?"

"I sure hope he does... he's not that old." Chris said with a chuckle. He knew Leo would make him pay for that later.

"Seven bedrooms, correct?" Wyatt inquired.

Cassandra laughed. "You're right he's not that old." The realtor had assumed Leo's sons were from when he was younger since he didn't look old at all. "It is seven bedrooms. It also has a hot tub in the master bathroom. Which is always good for soaking in after a long day." She smiled and led the way back to the front door.

"Sounds good for dad... he works too hard..." Chris said, following behind them.

Once outside, Wyatt was the first to speak. "I immediately went for the big house when I saw it on paper... it's in my nature... I'm sort of preoccupied with size." He smiled and gave Leo a quick glance.

Leo blushed, and cleared his throat. "Yes, well, there will be enough room in this house." He opened the doors to the jeep for his sons. And made small talk with Cassandra while the boys loaded the twins in the car.

"Nice touch..." Chris said with a smile to Wyatt.

"I'm learning quickly from you." Wyatt responded.

Leo watched Chris and Wyatt; sure they were planning on something embarrassing. "We'll see you at the other house then."

Cassandra nodded and headed for her car. Wondering just how old Leo was. ~I'll have to check the record and see if it says.~ Cassandra started her car and drove off to the house.

Leo walked over to the jeep. "What are you two up to?" He asked as he got in the driver's seat.

"Nothing daddy... I swear." Chris manages to flirt those long eyelashes and those puppy dog eyes to his advantage as needed and this was one of those times.

Wyatt just smirked, licked his lips and stared at Leo.

"Oh come on." Leo started the car and pulled into the street. "It hasn't even been twenty four hours. You guys can hold out longer then that. Don't you want to find a place for the babies?" Leo asked, ignoring his own responses to his sons' looks.

"Of course we do, daddy." Chris started. "We just can't help it... specially Wyatt... he's craving bad."

Wyatt didn't deny anything; he just raised an eyebrow with a sexy smirk and licked his lips again.

"You two..." Leo trailed off, and paid more attention to traffic. "All you have to do is wait until after we see this last place. It's not that difficult."

Wyatt handed the baby he was holding to Chris and leaned forward in his seat. "May not be difficult...." He whispered in Leo's ear. "But it certainly is hard." He said placed his hand over Leo's cock.

"Wyatt." Leo said in his most stern voice. "I'm driving. You don't want to end up a splat on the road, do you?" Leo didn't look at his son, knowing they would all be in big trouble then.

Wyatt pouted as best he could even though Leo wasn't looking. "I'm sorry daddy... I really am..." Wyatt slowly unzipped Leo's fly and dipped his hand inside, finding no underwear, just hard flesh. "Mmm... this baby could do some damage."

"Chris! Get your brother back in his seat!" Leo jerked the steering wheel, having tried to jump away from Wyatt. "Stop. This is-this will not end well! I'm trying to drive!"

Chris just laughed while Wyatt pulled out Leo's immense shaft and began stroking him while whispering in his ear: "Come on daddy... you have more control than that... and I know you want it... 11 thick hard inches are telling me that."

"You are so dead when we get home." Leo said through his teeth, trying to ignore how good Wyatt's hand felt on his aching cock. "Wyatt, stop it." Leo brought his hand down to pull his son's away but almost ran into a parked car, so he put his hand back on the steering wheel. "Don't make me pull over. Cause I will."

"Mmm..." Wyatt stroked slower, smoother... tighter. "And do what daddy? What are you going to do to me if you pull over? Are you going to pull over and push in?" He asked in a moan.

~Oh he's good~ Chris watched, proud of his brother, and turned on too.

"No. I'm going to leave you in the car and not let you see the house. I'll just have to tell Cassandra that you guys got into a fight and didn't want to come in." Leo's grip on the steering wheel tightened, and he turned on the correct street, forgetting to signal. "I swear. I'll lock both of you in this car. And then tell Piper you were the ones who took it."

"All right daddy... I'll stop..." Wyatt stroked Leo a few more times then used his finger to collect some of the pre-cum that had formed. He brought the finger to his mouth and sucked it dry, making sure Leo heard him and saw him.

"Geez!" Leo pulled that car over to the curb and pushed himself back into his pants. "Did you want us to get in a car wreck?" The elder resisted the urge to climb back to Wyatt and Chris and fuck them until they were to tired to move, instead, he took a few deep breaths. "Get back in your seat."

"Sure thing." Wyatt was still sucking his finger. "Hmm... can't wait to taste the real thing."

Chris handed Wyatt the baby again. "You gave up too easily... don't let him get to you next time."

Leo gave Chris a look. "Don't give him ideas." The elder watched traffic, and then pulled back into traffic. "I'll remember that tonight." Leo promised.

To be continued...

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