Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
(other characters: Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Wyatt, Cole, Penny, Patty)
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true. These are  fictional characters.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause. You never cease to amaze me... keep smiling, gorgeous.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


Chris smirked. "All right... you do that... now's probably a good time as ever to let you know Wyatt and I have an agreement."

Wyatt nodded and finished for Chris. "If one of us is mad at you... neither of us is putting out."

"Fine. You're the ones who keep attacking me." Leo pointed out. As he navigated his way through the streets, eternally grateful when he saw the house and the realtor.

"You hear that Wyatt? I guess we were wrong... he doesn't want sex. I'm glad we cleared that up. Thanks dad." Chris said and smiled at Wyatt.

"I didn't say that. I just said you were the ones who seem to be having issues." Leo clarified, and parked by the curb, wanting to seriously lock his sons in the car.

As soon as the car had stopped moving, both Chris and Wyatt made their ways, silently out of the car.

Leo got out of the car, and tried to smile, though he wasn't sure if her wanted to throttle his sons, or make them take back what they'd said. "Hey Cassandra."

The realtor smiled. "Glad to see you made it Mr. Wyatt." The realtor retrieved the keys from her bag and made her way to the front door. "If you are interested in large houses, then this is the one. I'm sure your sons will agree."

Chris and Wyatt were still silent as they walked behind the realtor, simply admiring and commenting to each other and sometimes the babies. After a few minutes, Wyatt was the first to speak outside the circle... "Can we have some time alone to roam the house?" He asked the realtor.

"That's fine. Take all the time you need." Cassandra smiled at the boys. "I'll just wait down hear downstairs."

"All right." Wyatt said and he and Chris made their way up the stairs... stopping in each bedroom on their way to the master bedroom, which they found was the only furnished bedroom. "Oooh wow! This is gorgeous!" Wyatt exclaimed and Chris nodded with a smile.

Leo stayed behind, having already seen the house before. "I think... this is the one."

Cassandra grinned. "That's great. Do you want me to go over the details of the house again with you and your sons?"

Leo shook his head no. "Just let me know when I can come in and sign the papers."

"I will do that." Cassandra was very pleased, thinking that it was well worth the unexpected call if she was going to sell the house.

Wyatt left Chris and the babies in the master bedroom and made his way back to Leo. "Dad... come here... you got to see this."

"All right." He quickly apologized to the realtor, and then headed up to see what was so important.

Wyatt grabbed Leo's hand and dragged him to the bedroom. "Look at that view!" He pointed the large window.

"I know... imagine fucking us up against that." Chris was again thinking out loud.

Leo rolled his eyes. "What did I tell you about that?" he looked out at the view anyway, and it was as lovely as it was the first time he'd seen it. "It's very majestic, or beautiful."

“Yeah it is!" Wyatt agreed. "This is it! This is the one.... Chris and I voted and you lost so we have to get this one." Wyatt chuckled.

Leo laughed. "I'll take your votes into account. Now let's head back downstairs, and let the lady go home since you two don't want to see any other houses." He didn't want to tell them that he'd already told the realtor, and headed for the door.

"Is he ever more excited than that?" Wyatt asked Chris.

"Not really." His brother responded. "He's very demure except in the bedroom... which he's going to have to beg for since he so kindly pointed out we're the ones always begging."

"You're bad." Wyatt pointed out with a smile as they made their way down the stairs.

Leo thanks Cassandra again, and the realtor left. As he waited for the boys to catch up, the elder just walked around the living room, getting a feel for the place.

"That fireplace is going to look gorgeous all lit up!" Chris exclaimed joyfully.

"You're so gay." Wyatt told him.

"I know." Chris smiled.

Leo heard his sons, and smiled. "Come on you guys. I bet the twins need some food and a nap." The elder checked his pockets, momentarily forgetting which one he'd put the keys in, and then headed for the door.

"We gotta get that guy to liven up." Wyatt said to Chris as they followed way behind Leo.

"Not possible... I tried... maybe a spell? Nah magic isn't the answer."

"That's right... it's not... magic is the question... yes is the answer." Wyatt said as he moved aside so Chris could walk through the front door first.

Leo opened up the doors to the jeep, and hoped the boys hurried up. It would be great if they could get the jeep home without Piper noticing, though very unlikely. He waited patiently, starting the car and sitting in it as he planned what kind of sandwich he was going to make when they got back.

Wyatt got into the car slowly and quietly as the baby in his arms had fallen asleep.

Chris sat in the front seat next to Leo and looked back at Wyatt and smiled. "Thank you so much for today Wyatt... you're being great with the babies and it doesn't go unnoticed... at least not by me."

Wyatt smiled back at his brother.

~Great. Now that they've seen the house, the cold silence is back on. Along with all the implications that everything is my fault.~ Leo started the car, and drove back home. "Thanks for coming with us Wyatt." He wasn't going to say anything else, knowing that if he said too much, then they'd just use it as another excuse for their little 'pact'.

"These boys are like the best behaved babies in the world!" Wyatt exclaimed to Chris as he looked down at his baby nephew.

"It's because they take after me... let's face it... I'm a friggin' angel!" Chris said, joking.

Leo didn't say anything and kept driving. ~Eye rolling is a no-no right now.~ The elder wondered how long they were going to act like this, and got an idea to go visit the elders. ~The other elders are angry with me....Yeah, that sounds like a much more pleasant atmosphere to be around. Now if I could only get them to drink...~

"Are you sure you have to go back today?" Chris asked, upset that Wyatt was leaving so soon... he'd never in a million years think he'd react this way to seeing his brother go.

"Yeah." Wyatt answered. "I left some loose ends on the other side, that I need to take care of... besides we're not getting any today." He threw that last bit in for Leo's sake.

"Or for a couple of weeks... well at least you have Cole..." Chris stated... again for Leo's benefit.

"Yeah I guess I can keep him around until I move here permanently, huh?"

"The hell you can." Leo said quietly, mindful of the sleeping baby. "You can play your games, fine. But that was not part of the deal. Besides... that's not fair to your brother if your getting some and he's not... right?"

Chris spoke up. "Oh I don't mind..."

"No, he's right... I'll send Cole away... doesn't matter anyway." Wyatt said to Chris. "You sure you're going to be okay though?"

"Why? Because of the not getting any? Oh please... he seems to think I'm the desperate one... I don't need it... especially not if it's gonna give him this much power."

"True." Wyatt agreed.

Leo rolled his eyes, unable to stop the action this time. "Can we please change the subject to something that won't cause the babies to have nightmares." Leo said decidedly, saying it in such a manner that they would know it wasn't a question.

"Whatever. No one was talking to you anyway." It was Chris's turn to roll his eyes. "So what do you have to do back home?"

"Kill some demons... assign someone to take charge... you know, the usual dealings of running an evil empire." Wyatt said with amusement in his voice.

Leo tightened his grip on the steering wheel. ~Evil empire, blah blah.... not talking to you.... blah blah.~ The elder turned sharply into the drive way and shut the car off. He hopped out of the car, needing to get away from the boys. Leo didn't wait and dropped the keys on the peg, ignoring the looks from the occupants of the room. He orbed upstairs, to angry to waste time by walking.

"Ooh he seems mad!" Wyatt looked in awe as Leo stormed out of the car, leaving them in it. "Is he going to be okay?"

"Just in case, I'm not going to direct a word at him..." Chris answered as he made his way of the car by orbing out and into his room.

"Guess I know what I should do..." Wyatt looked at the sleeping baby in his arms and did the same.

Leo was going through the closet, and ignored his sons. He picked up his secret favorite pants, and looked for his blue shirt. The elder grinned as he found the clothes and orbed to the bathroom, not wanting to get another earful about how he was teasing them, and changed in peace.

Chris just shook his head and smiled. "He can be an ass when he wants to be... but he's a good guy... well I'm sure you know that... bit of a drama queen though...guess that's where we get it from."

Wyatt had set the babies in their bassinets and just watched them sleep. "Yeah I guess so. Just don't fight with him so much... he's obviously easily angered as are we... apologize to him and move on. Since I got here I've seen you guys do nothing but fight and although I wasn't here before, I can bet that it wasn't like that... so please stop it or I can't be a part of this family... I want my dad happy and my brother happy." He orbed out, needing to cool down and think some things over.

Leo buttoned his shirt and combed his hair. ~Yup all I need is a little time out, and then this will be much more clearer to me.~ He opened the door to the bathroom, and walked to the bedroom. He stood in the doorway , a hand in his leather pants pocket. "I'm going out. Stay here, watch the kids. Or get Piper to do it. It doesn't matter. The potions are in my pants pocket from last night."

"Leo wait.." Chris started but decided to take it back. He figured if it was important enough for Leo to leave then he needed to go... no matter how hurt Chris was by his husband's tone. "Never mind... I... remember where I put what I was looking for."

Leo nodded and then orbed out, satisfied that his sons would be fine while he was gone. He orbed to the parking lot outside a club, planning on relaxing by the bar. He paid the cover, and walked through the club. He didn't normally go to clubs, but he wasn't feeling in a normal mood. He finally made his way through the throngs of people, and placed his order at the bar.

The bartender approached Leo, handing him his drink. "Haven't seen you around here before. Ooh... what's with the face..." Just then he spotted Leo's ring. "Ah... the wife."

"Yeah." Leo took the drink, appreciating that the bartender had gotten it somewhat quickly. "Having a fight, needed some time out of the house."

"Hey I think we've all been there once or... fifty times." The bartender grabbed some napkins and placed them by Leo. "And nothing cures it like a little time off. So... what'd she do this time?"

Leo chuckled. "She's angry at me. We're having a difficult time with her brother. He's gone... well he's in some trouble. So she made this off the wall suggestion." Leo took a gulp of his drink and signaled for another. "I, of course, said the wrong thing, and now I'm being dogged for sticking up for us."

"Ooh... family... yeah... sensitive subject indeed... specially during that time of the month... well anything's sensitive then." The bartender said with a roll of his eyes and a chuckle. "Worst part, it's not something you could fix with sex... us guys... we get into a fight... they, forgive my French... they blow us... and we're good again. Them, not so much."

Leo finished off the rest of his drink, and chuckled at the irony. "Yeah. Funny thing is, she's decided to with hold sex from me. But..." He smiled at the bartender. "She's the one who's always over me. So, it's back firing, and Chris  is even more pissed because of it."

"So you can't win with this Chris." The bartender took the empty glass from Leo. "If you want another... just ask. Anyway so let me get this straight... Miss Christina gets mad at you and punishes you by withholding the good stuff... only she wants the good stuff... so it pisses her off even more and she takes it out on you for not giving her the good stuff. My friend, you've got a high end problem... some of us wish our 'Christinas' wanted it that much."

"I think the situation calls for another drink." Leo stretched his neck muscles. "I love Chris. I just wish she hadn't put me in this situation. So, I gave in, right. Said I'd help her brother, take them both to look at the house I'm going to buy for us. Everything's fine until we get back in the car and Chris starts nit picking again. It's frustrating. if I didn't love her so damn much, I'd be at work. But then I'd really be screwed."

The bartender quickly replaced Leo's drink, bringing it to him and placing the glass on a napkin. "So this may be the simple man in me talking, but why don't you go home... fuck the shit out of her and then talk some sense into her? Maybe she doesn't realize she's this moody. Or maybe it's a fleeting thing... if she's experienced any unusual stress lately, that could be it."

"She's stressed I'm sure. We-she..." Leo drank down half his drink, needing the alcohol to say the words. "We had a miscarriage recently, and along with her brother...I'm afraid that if I do go and fuck the shit out of her," Leo frowned at the phrasing. "That Chris will think that's the only reason I'm with her. Because of the kids." The elder finished of the rest of his drink, feeling much better with them in his system. "Plus she made this bet with her brother. That'd I'd be the one to give in. But it doesn't really matter does it? If she wants me to give it to her good, then I shouldn't care about technically losing, right?"

"Hell no, man!" The bartender answered him loudly. "I think you're overanalyzing things. I could be wrong though. I'm sorry to hear about what happened recently man, but that only makes it sound like she needs you more now than ever. You probably haven't changed in your behavior towards her but in her mind, after she lost the baby, she probably sees you more distant because you don't touch her or because you don't want her as much as she wants you and THAT makes her think you only wanted the baby. All you need to do... and I know it's going to be hell and it's going to be fucking annoying... is make sure that thought doesn't cross her mind. Make her see you love her and want her and need her and that you're there... even after the loss of the baby."

"So I support her? Just do what she says even though I think it's wrong?" Leo frowned once again, and rubbed his forehead. "I need a another drink."

The bartender chuckled. "Coming right up." And just as quickly as he did before, he had Leo's drink sitting in front of him. "Be honest with her... tell her you love her and reassure her... make her feel wanted... but be honest. If you don't want to help her brother like you agreed to, then tell her. She'll love you either way."

"If I don't help him though he's going to get in trouble. There are people... his whole world is different then ours. He's like... the people look up to him like he's some kind of mobster god or something. I want to help him, I just don't want to lose Chris doing so." Leo chucked back his drink. "You're a good listener. And a good bartender."

"Years of experience man." The bartender replied with a smirk. "Again it all comes down to talking to her. Tell her what you just told me... tell her you want to help her brother but don't want to lose her in the process... let her know that losing her is not a risk you're willing to take for her brother. If she says that you'll lose her by helping him then you've got your answer... if she's going to stick it through and stick by you and her brother then we have no problem. Now... technically... I shouldn't say no to you but if you're going to do this, you need a clear head... so no more drinks for you."

Leo laughed. "You're right. I do." Leo stood up and pulled out his wallet. "Thanks again for listening." The elder pulled out enough money to cover his drinks and a tip for the bartender. "I'm going to go tell Chris now." Leo handed the money to the bartender, felling immensely better.

Chris had just finished putting away the last of the laundry. It was amazing how much he'd accomplished in such a short period of time. He'd seen Wyatt off, fed the kids and put them to sleep and folded and put away all the laundry.

Leo left the club, having to remind himself not to orb out until he was in a secluded spot. Once he found a place in the parking lot where people weren't hanging out, he orbed home. "Hello? Chris? Wyatt?" Leo had accidentally orbed himself to the bathroom, and opened the door to head to his and Chris' room.

Chris heard Leo shouting for him and answered quickly so Leo didn't wake the babies. "I'm in here, honey."

Leo smiled, but then remembered he was supposed to be serious. "Hey." He said somberly as he leaned against the doorway.

"Hey." Chris said from where he sat on the bed. "Wyatt just left... he said he'd be back tomorrow... oh and the laundry's all done and folded honey... I know you were looking that grey T shirt you like so much the other day and couldn't find it... it's 'cause it was dirty... but it's in your drawer now."

"Thanks." Leo walked into the room, momentarily checking on the boys before continuing to Chris. "You know I love you right? That I'm not with you just for babies?" Leo asked, not caring that he wouldn't ask something so blunt normally.

Chris was taken aback by the question but answered nonetheless. "Uh... yeah... at least I think so."

"’Cause I love you. I love you even though we lost the baby." Leo wrapped his arms around Chris. "I couldn't ever not love you because of something like that. We're married, and that's like the most important thing to me."

On some level, it comforted a fear that Chris didn't even know he had to hear Leo say those words. "I love you too." He smiled at Leo. "I'm not just with you because you're amazing at... the stuff."

Leo chuckled against Chris'. "We're amazing, not just me." Leo began to nuzzle his husband, running his hands over Chris' chest. "I want to help Wyatt, baby. I really do. But not if it costs me you, that's why I was so upset when you mentioned sharing me."

"Oh." Chris put his hands on Leo's arms, caressing his husband. "Baby you should have talked to me about it. Daddy, I love you and you're my husband and that's never going to change... I will always love you and you will always be my husband... you can't lose me by being the man I've always known you are... my angel... my savior. But if this isn't who you are baby and you don't want Wyatt then say so... don't let me push you into it and don't let your guilt about what may happen to him if you don't do it, push you into it either... it's got to come from you, my love, my friend, my husband, my partner... my life."

"All that matters is that he's family. And as family... we have to do everything we can to save him... to help him to become how he was supposed to be." Leo kissed Chris's neck. "I may be with him sometimes, but it'll never be like us. He's my son. You're so much more. More than he could ever be, baby." Leo slowly backed up, keeping his arms around Chris, making his way slowly to the bed.

Chris smiled at hearing just how much Leo loved him. "You're awesome, baby... he's lucky to have a father like you. Don't let me hold you back baby... because I'm not... I'm secure in our relationship and what we are to each other... sure you'll be with him and he loves you but you and I know the vows we made to each other still hold true and no matter what... we're still married... so let him get a taste of what I have... because all he gets is a taste... I get to bite."

Leo busted out laughing, and fell on the bed, having let go of Chris when he laughed. "Please don't bite. That would hurt baby." Leo stopped laughing and watched Chris from his prone position. "I love you. I only want to be with you. But if it'll help Wyatt... you know I'll do it, but it's not what I want most. Who I want most."

Chris made his way to the bed with a smile. He crawled on the bed and straddled Leo's hips. "I know baby... but I also know how good it feels to have the prodigal son back... to keep him safe. That's a feeling every father's entitled to. To you it's just helping your son... to him, it means his father loves him and he's part of a family... he's very much in need of that feeling and he doesn't even  know it." Chris rubbed his ass slightly back and forth on Leo's crotch.

"I just want you guys to be happy. He needs to be with his family." Leo licked his lips and moved his hands to Chris' hips. "He's so... I know anyone would be different then their younger self. But he's a complete different person. Like-"  The elder ran his hands up and down his husband's thighs. "Like he just switches his emotions off."

"He's never had anyone to show them to... which is where you come in now... this connection he's going to feel is going to be the trigger... he's going to feel close to you... love you and care for you... and won't be afraid to show it because you show it to him every time you push into him..." Chris leaned over and sucked on Leo's ear for a bit as he rubbed himself on Leo's crotch some more.  

"I'm going to be a tired elder aren't I?" Leo grinned and let his hands slip to Chris' back. "It'll be worth it though. Keep you happy, make everything right...." Leo pulled Chris' shirt up some. "Want a sneak preview?"

"Always." He whispered softly into Leo's ear. "You won't be that tired, baby... if anyone can handle it, it’s you... my big strong husband."

Leo chuckled and pulled Chris' shirt off. "Yours." He said, thinking the words silly, but fitting. "From elder to man with the large cock, that's an interesting job change." Leo joked as he held Chris and rolled them over.

"Man with a huge cock, baby." Chris corrected with a smile. "It's a big step up, if you ask me, daddy."

Leo laughed and kissed Chris' neck. "Man with the best husband every. That's the perfect one. Yeah?" The elder rubbed his leather-covered crotch against Chris. "The only job I want."

"Hell yeah it's the best job... and it involves that huge cock I happen to be so in love with, baby." Chris kissed Leo's lips lightly, gradually deepening their kiss to a passionate exchange before breaking away for air.

"In love with my cock?" Leo grinned, and hastily unbuttoned his shirt. "What about my caring and sensitive nature?" He pouted and pulled his shirt off, eager to be with his husband.

Chris took advantage of the newly exposed hard muscles of his father's chest and he licked his way from Leo's chest up to his lips. "I love everything about you, daddy... everything." He moved down and sucked on one of Leo's nipples for effect.

"I can see that." Leo ran a hand through Chris' hair. "Just like I love everything about you." The elder wanted to get his pants off, but didn't want to push his husband away. "Baby, I'm never going to be able to get these pants off if you make me cum in them." Leo teased his husband, smirking as he looked at Chris' fussed up hair.

"Oh no..." Chris stopped sucking and kissing Leo's chest and smiled at his husband. "We can't have that, daddy." Chris stood up from the bed and began undoing his own pants. "Because I have something much better that my daddy's huge cock can cum in." He said and lowered his pants to his ankles and quickly kicked them aside.

"I think I'm going to like this idea very much. " Leo got up and tried to get out of his pants, cursing himself for picking the leather pants. Finally, Leo shoved the pants down, kicking them from his feet in his haste. He watched Chris strip, and his smile grew.

To be continued...

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