Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
(other characters: Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Wyatt, Cole, Penny, Patty)
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true. These are  fictional characters.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause. You never cease to amaze me... keep smiling, gorgeous.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


"Mr. Wyatt... I am liking what I see... a lot." Chris chuckled and moved towards his husband, immediately wrapping his hand around Leo's huge cock as he sucked on Leo's neck.

"Mr. Wyatt is definitely liking what he's feeling." Leo ran his hands up and down Chris' chest, taking in the contours, the dips and just barely resisting the urge to tickle his husband.  "I think the bed would work better. What kind of bed should we get for our house when we get it?"

Chris stopped stroking Leo's cock and brought his own hand to his mouth to suck away all the pre-cum. "Mm... tasty... but I had to stop stroking,  daddy... want you to last inside me..." Chris said and bit his lower lip. "Bed... hmm... definitely has to be resistant... durable... to keep up with us... something high... I like high beds."

"That would be good." Leo pushed Chris onto the bed and crawled over. "And then we can listen to Wyatt bitch when he has trouble getting out of bed." Leo laughed to himself and started kissing Chris' neck, his hands working down his husband's waist.

"He's going to have trouble no matter what... someone's huge cock is going to make sure he doesn't walk right." Chris laughed lightly and wrapped his hands around Leo.

"Only if he wants me to be like that." Leo joked back, pushing his hips towards Chris' hands. "What does Christopher want? How should I act tonight? Suave and debonair? Or should I slowly make love to you, telling you how much I love you?"

"Mmm... I'd love it if you made love to me baby... slowly... so I can tell you how much I love you and love it..." Chris said in whispers and moans. "But when the time feels right, daddy... fuck the shit out of me."

Leo smiled and kissed Chris softly on the lips. His hands roamed over Chris' skin. He pulled back from the kiss. "I can do that." Leo kissed Chris' neck and jaw as he gently moved in between Chris' legs. "Slow and gentle I promise, baby."

Chris brought his legs up and wrapped them around Leo. "I love you so much, daddy... I feel empty when you're not inside me... I need you in me... always."

"Don't feel empty, baby. You're supposed to hold onto our love, or me." Leo grinned and kissed Chris again lazily as he reached between them, wanting to make his husband feel whole. Leo rubbed the head of his cock against Chris' opening and pulled back from their kiss. "I'll always hold you." The elder slowly pushed into his son, remembering his promise.

"Oh god yes!" Chris hissed and instinctively wrapped his legs tighter around Leo, pushing him further inside. "I love you... I love you... I love you... I love you... I love you... I love you... " Chris kept whispering over and over again, delirious with pleasure.

"I love you too, baby." Leo gently rocked in and out of his lover. "I love you. Your courage...your strength." Leo kissed Chris softly, not able to resist his husband's lips anymore.

Chris moaned into their sensuous kiss with every thrust into his body. His eyes had closed long ago... at the first sign of Leo's penetration and what had taken over was his mind's eye, fed by the heightened sensations... the stretching of his hole... the full feeling of his insides... the warm body on his... it was all driving him wild.

Leo smiled into their kiss. ~I did not give that bartender a big enough tip.~ The elder moved his hands to Chris' arms, and stroked the slender muscles. Leo pulled back from the kiss and told Chris that he loved him

Chris lightly bit Leo's ear and moaned. His lips curled into a smile as he heard his husband confess his love and as a response to Leo, he squeezed his muscles around Leo's cock even tighter.

Leo groaned, fighting the intense feeling telling him to go faster. "I want you to be safe always. I'd never do anything I thought would hurt you." Leo worked his cock slowly in and out of Chris, needing to be with his son completely.

Chris grabbed onto Leo's arms for support as his back arched and his body ached with delicious ecstasy and delirious pleasure. Whatever Leo had done when he left the house earlier, Chris didn't care; he was just thankful that his husband was back... and inside him. He never let it be vocalized but since the miscarriage, every time Leo would reject his advancements, it made him feel awful... rejected... unwanted and unattractive.

"Baby, you're making it so hard..." Leo kissed all over Chris' neck, trying to spend some of his passion in kisses. "I just want to love you...hard and fast, just let my desire override my senses."

"I told you, daddy... when it feels right... fuck the shit out of me..." Chris groaned loudly, not caring if anyone else in the house heard him. They should know better than to stick around when he and Leo are in their room alone. "So come on big boy... fuck me."

"Are you sure?" Leo asked, a little bit scared of hurting Chris after miscarrying the baby. "I don't want you to hurt." Leo said and kissed his husband's forehead.

"I can... oh yeah... take it, daddy." Chris smirked and raised an eyebrow seductively. "I want to take it, daddy."

Leo smiled, reassured by Chris' antics. "I love you." He whispered and thrust into his husband hard. Leo slowly pulled out, and pushed his cock into Chris harder, the force building up with each push of Leo's hips.

"There we go." Chris let out after a gasp. "Feel better, daddy?"

"Yeah." Leo said huskily, as his mind caught up with his body. "I need you so badly, baby." The elder moved without fear, fucking his husband in a more confident manner.

"Then never leave me without it for so long, baby." If there was ever any time to sell that point, this had to be the best one, Chris figured.

"Not on purpose, Christopher." Leo grinned and nuzzled his husband's neck, losing himself in their lovemaking. His mind was filled with thoughts of Chris, and how good they were together.

"Mmm hmm... I'm going to love christening the new house." Chris pictured in his mind just how it would go... fucking in every room.

"That can all wait until the second day, right?" Leo asked, remembering the remark about Chris sucking him all day. The thought turned Leo on, a place of their own, being able to do whatever they wanted, wherever they wanted... Leo thrust into Chris harder, getting caught up in the feelings coursing through him.

"Oh that's going to HAVE to wait... there's a promise between us... mmm..." Chris moaned out Leo's name repeatedly as his body reacted to the delicious assault. "Oh yes... someone's going to sit... on the couch... watch baseball... while someone else... sucks him... all... day... long."

"Oh man," Leo groaned. "Baseball, it's been so long since I've gotten to watch baseball." The elder licked along Chris' neck, the softly kissed him. "I love you, baseball rocks." The elder stopped holding back and thrust as hard as he could into Chris, remembering how good it'd felt at the club.

Chris was happy and loved to see this side come out in Leo... the side where he was just a man... a husband...a lover... his man, his husband, his lover. He wanted Leo to let loose more often... allow himself some of life's pleasures but he seldom did. "Mmm daddy you feel so good."

"So do you baby." Leo moaned, and held onto his husband's shoulders. "So hot and tight, you really never do want me to leave...do you?"

"I can't believe you doubted that." Chris gasped in surprise as Leo's thrusts got even deeper... it was no easy task taking all of this man but Chris loved the challenge. "All of it... mmm... I love it all in me and always want it there."

"I always give it to you...all of it." Leo moaned as he tried to hold back from cumming. "Only you... your the perfect fit, baby."

"You're the perfect lover, daddy." Chris kissed Leo's lips gingerly. "I want us to always be like this... the best of partners, the best of friends... the best of parents... and the hottest of lovers."

"I promise." Leo called out, and shoved his cock as far into Chris as he could. "Always." The elder said through clenched teeth as he came, his seed erupting from his cock and filling Chris.

Chris growled loudly as the sensations of Leo's hot seed coating his insides triggered his own orgasm. "Fuck! Oh god yes... daddy... I love you so much!"

"Love you too." Leo whispered, his hips straining to push all of his cock into Chris, though it was already. "Love you Christopher."

"Love you... always..." Chris smiled, content and glowing. "I love having you inside me... you bastard, don't ever take it away from me." He chuckled lightly and noticed the room a little darker and noticed the sun setting outside through their window. "Oh my... how long have we been..."

Leo smiled and relaxed on top of Chris. "I don't know. Does it matter?" The elder asked before he kissed Chris' shoulder.

"Hell no... as matter of fact it's a good thing because if we had to go downstairs I bet Piper and Paige would kick us the hell out of the house for being so horny all the time. Well me at least... you... well you never want to touch me." Chris said in mock hurt and faked tears. "I am a drama queen!"

Leo laughed and kissed Chris softly. "I always want you. I just hide it better. When we were driving to the first house, all I wanted to do was pull over and fuck you."

"Here's a tip... don't... hide it that is... makes me feel good and like I'm not the only one crazy about my husband."

"I won't. I just feel... like we can't be like that here." Leo answered honestly. "I promise I'll bend you over the nearest piece of furniture whenever I feel the need to be in you." The elder half joked.

"Don't make promises you don't intend to keep." Chris said and winked. "You think Wyatt's doing okay? I'm sorry I can't help but worry a little... he went back a little softer... what if the demons take advantage of that.... no don't listen to me... I just worry too much."

"He'll be fine. He's been on his own for years, he's only goign to be gone a day." Leo said, trying to reassure his husband. "He'll come back and then we can work on our family, okay?"

"Yes... I know... I'm just silly... you're right... I bet he even listened to you and sent Cole back right away... yep... I bet he didn't even have sex with him one last time."

Leo clenched his teeth together, reminded about Cole again. "Little brat. He set me up to walk in on them. I wanted to beat the shit out of them, but I was so disappointed."

"He... did ... what?" Chris managed to utter between laughs.

"I thought he was in trouble. So I went back to the future, only he was getting fucked by Cole." Leo pulled away from Chris, angry and hurt by the memory. "He didn't even wait a day. He just went and..." Leo stopped talking and sat up.

"Oh daddy I'm sorry... sounds like the little fucker was looking for attention... what an awful and hot way to get it." Chris chuckled but stopped abruptly. "Sorry, daddy. Bad joke."

"It's okay." Leo sighed and laid back down next to Chris. "I just... I guess I thought he would at least try to find someone not evil. But, that's not a problem now, is it?"

"No it's not... I think he knew it'd get you to do it... why else would he choose Cole... not just any demon... but a demon you knew... a demon who was your friend."

Leo put an arm around Chris, needing the reassuring form close to his. "I don't care. That asshole just better be gone." Leo stared at the ceiling. "I told that realtor we wanted the house, she's getting the papers ready for me to sign tomorrow."

Chris's eyes grew wide and a huge smile crept onto his face. "Really baby? Oh my god!" He hugged Leo really close and kissed him repeatedly. "You're the best... the absolute best!"

Leo's mood was instantly better from Chris' own exuberance. "I liked it, and you guys loved it. Why wouldn't I have picked it? Plus we don't have to worry about where we're going to put the kids."

When Wyatt stepped into that portal, he'd never expected what he found at home. He'd arrived in the attic with a very angry Dark Leo waiting for him... Cole was gone... which he was quickly informed, it was Dark Leo's doing. Wyatt was confused as to Wyatt but he wasn't confused for long... his father informed him that Cole had served his purpose... the Cole had told him he was pregnant... with Leo's baby nonetheless... and that's when Dark Leo's fury took over and how now... hours later... Wyatt found himself in some unknown realm where his powers didn't work. "Dad... dad why are you doing this?"

"I'm doing this for your own good. Before you know it that bitch that sired you is going to want you to play house, and time share that god damned kid with him!" Dark Leo was furious. One time with that damned wimp and Wyatt was pregnant. It made him beyond angry and made him feel insecure. "That stupid bitch is going to try and get you to be a part of his family. But you're my son."

"Dad..." There was nothing Wyatt could say to ease Dark Leo's anger and fury so he opted to not bring up Leo or the unborn child. "Why are we here?"

"To make things right." Dark Leo answered, and walked over to the one chair in the place he'd brought Wyatt to. He sat down, trying to reign in his temper. "You can't be around them. They'll make you try to feel, tell you it's normal. But it's not. Nothing about this situation is right. I'm going to fix it." Dark Leo knew the demons were waiting for his word, but he wanted to make sure that Wyatt wasn't falling under Leo's spell or that wuss that was his brother.

"But you feel things for me... right?" ~Dad... Chris... if you can hear me... please come find me... ah who the hell am I kidding... I'm in the spirit realm in the future... I'm fucked... and not the kind that got me pregnant.~

"That's not how it is. It's how it's supposed to be. You and I... we're not matched for anyone else. We're too hard, too exposed, not that we show it, no one else could understand us. They can't love us. They'll never understand our powers, or how we choose to use them." Dark Leo got up and kneeled before Wyatt. "They could never get you. They'll try to change you, make you weak. Make you live a lie. You and I aren't meant for the world they'll make you to conform to."

"I know... I know..." Wyatt knew by now that showing an exposed nerve or some kind of emotion was not the way to go with Dark Leo... neither was disagreeing with him. "So why am I here? I'm not going back to them... we hate them..." ~Please don't hurt my child... please please please!~

"Because you lied to me." Dark Leo said, the lie falling easily from his lips. "You said I'd only have to leave for a little while. I get back and you've got some fucking demon running around the house." Dark Leo reached out to touch Wyatt's face, but stopped the action as he realized what he was doing. He stood up and walked away a few feet. "Then he tells me your pregnant with that pussy's child! And that you went back with him, I was-" Dark Leo couldn't speak he was so angry as he thought about Wyatt willingly leaving to go with his lighter half. "I just don't want them to force you into a life you don't want."

"Cole lied!" Wyatt said desperately. "I did not go with him! He pushed me through... why would I go with him... you have a much hotter cock, daddy... come on!"

"We have the same body!" Dark Leo shouted, once again reminded of the fact that despite his efforts he and Wyatt hadn't been able to produce a child. "Fine, so he pushed you into the portal, all the more reason to stay away from him. He's getting uppity and wants to force their life on you. That fucking bastard after I helped him get together with that bitch!" Dark Leo turned around and throwing lightning bolts at the wall, and watching as parts of it blew up.

~How the hell am I going to get out of this?~ "I have no intention of ever going near that man again, dad... I swear... but you can't keep me in this realm forever... this is no place for us to live... besides... we can raises the bitch's child as our own... bring him to evil... show him the dark side of the world... a world we control." Wyatt didn't put the passion he had before into those words... it didn't come to him... he didn't know what was going on but it even bothered him to call Leo "bitch."

"We're not going to be here forever. I don't plan on making you stay here," Dark Leo knew Wyatt was lying, and felt something he couldn't describe. "I- I won't let you be taken away from me by him." Leo yelled out, letting the demons know now was the time to come in.

Wyatt watched as a swarm of demons shimmered in. He didn't fear for his own life but for the life of his child. "Dad... what's going on?" Tears began to form behind Wyatt's eyes but he fought them back as best he could, along with the images of him losing his baby.

"I can't let you have any ties to him." Dark Leo yelled, but realized he shouldn't get upset in front of the demons. "You'd be forever under his thumb, having to be how that punk wanted you to act. To be something you can never," Dark Leo looked at Wyatt. "Ever be." The dark lighter wanted to stop the demons, but knew he shouldn't, that Wyatt would leave him if he did. "I'm sorry." Dark Leo turned around, not sure if he could watch what was going to happen.

To be continued...

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