Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel ( kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true; at least not to my knowledge. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


Leo held Chris around his hips, and waited till the boy was settled over him. He wanted to tell Chris to say anything should he not feel comfortable, but knew that it would wreck the image he had going. "Whenever you...."  He moved a hand off Chris and held shaft still against his son's lubed opening so Chris could move down it.

~Go cream puffy Leo! ~ Dark Leo knew that this had to be hard for the good natured poof.

Chris took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he slowly began to sink down on his father's huge erection. He bit his bottom lip to conceal any sound from escaping as he let Leo's large cock sink inch by inch inside his small hole. He finally had his father fully inside him and fell forward, onto Leo's chest, breathing heavily and forcing his body to adjust quickly to the delicious intrusion.

Leo held Chris close, stroking his back. "You feel so good baby." The elder said to soothe his son. He stayed still, luxuriating in the fact that Chris felt so tight around him. Leo waited for a minute and cautiously pushed up with his hips.

Chris instinctively gasped at the sensation but felt himself open quickly and adjust as his muscles began to relax and clench around his father's monster cockl. "Oh yes daddy..." He moaned. "So good... so big."

Leo sighed when he heard the rest of Chris's words. He wanted to be good to his son, but that had felt wonderful. He repeated the movement slowly this time not stopping, softly thrusting into his son's tight ass.

"Damn." Dark Leo said appreciatively.  "So are you two off limits? Or can I kiss you guys?"

Leo ignored his dark twin, and continued to move in his son.

Chris remained with his eyes closed and still leaning over his father but he somehow found his way to Leo's lips, immediately locking in a feverish kiss. He moved himself up and down slightly on the large shaft but leaving most of the motions to his father's powerful body. His moans could be heard along with the smacking of their lips together... his hands in Leo's hair, messing with it lovingly.

Leo kissed his son passionately. Chris's lips, face, chin; whatever his mouth was closest to if he drifted away from Chris's lips. Leo moaned into Chris's mouth as the young man started moving against him. ~Feels so good. So tight, and right. Its official, I've lost it. He's making me rhyme. ~

Dark Leo sat back and decided to watch the show. "Guess that's a no to me joining in."

Chris' movements never faltered as his hands explored any part of Leo they could land on and his lips tasted the pure sex seeping from his father's sexy body. He was hungry... hungry for Leo... for more... for his kisses... his caress... his cock... his arms... his legs... his body. He couldn't get enough... it's like he wanted to meld with his father and become one.

Leo pushed his hips easily in the rhythm they had established. The elder bit Chris's lip and kissed it before pulling back to look into his son's eyes. ~Stormy. Stormy sexy eyes. ~ Leo watched Chris's face as he thrust up harder.

Chris' eyes locked with Leo's as all their communication became no verbal at that point. Except for the moans, the skin slapping, nothing was heard. Chris mouthed 'I love you' to Leo as he bounced eagerly on his fat dick and their eyes remained locked.

~He said he loved me. ~ Leo couldn't help it and smiled at Chris briefly. ~I can't believe it, he’s said it so much today. ~ The elder thrust into Chris and mouthed the words back. ~Need to be with him, in him~ Leo moved a hand down to Chris's shaft and stroked it up and down. He kissed Chris's chest quickly needing to taste his son.

Chris' muscles subconsciously locked and clenched incredibly tight around Leo's thick prick like a vice, sucking it in deeper within him when he felt Leo's hand on him and his lips on his chest.

Dark Leo smirked and wondered how long they would screw for before realizing Leo was still wearing the cock ring. ~I should be nice and tell them...nah. ~

"Oh fuck, baby!" Leo called out bucking harder up into Chris. Leo made sure to keep on stroking Chris, wanting his son to feel good also.

"Well, it would be a quicker fuck, if you took the cock ring off. ~ Dark Leo pointed out, figuring that it might earn him some points. "And Junior seems awful intent on having it shot in him...”

Chris smirked. "How'd ya guess?" He asked as he bounced faster, harder, deeper... yearning for more of his father in him... including his cum.

Leo's brain belatedly realized what his dark twin had said. ~Damn him, he's making sense again. ~ Leo stopped thrusting, and put his arms around Chris. "Stop." Leo looked Chris in the eyes. "I promise I'm not ending this."

"Damn." Chris muttered and stopped bouncing on his father's cock. "Yeah I'm addicted... get over it." He shot over at Dark Leo.

Dark Leo pinched his thigh, so he wouldn't say anything back at the boy.

Leo reached down to his cock and messed with the ring until he got it off. "Baby, get up." The elder kissed Chris's lips up to his ear. "I want to try it differently." He whispered huskily in his son's ear.

Chris got up and his face lit up with a beaming smile at his father's words. He knew that for himself this was a dream come true, literally and Leo had been more than he'd ever dreamed of. His dad was attentive and sweet and fucking gorgeous with a perfect cock... but Chris also wanted Leo to enjoy himself... he glad to see that he was... that he was pleasing his father.

Leo felt his heart tighten at seeing Chris smile so brightly. "You are so beautiful son." Leo stood up and kissed Chris’s lips with a quiet passion, breaking off the kiss when he started to get too caught up. "You." He pointed to his dark twin. "You get up off the couch."

Dark Leo sighed, and got up off the couch. "Now what?"

"Stay there." Leo said, wanting to get back inside his son. He turned back to Chris. "Lay down on your back." Leo knocked the stuff of the couch cushion fro Chris, and winked at him.

Chris quickly and eagerly obeyed and lay down on the couch on his back, his legs instinctively pulling up and spreading wide. "No comments from you, dark one!"

Dark Leo held his hands up in the universal sign of surrender. ~Like I'm really going to make some comment when I haven't gotten to fuck either of them. ~

"My baby boy knows exactly how daddy wants him." Leo was pleased Chris had taken some initiative. He kneeled down on the couch, scooting in-between Chris's legs. "You've made me proud so far today." Leo felt his shaft press against Chris's backside, and moaned. 

Chris smiled. "Thank you, daddy!" He was immensely pleased to hear Leo was not only happy with him but proud... certainly not something he'd heard often growing up.

Leo smiled and held his shaft still so he could push into his son again. "I love you." Leo said softly, as he pushed the head of his shaft into Chris. He watched his son's face, loving the looks that came across his face.

Chris bit his bottom lip, moaned then smiled when he felt his hole stretch to fit his father's cock again. He'd been molded to fit Leo’s shaft and being filled by him made him whole.

"That's my boy." It was phrase he used when Wyatt did something good, but Chris was quickly beginning to make the words have a different meaning. Leo pushed all of himself in and held himself still; remembering Chris had needed time before. ~Yeah, that's my baby. With his tight ass, and adorable face...~

Chris quickly grabbed Leo and brought him down on top of him so their lips met hungrily as his father filled him again. "I love you daddy... with your big cock and your strong arms and... oooh.... YES!" Chris moaned loudly.

Leo laid his arms on either side of Chris, and moved slowly in and out. ~Where did he learn to talk like that? It's no fair makes me want to fuck him harder. ~ Leo kissed Chris deeply, mirroring his tongue with his lower body movements.

Dark Leo grinned and sat down on the arm of the couch. ~Well, if I can't join them...~

Chris' hands moved to Leo's arms and he ran his hands up and down the muscular extremities... caressing his forearms and biceps gently as he readily received his father full force. "You feel so good inside me daddy... so big... stretching my little hole... making me yours... mmmm."

~His cheating, the little guy probably knows...~ Leo sped up his thrusts, his son's words getting to him. "Yeah, I'm your daddy." Leo kissed at Chris's cheek as he passed it.  "And you're mine, no matter what." The elder promised, fucking Chris harder.

Chris' moans became more frequent and louder with the escalating pleasure within him. "I'm so yours daddy! So yours... take me... oh fuck me yes daddy... so fucking good and so big!"

Leo groaned, fucking Chris hard. "And you...so tight....best."

~Go me! Fuck that bratty mouthed kid. ~ Dark Leo watched the two, not sure he had ever seen a prettier sight.

 "Chris." Leo said as he pumped into this son, the pleasure extreme. "Yeah Chris, you like being with your daddy don't you." Leo felt his balls tighten and fucked Chris harder. "You know you want one last thing, ask me for it."

"Do it daddy... please..." Chris begged. "Cum inside me... deep inside me. Let that fuck tool shoot inside my tight little ass."

The words were too much and he thrust into Chris as deep as he could. Leo groaned and came inside his son, jerking his hips as he shot his load in Chris's tight ass. Leo held himself up for a few seconds, but ended up lying completely on Chris.

"We have such a nice ass." Dark Leo commented.

Chris moaned as he felt the warm liquid coat his sensitive insides and wrapped his arms around his father, kissing his cheek repeatedly. "Don't pull out daddy... I don't want to feel empty."

"You don't ask for much do you?" Dark Leo said, wanting the touching scene to be over.

Leo turned his head and kissed Chris's lips softly. "I won't." It was the least the boy deserved after everything. The elder stayed still except for the occasional kiss to Chris's chest, not wanting to move. "But I am going to take care of you at some point, so it will have to come out." Leo said trying to joke.


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