Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel (kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
(other characters: Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Wyatt, Cole, Penny, Patty)
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true. These are  fictional characters.
I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.
By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite people, Brian Krause. You never cease to amaze me... keep smiling, gorgeous.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


“No dad... please no... no no... please... I'm begging you!" Wyatt was hysterical... even with his sobs. He knew this showed Dark Leo just what he'd feared... that Wyatt felt something... but he couldn't help it. He did. He felt attached to this baby and to his father. "Please... I'm begging you... they'll kill me daddy." He was kicking and punching as best he could but there were too many of them... he was easily overwhelmed.

Dark Leo shut his eyes, and tried to control his voice. "No they won't." He turned back around and stared heatedly at the demons. "They won't kill you, because if they do they know I will go after everyone they fucking know! And then I'm going to make them watch as I kill their brethren." Dark Leo closed his eyes, having accidentally seen Wyatt. "You will not kill him!"

Wyatt couldn't fight anymore... he grew weaker every time he threw a punch or kicked. "Stop it! Stop it you fucking bastards... pieces of shit... I will destroy all of you... ALL OF YOU for doing this to me." And that was the last he remembered before the darkness closed around his eyes.

"I'm telling you, something isn't right..." Chris said as he paced the attic from the future manor. "This isn't Wyatt-like behavior... he doesn't just disappear... and yes I'm sure the potion got him here safely. Where the hell is he? See I told you something was wrong... we shouldn't have let him go... he's weaker now... unfortunately allowing emotions in makes him weaker until he can control them."

He has to be around here somewhere." Leo said reassuringly. "Maybe he just wanted to get away from this place. Neither of you like it." The elder pointed out, not wanting to over react.

"Dad... humor me... just... try to sense him." Chris said, finally stopping to look at Leo.

"Okay." Leo closed his eyes and stopped focusing on his surroundings. Instead, the elder followed his love for Wyatt, trying to feel where his eldest son was. After a minute Leo stopped and opened his eyes. "He's not here. I can't feel him at all."

"Shit!" Chris freaked. "I knew it. I fucking knew it! So... what can this mean..." Chris started his verbal brainstorming... the best way he knew how to deal with things and figure things out. "So you can't sense him... the obvious thing is that he isn't in this world if you can't sense him... so he must be in another realm or in the underworld... we can orb to the underworld and try to sense him there... or we can start searching realms... your choice ... although I guess we can narrow it down to just realms that Wyatt wouldn't be able to use his powers... because if he had his powers he could escape whatever put him there... right?"

"Right." Leo said slowly, his brain trying to catch up with everything Chris had said. "How do we know he didn't go somewhere he wanted to be?" The elder didn't believe it as he said it, but he didn't want to think about the other possibilities.

"Leo! This is your son! Sure that's a possibility but is it a risk you really want to be taking... especially with him pregnant?" Chris was visibly upset.

"No. Of course not." Leo pulled Chris into a hug. "We'll find him. Okay? Whatever, or whomever took him, we'll bring him back."

"All right." Chris took a deep breath and let it out. "We can split up... you can search realms and I can do the underworld. No wait... bad idea... you have no firepower since they made you a white lighter again. Crap."

"Let's just stick together. I don't want you to get captured by any of these people or whomever took Wyatt. We didn't feel him leave, so I wouldn't feel you being gone." Leo kissed Chris' nose, and squeezed him briefly one last time before letting go.

"Why would I be the one to get captured? I'm strong!" Chris thought about it for a second. "Yeah we'd better stick together. No sense tempting fate... so okay... what do we do first?"

"Check the underworld, I think." Leo said, thinking about Chris' suggestions. "He has to go there sometimes right? So we should start there just in case we're over reacting."
"Okay... you lead the way old man." Chris laughed. "I'm sorry... I mean… you lead the way young, sexy, dashing, handsome, strong man."

Leo rolled his eyes, though he wasn't upset. "Yes, yes. We know who's got it going on in this relationship." The white lighter grinned, and orbed to the underworld, leaving Chris to follow.

"Ugh... I hate when he does that. I can never hitch a ride and then I end up orbing like a mile away from him and all the walking and the... ugh... I'm tired just talking about it. Why am I talking to myself? My mom's right... we all need a shrink." Chris looked around the attic one last time and orbed down to the underworld.

Leo waited for Chris, but looked around. He didn't like being in the underworld, too may demons knew who he was, but he was down here looking for his eldest soon. Truthfully, Leo hoped that he and Chris would find Wyatt down in the underworld. He wasn't sure that he liked the implications if they didn't. 

Just as Chris suspected, he didn't orb to where Leo was and now he found himself wandering around in the underworld for minutes. "Oh there you are!" Chris finally spotted Leo. "I hate when you leave me behind like that... you should let me hitch a ride on your orbs... they're pretty."

"You told me to go first." Leo defended himself, and reached out, holding Chris' hand as a way to say he was sorry. "Any ideas where we should start down here?"

"Well I am little familiar with the underworld... don't ask. Wyatt and his minions gather at a spot they called 'the pit'... mainly because there was a bottomless pit nearby. That's not far from here actually... I can get us there. If he indeed came down here to meet with them, he'd be there... so come on." Chris squeezed Leo's hand tighter and orbed them to the spot he'd mentioned, only to find it deserted. "Okay... not here... oooh but there's the pit I was talking about, daddy."

"Who goes there?" A demon resembling a blind human emerged from the shadows.

"Oh... Lark. It's Chris." Chris said to the blind demon. He recognized him from just brief encounters with Wyatt and his clan.

"Master Chris... ah yes... I can see your soul now... who is that with you? I see a lot of light." The demon said.

"I'm Leo Wyatt." The white lighter introduced himself. "Listen, have you seen Wyatt today? He was supposed to meet us, but he hasn't."

"No I'm afraid Master Wyatt has not been around here lately... as a matter of fact, that's got some of the guys riled up. It's not like Master Wyatt to just leave us hanging." The demon informed the strange man. "Leo Wyatt? As in... Master Wyatt's father?"

"Yeah." Chris answered quickly. "Listen, we need to find him... it's important."

"You won't find him here... he hasn't been down here, Master Chris... however I did hear of a group of swarm demons surfacing today... a large group... they wouldn't do that unless instructed to by Master Wyatt or..." The demon trailed off and didn't finish his sentence. It confused him to hear the name Leo Wyatt... because the Leo Wyatt he knew was their master along with Wyatt... but he could recognize Master Leo's soul... and this man's wasn't it.

"Where did they go?" Leo asked, hoping that the demon might give them a clue. He didn't want to be down in the underworld anymore, and this demon wasn't helping that feeling any. "Who's the other person? We need to get to them quickly."

"I think you should ask your husband for that information." The demon smirked in Leo's direction.

"How did you..." Chris didn't even finish his question and the demon was answering.

"Your souls are united... I can see it. Excuse me, Master Chris... I have things to attend to." The demon said and disappeared into the shadows.

"That's just great!" Leo kicked at the floor. "Couldn't you have stopped him? He didn't tell us anything!"

"Yes he did..." Chris grabbed Leo's arm. "I know who took Wyatt... you know him too..."

"Then let's go." Leo had no idea who they were talking about, and just wanted to find Wyatt.

"Hold on there, cowboy... oooh cowboy! We definitely have to play that! You'd look so hot as a cowboy and I've always had a cowboy fantasy..." Chris saw the glare he was getting from his husband and stopped. "Right… not the time... I know who did it but I don't know where they are... it's you... well the you from the mirror world."

"Damn it!" Leo sighed and glared at the space the demon had been standing in. "How the hell are we going to find them then? It's not like we can just go searching realm to realm."

"Calm down, dad." Chris grabbed his husband's other arm and orbed them back to the attic in the manor. "There are only a couple of realms in which you can't use your powers... but the only one you know about is the spirit realm... because you've been there... which means it's the only one your twin knows about because he's been there too... if the whole cosmic balance thing is still working, I mean."

"He took Wyatt to that realm?!" Leo shouted, getting angry with the dark lighter who had his face. "Geez, What's the matter with that guy?"

"Mmm... just a wild guess here but maybe he's angry... maybe he found out what Wyatt's been up to... maybe he found out Wyatt is pregnant." Chris knew he couldn't be making much sense to his father. "Okay... Wyatt and he were kind of... in love... as much in love as evil people can be in... before you came along of course... and I'm thinking he wouldn't be too pleased to hear his 'property' has been fucked by you."

"What! They're together?!" Leo walked over to the couch and sat down, his brain blanking at all the information. "He- that- They were in love? How? And what, so he's mad that- that Wyatt's pregnant? Wouldn't that be something that would make him want to get rid of Wy-" Leo stopped and stood up. "We have to find him."

"Let's go to our best bet then... the spirit realm... do you remember how the girls opened a portal to the spirit realm?" Chris asked. "Daddy I know this is a lot to take in... but it explains some stuff... like why he's so into you.. because in a way he's always been into you... or someone like you."

"Let's just- not talk about that part right now." Leo said quickly, trying to put the whole situation behind him.

"Sorry." Chris quickly apologized. Leo didn't need that right now plus this is a conversation his father and his brother needed to have alone... it didn't concern him. He made a mental note to make the two talk about this as soon as Wyatt was found.

"Let's just do the spell." Leo said quietly and started to look around the room for the one ingredient they needed.

"All right..." Chris began sifting through the book of shadows for the spell even though he didn't know which spell Leo was talking about... ~Ooh maybe the one that reads 'To Open The Door To The Spirit Realm'... I could have sworn that wasn't there before.~ "Dad, I have incantation... all we need now is a feather light on fire... says so here."

"Looking for it now." Leo said distractedly as he searched around the attic. "Jesus, does he ever keep anything straight?" Leo muttered and opened up a box.

"You can yell at him for it later... let's save him first." Chris said, still reading the book. ~Okay... spell memorized. Check.~

"There's definitely going to be many discussions once we get him back." Leo shoved the box away from him, and started sifting through another, and grinned. "Got it." He took the feather and walked over to Chris.

"All right... here goes... once we open the door, it says it will take us to whom we seek... must be from that time you and mom were trapped there... anyway, the door remains open until the one who crossed through it, crosses back... hold on." Chris held Leo's hand tightly in his. "Hear these words; hear my cry... power from the other side. To you, we come. Open the door and allow us into the spirit world."

A black mist shimmer in the rough appearance of a door, and then it went clear and Leo looked at Chris. "Come on." Leo took a deep breath, pushing away the thoughts about how he didn't have any powers, and was basically just a target if his dark half decided so.

"Wait wait wait..." Chris ran quickly over to the potion shelf and grabbed a few labeled "explosive." He returned to Leo and smiled. "Insurance, you know. Let's go."

Leo nodded and smiled at his husband. "Thanks." The white lighter took Chris' hand and stepped forward into the doorway, hoping they would find Wyatt this time.

As soon as they stepped through the door, they were at the attic though it looked empty, deserted and cold. Chris didn't have to look hard for Wyatt though... heard noises coming from downstairs. "Hurry dad... I bet that's them." Chris rushed down the stairs, taking one potion and leaving the rest with Leo. What he saw shocked him and froze him. He saw Dark Leo standing alone, his back turned to a mob of demons who seemed to be attacking someone on the floor. "Wyatt!" Chris threw a potion at the swarm of demon, instantly blowing three of them up. "Leave my brother alone you fucks!"

Leo stopped as he took in the scene, not believing that the bastard was just standing there. He threw one of the potions and blew up some more of the demons. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Leo strode across the floor, kicking a chair out of his path as he made his way to his dark half.

Dark Leo looked up as the demons started blowing up, small groups at a time, and turned as he heard the voices. He was almost relieved to see his lighter half and the wuss, he wasn't sure how much more he could have handled listening to. "I'm making things right, you son of a bitch!"

Chris ran to his brother whom he now saw laying unconscious and bleeding from the mouth and nose. He kicked the three remaining demons out of the way. He grabbed a chair from the dining room nearby and broke off the legs by slamming it on the floor. He picked up two of the wooden legs, one in each hand and ran back towards the demons. "No one messes with my family!" He yelled in anger smacking one demon in the face with the wooden chair leg and kicking the other. As soon as the demon he'd kicked was on the floor, he stabbed him in the face with the wooden leg, killing him, then looked at the other two. "Who wants some?" The demons looked at each other and shimmered out.

Leo stood in front of his darker half, too angry to even throw the potions. "You think killing him is going to make things right? You're fucked up you know that?"

Dark Leo lunged and Grabbed Leo by the throat, causing Leo to crash into the wall. "I wasn't going to kill him! You bastard. You're the one who's going to kill him. Make him like you!" Dark Leo tightened his grip and watched as Leo's face turned red. "You couldn't just be happy with your bitch, no... You had to go and take my son!"

Leo tried to say something, but it came out as a gurgle, and he brought he knee up roughly. As Dark Leo crouched over, clutching his crotch, Leo gasped for air, bent over also. "I love him!" Leo put his hands on his knees, and glared at his dark half. "You want to destroy him... make him like you."

Chris was holding up a semi conscious Wyatt... trying to make his way back to the portal door so they could leave... Wyatt needed to be healed. "Hey dad..." Chris called out and threw the wooden leg in his hand to Leo, in case he needed to defend himself a little harder, although he knew his dad had the explosive potions, which could hurt his darker half. He started to make his way up the stairs, basically carrying Wyatt's weight. "Hang on Wyatt."

"No!" Dark Leo saw Chris carrying Wyatt away from his bent over position and ran for the stairs, determined not to let the wuss-squad take his son. "Son of a bitch!" Dark Leo yelled, slamming into the floor.

"At least you got your name right." Leo gritted out, holding Dark Leo down. He had the dark lighter on his stomach and was pushing him into the hardwood floor.

"Let go of me! God damn it let go of me now!" Dark Leo struggled as hard as he could, wanting to save Wyatt from his father and brother.

"Forget that thought." Leo tightened his grip and barely restrained himself from using the potions on his dark half. "He's not your son. He's my son, you'd do best to remember that."

Dark Leo managed to get a hand out and used his powers against Leo, sending the man into the wall across the room. "He's my son!" Dark Leo shouted and headed for the stairs again. "Don't take him, you can't take him. I-"

"Can't you see he's dying, you sick fuck?" Chris yelled and let Wyatt go, his brother hitting the stairs roughly and groaning. "Sorry." He said to Wyatt and sent Dark Leo flying down the stairs with a kick to his gut. ~Oooh I didn't like doing that... he looks just like daddy...~ "Sorry, mister." He felt like he needed to apologize. He picked up Wyatt again. "Come on bro."

Dark Leo watched, stunned by the attack from Chris, as the boy took his son away.

Leo got up and walked as calmly as he could. "Just stay here. I don't want to see you around him ever again." Leo was unable to keep his hatred for his dark half out of his voice. The white lighter stepped over him and walked to catch up with Chris.

"You're a coward!" Dark Leo shouted, causing Leo to turn around. "You come in and you want to take up for him now. Now, that he's carrying your precious child." Dark Leo got up to his feet. "Where were you when he needed you? Out saving the god damned world, ignoring your two children. Turning their love into  adoration you could use to stroke your ego." Dark Leo started up the stairs one at a time.

"I was the one who was there for him. I saw Wyatt into his powers. I taught him! I raised him, you did nothing for him! You don't love him, you just love the convoluted idea of a family. I love him! You don't even understand him!"

Leo stared at his dark half, the man's words hitting one of his worst fears. "You don't-"

"Fuck that! I know." Dark Leo stood on the same step as Leo now. "I know how he feels, I know everything about him. You know nothing. I won't give up on him. But you will."

Leo couldn't hold back his anger anymore and punched his dark half. "Asshole." He turned and continued to climb the stairs, worried about his sons.

Chris had finally reached the attic with his brother. "We have got to talk about you losing some weight, buddy." He chuckled lightly. "Just a little longer... as soon as we get you home, dad can heal you."

Wyatt was zoning in and out of consciousness as the pain was the only thing he felt. It comforted him to know his brother was there with him.

Leo walked through the house, Dark Leo's words echoing in his mind. He couldn't let himself think about it, he knew it wouldn't do any good, but his dark half had struck a chord in him. By the time Leo got to the attic he was quiet and took in the scene before him with a clinical manner. "Chris, thanks for getting him out of there." Leo took the feather from his pocket and held it fiercely.

"Light it... we need to get home fast... I don't know how he's holding up." Chris said. The way his husband looked didn't go unnoticed but he knew what it was... what his dark twin had said about him abandoning his sons... especially Wyatt... all the more reason to get home, heal Wyatt so he and Leo could discuss whatever they needed to discuss... Leo looked like he needed it.

Leo nodded and spotted a pack of matches. He grabbed the pack and tour out a match. He struck it against the rough strip on the back of the pack, and lit the feather. As the feather burned, the mist formed a doorway again, and he waited for Chris to carry Wyatt through.

Once through the door, they had returned to the attic in the future. Chris dipped into his pocket and threw the potion at the portal to return to his time. He wasn't leaving Wyatt here anymore.

Leo was surprised by Chris' actions, but followed, not wanting to leave his eldest son in the future for his dark half to find. He walked through the portal, and back in his time, Leo orbed to his room to get some new clothes for Wyatt.

When Chris saw his familiar surroundings, he orbed to Phoebe's room, laying Wyatt down on the bed gently. "We're home..." It hurt Chris to see Wyatt like this... he seemed almost... lifeless. "Dad, get in here!"

To be continued...

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