Leo and Chris: Forever
by: Angel & Will

Charmed's Leo Wyatt & Chris Wyatt

(as well as: Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Wyatt, Cole, Penny, Patty)

Disclaimer: None of this is true. These are  fictional characters. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.

This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.


Clothes in hand, Leo orbed to Phoebe's room, having lived in the house long enough to know where people were when the shouted in the manor. "Here." He set the clothes down on the bed, and stared at Wyatt for a minute. He shook his head, reminding himself that now wasn't the time to be sentimental, and healed Wyatt.

Chris watched as the blood disappeared and the color returned to his brother's skin. He silently thanked god for being able to get to him in time.

Wyatt awoke with a gasp and he sat up in bed, frightened. "Dad?" He immediately brought his hands to his stomach, not expecting to feel anything in particular since he was nowhere near showing but to make sure everything was okay with their baby. His eyes closed and he sighed when he felt the familiar tingle of life within him.

Chris smiled at Wyatt. "Welcome back." He moved towards the door and looked at Leo. "I'll see you later." He closed the door, leaving the two men alone.

"What?" Leo stared at the closed door, not understanding why Chris had left. ~Damn it.~ Leo turned back to Wyatt. "Hey." Leo wanted to apologize for not getting there sooner, but figured that Wyatt probably wouldn't want to remember what he'd just gone through so soon.

"I heard him... at least part of it..." Wyatt knew that Leo would know what he was making reference to. "I used to believe it too... it's why I fell for him... why I loved him... because he's the you that would touch me."

"You mean because he was actually there. Something and someone tangible who didn't force you away." Leo said, not sure he wanted to talk with Wyatt about his dark half.

"No... I mean because he wasn't an elder... he served no greater purpose than me... his son." Wyatt almost instantly regretted saying those words. He could tell Leo was hurt... it was in his eyes. After years of inflicting pain, Wyatt could recognize it. "You've proven to Chris... and you're proving to me... you're not that man."

"The damage is still there." Leo said quietly, and stood up. "This time I'm not hurting you or Chris, I'm hurting someone else entirely. I can't even be a good human."

"Leo..." Wyatt started but corrected himself. "Come here..." He patted the bed. "He was only projecting what he saw in me all these years... the resentment towards you. It made him angry to see me long for someone I couldn't have... made him angry because he loved me... he saw me as his son... but you're making it right... you've made it right."

Leo sat down on the bed, but didn't look at Wyatt. "Yeah." He didn't know what to say, and he wasn't sure he wanted to explain it to Wyatt. It would be wrong of him to tell Wyatt that he'd seen something else entirely. Wouldn't it? His dark half was evil, he couldn't be good for Wyatt or the baby. But that thought alone made him think he should tell Wyatt.

"Dad..." Wyatt made a move to touch Leo but backed his hand away. "What is it?"

"I'm scared. I don't want you to-" Leo stopped, and looked at Wyatt. "He said," The white lighter sighed, and knew he couldn't keep it from Wyatt.

"Speak." Leo's behavior was scaring Wyatt a little bit.

"He said he loved you." Leo spoke quietly, not liking the words coming out of his mouth at all. "I believed him."

"Right." Wyatt sighed. ~I thought he loved me... until he wanted to have me killed. I thought I loved him until then too.~ "Think I should go back?"

"I don't know. I love you, but not the way he does." Leo was as honest as he could be, not wanting to influence Wyatt. "He knows you, Wyatt. He loves you in a way that I love Chris. Isn't that what you want? For someone to love you like that?"

"Yeah." Wyatt nodded. ~I see what's going on... how could I have thought this guy wanted me here? He has a perfect life... doesn't need a black sheep.~ "You're right. I should go back." ~Dark Leo loves me... sure... but he'll never show it and never say it... because he's evil... down side to being evil I guess... can't get evil to be good sometimes.~ Wyatt got up from the bed. "If the potions are still in the attic, I think I'm going to go home."

Leo stared at the floor, hating that Dark Leo had been right. "If that's what you want. That's what matters, that you are happy."

Wyatt was not going to comment or respond. Happy to him had changed. Happy wasn't raising his child around evil anymore... happy was having a family... happy was a good man. He turned and headed for the door, quickly making his way to the attic. He searched through the shelf of potions for the one he needed and grabbed it tightly in his palm. He looked around the room and let out a deep breath. "Fun while it lasted, huh? I was tired of being evil... but guess Dark Leo's right... it's who I am and always will be." He threw the potion at the wall and looked at the portal, reluctantly walking slowly towards it. He didn’t want to give this life up… he didn’t want to go back to solitude and evil but he felt he had to right to impose on Leo and Chris’s happiness because of it, either. ~I’m going to miss my nephews.~

Leo sat on the bed, trying to convince himself that it wasn't over, that Wyatt would still come and visit. ~Why can't it just be easy? Why does he have to love me? Why does my dark half have to love him?~ The white lighter closed his eyes and tried to think of something that would make the situation seem better. ~I know he won't let my dark half hurt him...~

Wyatt crossed the portal into his time, hating the fact that this was his "home" and always had to me. He felt his father had pushed him away but nothing hurt more that the fact he let Leo into his life.

Leo wondered if Piper, Paige and Wyatt were still at magic school. When he'd first met Wyatt in the future, he'd had a hard time seeing his toddler after seeing how harsh Wyatt could be. But right now all he wanted to do was hold his oldest son. Leo stood up and left the room, knowing he couldn't dwell on his hurt, he had Chris and their twins to take care of.

Chris had just finished feeding the babies again and like clockwork, they were sound asleep. He had a sinking feeling that not everything was okay. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something felt off.

Leo walked into his bedroom, and watched Chris, who was watching their sleeping children. "Hey." The white lighter came into the room, and hugged Chris. "They asleep?" He asked quietly.

Chris nodded his response. "Is Wyatt asleep?"

"No. He left." Leo held onto Chris, ignoring the voice in his head. "He went back to his time."

Chris was surprised by the news... stunned even. "Why would he do that? I thought he was happy here."

"We were talking and he decided to leave." Leo let go off Chris and walked over to the bed and sat down on it. "He has things he has to take care off back there."

Chris couldn't believe it. "Doesn't sound like him.... it just doesn't make sense. Why would he go back to somewhere he's going to get hurt... he was happy to try having a 'family' ... why would he want to be alone?" He was speaking to no one in particular... more thinking out loud... finally he met Leo's eyes. "Wait a minute... did you do this?"

"He needed to know what was said. I just told him the truth." Leo looked up at Chris. "He can't make decisions without knowing all the possible choices."

"I agree." Chris was making no effort to hide being upset. "I'm not stupid, Leo... I know how you can come across... you made him think he shouldn't be here! Did you tell him that that guy may love him but isn't what's best for him? Huh? Do you even care you're sending him back to being evil? What happened to wanting him to be good? Did that all go out the window for your own selfish purposes? I can't even look at you right now!" Chris stormed out of the room. "Don't wait up for me." He yelled out from the hallway.

"Would it have mattered?" Leo said to himself. The white lighter glanced over at the bassinets. "Hope you guys are still asleep."

Chris was beyond angry and he didn't care who heard him storm out. He slammed the front door shut, intending to take Piper's car somewhere but he changed his mind. Instead he orbed to the underworld, in search of the seer for answers. He approached the seer's lair but it seemed vacant. "Seer? Seer!"

"Chill out!" Kira, the seer entered the room from a side alcove. "What's got your panties in a twist, munchkin?"

"The name's Chris..." Chris was too angry to deal with her nonsense right now. "I need to know something... about the future... my brother's future."

"What about it exactly? I'm not like those phony bologna palm readers up top." Kira walked in a circle around the room, keeping Chris in her line of sight the entire time.

Chris took a deep breath and let it out before speaking again. "Is he safe... with his partner? Did he go back willingly?"

Kira went over to the large cauldron set up in the middle of the room, and dipped her finger in it. She ran her finger along the edge, and pulled her hand away as she saw a series of events in the liquid. "Would you like the good news or the bad news?"

"How about you just spill it before..." Chris stopped himself and didn't finish his sentence. "Sorry... just tell me... my husband’s life depends on it."

"He did go back willingly, and he is safe. Tall, dark, and good looking treats him like a prince..." Kira's smile dimmed a little. "But he didn't go back for the right reasons."

"What do mean? Wait tall dark and... Cole? He's with Cole? Okay sorry... one thing at a time... why did he go back? Is it Leo's fault? IS IT? I will orb his testicles to middle of the desert!"

"Who's Cole?" Kira asked, thinking if Chris thought he was tall dark and handsome, that she needed to get his digits. "I'm talking about the parallel universe Leo."

"Oh... well good... as long as he doesn't hurt my brother... but did my husband cause Wyatt to leave? I thought he wanted to part of our family!" Chris couldn't help but feel awkward about discussing this with a semi-stranger.

"I can't see everything." Kira said sympathetically. "But he isn't as happy as he could be. But I can't be sure as to what's missing from his life, only that it's something that runs deeply inside him."

"I knew it." Chris felt defeated and helpless. "There's nothing I can do for him now... will I see him again? Is the baby going to be okay? Are they going to visit? I know I'm asking too much... forget it... I'm just going to go kick Leo's ass."

Kira giggled and stepped away from the cauldron. "He treats the little ones like princes too, but that's all I'm going to say. Now, if you could just tell me where I can find this...Cole, was it?"

"Little ones? As in more than one?" Chris smirked. "Cole? Oh no... you can't... he's dead... but you gave me the perfect idea as to how I can piss Leo off... can't believe he pushed away his own son...ugh... I swear if I didn't love him so much... ugh. Well I don't care... I'll still go visit Wyatt and see the baby... even if Leo doesn't because he's evil! Don't even get me started on how wrong that is!" Chris knew he was rambling but he didn't care.

"Is there a point to the flood of words leaving your mouth?" The seer asked, a bit disappointed that Cole was dead.

"No." Chris shook his head with a smile. "There never is... you should already know that. Anyway... thanks seer... if there's anything I can help with... let me know."

"All right kiddo." Kira smiled, and walked back off to her alcove, not wanting to be around the man anymore. "Just don't kill him!"

"I can't make any promises." Chris said and orbed out, rematerializing again in his bedroom. He walked over to Leo, grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the room, not wanting to yell around the babies. He orbed them to the attic. "Okay sit down, shut up... and listen..." He knew Leo had to be a bit lost at Chris's sudden actions but he didn't care at the moment. "I think it's very dirty what you did to Wyatt... despicable... unforgivable and I'm very angry. You acted selfishly and you may have cost your son and his unborn child happy lives. I think it's even more disgusting that you pushed him away completely disregarding your unborn child. It's like I don't even know you right now. I understand you had mixed feelings about Wyatt being here and you being with him but we could have stopped that gradually and just kept him here and he would have been happy and that's a decision you and I should have made TOGETHER. I'm sick of your attitude. Done now."

Leo just stared at Chris for a minute, taking in everything Chris had said. "We can't control him. You said it yourself, they were involved, he had a right to know that Dark Leo loves him. They might make it work. I got over most of my issues about Wyatt being here. With your help, last night I realized that it wouldn't hurt you to have Wyatt here. Because we're in love, and we would work through our feelings! I was just trying to give them the same chance!"

"It's not about that! They could still have a chance and by all means, I hope they make it work.... but what foundation do they have to build on? Wyatt's abandonment issues? Huh? You should handled this differently because we're a family... at least we're supposed to be and your decision affect others..." Chris was beyond angry. "He went back home thinking we didn't want him..."

Just then, Piper walked into the attic, looking a bit thrown off by all the yelling. "You guys... what's going on?"

Chris looked over at his mother and shook his head, anger still present in his features. He looked back at Leo before speaking again. "I can't fucking stand to see you right now... don't bother coming to bed." That said, he stormed out of the attic.

"Whoa..." Piper slowly walked closer to Leo. "What the hell was that?"

Leo ran a hand through his hair, now even more confused about the situation. "Chris is angry. Wyatt went back to his time, and Chris thinks that I was wrong. That I shouldn't have done it." Leo looked at Piper, hoping at least one person would understand his actions. "Someone from his time loves him. Loves him a whole hell of a lot. I couldn't...I didn't want that guy to be unhappy. I don't want Wyatt to be unhappy. There's just so much... I let him know how they guy felt, and Wyatt left, went back home. And now, Chris is angry with me. I hate that chose to leave. But that was the problem. I can't make Wyatt's decisions for him. He had to know about the other man's feelings. He deserved to have all the options."

"Okay.. let my brain catch up... we're talking about my son but way into future I suppose... he was here... okay, thanks for telling me." Piper sat down on the couch. "So now he's left... you know what... I don't need to understand this. What's the issue? Why is Chris mad?"

"He thinks I told Wyatt to go back. That I..." Leo rubbed his chin, frustrated by it all. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you Wyatt was here, but I don't know if I wanted him to be around you and Paige. I mean it doesn't matter that he's pregnant, he could still...No, I'm not going there. Chris is angry because Wyatt left, they were getting along really well. We picked a house out, we did normal things, and not so normal things. This is all so complicated Piper."

"Oh I can tell... as it is I'm ignoring the word pregnant." Piper stood up. "Look Leo... I don't know what's going on... and I don't even know what the real problem is but I do know this... that was one very angry Christopher James Wyatt... and that can't stay that way. You two need to talk this out... and I mean talk, not yell... if not only for your sakes but for the babies."

"I know. I know. It's only been a few days and everything is all retarded." Leo frowned at his choice of words, but continued on. "A quick run down and then I'll take your advice and talk to Chris. Umm..." Leo moved far away from Piper, near the door ready to run. "Chris lost the baby. I got Wyatt pregnant trying to discipline him, and then his boyfriend kidnapped him. We saved him, bought a house before that though. And then I had to tell both my sons something very difficult to say. I'm going to go see Chris now."  Leo turned around and headed out the door, hoping Piper would be to shocked to call him back. ~I can always orb if I have to .~

Piper stood in the attic, shocked, mouth slightly agape. ~Okay... so apparently both my sons are in love with their father... I can deal with that.... ah who am I kidding? I need to go cook or something!~

Leo made his way down the stairs, glad that Piper hadn't called him back. He was confused enough as it was, he didn't want to try and talk about everything that'd happened. "Chris?" He went to their room, hoping Chris was in there.

“Don't speak to me... you disgust me right now." Chris had just finished changing the babies and walked over to the diaper genie to deposit the dirty diapers.

"I get that. I'm not going to tell you how to feel. But I couldn't... he had a right to know. I'm not saying that I told him to go. I don't want him to go. You tossed a lot of stuff out there, and we need to talk about it." Leo stayed by the door, not wanting to anger Chris further.

Chris grabbed the baby monitor on his way out of the room and grabbed Leo's hand, dragging him away from the room so the babies wouldn't wake up. "You still don't get it... it's not bout Wyatt knowing... I agree he should have known... I don't agree how you told him or that you didn't consult me. I think we should have handled it differently... together.... 'Hey Wyatt... he's still in love with you... but we love you too... we're your family and want you around... but the choice is yours... we'll support you either way.' Instead of, 'He loves you... I'm using this as my exit to get rid of you because you already know I didn't want you here to begin with so this now confirms your fears and your abandonment complex.' "

"I never said that!" Leo said a little angry that Chris would say that to him, about him. "But I'm not going to force him into a life, a life he has proven time and again he doesn't want."

"Not forcing him, you stubborn prick!" Chris was frustrated... Leo was even more stubborn than he was! "I have no doubt that sooner or later he would have picked to go back to his life... I KNOW IT! But he went back today because he thought he wasn't wanted here... not of his own free will."

"You can't know that. He was here because we want him to be here. He may want to be here to, but it's a small part of him. Why make him try to adapt to something he doesn't know whether or not he wants to be? I can't make him. We can't make him, it doesn't matter that he's pregnant. I tried to get him to have a normal life, and he immediately did the opposite. He doesn't want to be here, Chris. You know I want him here. I want us to be around for him and the baby, but we can't insinuate ourselves into his life. We can't twist him to be... he's not the Wyatt we know. You know him best, but you weren't his confidant. We don't know about their relationship. He could have just been waiting to know my dark half felt for him. All I did was give them a chance, no matter how much I don't like it. You think I want him to go back there?! I know my dark half loves him, but he doesn't know how to show it. He kidnapped him and was going to have him beat up! That's who they are, we aren't like them. We don't know what's good or bad to them." Leo leaned against the wall, tired after having said some of the stuff on his mind. "It kills me to admit that. But you can't chose for him. If he wants to be around us...he'll come back. Or we can see him. It's not the end of anything."

"Leo... I know him... I know he would have gone back as soon as the words sank in... but I wanted him to sit back and weigh it himself... come to the conclusion himself... realize that as much as we want him around, this isn't his life. He would have come to that conclusion himself... he didn't come to that conclusion... he left thinking it was the best thin g to do because he was in our way. Is that the reason you wanted him going back thinking? Huh? You can't admit that you may have appeared a little biased to him... even if you weren't being biased?"

"That's true, but if he really was changing...he would have stayed to talk. We don't know about their relationship. Maybe he needed to go talk to him. I don't know, you can't know! Only Wyatt knows." Leo sighed and glanced at Chris. "I don't want him to leave forever. It killed me to let him leave."

"No it didn't... you discarded him like yesterday's trash..." Tears began to fall from Chris's eyes. "You couldn't care less and that's what scares me... you made it perfectly clear to me you didn't want my brother around... I can't be around you right now..." Chris walked back into their room, walking over to the sleeping babies. He picked up the babies' travel bags and carefully picked up the babies.

"Oh for the love of-" Leo straightened up, and went after Chris.  He stopped when he saw Chris with bags. "Don't tell me what was or wasn't hard for me. He is my son, he's a part of me. Just like those boys are to you. I hope you never have to go through what I did with Wyatt. I was just trying to save him some pain. You go be with your sons, since that's what you have planned. I'll be here, like I always am for everyone." Leo turned and left before he said something mean to Chris.

Chris slowly made his way up to the attic, taking a moment to think this over. He faced the portal and called out for the potion from the shelf behind them. "Potion!" It appeared, smashing against the portal, opening it. "If he wants me... he can come find me..." Chris stepped through the portal, babies in hand.

Leo went to the living room, grabbing his coat. He grabbed a pad of paper and scribbled a note to Piper. The white lighter ignored his thoughts, and took the key from the peg, knowing that Piper would understand later. He needed to get away and think about it all without any interruptions.

More to come soon...

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