~Leo and Chris: Forever~
by: Angel & Will

Charmed's Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause) & Chris Wyatt (Drew Fuller)

(as well as: Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Wyatt, Cole, Penny, Patty)

Disclaimer: None of this is true. These are  fictional characters. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.

This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.

"Wyatt!" Chris called out for his brother from the attic after having just stepped through the portal into the future and not being able to move very much further because of the babies.

"Chris?" Wyatt walked into the attic, puzzled. "What... What's going on? What are you guys doing here?"

"Need a place to stay for a while... your father's being an ass." Chris answered.

"Uh oh... come on... let's get the babies into a crib." Wyatt offered, taking one of the babies from Chris.

"You have a crib?" Chris asked, following Wyatt out of the attic.

"A little early but yeah... not like I have anything else to do so... got a few things... set them up in a room..." Wyatt answered, staying away from the words "nursery" and "baby."

"I'm impressed." Chris nodded.


Leo went back to the club that he'd been at the night before. "Hell of a lot more troublesome when you got a car." Leo thought to himself, after he finally found a place for the car. He exited the automobile and headed into the club. "At least I won't have to worry about running into Piper. Hell, maybe  I should have gone to P3. Too late now."  He ignored the voice telling him he should be talking with his friends. He just wanted to bee alone right now.


The babies safely asleep in the "non nursery", Chris and Wyatt were now in the kitchen, sitting around the island, sipping tea... well Chris had the tea... Wyatt was firmly grasping his water bottle and his saltines.

"So tell me the truth... did you want to come back?" Chris asked... not beating around the bush any. He knew Wyatt would appreciate that.

" Chris..." Wyatt did not want to get in the middle of this dispute.

"Wyatt... please..."

"I would have come back eventually anyway... there's no place for me in your world." Wyatt offered as an answer.

"I KNEW IT! I fucking knew it! That prick!" Chris was angry again. "Wyatt, I know the way he said things made it look that way but..."

"Chris... he's yours... not mine. End of story."

"He's our father." Chris corrected his brother.

"Nope... just yours. Look Chris I don't fit in that world and it's clear I wasn't wanted their... can we not talk about this?" Wyatt asked.

"Fine... for now... that fucking asshole! I knew you didn't come back here because you wanted to!" Chris stopped, remembering he'd just said he'd stop for now. "So... how's umm... you know..."

"My Leo?" Wyatt finished for his brother. "Not mine either... haven't seen him."


Leo downed his fifth shot of tequila and smiled as the bartender brought him some more. ~My life is so messed up. God I should have just left when I had the chance.~ Leo didn't mean what he was thinking, and he gulped down his next shot.

Dark Leo looked around the bar, not able to see his lighter half at a place like this. People were actually having fun. he grinned as he spotted a hot couple dancing on the dance floor. He grinned, but continued to walk on, knowing that Leo had to be around somewhere. Dark Leo finally spotted him at the bar, with a row of shot glasses next to him.

"Catch me up with him." Dark Leo said to the bartender who had just set down his lighter half's new drink. "Looks like we have another thing in common."


"Things aren't as simple as your father seems to think, Chris... sure... he may love me but he was about to kill me... and my baby... that's not the kind of love I want or need... bottom line, he's evil... all evil... and I can't pick and choose when I want him to be evil... he'll never show me any kind of affection... because it doesn't exist in him." Wyatt explained to his brother, downing the last saltine. "Damn... I need more. Is it normal for me to be feeling this way after only a few days?"

"No." Chris quickly answered. "But nothing about this pregnancy is going to be normal."

"Gotcha." Wyatt nodded.


Leo looks at his dark half, surprised to see him. "What the hell? Ok, I've had too much to drink." Regardless of what he said, Leo grabs his shot and drinks it down. "Hmm."

Dark Leo chuckled, and realized his lighter half was wasted. "Hey bro. Having a night out without me?"

Leo frowned and slammed the shot glass on the counter. "Shut up. You're supposed to be with Wyatt right now. And I'm supposed to be with Chris." Leo grimaced and signaled for another drink.

Dark Leo would have laughed, but he felt the same way. "Then why aren't you with the boy wonder?" The bartender brought them their drinks, and Dark Leo momentarily thought about taking Leo's so the guy wouldn’t get anymore drunk. But only momentarily.

"Because he's pissed at me!" Leo sighed and picked up his new drink. "Wyatt went back to the future and now Chris hates me."

~Another person to welcome to the club then.~ Dark Leo gulped his shot. "Don't tell me you've forgotten everything I taught you."


"So what do you do now?" Chris inquired.

"Live as peacefully as I can until the baby is born... make sure everything's in order before then... stay out of trouble. Easier said than done, given my track record." Wyatt said, as he finally located the box of saltines in the pantry. "Got it!"

"What about your..."

"Chris I can't think about him right now... what matters is the baby... that he's safe... everything else just has to wait." Wyatt said as he fished through the fridge for more water.

"You're starting to sound like a father... putting your child's needs before your own... I wish Leo could hear this." Chris said, instantly regretting having mentioned it. "I'm sorry, Wyatt."

"Hey... he hates me... I get it... thinks I deserve to live in the hell I live in. No amount of showing him paternal instincts will make him want to be anywhere near me... much less touch me."


"Like I could forget that. It was the first time Chris really listened to me." Leo smiled, but it slowly turned into a frown. "Damn." He took one of his dark half's drinks and downed it.

"I'm going to end up carrying you home aren't I?" Dark Leo would have frowned, but he was finding his lighter half being drunk extremely entertaining. "Where is the boy wonder anyway? Back home knitting you a sweater?"

Leo tried to glower at his dark half, but there were two and he couldn't pick which one to be angry at. "Whatever." He got up and swayed his way to the dance floor. He ignored Dark Leo calling after him, he really didn't want to talk to the guy.

"Jackass." Dark Leo followed Leo and grabbed him. "Hold up. You're going to walk into someone or something."

Leo laughed. "Are you trying to be nice?" Leo laughed harder and swatted at his dark half's hands, almost falling over when he managed to get free. "Here's a tip." He leaned in, just so Dark Leo told himself, not because he needed the other man to hold him up. "Don't. You're nowhere near sincere."


"They're beautiful, Chris." Wyatt said softly as he observed his sleeping nephews with a smile. "Can't believe I'm going to have one of my own... kind of freaking me out."

"Oh I know the feeling... and you're going to go through about 100 more feeling before you settle into your mood swings which will bring you into 100 more." Chris informed Wyatt.

"Sounds like fun." Wyatt said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"To be honest with you, what got me through the pregnancy was Leo... more specifically the sex." Chris admitted with a small smile. "I know it sounds odd but during pregnancy... I don't know... I was overly sensitive to that kind of stimulation... as amazing as Leo always is, during pregnancy was our best sex. He'd push in and it felt twice as long and twice as thick and twice as hot... it was just amazing how receptive my body was... okay I'm stopping now."


Dark Leo let go off Leo, and somehow the lighter half stayed up. "I just didn't want to take you home to mother dearest broken, excuse the fuck out of me."

"Oh shut up." Leo put his hand on Dark Leo's shoulder to balance himself. "He's not home and you know it. Otherwise you wouldn't have come. He took the babies and left because Wyatt went back."

"What the fuck?" Dark Leo grabbed Leo's hand and dragged him back to the bar since Leo was swaying badly. "You let him leave? Jesus, have I taught you nothing!" Dark Leo started downing his shots, and Leo snuck one or two.

Leo watched his other half get drunk. "How'd we get here? They're both gone, and were stuck with each other."

Dark Leo rolled his eyes, and guzzled another of his shots. "Shut up." He caught the bartender's eye and asked for a few more rounds.


Chris and Wyatt sat on Wyatt's bed, still talking; discussing everything from pregnancy to babies to sex to cock size... pretty much whatever their minds landed on for more than two seconds.

"So it never hurt huh?" Wyatt asked Chris.

"Not enough for me to want him to stop... I mean he's huge... and you know that... but it was always more than that... so I was able to push through it." Chris answered his brother truthfully. "Why do you ask?"

"I know your Leo and mine are physically identical but... when Dad... umm... your Leo.. pushed into me... it was different than when my Leo fucks me... I don't know how to explain it but it didn't feel the same."

"In what way?" Chris was definitely curious. "Better different?"

"It was amazing... but so is my Leo... but... I can't really say who was better. It's like comparing apples and oranges."

Chris saw the opportunity and took it. "So which fruit do you like more?" He asked with a smirk.

"Sneaky." Wyatt smirked back. "Both were delicious... but..."

"Yeah?" Chris's smile grew wider.

"I guess because he has a gentler nature or... isn't evil... dad... your husband was better."


"Shut up! You're lying!" Dark Leo laughed and forgot why he was laughing.

"Nope. Swear. He just went right on down." Leo laughed and drank another shot.

"Shiiiiiiiiiiit." Dark Leo started laughing again, remembering what he and Leo were talking about. "At least he does have some good qualities."

"Very good." Leo smirked. "I have to sleep on the couch." He pouted and stole his darker half’s drink.

"At least you know he loves you. I've got the boy who can blow up the world if i push him too hard. That's always fun." He looked down, realizing he was out of drinks. "Bar keep! More!"

The bartender rolled his eyes and walked over to the drunk twins. "Last call was over thirty minutes ago. Can I cal you a cab."

"Fuck!" Dark Leo fell off the stool, but climbed back to his feet using the bar. "I ought to-"

"Whoa! Stop it dude." Leo reached over and grabbed Dark Leo's hand. "You can't do that! He brought us our drinks!" Leo looked back at the bartender. "No, we'll be fine." He didn't see the bartender give them a dirty look and walk away.

"I thought you were going to say innocent!" Dark Leo busted out laughing.

"We’ve got to go. They'll turn the lights out on us.” Leo grabbed his dark half and together they stumbled outside together.


"I would have loved to have one more night with him... I hope you don't get mad..." Wyatt admitted with a cautious smirk.

"Not at all." Chris shook his head 'no.'

"Thanks." Wyatt sighed in relief. "He just... I don't know Chris... it's weird to explain... impossible."

"No need... I understand... he's your dad... the man you've never admitted is your father and all of the sudden you're more his than ever... you've got a part of the both of you growing inside you... you will inevitably feel drawn to him during the pregnancy... something my husband seems to not understand."


Leo and Dark Leo were on the sidewalk, fooling around with their powers. Since it was so late, the place was mostly deserted, though they had managed to scare some people.

"She just-" Dark Leo laughed, holding his stomach. "And then-"

"Oh my gawd!" Leo said in a high voice, pretending to be the old woman. He had been trying to keep a look out for Piper and Paige when the dark half had blinked in and out around an old woman.

Dark Leo fell to the ground, still laughing. "Oh mi-ya gawwd!"

They were laughing so hard they didn't even notice the car pull up beside them.

Paige lowered her window and yelled out for the drunk twosome. "Hey, party boys! Get in the freaking car before I run you over... don't look at me that way... get in here!"

"He took my car. He took my car-" Piper looked out the window staring at the two Leo's. "They took my car!" Piper waited impatiently as the two drunks got up.

"Geeze, let a brother know when you try to run him over!" Dark Leo said, playing around with the two uptight witches.

Leo laughed and fumbled with the door handle, finally getting it open. "Yeah! Let my brother know when you're gonna run us over."

"I'm going to be running you over if you don’t tell me where you put my car!" Piper said loudly over the two drunks laughter.

"There's an easier way to deal with this, Piper... " Paige offered with a smile. "Freeze them!"

"How are they going to tell me where my car is if I freeze them!" Piper pointed out. "Jerks." She mumbled under her breath.

"It's in the parking lot. I didn't not touch it after we were drinking." Leo turned to his dark half. "how did you get here? I didn't drive you."

"I blinked." Dark Leo laughed at how silly it sounded. "I blinked, like this-"

"Hold on! No blinking damn it!" Piper yelled and turned around so she could freeze them.

"Watch!" Dark Leo started opening and closing his eyes. Leo laughed, but hit his head against the window.

"Maybe you're right. Do you want dumb or dumber?" Piper asked, getting her spare set of keys from her purse.

"Okay... enough is enough! Garbage!" Paige called out and waved a hand at the drunk twins, orbing into the big garbage bin nearby, the top closing with their less than graceful entrance. "There... that ought of shut them up... or at least sober them up a little."

"You do know we have to drive them back home. Your car is going to smell like the inside of the dumpster now. Good move." Piper got out of the car, and headed for her jeep.

"What the?" Leo looked around, not knowing how they got to the inside of a dumpster.

"Where'd they go! I'll kill ‘em! Lousy bastards throwing us in a- trash thing." Dark Leo threw back the lid and looked around for the demons. "Assholes!"

Piper rolled her eyes, and climbed into her jeep. "Brilliant move, Paige. I swear you're getting the belligerent one." She drove over to the dumpster and got out of her car. "You are so on the couch missy!" She shouted at Paige's car.

"Ugh!" Paige drove her car closer to the dumpster. "Try to help and look what I get... oh well... whatever. Okay..." Paige walked out of her car, heading for the dumpster. "Okay Leather Leo... time to calm down..." She reached into the dumpster, grabbing his arm. "Don't make me use magic on you... so... come willingly."


"Well if it comforts you any, probably neither of us will get to sleep with him ever again." Chris said to his brother, trying to comfort him but not thinking he'd really accomplished it.

“No… doesn’t really help… I’ve only had him inside me once. I was kind of hoping that wouldn’t be it.” Wyatt bowed his head, avoiding Chris’s gaze.

“Hey… … I don’t really any comforting words except… let’s hope it’s not it. Like I said… I understand this need for him and this being drawn to him… believe me, it’s your pregnancy... but because I see it doesn’t mean he does.” Chris reached out for his brother’s hand. “I’m sorry, Wyatt… he’ll come around.”

Wyatt grabbed Chris’s hand as his only form of response.


"Sorry, you're not my type." Dark Leo said distractedly, still looking around for the demons.

Leo laughed and grabbed his dark half, tossing him out of the dumpster. He climbed out as Dark Leo looked around for him.

"I can't believe I was married to him." Piper sighed and froze the two drunks. "The things you do for family." She unfroze Leo and pushed him into her jeep, making a mental note to clean the car the next day.

"Car!" Paige called out and waved her arm, orbing Leo's dark twin into her own car. "Ugh... this is going to be a fun drive home." She said as she ran over to the driver’s side and jumped in, quickly closing the door. “Now you…” She turned to face what was obviously a very different version of her ex-brother in law. “I don’t want any lip coming from you or that nifty little telekinetic power I have? Well I’ll use on your private parts. Got it?”

"Damn, I didn't do anything and I'm already being threatened." Dark Leo frowned, then laughed at being threatened by Paige.

Leo lay on the floor of the jeep, mentally congratulating himself for not having thrown up in the car. "Piper!" Leo yelled out. "Piper! Damn it we need to talk!"

Paige pulled out of the bar's parking lot in a fury... not minding the fact that the car's sudden movements were throwing the dark version of her brother-in-law against the walls of the small interior of her car. "I hope it hurts." She said.

~Bitch. I like that. Leo should act more like her.~ he braced himself against the door to keep from flying all over the place. "Hey, can you slow it down, I'd hate to barf in your car." Dark Leo said, trying to warn her.

"Do it and I orb your eyeballs into a lava pit... don't try me..." Paige warned him back. She quickly shifted her way up to fifth gear, speeding through the rather empty late night streets of San Francisco Bay. "What the hell are you doing here anyway?"

"I needed to talk to someone. Someone who understands." Dark Leo muttered, doing his best not to barf. "He needed someone to talk to also."

"Aw... it's almost sweet... but you've got to go back... and he's got to snap the hell out of it. I don't know what the hell is going on but it can't be good if Chris and the babies are nowhere to be found." Paige said as the weight of her own words sank in.

"Ugh, don't get me started on Chrissie." Dark Leo closed his eyes, unable to take the buildings blurring as they sped along. "Leo was trying to take a stand, do the right thing. I was proud of him."

"You were proud of him? Now I *know* Leo did something wrong!" Paige sped right past a red light. She flinched then nervously smiled back at Dark Leo. "Oops?"

Dark Leo laughed. "I like you, you're spunky." He ignored the first part about Leo doing something wrong.

"We have nothing to talk about, Leo!" Piper carefully drove through the dark streets, having lost her crazy sister to her maniac driving a long time ago. " You're drunk and stole my car... oh yes and there's the nifty little fact that you husband in children... who just so happen to be my son and grandchildren, are missing! Oh I'm not worried though because I just know it's your fault!"

"Hey, I took the car when I was sober. I didn't drive while I was drunk. Am drunk, not drunken..." Leo paused, not sure what word he should use. "Never mind that. They're not missing. They went to the future."

"Oh yeah... much better." Piper rolled her eyes. "What'd you do to him Leo? Never mind... I wouldn't understand anyway... just undo it or else I'll be forced to blow you up... repeatedly... and I'll focus my firepower on a certain part... damn I've been hanging around Paige too much."

Leo would have laughed, but he didn't want to encourage her to make threats on his person. "He's pissed at me, it won't work. Besides, I made the right decision. He just has to accept it."

"Bossy... now you decide to grow a pair... when you shouldn't. Men... can't live with them... end of sentence." Piper stated dryly.

"You would have done the same thing." Leo said quietly. "It's like, like the elders keeping me from you, back then. I couldn't do that to him. He's my son, I had to let him make his own decision."

"Spare me the bullshit, please." Piper pulled into the driveway behind Paige's car. "Get out..." She barked at him as she got out of the driver's seat and closed the door behind her.

"Bullshit blah blah blah." Leo got up and opened the door, stumbling out of the jeep. "Blah blah blah.. blah bloody blah. Piper, blah blahhhhh." He smiled and unsteadily walked towards the house.

Piper held the front door of the manor open for Leo. "Come on, blondie... before Wyatt goes to college."

"Wyatt didn't go to college." Leo said absentmindedly as he concentrated on making his way up the stairs without falling.

"Oh for the love of..." Piper let go of the door and walked to Leo, grabbed his arm roughly and dragged him inside. "You are getting on my nerves."

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