~Leo and Chris: Forever~
by: Angel & Will

Featuring: Charmed's Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause) & Chris Wyatt (Drew Fuller)
(as well as: Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Wyatt, Cole, Penny, Patty)

Disclaimer: None of this is true. These are  fictional characters. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.

WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.

"Ah." Wyatt nodded. "I tried, dad... Leo. He just... he got upset with me when I told him to go back and talk to you. But hey if you want to give it another try, he's probably dressing the babies now after their bath."

"You don't want to-" Leo stopped, and thinly smiled at his eldest son, trying to hide the hurt. ~He doesn't need you. He has Dark Leo.~ "Thanks for the information. But, I didn't come here to just talk with Chris, all right?"

"I'll come with..." Wyatt smirked. "Come on old man... let's get you and wifey back together. By the way you owe me... one of your babies peed on my down comforter." Wyatt said as he walked with Leo, trying ease his father's nerves.

"Sorry." Leo walked slowly with Wyatt, trying to remember his speech he'd already thought up. ~Damn, that's the last time I forget something so quickly when I run into just one of them.~ "I'll get you another one, just tell me what kind. And if I can't find it I'll get Piper to help out. Is he mad?" Leo asked out of the blue.

"Frankly, he's hurt... but seems to have read my book because he's taking a page from it. He's hurt but all you'll see is anger. He's a feisty little... well you know already..." Wyatt chuckled and put a hand on Leo's shoulder. "Relax... you'll be fine... he's only half as neurotic as our aunts and mother."

"You didn't spend much time with him did you?" Leo said sarcastically, knowing that when Chris got worked up enough, Piper had nothing on the boy. "Forget that, I'm just upset. I'd really appreciate it if you stuck around." Leo apologized.

"If you want me, I'll be there dad." Wyatt said with a smile.

"Thanks." Leo stopped walking, not knowing which room he should go into. "You, you know I just want to do what is best. For the both of you."

Wyatt nodded silently and led Leo by hand towards Chris' room. He knocked twice and walked in. "Chris... we have company."

Chris had just put the babies down in their playpen when he looked up to see Wyatt... and attached to Wyatt's hand... Leo. "So I see..."

"Hey." Leo addressed Chris, fairly certain that his husband wouldn't be open to any cutesy names when he was angry. "I heard the boys were angels last night." He said trying to ease his way into the heavy conversation.

"They always are... you know that." Chris replied. "So... umm..." Chris didn't know quite what to say. "You look tired... are you sleeping well?" He realized it sounded like he was worrying so he rephrased it. "I mean... I don't know what I mean. Why are we doing this? Why are we apart?"

Wyatt was a bit more than surprised Chris was so quick to open up.

"Because you care for your brother." Leo answered truthfully. "I care for him too. But you don't see that my actions were that of love. You think I pushed him away." Leo started to take a step forward, but stopped and moved so he was leaning back against the wall. "We just need to talk. This is something we can work out. All of us." Leo looked over at Wyatt, then back to Chris.

"I'm listening." Wyatt quickly answered and looked at Chris.

"As am I. I want to go home... with you... please." Chris sat on the edge of the bed, feeling drained... defeated. He never felt right when he and Leo were apart and this was no different.

"Okay." Leo briefly nodded his head, gathering his thoughts. "I apparently was a bad father to you two, and I can't help but base any choices I make on that fact. I don't know why I was, but I can change how I act now, so that you two know I love you. Wyatt, I feel guilty about what has happened to you, from what I know about your life. I can't see what would have changed me so much that I stopped caring about you and your feelings during the times you went through. I feel like I deprived you of love. I just wanted to give that back to you." Leo smiled at Wyatt, trying to keep his grief from coming to the forefront. "He loves you, I know he's not perfect.” Leo knew that Wyatt realized he was referring to the Dark version of himself. “I just want you to have the love I never gave you."

Wyatt nodded. "Problem is the only one who can give it back to me is the one who took it away."

"Wyatt," Leo looked back to his husband, not sure how to respond to Wyatt. "You two basically grew up without me. I'm not saying I don't have enough love for both of you, because I do. You're my sons and nothing is going to change that. Ever." Leo turned back to Wyatt. "You don't need me in your life, and it- I don't know why my future self ever let it get to that point. I just want to be here for the both of you, my husband and my eldest son..." Leo folded his arms over his chest. "I want to give you that love Wyatt, but I think that you're always going to question yourself if you don't take a chance with him." Leo stopped talking not wanting to bring up his main fear.

"See I've gone about this already one way... when you told me this before, I bowed out gracefully and departed. That tactic didn't work for me and if you were honest with yourself you'd admit it didn't work for you either. Otherwise why would you be here?" Wyatt walked closer to Leo but still not invading his personal space. "Bottom line is I need you... not him. You're my father... again, not him. I was so attached to him because he represented to me what you represent now... love, father, family. It's you or no one."

Chris's eyes went wide with surprise. He was almost entirely sure Wyatt would back away again. ~Good for you.~

"I want to be that for you, Wyatt. I really do. I just can't see how you would want that." Leo cleared his throat, and continued. "I wasn't trying to push you away, not really. I was trying to give you a chance. I don't want you to wake up one day and think that you've wasted all this time. That we tried to change you." Leo looked at Chris. "I wasn't trying to separate you two, or deny either one of you my love. I just wanted to give you," Leo turned so he was facing Wyatt. "I want to let you have both. Him and me. I wasn't trying to make you leave. I don't want to lose you again."

"Okay enough!" Chris spoke up. "We're repeating history. I hate that! Leo, get over your crap about imposing your will on someone. You're more than enough of a father for Wyatt and he's never going to regret this. That's what he keeps trying to tell you. And Wyatt get over your inferiority complex, he loves you and wants you around because you're his son he is just trying to give you every possible chance to make an exit because he doesn't realize it comes off as pushing you away. Got it."

Wyatt didn't know quite what to say. He was dumbfounded. "Uh... yeah... sure... got it."

"Chris?" Leo asked cautiously, afraid he'd hurt his husband's feelings. "Baby? Are you mad at me?"

"Maybe a little bit... but just because you two are a broken record... I'm tired and I want to go home. Stop this nonsense please. Enough!"

"Okay. No more talking about anyone leaving." Leo smiled a tiny smile at Chris' want to return home. "The only leaving will be us going back to the past. Piper is going to be so happy."

"Mom?" Wyatt started. "What does she have to do with this?

"She probably snapped some sense into Leo... and left the rest of the work to me... thank you, mother." Chris stood from the bed. "So we're all cool... we're all one big happy dorky family? Because some members of this family need to take a shower... some others need their baby naps and some others need to get laid."

Wyatt bit back a laugh.

"What are you laughing at? That's you!" Chris quickly said to his brother, which made the older man stop his grinning.

"Umm, we’re not going to have a repeat of the time when Piper walked in on us are we?" Leo smiled fully this time. "Because I know she wants her two sons back, but I don't think she wants to see THAT much again."

Chris shook his head saying no. "I think once is all the shock she needs... besides we'll be moving out of her house soon and she won't have to worry about catching you with either of us... Wyatt, what are you looking for?"

"Diapers... baby number one did a very nasty thing."

Chris laughed and brought a diaper of the bag handed it to Wyatt. "Are you going to ever learn their names?"

"I know their names! I just don't know which is which." Wyatt answered.

"Well the one who did a very nasty thing... that's Aidan James Wyatt and his brother... younger by two minutes is Christopher Peyton Wyatt." Chris responded with a smile.

Leo laughed and walked over to Chris, putting an arm around his husband's waist. He couldn't help but feel pride when he looked upon his twins. "You should start thinking about names, Wyatt. It always sneaks up on you."

"WHOA! You mean like this?" Wyatt pointed at the dirty diaper he was removing from the giggling baby. "I'll enlist your help for name choosing... dude, what are you feeding these kids?"

"I'll be happy to help with names." Leo held back his laughter at Wyatt's annoyance with the child's diaper. "You might want to throw it away, you know, now." Leo kissed Chris' cheek. "He needs practice."

"No kidding." Chris kissed Leo's cheek as well. "But at least he's trying."

"Ew this is so gross... diaper!" Wyatt called out and orbed the diaper into the diaper genie.

"Hello!" Chris spoke out.

"What? What'd I do?" Wyatt asked, truly puzzled.

"Personal gain."

"Oh..." Wyatt sighed in relief. "I thought it was something serious"

"Wyatt, that is serious." Leo tried not to frown. "You can't use magic as a means to cut corners, the kids will see it. Then they won't use magic responsibly."

"Fine! Want me to orb the diaper back out?" Wyatt asked them.

"NO! Ew... no... what's done is done. Just don't do it next time." Chris told his brother.

"All right... fair enough. I won't."

"I know that you're not...used to doing things without your powers. But trust us, it's better to start doing it now then trying to deal with a child who orb playing hide and seek." Leo smiled at his eldest son. "That is not a fun version of the game, believe me."

"I'll take your word for it." Wyatt said as he finished up changing the diaper. "AH HA! I did it!"

"Yes you did." Chris clapped lightly for Wyatt. "One time down... seven thousand nine hundred and fifty three more to go."

"Ugh... shoot me now... no wait don't. I didn’t mean that." Wyatt clarified with a smile.

~~Hours later~~

"So that's why the house is so quiet and demon free... they're at the park. Good... I can take my shower in peace without interruptions. Wyatt, do you mind putting the babies down for their nap? Would be good practice for you." Chris said as he offered up on of the babies.

"Easy... this one's already asleep." Wyatt took the baby from Chris. "And the one dad has is dozing off.

"Good... and thanks. Well off I go... be good guys... and I'm not talking to the babies." Chris offered with a smirk and walked off.

"Yeah, yeah. Pot is calling the kettle black." Leo said softly, not wanting to make his son wake up now that he was heading off to sleep. He gently held the baby and sat down. "How are you doing, Wyatt? Is the experience at parenthood everything you thought it would be?"

Wyatt walked slowly, carefully as to not wake the baby in his arms. "I don't think I had any expectations really. Though I must say, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm going to have you guys, I think I'd be overwhelmed." He laid the baby down in his bassinet and looked at Leo. "Thank you."

"You don't have to worry about that. Chris and I are going to be there for you." Leo rocked his son, hoping to get the boy to sleep faster. "Your brother is very good with the kids. You will be too."

"You have faith in me..." Wyatt held his hands out, silently asking for the baby in Leo's arms. "Why?"

Leo kissed his son's forehead, then stood up. "Because I know you have it in you." He handed the sleeping child over to Wyatt. "The potential didn't just die, it was just pushed down." Leo didn't elaborate further on his words, knowing that if Wyatt were truly ready he would understand.

Wyatt rocked the baby gently as he laid the baby down in his bassinet. "There... peaceful... asleep." He turned again to Leo. "It wasn't all you, you know. I had to have some of it in me to turn out the way I did. My mother dying... my father not being there... that's not enough. I hope you don't blame yourself."

"There's always a choice." Leo crossed his arms over his chest. "We can't change those choices, we can only try and make things better."

Wyatt nodded in agreement. "Can we talk now? Since Chris is busy I think this is the best time to clear some things up between you and me."

"I think so too." Leo walked back over to the chair and sat down in it. "What do you want to talk about first?" The white lighter wasn't sure what to expect, and he wasn't so sure he really wanted to know.

"I need to know specifics and details... it's who I am and who I always will be. I need to know the truth." Wyatt walked over to the bed and sat down. "Please stop looking at me like you're scared of me... you're my father. I love you." He stood up again, unable to sit still. "First of all I need to know... do you want me here with you? Don't give me any crap... it's a simple yes or no question. Involves two people... me and you... don't bring in your twin into the answer."

Leo watched Wyatt, knowing it was important that he be honest. He didn't want to cause Wyatt anymore pain. "Yes. Chris and I want you here. I want you here."

"Thank you. I want to be here. Second question... what does our relationship entail? I know you're uncomfortable with the thought of being intimate with me. If we're being honest, I have nothing against it... to be even more honest I confessed to Chris yesterday that I'd only had you inside me once and 'I was kind of hoping that wasn't it.' As much as I'd like it, it has to be mutual... if you don't want to... say it now. To be enjoyable we both have to enjoy it... and I don't want someone on me thinking how disgusting it is to be on me." Wyatt sat back down and forced himself to look at Leo.

"Wyatt," Leo didn't know what to say. "I'm married to your brother. I- we were intimate, and now you're having my child. That right there would be enough to confuse anyone." Leo sighed and rubbed his forehead. "I'm not going to say I didn't like being with you, because I did." He looked back at Wyatt, hoping he was saying the right thing. "We weren't together for the right reasons, but still something wonderful happened because of it. I know that with the pregnancy you're going to be...you know sometimes, and you're my son, I'll be there for you. But not just because of that, okay?"

"Okay... so..." Wyatt started. "You're saying we were intimate and will be again but not for the same reasons as you are with Chris. I know that. I'm more than okay with that. You love him... you married him... you have a family together. I don't want to come between that. But you're intimate with because he's your husband and you love him... I want you to be intimate with me because I'm your son and you love me. I think you can do both without one affecting the other."

"I can. I just- before you seemed..." Leo paused and took a breath, trying to find the words. "It seemed like more after we were together. I'm not trying to push you off or belittle your feelings; I just don't want to hurt you like that. I thought that maybe I'd stolen you from Dark Leo, and I.. I'm being stupid. You understand, I understand. It's all good."

"It's a valid feeling..." Wyatt got up and walked towards Leo, kneeling in front of his father’s spread legs where he sat on the chair. "But what you need to finally see is... you've got it backwards. He stole me from you."

"You needed someone to love you." Leo said softly, sad that he'd ever made Wyatt feel unloved. "I'm glad he was there for you." ~In a backwards sort of way since you turned kind of evil.~

Wyatt chuckled silently. "I was glad too at the time..." He scooted closer, further inside Leo's spread legs, arms resting on Leo's thighs. "But you know what they say... hindsight is perfect... knowing then what I know now. Well I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Our choices make us who we are... good and bad. I need you... I thought he was you... if none of this had happened, I wouldn't have you now."

"I guess that's true." Leo said slowly, trying to figure out Wyatt's words in his head. "I promise, you won't need him again. I'll be there for you son." Leo reached out and slid his fingers through Wyatt's hair.

"I know you will... and I'll be there for Chris..." Wyatt's hands made their way towards Leo's zipper. "And my nephew..." He opened Leo's fly and dipped his hand inside. "And you."

"Nephews." Leo corrected Wyatt, his hand still sifting gently through Wyatt's hair. "Do you- I know Chris said- but if you, we don't have to." Leo swallowed nervously, he was turned on by Wyatt's words and actions, but he didn't want to push Wyatt.

Wyatt's hand found its prize quickly claiming it in a firm pleasurable grasp. "Now... try that sentence again... coherently." He brought the engorged manhood out from its confines and as it stood proudly, he stroked it, silently admiring it.

"I don't think, it umm, do you..." Leo licked his lips and grasped Wyatt's hair in his fist, not enough to hurt the other man though. "Do you want to?"

"Now dad..." Wyatt began stroking a little faster... harder. "What are you asking?" He smirked and leaned forward to lick the pre cum off of Leo's cock. "You want to what?"

"I want to know..." Leo stared at Wyatt, trying to keep his mind on him and not other...things. "I want to know that you want to also... I don't want to be the only one who wants- this."

"You want to know..." Wyatt sucked the head of his father's cock into his mouth and sucked him dry of his pre cum before pulling away. "That I want to suck you... that I want us to be together... that I want you to fuck me. Oh yes... believe me... I do. And we'll get to do more of that once we move... but for now..." Wyatt sucked Leo's cock into his mouth and down his throat this time.

"Good, good to know," Leo swallowed again and closed his eyes, fighting back the urge pull on Wyatt's head. "We s-should be on the same, uh page." The white lighter let go of Wyatt, bracing his arms on the side of the chair, and let himself watch Wyatt.

Wyatt continued to suck on Leo's hard flesh quite furiously, the entire time locking eyes with his father. Up and down went his head while providing sweet delicious wet hard suction on the powerful shaft.

"N-not that this isn't," Leo clenched his right hand on the arm of the chair, stopping the reflex he had to grab Wyatt's head. "Great, really great. We-the bed. The bed and we could, you and I?" Leo looked briefly over at the bed, imagining Wyatt and himself on it. As he thought about what he wanted to do to Wyatt, he reached out and started stroking his son's head.

Wyatt pulled back on Leo's cock and licked the shaft a few times, still staring into Leo's eyes. He stood... removed his clothing rather quickly... only struggling with the buttons on his pants but even those gave in eventually. Once he was entirely nude, he smiled down at Leo as he straddled Leo's lap slowly, his hole right above Leo's shaft, and suddenly, guiding it all the way inside.

Leo instinctively grabbed Wyatt around the waist, holding him. "Okay, no bed works also." He leaned forward and kissed Wyatt, slowly working his lips against his son's. His hands roamed Wyatt's lower back, but settled on the younger man's hips, holding him tightly.

Wyatt leaned forward towards Leo's body as he moved himself up and down on the large member, taking it into himself in delirious ecstasy with pleasurable whimpers. "MMMM... Daddy... this what you wanted?" He whispered into Leo's ear then reluctantly got up letting his instrument slip out with a groan of loss. "Come get it..." He sat on the bed, like Leo wanted.

Leo blinked a few times, trying to get his bearings. ~At least I didn't get frozen this time.~ He quickly got up from the chair and went to the bed, sitting next to Wyatt. He briefly nipped at his son's lips, and then pushed Wyatt onto his back. "You are a tricky one, aren't you?"

Wyatt bit back a chuckle to his father's question. "I'm a handful... you'll never be bored, that's for sure."

"I'm never bored." Leo grinned and moved so he was lying on top of Wyatt. "Boring maybe, but never bored." Leo kissed Wyatt's neck; letting one of his hands slide in between their bodies to stroke Wyatt's stomach.

Just then Chris walked in wearing his bathrobe. "Oh." He arrived with a startled gasp that soon turned into a smile. "Well... good thing you already got him pregnant daddy or else you be in trouble again. I'll go get a snack..." He smiled brightly at Leo. "You go, tiger." And with that he walked away leaving his brother to blush into twenty shades of red.

Leo smiled at the blush on Wyatt's face, and leaned up to kiss a red cheek. "At least it wasn't your mother." Leo chuckled and resumed stroking Wyatt's stomach, thinking about the child growing inside. "Do you still want to?" The white lighter slipped his hand down to Wyatt's cock and started stroking it. "Babe?"

"You do know your audience don't you?" Wyatt leaned up for a quick peck on Leo's lips. "Let's go for it."

Leo kissed Wyatt's chest, and stopped stroking him, instead pushing Wyatt's legs out away from his body with the hand. "I'm so glad you want to be here, with us." Leo braced himself with one arm, and used the other to brush his cock up against Wyatt. He gently pushed into the boy, remembering that their first time had been all about power.

A gasp of surprise escaped Wyatt's lips before he could stop it and he instinctively grabbed onto Leo. "Oh my god... I soooooo want to be here!"

Leo snickered, though he wanted Wyatt just as badly. "Good. I want you here too." Leo thrust in and out of Wyatt in a slow rhythm, subconsciously wanting to do everything in his power to make Wyatt happy. "You and our baby." He leaned in, playful kissing along Wyatt's neck and shoulders.

"Baby..." Wyatt echoed. He had no idea if it was because it was Leo or because it was they or because he pregnant but this couldn't have felt better. It was like having two Leo's inside him. Well not literally... I mean ouch! All he knew is that he had to have more. Though his words may not have come his body screamed them all. 'Fuck me raw... screw me silly... do me nasty...' Have your pick... they were all there.

Leo was definitely enjoying this part of Wyatt's and his relationship. There was just something about being with the younger man, something similar to what he shared with Chris. Leo licked and nipped at Wyatt's soft skin, momentarily wondering if his dark half felt like this with Wyatt. The thought made Leo frown; he didn't want to think of any knock off version of himself being with either of his sons. Leo fucked Wyatt harder, wanting to erase the thoughts from his mind with pleasure.

Wyatt was a tad surprised by the sudden insurgence of power and depth in Leo's thrusts but he more than welcomed it. The more he had of his father in him, the better. ~Now what did Chris say he likes? Oh yeah... Daddy... dirty talk... pregnancy... I can do all those. Why Mr. Elder, how your wings have changed.~ "Umph... Oh daddy... hard like that... mmm fuck me daddy... as hard as you did when you got me pregnant."

Leo swallowed back a moan and pushed his hips a tad harder into Wyatt. He held onto Wyatt's shoulders tightly, wondering if both of his sons just innately knew how to push his buttons. "I love you Wyatt... I want this to be-more then that time."

Wyatt smiled. "Oh it will be... so much more daddy..." He clenched his muscles tightly around Leo's cock to prove a point. "My god daddy... you're so big... no wonder Chris can't keep his hands off you... mmm with this monster..." Wyatt clenched again. "Who would? Not I." ~Damn I'm good.... damn HE'S good!~

"Stop that." Leo groaned. "I don't want this to turn into me," Leo leaned down and tried to distract himself from Wyatt's hot, tight body. "...fucking you senseless." He kissed at Wyatt's neck, focusing on the skin there.

~Right... the hell you don't.~ "Oh I'm sorry daddy..." Wyatt sucked hard on Leo's neck, leaving marks. "I just..." He moved his mouth to Leo's ear, alternating between gently nibbling, sucking, licking and kissing. "Trying to tell you..." His mouth continued his movement towards Leo's face, kissing his cheek wetly and repeatedly. "How big it feels... how hard... long... thick. How you're stretching me so open daddy!" It was then he claimed Leo's mouth with his own in a fiery kiss, reluctantly breaking it for air. "SO BIG!"

"Can't be too much different," Leo moaned as he tried to push Wyatt's words out of his head. "You've been with the other me." He tightened his grip on Wyatt's shoulders, then drove his hips against Wyatt's faster. "How often?" Leo questioned, his ego forcing him to ask the question as he fucked his son harder, more roughly.

"Often..." Wyatt admitted but if he was going to be honest he had to be completely honest. "And not once... did I feel like I feel with you inside me right now."

"How long?" Leo bit his lip, wishing he could take the words back, he really didn't want to know how long Wyatt and his dark half had been together. He wasn't sure he could handle knowing that information. So, the white lighter stopped mid thrust and grabbed Wyatt's legs, holding his son even more open before he started pounding his cock into Wyatt once again.

Wyatt was going to answer... really he was. But Leo was pounding into him so hard, so rough... that the words could never be uttered in English so instead he settled for loud whimpers. "Daddy! DADDY!"

Leo moaned, delighted to hear the term from Wyatt. "Wyatt, babe.." Leo brought his left hand to Wyatt's head and tangled his fingers in the younger man's hair. "…feels so good, you're so sexy." Leo admitted, knowing that his son needed to know he was loved.

If the words had gotten to Wyatt's ears, they'd mean the world. Sadly though, it never reached him seeing as he was too busy blacking out from pleasure, babbling in deliriousness and basking ecstasy. His ass continued to clenched tighter and tighter around Leo with every thrust, sucking him in, not letting him out.

"Oh god." Leo moaned and forced his hips harder, feeling his balls tighten. "Wyatt, babe so good." The white lighter repeated himself as the intense feelings from being with Wyatt coursed through his body. With a hard thrust he came, clutching Wyatt through the moment.

Wyatt felt the intense climax released inside him in powerful jet streams and it triggered his own, screaming Leo's name in the process and holding onto him for deal life. "Oh daddy!"

"Babe." Leo slumped, his body resting on Wyatt's, his hand stroke his son's thigh and hair. His breath, forced out in gusts, on Wyatt's shoulder, where he gently kissed the younger man. "I love you Wyatt."

"I love you too, Dad" Wyatt smiled up at Leo, his smile shaky from the pleasure still coursing through his veins.

"They're here! THEY'RE HERE!" Chris ran upstairs screaming until he finally reached the doorway to their room where Leo and Wyatt still lay... still joined together by Leo's cock. "They're parking!"

"Who?" Leo turned his head, looking at his husband. Who, for all intents and purposes, looked like a five year old about to go to Disneyland. "What are you talking about?"

"This is not a good thing! Mom… Paige... here parking... baby Wyatt... baby me. Do you remember Piper's freak out from last time?" Chris not noticing his robe was opening.

"Chris... your goods are showing. I can't see them but dad can... he's getting hard again."

To be continued...

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