~Leo and Chris: Forever~
by: Angel & Will

Featuring: Charmed's Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause) & Chris Wyatt (Drew Fuller)
(as well as: Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Wyatt, Cole, Penny, Patty)

Disclaimer: None of this is true. These are  fictional characters. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.

WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations between fictional characters portrayed by real actors.

Leo knew he should probably leave before the boys got it in their heads to try and stop him with their combined efforts. "At least I'll get some sleep tonight." Leo thought happily, as he headed out.

Some time later, Chris and Wyatt were lurking outside what would be their future home.

"What are we doing here?!"

"SHH!" Wyatt covered Chris's mouth. "My god! Have you ever heard of hushed tones? We're spying on Leo."


"Because it's fun... and he looks good in a tool belt... and he's mean." Wyatt rambled off.

"Oh good... for a moment there I thought this was going to be pointless." Chris shot at his brother sarcastically.

"Hardly. SHHHH! There he is... why is he wearing no shirt?!"

"Because there's no air conditioning in there." Chris answered.

"You're no fun!" Wyatt exclaimed.

Leo had been checking the upstairs plumbing, and had taken his shirt off because of the humidity in the house. He wiped his face with the shirt, and tossed it on the floor. He'd already checked on the downstairs plumbing, and all of the doors and windows. He was going to have to replace one of the downstairs windows, but it could wait until he fixed the air conditioning problem. He'd known that it was broken when he signed for the house, but the boys had liked the place so much...

Leo grabbed his bottled drink and took a few gulps from it, wiping his head again as he did so.

"Aw... he looks so dreamy!" Chris sighed with a shit-eating grin.

"Snap out of it Chrissie. Now remember what I said... no sex."

"But I want to have sex with him. It's fun... it's good. Well you know." Chris said and pointed at Wyatt's still firm stomach.

"Yeah but he thinks he can have you whenever."

"He can!" Chris exclaimed.

"Not so loud... he's going to hear us!" Wyatt warned his brother.

"Sorry... so can I have sex with him if I'm quiet?"

"You're gross."

Leo put the drink down and checked his watch. He'd been working faster then he thought, and smiled at the time. He licked his lips, and wiped his neck, heading for the hallway. The stairs leading to the basement were in the hallway, something that Leo had found charming about the house. Once he got down there he planned on checking the central unit out to see if he could fix it,

"He's going downstairs... quick let's orb!" Chris was all ready to go when Wyatt stopped him.

"No orbing. He'll be able to sense us if we do."

"We have no other choice... how else are we going to get in there?"

"We could always glamour into some demons and give him a good scare." Wyatt said with a big grin. "What? No? Fine!"

"I've got it! Grab my arm." Chris waited for Wyatt to grab his arm and then touched his own wedding ring. "Brought to me was this by fate... now take it back to it's twin mate."

A swirl of lights enveloped Chris and Wyatt and transported them into the basement, where Leo was... where the ring's twin mate was.

"WOW! Crafty!" Wyatt mouthed to Chris.

Leo was checking the wiring, making sure it was all connected, he'd already found a loose one, and decided that whomever had put it the new unit must have been high. "Lazy asses!" Leo cursed, realizing he'd have to rewire the thing.

Chris started giggling when he heard Leo curse and Wyatt covered his mouth but by then it was too late. The echo in the basement did them no favors.

Leo stopped checking the wires at the sound. "Who's there?" The white lighter was certain he'd locked the doors behind him. Leo slowly walked further into the room, trying to see where the person was hiding. "Come out now, I promise I won't call the cops."

"I have an idea..." Wyatt said and glamored into a homeless little boy.

"No... no more magic Wyatt! We're in trouble because of magic." Chris shot Wyatt's idea down.

"Fine... how about this... you glamour into someone that sort of looks like you and I'll glamour into someone who sorts of looks like me and we'll pretend we snuck in here to make out."

"You are out of your mind!" Chris was shocked. "Why would I do that?"

"Because we come out semi naked and see if Leo would cheat on us." Wyatt answered with a coy smile.

"Done!" Chris waved his hand over his face, transforming in a young man resembling himself but not quite, as his brother did the same.

They both casually walked out of the darkness together, clutching their pants, wearing just boxers.

Leo watched as two guys came out from the shadows. "How'd you guys get in? I locked the doors." The white lighter was a little embarrassed at seeing the guys in just boxers. "I won't call the cops on you, but breaking and entering is a dangerous thing to do."

"We're very sorry Mister… we were just trying to find a place to... be together." Wyatt offered as an answer in his best innocence act. "Right babe?"

Chris was hesitant to speak so he kept his head bowed as Wyatt pulled him close and grabbed his ass. "Right. We're sorry Mister."

"It's all right. I guess that's why that window was busted upstairs." Leo crossed his arms over his chest, feeling weird that the two guys had broken into his house to get their nookie on. Leo frowned as his hands touched his skin, and he jumped, realizing he didn't have a shirt on. "Okay, well I'll show you to the door since it's locked, and you guys go find somewhere else to- to be together." Leo headed out the door, leaving the other guys to follow.

"Chris... we have to do something..." Wyatt whispered in Chris's ear.

"But what?"

"Follow my lead..." Wyatt then began walking towards Leo. "Or we could just... give you a show mister. Maybe you want to join?"

Chris's head snapped up in surprise as he watched Wyatt. Leo wouldn't respond to this. He saw Leo glance his way and Chris half covered his face with his hand. ~OH SHIT!!! Shit shit shit! Please tell me he didn't see my wedding band...~

"I think it's best if you leave now." Leo said firmly, shutting the door to the basement. "I don't want any part in this. I don't know what you're doing, if you ran away or what, so just leave my house." The white lighter walked for the door and unlocked it. He held the door wide open, waiting for the guys to leave, Leo half wished that he had spent the evening at the manor.

Chris clutched to his clothes tightly. "Of course... you're totally right... we're going... come on W... Will. We're going."

"His loss I guess." Wyatt said and walked with Chris but took the opportunity to grab Leo's crotch on the way out. "Oh no... feels more like our loss now. Let's go Chr.. crumb... umm ... pet name... he's crumb, I'm nugget."

~W-will, Chr- crumb... you're kidding me. My sons sneaked into the house? And they can't think of better names?!~ Leo grinned and grabbed Wyatt's hand. "Wait a minute." Leo smothered his grin before they could see it, he'd play their game. "Maybe I reacted too harshly. I'm sorry, there's kids out there that'll cry rape, to get a free night in the county. Come on back in." Leo let go of Wyatt's arm and squeezed his butt instead.

Wyatt was shocked and kind of disturbed... and a little turned on. "Are you sure mister? What changed your mind?" He looked back at Chris with a questioning look but Chris was as surprised as Wyatt.

"Two, young, hot men." Leo grinned and pulled Wyatt to him, so Wyatt could feel his body. "What more does a guy need? Besides you've already had your little show. I want to join in now." Leo leaned down and licked the shell of Wyatt's ear. "I'll make it worth your while." He whispered, trying to keep his expression seductive. Leo straightened his head, pushing his hips against Wyatt. "You too, crumb."

Chris's mouth fell open in shock but he wanted to give Leo every possible exit. After all maybe Leo was just trying to play with these kids. "Oh I don't think you want us... you're married... I can see the wedding ring."

"Yeah... taken... we don't want to get in the middle of that." Wyatt was trying to help Leo out as well... give him an out but his body responded to Leo's every time and this time was no different.

"You broke into my house. I'm going to have to replace that window. You scared me, not mention you're trespassing. Look, you guys are the one's that propositioned me. I'm just accepting." Leo smiled, and held back his laughter. "And if you're worried about me being married... it's okay, he lets me sleep with his brother. I don't think he'll care if I sleep with you guys. He'll be glad he's getting a rest." Leo let his right hand move from Wyatt's butt to his crotch. "I know you want to." Leo rubbed Wyatt's concealed cock, knowing the boy was going to give in soon.

Wyatt wanted to so badly give in but he was supposed to be in character... no! Leo wouldn't do that. "I think the thing with his brother is different... I mean must be something different about it right? So... how big are ya huh?"

"WILL! Let's go Will... we have stuff to do!

"Let me answer Will's question, Crumb." Leo snickered, unable to hold it in, but quickly regained his composure. "I'm ten inches, does that change your mind?" Leo stopped rubbing Wyatt, but kept his hand on his son's crotch. "I bet you've never been with a guy that big before." Leo leaned in and let his tongue flicker out and briefly touch Wyatt's lips. "I could teach you a few things, having you so exhausted you can't move." Leo leaned back.

"Okay... that's it! Enough!" Chris started.

"Shut up! I want him!" Wyatt protested.

"I can't believe you Leo!" Chris glamored out of his disguise.

"You're no fun!" Wyatt exclaimed at his brother and got rid of his disguise as well. "It's us daddy."

"I know who it is." Leo started laughing. "You guys...crumb..." The white lighter continued to laugh. "You really thought I didn't know it was you?!" Leo grabbed his sides he was laughing so hard.

"This isn't funny!" Chris put his hand at his sides. "That was mean! Tricking us into thinking you would cheat on us?!"

"We tricked him first, Chris"

"Oooh look who's suddenly Mister Voice of Reason. Could it have something to do with that hard on you're sporting for dad?"

"No!" Wyatt started. "Maybe a little."

"What happened to 'no sex with him'?" Chris inquired which in turn made Wyatt just bow his head.

Leo laughed at the boys' banter, but quieted down easily. "You both no I wouldn't cheat. What is with you guys, what brought this role playing on?"

"It was all Wyatt's idea!"

"Excuse me... you went along with it! We're sorry daddy... we just... wanted to see you. We missed you." Wyatt confessed.

"You mean you wanted to try and seduce me." Leo chuckled and hugged Wyatt briefly. "It's okay, as long as no one is upset. Right? You guys played your little prank, and so did I." The white lighter leaned against the doorway, wondering if his sons were through their plot.

"Yeah we're fine... aren't we Chris?" Wyatt looked at his brother who looked less than happy. "What's wrong now Christopher?"

"I just want Dad to come home."

"Oh for the love of god..." Wyatt rolled his eyes.

"I haven't been with him in a few days... come home dad." Chris looked at Leo with a smile.

"Weak." Wyatt shot at his brother.

"Look who's talking." Chris shot back.

"Chris, baby, I'm trying to get the house ready for us." Leo straightened up and walked over to Chris. "What do you want? Do you want me to finish the house up, or do you want me to come back to the manor?"

"I'll leave you guys a lone for a while. Don't worry Chris, I'll look after the babies." Wyatt said and orbed out.

"Yeah him watching kids... soooo not worried." Chris chuckled and turned back to Leo, embracing him tightly and resting his head against him. "I want my husband for a little while. I'll have lots of little whiles when the house is done."

Leo kept his arms around Chris for a few moments, thinking about how he hadn't been the best husband lately, but then pulled away. He knew that Chris would be much happier in their own home. "We will have lots of whiles, we will." Leo kissed Chris' forehead. "Now, go rescue our kids from their eccentric uncle."

"Oh I'll try my best...." Chris returned the kiss with a peck to Leo's lips. "Don't be home too late... I hate cold beds."

Leo smiled softly at Chris and then kissed his cheek. "I won't be too long. Wyatt can keep you company while I'm gone." Leo backed away from Chris, going slowly so he could stay with his husband longer. "I just better not get any calls from your mother about you two being arrested."

"Oh please... not two nights in a row." Chris paused for dramatic effect but burst out in laughter when he saw Leo's expression. "Don't worry... we'll have a warm bath... play with each other's 'rubber duckies' and go to sleep."

Leo raised his eyebrows at the rubber duckies part, having just gotten over the first half of Chris' words. "A bath and then bed sounds good. I'm glad you'll have a good evening." The white lighter looked back at the door to the basement, wishing that he didn't have to work on it. "I'll see you later, baby."

"I'll still miss you baby... be good." Chris smiled and orbed out a second later, leaving his husband reluctantly.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm not sure what it is but feedback seems to be lacking lately except for a couple of you (which I appreciate those of you who write). I'll take that as a sign that you don't like the story anymore or it's gotten too complicated or too long or too boring... whatever the case, I'll tie up some loose ends and end the story soon. I write it for fun... for myself and just decided to share... since you guys don't like it anymore, I won't waste anymore of Nifty's space. Thank you for your time =o)

To be continued...

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