~Leo and Chris: Charmed Forever~
by: Angel & Will

Featuring: Charmed's Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause) & Chris Wyatt (Drew Fuller) & Wyatt Halliwell (Wes Ramsey)
(as well as: Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Cole, Penny, Patty)

Disclaimer: None of this is true. These are  fictional characters. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.


Leo was at the front door of his new home, and smiling as he made sure his family had their eyes closed. He'd worked really hard to finish up the house, and now he wanted it to be a surprise for them. Piper, Paige and Wyatt along with baby Wyatt and baby Chris had driven the jeep over, filled with boxes. And Leo had orbed in with Chris and their sons. "Keep ‘em closed." Leo opened the door and walked inside.

"Yeah honey, I got the whole surprise thing when you tried to blindfold me this morning... actually I thought it was a kinky thing... sorry about biting you." Chris tried to conceal his chuckle with a cough.

"Well, now the day will be unforgettable thanks to that..." Paige frowned. “...piece of information."

Leo rolled his eyes at Paige, but laughed when he heard her yelp. ~Ha, go Piper.~ "Okay everyone," Leo grabbed the toolbox he'd left on the stairs, and put it on the table by the entryway. "Open your eyes."

Wyatt had cheated... he had already been looking but he didn't let on. "Wow... it's livable! That's a compliment by the way."

"Oh my god... Dad! This is beautiful... oh my god. Babe you must have worked so hard on this... thank you so much!" Chris exclaimed and hugged his father tightly.

"Yeah he's certainly good with his hands... and other appendages." Wyatt muttered.

"Wow Leo... your taste has certainly come a long way from the flannel shirts..." Piper said, gently rocking baby Chris in her arms.

"Flannel is so lesbian." Paige muttered darkly, looking around the room. "Guess we know why she stayed with him for so long." Paige then perked up and smiled. "I like the stairs..."

"Thank you baby." Leo grinned and hugged Chris. "You're going to love the rooms." He whispered in Chris' ear.

Chris raised an eyebrow with a smirk. "You mean you're going to make sure I love the rooms..." He whispered back. "Over and over and over again."

"I heard that!" Piper exclaimed and Wyatt laughed.

"Heard what?" Leo chuckled and walked towards the living room. "Are we ready for this tour or what?" He looked over at Wyatt and winked. "Chris, I kept my promise. Now don't forget yours."

"Oh come on... you know better than that. I'd love to make good on my promise..." Chris smiled at Leo and then gave a quick glance back at Wyatt.

"Uh..." Wyatt started. "How about we take the kids to the park? It's a beautiful day today... and let's face it... they need sunlight... they're starting to look like Paige."

"I resent that remark, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Evil." Paige shot Wyatt a look.

"Hey, this is supposed to be a nice day. With all of us acting like the family we are." Leo glared at Paige for a moment. "You guys can go to the park you want after everyone sees the house." Leo reached out and held Chris' hand.

Chris gave Leo's hand a tight squeeze. "Yeah you guys... the park can wait."

Piper nodded. "Okay... park can wait... we can get the quick tour. The day will still be good in half an hour."

"Just a suggestion..." Wyatt shrugged. "Plus I wasn't sure if Leo and Chris wanted to come back when their entertainment center is set up." Wyatt winked over at Leo.

Leo chuckled. "I think we'll be here for a long time, so no worries over entertainment centers." Once everyone settled down, Leo told them about the changes he'd made to each of the rooms, getting through it fairly quickly with minimal comments from Paige.

"That's pretty much all of the house." Leo said in closing. He'd left out his and Chris' bed room, and the basement and attic, since no one would want to know about that. Plus, he was still working on a surprise for Chris and Wyatt in those rooms.

"This place is huge Leo!" Piper commented to her ex-husband. "What are you guys going to do with this much room?"

"Raise lots and lots of children." Leo said off the top of his head. He squeezed Chris' hand and grinned over at Wyatt. "We needed a lot of space, especially since I know you guys will be over here all the time."

Piper nodded. "Yeah expect to baby-sit... a lot... major... big time. Living at the manor was not free at all."

"Oh please!" Chris snorted. "If anything you should pay us for that experience." Chris shot at his aunt and mother, which drew a chuckle from Wyatt.

"If anyone should have to pay it's you two. I can not begin to count the number of times I've come home and you were getting it on in the living room." Paige rolled her eyes, hands on her hips. "Maybe I'll take that money and go get some therapy for all those nightmarish images burned into my retinas."

"It turned you on... admit it." Wyatt chuckled.

"Umm, hell no!" Paige scrunched up her face, trying not to gag. "I, for one, am beyond happy you got a new place. It's about damn time. If I'd heard Chris shouting for Daddy to do him harder again, I'd of had to puke all over the Book Of Shadows."

Chris was beyond beet red at this point but his brother was laughing his ass off. Funny... AND true.

"Okay... okay... enough of this talk in front of the children... besides I believe we promised them a visit to the park, didn't we?" Piper asked.

"Yes we sure did before Paige started on her super lesbian kick." Wyatt said with a smile. "So... park okay with you, super lesbian?"

"Pft." Paige let her hands drift down by her sides instead of resting on her hips. "Let's go. I got dibs on getting the ice cream though." The witch grabbed Piper's hand. "I'm not promising to bring any back!"

Leo laughed. "Fine." The white lighter walked away from Chris and opened up the door to the house. "Piper likes the freezy pop."

Paige rolled her eyes. "No she doesn't. She likes the chocolate ice cream cup. Now people! Let's move it out before they're all gone."

Wyatt walked along side his mother, holding baby Wyatt's hand. It didn't even occur to him how strange it was that he was holding his own hand. "Hold your horses lady... not all of us are scared sunlight and want to get this over with quickly.”

Piper fought every urge to laugh and succeeded, smiling at Paige as they walked out of the house.

Leo shut the door after them and then turned around to face Chris. "How about we go put the boys down in their bassinets? And then I can show you the best parts of the house."

Chris smiled from ear to ear, it seemed. "Sounds like a plan."

"Great." Leo smiled and led them back to the rooms. Most of the bedrooms were on the first floor, which Leo had thought would be easier on all of them. "I'll save the attic and the basement for when Wyatt get back, ok?" Leo opened the door to the babies’ room.

"Of course." Chris walked into the nursery, holding one of the twins, and made his way towards the bassinet. No sooner had he set the baby down on the bassinet than he lost his balance in a dizzy spell and wobbled, dangerously close to falling. "I'm okay... I'm okay." He stated before Leo could ask.

"Are you sure?" Leo asked, quickly setting his son down in the bassinet, and then putting an arm around Chris' shoulders. "Do you want some water?"

"No no... I'm good. Big day I guess." Chris managed with a chuckle as he made his way to the baby monitor and turned it on.

Leo pushed the hurt feeling away when Chris walked away from him, and put a hand in his pocket. "If you're sure, then follow me to our room." The room was at the other end of the house so Leo wanted to be sure that Chris was okay.

Chris felt the familiar tingle... he had been feeling it for almost a month but he kept ignoring it. He refused to believe he could be pregnant again... he refused to tell Leo. Mainly, he was just afraid of it all... how Leo would react after the events of the last pregnancy. He nodded at his husband and walked back over to him, putting an arm around Leo's arm.

Leo smiled and kissed Chris' cheek. "I hope you like it." The white lighter had been done with most of the house for a while; he had spent most of his time working on the bedroom. He'd carved and made all the furniture in it, and was eager to show it to his husband. It'd been hard to keep it a secret, but he was glad Chris had let him choose most of the furniture for the house. Leo walked slowly down the hall, not wanting to go too fast for Chris. ~He's going to like it, so will Wyatt. I guess if he wants to stay with us in there anyway, ‘cause I did make him his own room in case he doesn't.~

"I'm sure I'll love it... it's all you... and I still love you... flannel shirts and all babe." Chris said with a smile as they reached the bedroom door.

"Hey, they're good to work in!" Leo defended himself half-heartedly. "Besides, I'm not the one who wears formfitting shirts." Leo winked at Chris, then opened the door and walked in. He looked around the room, taking in the all oak furniture, and matching bed. "What do you think? Is it okay? Wrong color?"

Chris immediately gasped in surprise. "Oh my... LEO! This is gorgeous babe... you did all this? For us? You never cease to amaze me baby." He walked up to the bed... running his hand on the headboard then falling to the comfortable bedding. His eyes scanned the entire bedroom and he loved it the more he saw it. "Honey this is amazing. You're amazing!" He ran back to Leo and hugged him. "Besides..." He whispered in Leo's ear. "I happen to love wearing your flannel shirts... and nothing else."

"It's a good thing you look sexy in them too." Leo whispered and hugged Chris tightly. "I'm so glad you like it baby." Leo kissed Chris' cheek. "Do you forgive me for staying out late all those nights now?"

"You are so forgiven!" Chris chuckled. "I'm sure Wyatt will love it too... now you... come with me..." He grabbed Leo's hand and dragged him out of the bedroom towards the family room.

"Kay." Leo grinned, even though he knew he was looking like a goof. ~Chris loved it! I rock!~  "I got some of those fudge bars you like in the freezer."  Leo said, thinking that Chris wanted something to eat.

"Not interested right now..." Chris turned to Leo when they reached the living room. "Now you... sit here..." He pushed Leo to fall back and sit on the couch. He turned to the TV and turned it on. "It was a little hard to find but... I'm resourceful." Chris pressed 'play' on the remote control in his hand and an image emerged. "One of the best seasons the White Sox had... in this particular game, they beat the New York Yankees... 1959... enjoy and I'll be right back." And just like that he disappeared from the room.

Leo relaxed into the couch, thinking that it was great that they finally had a place of their own. "I can't believe he found...." Leo watched the TV, quickly getting caught up in the game. He'd been of the White Sox since he'd been old enough to know what baseball was.

Chris watched from a distance with a smile. He liked just watching his husband but it was time for him to keep his promise. He walked back into Leo's line of sight and cleared his throat to get his husband's attention. "Hate to interrupt but I have a duty to perform." He leaned against the wall, wearing only one of Leo's flannel shirts and nothing else.

"Okay." Leo said, half way paying attention to Chris. He didn't hear anything else from Chris, so he looked up and swallowed as he took in his husband's appearance. "Wow...baseball and cute guys..." Leo chuckled. "Get over here."

"Still got it." Chris chuckled and made his way slowly towards Leo. He knelt in front of Leo, scooting between his spread legs. "May I, sir?"

"Chris." Leo smiled and grabbed his husband's hand. "I was just teasing you. Get up here and watch the game with me." Leo knew what Chris was hinting at, but didn't want to force it or Chris into anything. "We have plenty of time."

Chris shook his head in disagreement as his hands unzipped Leo's shorts and made their way inside. "Sit back and enjoy baby." His hand brought Leo's cock out from it's confines and his wet lips met the head instantly.

Leo's breath caught in his throat, and he forced it out. "Lucky me." He moved his hand to Chris' shoulder. "One of the best games ever, and you. What more could I want?" The white lighter almost stopped Chris, too conditioned to living in the manor. ~Now we can be together whenever we want... anywhere we want.~

Chris took his sweet time making his way down his father's shaft. He worked his mouth up and down, each time sucking just a little more of the large member into his mouth. After what must have been a ten-minute process, he had swallowed it all. Leo's cock now lay deep inside his throat, the head being contracted upon by his swallowing muscles.

"Aww, hell." Leo closed his eyes momentarily savoring the feeling of closeness he felt with Chris right then. His sight flicked back and forth between the game on the screen and watching Chris. Leo rubbed Chris' shoulder and up to his husband's neck. "Baby, you- ah, are you sure you don't want to take this to the bedroom?" Leo asked half-heartedly. He really didn't want to end this anytime soon, and subconsciously flexed his hips.

Chris sucked harder and moaned in response, giving Leo plenty of suction and leeway to fuck his face like he seemed to be trying. His slurps were sometimes even louder than Leo's moans every time his cock reached Chris' throat.

Leo ran his hand from Chris' neck down to his arm, down his shoulder, and finally grabbed the couch. "I love you so much." The white lighter told his husband as he held on tightly to the couch. "I want everything to be perfect for us." Leo let his head drop onto the back of the couch, lightly pushing his hips towards Chris.

Chris ran his hands up and down Leo's muscular legs for effect as his sucking never faltered and neither did his moaning. Truth was he wanted this as much Leo or maybe more. This pregnancy he was denying was making him more erotically charged than usual.

Leo absentmindedly realized he was missing the game, but in the next instant he could feel the tingle signifying his release and completely forgot about the game. He reached out with his hand and ran his fingers through Chris hair. "Love you." He mumbled as he pushed his hips forward and came inside of Chris' mouth.

Chris was surprised by the orgasm but being more than used to Leo's size and orgasms, he took it like a pro... swallowing every single drop.

Leo continued to run his hand through Chris' hair. His head all the way back and his breathing was fast, Leo couldn't help but smile. "Chris." The white lighter took in a deep breath and looked at his husband. "Everyday should start like this."

Chris finally let Leo's cock slip from his mouth with a smile, not bothering to tuck it back in. He got up and sat on Leo's lap straddling him. "It will, daddy. It will."

"Yeah?" Leo put his arms around Chris. "Sounds pretty good to me. Maybe we should move into a new house every year if that's so." Leo joked and let his head rest against Chris' shoulder.

"Baby..." Chris hated to have to ruin this moment for them but he couldn't do this anymore to the husband he loved so much. "I... I think I might be pregnant... again."


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To be continued...

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