~Leo and Chris: Charmed Forever~
by: Angel & Will

Featuring: Charmed's Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause) & Chris Wyatt (Drew Fuller) & Wyatt Halliwell (Wes Ramsey)
(as well as: Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Cole, Penny, Patty)

Disclaimer: None of this is true. These are  fictional characters. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about.By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.


"What?" Leo leaned back, looking at Chris' face. "Are you-" The white lighter's words faltered, and he tried to think of something to say. "Are you sure?" ~Pregnant...like baby pregnant... but last time he...~ Leo wanted more children, that was a given, but he was surprised.

Chris nodded with closed eyes. "Been feeling it... for almost a month now."

"You're pregnant." Leo watched Chris' face, trying to figure out how his husband wanted him to react. "That's-" Leo was happy, and scared. He wanted nothing more than to have more kids with Chris, but he was scared...terrified, scared shitless after the miscarriage. "My baby boy." Leo held Chris tighter. "Talk to me. What are you thinking?"

"Lots of things." Chris spoke honestly... his tone reflecting a little vulnerability. "I'm thinking it's scary... I'm thinking I don't want to let you down... I'm thinking are we ready? ... I'm thinking I'm hornier for my husband than ever."

Leo silently chuckled at the last statement. "Chris, you could never let me down." The white lighter said firmly, wanting to get that point across to his husband first. "I will support you, however you need my support. But I need you to tell me what you want. I don't want anything you don't want, okay Christopher?"

Chris nodded in agreement. "Let's just take it one day at a time. I promise not to freak out if you won't... yeah it's scary but it's meant to be... don't you think?"

"Of course." Leo reassured Chris, his mind shouting at him that they thought last time had been 'meant to be' also. "I will always be there for you. I know, well I assume, that because I was working on the house... that you didn't have the time to tell me. But that's okay. It must have been scary finding something like this out, but we can make it work. I love you, Chris, and I want this."

"I didn't tell you because I was afraid... of your reaction... of history repeating itself... of the possibility you might not want this... of the possibility *I* might not want this. But it all came down to the fact that I love you and your my husband... we'll get through anything but it has to be together... that's why I told you now. Well that and you just shot a huge load down my throat... figured you'd be relaxed." Chris said with a light chuckle.

"I will do everything I can to make sure it never happens again." Leo said seriously, not laughing at Chris' joke. "I'm sorry I wasn't open enough with you, that you thought I would react badly...I haven't been very forthcoming with how I felt about the-" Leo stumbled on his words. 'The miscarriage. I love you, and I only want what you want. If you're scared and don't want to keep this baby, I'm behind you. I love you, not the fact that we can have children. Whatever you want, baby boy." Leo hoped he had said the right words.

"Truth is I'm terrified... but I can't in good conscience end a life... no matter how brief. It's not my place and I won't make it my place. If the man in charge thinks I need to be pregnant then so be it. I won't take his job from him.. he decides when life ends and begins... doesn't mean I'm any less scared. But that's what I have you for."

"You will always have me." Leo promised, he kissed Chris' shoulder. ~Is this too soon?~ The whitelighter pushed the thought away and held onto Chris, pulling him closer into his own body. "I won't let- I will be with you every step. I promise." Leo still felt guilty, that if he hadn't of been with Wyatt that he'd have been there for Chris.

"Stop that." Chris said firmly. "I can see it and I hate it. It wasn't your fault and it wasn't mine. Took me a while to realize it but I know it now. I did the best I could and so did you. You can't be around me twenty four seven... it's not your job and I can protect myself. Bottom line, it's not up to you... or me for that matter. We're great together... great parents... great lovers... great friends..."

"Great soulmates?" Leo teased Chris, trying to hide his own feelings. Leo stood up, holding onto Chris. He set his husband down on the couch, and kneeled down on the floor next to the couch. ~I think we are.~  "It's kinda strange to have this conversation with the baseball game in the background."

"Ah what the heck... it's on tape... we can watch it again anytime. You wouldn't believe who I had to blow for that." Chris laughed almost immediately. "I'm, of course, kidding baby. I blow only you... and usually I don't do it to get stuff from ya."

"He says in the house he gave me a blow job for." Leo grinned and re did his pants. "Come on. Let's go check on the boys and then we can check out the bedroom."

"The boys are fine... and asleep." Wyatt said, emerging from the far corner.

"When did..." Chris started.

"…I get here? Five minutes ago. Another minute with the lesbians and I would have been joining their lesbian book club and donating to the lesbian literacy foundation." Wyatt scowled.

"Is that a real thing?" Chris asked seriously which ignited a chuckle from Wyatt. "It's not?"

"How can they have a foundation if they can't read?" Leo asked, but then remembered that it wasn't real. "Never mind. You didn't happen to orb Paige into a mud puddle did you?"

"I am shocked and appalled at that allegation!" Wyatt said with mock hurt. "But she may have found her red lipstick turned green."

Leo nodded his head. "Any screaming?" Leo questioned, picturing the scene in his mind. ~Like that wouldn't of gotten her some weird stares.~ "We should rig the manor so that all the mirrors show false images..." Leo trailed off thinking about his idea.

"Good to see I didn't fall too far from the tree." Wyatt smirked.

"Oh yeah... whoopee!" Chris said sarcastically.

"Hey, I've lived with her for longer than you have." Leo defended himself. "Help me out here." The white lighter said, looking over to Wyatt for help. "Otherwise he's going to hold this over us for months, and you know how pregnant people can be."

"You're pregnant?" Wyatt's eyes went wide s he looked at Chris.

"A little bit." Chris nodded.

"Wow... umm congratulations?" Wyatt questioned because of the lack of excitement from his father and brother.

Chris laughed. "Thank you... if we seem subdued it's because... well..." Chris didn't verbally continue but gestured his fists back and forth in front of his lips signaling what had just occurred.

"Gotcha." Wyatt chuckled.

"We were about to check on the boys. Want to come with?" Leo asked, leaving it open as to what he meant. He didn't want to hurt either of his son's feelings by inviting or not inviting Wyatt.

"As much as I can see you want me to come along..." Wyatt started as he rolled his eyes. "I'll pass and instead go for that hot tub I saw."

"No wait... didn't you want to wait for Wyatt for something, daddy?" Chris asked his father.

"Yeah." Leo grinned, remembering his other surprise. "You guys up for it? We can start in the basement." Leo looked back and forth between his sons, excited at the surprise he had for them.

"Basement it is!" Chris said excitedly.

"What a shock... Chris likes going down." Wyatt stated dryly.

"Now you're sounding like a…" Leo stopped and walked out of the room, not wanting to spoil the good mood. "Come on boys. I know you two know where this room is." The white lighter teased, making a reference to their little attempt to sneak in while he was making repairs to the house.

"Told you we'd never live it down." Chris shot over at Wyatt who just stuck out his tongue and followed silently.

Leo went down ahead of the boys and turned all the lights on in the basement since it lacked the windows that the other rooms had. "I hope you like the last two rooms." Leo smiled, and looked over his work. He'd turned the area into a small gym, complete with a wall of mirrors.

"Oh my god this is so cool!" Wyatt ran the rest of the way down the steps towards the equipment, touching the cold metal.

"Hey ease up... one wrong step and you fall and hurt yourself and the baby and..." Chris stopped and took a deep breath then turned to Leo. "This is great Dad. So cool... Wyatt will want to be in here all the time... AFTER the birth... right?"

"Yeah yeah..." Wyatt answered absentmindedly as he continued to exam the equipment. "I bet you anything the attic is a copy of the manor's." He said and Chris laughed.

"Not exactly." Leo chuckled. "But I did think you would be more comfortable with the magic supplies up there." Leo admitted. " I know you guys can't use the equipment until after the kids... but you can do yoga or just flexibility stuff down here until then." The white lighter suggested. ~I'll just keep the fun use for the mirrors thing to myself.~

"Or we could always fuck us against those mirrors or in front of it so we can watch each other even better... it's like a sex tape only live!" Wyatt exclaimed.

"You do have a way with words, Wyatt... and I'm turned on now." Chris chuckled.

Leo laughed out loud. "And with Chris we can just have him 'pause' us." The white lighter walked over to Chris and hugged him, so his husband knew he was joking. "Since you already guessed that I put the magical stuff in the attic.... want to skip it?"

"Hell no... let's go." Chris orbed himself and Leo up to the attic, with Wyatt quickly following. "You knew this was going to be my favorite room in the house didn't you? Well aside from the bedroom of course."

"Bedroom? Who are you kidding? You're going to do it all over the house." Wyatt said.

"Oooh potions!" Chris ran over to the potion shelf. "OOOH Nice! You got Paige to make her invisibility potion!" This was definitely Chris's second love... magic. He loved being a witch... and he'd never give it up.

"Yeah...don't ask how I got her to agree to it." Leo shuddered at the memory. "You might want to, uh, look behind you." Leo motioned towards the wall with a large bookcase. It was filled with magical texts he'd 'acquired'.

Chris turned around and instantly gasped then ran to the bookcase. "OH MY GOD!"

Wyatt leaned close to Leo and whispered in his ear. "Watch out. I think he just had a tiny orgasm."

Leo gave Wyatt a look, but chuckled on the inside. "Hey, my Christopher loves magic... he's allowed."

"Loves it? I think he'd cheat on you with it if it was possible." Wyatt laughed.

Chris grabbed for a book and opened it, quickly thumbing through it and read excerpts from it. "Mother Shipton... a 15th Century Yorkshire witch. She was said to have powers of healing and spell-casting, and her prophecies about modern time such as those of airplanes and cars have come true. Also scientific inventions, new technology, wars and politics."

"Was she related to Phoebe?" Wyatt smirked.

"That's Mother Slip-some-tongue that's related to Phoebe." Leo said with a straight face. ~It was worth it… to be away from them... just the looks on their faces.~

Wyatt was practically rolling on the floor laughing his ass off at Leo's comment. "Truer words have never been spoken, Dad."

Chris was far too enthralled to even notice what was going on. Instead he continued to read. "Witchcraft involves the use of supernormal powers such as shape-shifting, clairvoyance, invisibility, flying, the ability to kill at a distance and astral projection. During the middle ages and the renaissance, it was defined as evil magic, heresy and devil-worship. Contemporary witchcraft has redefined it as a reconstructed form of Pagan religion that worships the Goddess and horned god and has no connection with Christianity or the devil. It’s also only used for good rather than for evil."

"Yeah maybe you can visit the middle ages sometime." Wyatt sarcastically.

"That would be so awesome!" Chris exclaimed.

"NOW he hears me."

"To quote Paige: Hell no!" Leo crossed his arms over his chest. "Wasn't coming back to now enough of a time warp for you? Or the time you sent me back to the dinosaurs?" Leo couldn't help it. He knew if Chris decided to do something, then Wyatt would go too... and with both of them pregnant Leo couldn't help his loud outburst.

"Relax..." Wyatt said. "I won't let him... don't give yourself a heart attack... I need you later... or at least one part of you." Wyatt chuckled lightly.

"The Spell Apple spell is a spell for banishing. The apple is cut in half sideways. One half is rubbed with mint while the bad habit or problem to be banished is said out loud. The halves are then rejoined with a skewer, tied with ribbon, and buried. As the apple decomposes, the problem will go away. This spell is free of personal gain..." Chris finished reading. "Isn't that cool, baby?" It was then he saw Leo worried. "What? What happened?"

"You're not going to the middle ages." Leo said in a much calmer voice. ~ You know that spell wouldn't have worked on Cole.~

"Oh no... of course not. They hung witches back then... I was just blurting stuff babe... aw you're so cute when you're worried." Chris smiled.

"Can I disagree? … No? …Okay." Wyatt said sarcastically.

"Let's not even mention all the health issues." Leo mumbled under his breath. "So what does being cute, and having gotten you all these books add up to?"

Chris set the book down and with a smile, walked slowly towards Leo. "Adds up to... " He kissed Leo's cheek. "One hot bed-shaking hour."

"Hey! It's my turn! You got him last night... 3 times!" Wyatt complained half-heartedly. He found their situation funny... sharing Leo like this was sort of amusing to him... it never truly bothered him but it was fun pretending.

Leo laughed. "It's Wyatt's turn." He said in his parental voice. "Chris, you should bring the book and read with us as we get rid of the tension."

Wyatt stuck out his tongue at Chris then smiled in full victory mode.

"Oh great... I see the mature part of the day has now begun." Chris said and rolled his eyes. "Fine fine... you win... but I get him after."

"We'll see if I leave any for you!" Wyatt threatened playfully.

Leo smiled and put his arm around Chris. "I think that won't be a problem." The white lighter nudged Chris, and nodded at Wyatt, remembering that Wyatt still hadn't seen the bedroom. "Up to the room, hup two."


To be continued...

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