Title: Leo and Chris: Forever
Author/Email: Angel ( kindaskimpy@comcast.net ) & Will
Genre: SLASH
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Leo Wyatt/ Chris Wyatt
Rating: NC-17
Category: Romance/Erotica
Summary: Leo seeks Chris. Chris seeks forgiveness. They find love.
Disclaimer: None of this is true; at least not to my knowledge. I do not own these people/characters and certainly do not make them do the things I write about. By reading this, you relinquish any liability I may have.
 WARNING: This story involves consensual INCEST and homosexual relations.
Notes: I dedicate this to one of my favorite shows; Charmed.
Feedback: I would appreciate it more than words can express and will try my best to reply to all of it.


"I want our vacation sooner. Let's pick somewhere to go... get our asses there and leave our asses there for a while." Chris chuckled. "Come on Dad... picture it. Just you and me... completely alone... by ourselves... to do as we wish... behave as we want... hug... kiss... make love... watch TV... bathe together... whatever."

"Like how soon?" Leo didn't want to leave Chris just yet. ~Does he mean like now, now? I thought I would get to spend a few days with him...~

Dark Leo opened the fridge to get another beer. ~Crap, I never get to go anywhere. ~

"I don't know... a couple of days?" Chris hugged Leo tightly. "I'm just dying to be alone with you Dad... you know, get a glimpse of what our life would be... in a perfect world."

"Okay, Christopher." Leo hugged his son, and kissed his lips. "I'll tell them right before we leave, in three days."  The elder kissed his son again, wanting to spend all of their time together showing Chris how much he loved him.

"Thanks, Dad." Chris smiled brightly and kissed Leo back then turned to Dark Leo. "So... you enjoy the show?"

Dark Leo shut the fridge door, without having gotten his beer. "I whistled didn't I?" He grinned and folded his arms over his chest. Dark Leo saw Leo's stare, and continued. "And I got the message."

"Yeah I think everyone got the message... 'cause Dad's that good." Chris smiled, proud to call Leo his father.

Dark Leo opened his mouth, but shut it not adding that 'they' were that good.

Leo looked back at Chris and smiled at the boy. "Only because I had a great guy."

"Correction... you had THE guy. Not to brag but let's face it Dad... you're not going to find anyone better because I was made for you... pure and simple." Chris stated from his heart and his body agreed.

"So, want to show your old man the ropes?" Leo said, slightly nervous. ~I can do this, I made it through all this stuff, and I haven't done anything wrong.  

"Ooh ropes... kinky..." Chris laughed. "Come on 'old man'... you're going to get an up close view of what that big cock of yours looks like fucking ass because you'll be sucking me as he..." Chris pointed to Dark Leo "…fucks me."

"Okay." Leo said, mentally talking to himself about how he could do this. "I love you, baby." The elder looked over to his dark twin, and then motioned for him to lead them.

Dark Leo smiled, more then happy to find a nice spot for the three of them. "Bed or no bed?"

"You're asking? WOW... Dad I think he's going soft on us!" Chris joked and laughed.

Dark Leo started walking. "Whatever. I try to be nice to him, and I get lip. Fine." Dark Leo headed to the living room and sat in his favorite chair.

Leo shrugged his shoulders and reached out for Chris's hand. "Come on, Christopher."

"Yes sir!" Chris grabbed his father's hand and followed. "He's testy... no pun intended."

Leo laughed and saw his dark twin sitting in a chair. "So, umm how's this going to work?"  Leo asked his dark half, fairly certain he would know.

Dark Leo smiled. "Well a few ways. I could sit here in this chair, and I'm sure you get the rest of the picture. Or we could lie down on the couch... B-Chris, why don't you choose?"

"All right... I will... I'll be on all fours... you behind me... Dad beneath me so he may have access to me and me to him. Agreed?" Chris asked, emotionless towards his father's dark twin.

"Works for me." Dark Leo said and got up from the chair.

Leo smiled nervously, and squeezed Chris's hand. "Sounds like a plan." Leo looked around and wondered where he should lay.

Chris leaned towards his father and placed a soft kiss on his tender lips. "It's going to be fine... it's you and me... he's just a prop..."

"I may be a cold bastard, but even bastards have feelings." Dark Leo commented.

Leo smiled at Chris, and felt better because of his son’s words. "Okay, well then umm, is?" Leo saw a blanket on the back of the couch and spread it out on the floor and laid out on it.

Chris knelt down by Leo and kissed him before crawling on all fours above him in a 69 sort of position. "Hey Darkie... maybe you could get here before I turn 40, whadda ya say?”

"No problemo." Dark Leo got onto his knees and moved in close to the boy.

Leo watched as his dark twin moved behind Chris. ~Man, that looks like it would hurt from this view.~ He helped his twin by holding him still, and tried not to wince as his dark twin slammed into Chris. Leo put his hand on Chris's shaft and began stroking him and tentatively leaned up so he could lick the tip.

Chris instantly gasped at the intrusion. His father had gone gentler but this guy was just ramming it in there... he kind of liked it... a lot. Once he was sure he was in control of his own body, he leaned down and took Leo's cock in his mouth, constantly moaning around it as he sucked with every thrust into his ass.

Leo moaned and sucked more of Chris into his mouth. ~Nice.~ He opened his eyes and saw his dark twin fucking his son hard. Leo would ask Chris if he was okay, but his Christopher was sucking on his cock. ~Feels so good. ~

Dark Leo groaned and held his hands on the boy's hips. He had been surprised when Leo had helped him, but was just plain relieved now. After watching the poofy version of himself and the brat go at it he needed to fuck. Keeping his snide comments to himself, Dark Leo fucked the boy fast and hard, wanting the boy to know that he wasn't someone to mess with.

"Oh shit!" Chris hissed then went back to sucking on Leo hard. His whole body shook with every thrust. His skin slapped hard against that of his father's dark twin as their hips met over and over again and Dark Leo's cock was shoved roughly in and out of him.

Leo stopped sucking on Chris, and awkwardly hit his dark twin on the thigh. "Baby, are you okay?" The elder kept stroking Chris, wanting him to still feel something good.

"Ow, don't hit me." Dark Leo said, continuing to fuck the kid. "I'm not hurting him. He loves it." Dark Leo rubbed the boy's back with one hand then leaned forward and kissed the small of Chris's back. "Aren't you. You love me fucking you so hard. It's exciting isn't it? Knowing that you are being fucked by the bad version of your "daddy". Knowing he could be like this." He nipped at Chris's back then kissed it, before moving back so he could start fucking the boy again. "I'll show you just how good it can be."

"Daddy I'm... fine... oh god yes!" Chris was unbelievably turned on by the way Dark Leo was speaking to him. It was the tone, the words... the kiss... everything. It DID excite him to know all this lived inside his Dad. "Fuck me hard!" He demanded and continued to suck on Leo's cock.

Dark Leo grinned and lightly but firmly smacked one of the boy's ass cheeks. "That's a good boy." Dark Leo grunted and fucked the boy harder.

Leo continued to jerk his son off with his hand as he though for a moment about what his dark twin had said. ~I thought he was hurting him, but he's not. Chris said so...~ Feeling Chris's mouth on him again, Leo leaned up and sucked his son’s cock back in his mouth,  licking at the head of it before moving up and taking more of the shaft in his mouth.

As he continued sucking Leo's shaft all the way down his throat, Chris enthusiastically pushed back to meet every thrust into him and receive Dark Leo even deeper.

Leo felt less and less inhibited as they continued to make love. He sucked and licked Chris, not understanding how Chris could suck all of him. Leo remembered something Chris had done and hoped he could do it all right.  With one hand he started playing with Chris's balls, and moved his head up higher, trying not to gag as he sucked more of his son.

Dark Leo could feel he was about to come and wished they'd let him in on the fun sooner.  ~Just doesn't last as long when they make me wait so long.~ Dark Leo started fucking Chris as hard as he could relishing the feel of the boy's skin slapping against his. He fucked him at that pace for a minute before it was too much and he thrust as deeply as he could into the boy, coming in his tight ass.

The sensation of his insides being filled yet again with the warm creamy liquid, his father taking his cock deeper, and feel of his father's cock in his mouth were too much and without warning he released into his father's mouth, feeling guilty for not warning him. Now determined to make his Dad cum hard, so he swallowed the shaft entirely and played with his balls, as his throat contracted around the sensitive head.

Leo bent his head and tried to watch his poofy version and the boy. He started to pull out, but remembered the brat had asked Leo to stay, so he pushed himself so he was all up in the boy.

Leo hadn't been ready for Chris at all and choked, but had swallowed what he could once he was better, licking and sucking what he could from what he had spilled. But Chris was much too talented with his mouth and he only managed to the head of his son's cock before he came in Chris's mouth.

Chris swallowed everything Leo offered and silently thanked Dark Leo for staying in place inside him by clenching tightly around his sensitive cock.

Dark Leo gasped as the boy clenched his dick, but tried to cover it by clearing his throat. ~Damn, kid does have some good qualities. ~

Once Leo had regained some brain activity he started cleaning Chris up, enjoying how his son tasted. He lovingly licked away the cum and suckled his son after it was all gone.

Chris finally let his father's member slip from his lips as he regained his normal breathing pattern but remained on all fours. "Wow... just... wow..." He said in half moans, still felling Dark Leo's cock inside him and Leo sucking on him lightly.

Leo regretfully stopped sucking on Chris, but licked him one last time, before stopping completely. He breathed and smiled. "Yeah, that was very nice. Very nice."

Chris moved and reluctantly let Dark Leo's shaft exit his body and turned to smile at the man. "I know you enjoyed that so cut the bad boy act.... you like me." He said in a mocking tone.

Dark Leo rolled his eyes and hit the boy on his ass again. "Yeah and you liked it." He smirked and kissed the boy's cheek where he had kissed it before standing up.

"Told you. You got him to be nice." Leo grinned and tried not to laugh.

"It's amazing what a few moans, a good kiss, and a tight ass can do... so I've been told." Chris chuckled and sat on the floor.

"Yeah, well, whatever." Dark Leo said, flustered and went into the kitchen.


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