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All was well at Tottenham Hotspur. A lot of new signings had come in during the summer and a lot of players have departed aswell. All in all, the London club could not wait for the new season to begin, as they looked for a place in the UEFA Champions League. There was around the team like there was never before. Could this be their year?

New signing David Bentley stepped onto the pitch at White Hart Lane.  As he walked onto the soft grass and looked around the stands where he knew thousands of passionate supporters came week after week to support their heroes. Now he was one of them. David knew that this was the club that he was going to go places with. Finally David and Juande Ramos left the pitch to join up with the other Spurs players. Most of them he knew, from years of playing in the Premier League and others he had only heard of.

David had been introduced as the new signing for, like, four hours and already a certain young Spurs player been having wet dreams in his mind about the new star. He watched David as he sipped his beer and thought of all the sights that he would see this season. With Robbie Keane gone, well that was a bust, but there were still the likes of Berbetov, Jenas, Lennon, Hutton and now David Bentley to feast his eyes on in the showers. His cock twitched as he thought of seeing the sexy David nude in the dressing rooms. David didn't know it yet, but this player that was watching him was really having problems with his growing cock.

David came home after the exhausing day. He was at the club that he wanted to be and he looked forward to cement his place fully in the England squad. He layed on his bed when he heard his doorbell ring. He went down to open it and was surprised to see Gareth Bale standing on his doorstep. This was indeed a surprise as the only talk that he had ever had with Gareth was a quick congrats when they played last season.

"Hey new boy, what's up?"

"Hey, nothing much, just chilling out."

Well, can I come in then...?"

"Oh sure, yeah. Come in, make yourself at home. What are you drinking?"

"Pepsi, if you have."

"Coming up."

As David grabbed two cans of Pepsi, Gareth took the time to look around David's house. This guy really had taste. He was fun to be around, he was very good looking and on top of that he was really a nice guy. Oh yes, it was indeed Gareth who had checked David out at the club. Gareth has had a crush on this guy for so fucking long, but never thought anything would ever come of it. But that was before David had signed with Spurs.

"There you go, mate."

Thanks. Cheers."

The two Spurs players sat down and really started talking. They had so much in common, and as awkward as it first was, the two couldn't stop talking now. At the end of the night Gareth was so in love with this hunk of a man that he didn't want to go. If they didn't have training the following day he would have stayed longer. As he got up to leave, David offered to walk him out.

"Well, see you at your first training session tomorrow, mate. Just be careful, they gave me a bit of stick when I was the new boy."

"You and I just keep scoring those freekicks and we'll oust United as champions."

"David, you're having a laugh!"

"I don't think so, mate.  I have high ambtions and I want Champions League football.  Listen, thanks for coming over and making me feel welcome. I really appreciated it."

"Don't mention it, David. I can assure you it was my pleasure. Sweet dreams."

Gareth was on a high the following day as he knew that he would finally get to see David Bentley naked. As he walked into the dressing room, he saw that he was the only one there. He started undressing so long, taking off his shirt and exposing that firm stomach that he was so proud of. He ran his hand through his hair just as the door opened and David walked in. As he saw Gareth he stopped in his tracks.

"Hey mate. Am I early or are the others already training?"

"No, im always here a bit early. Just getting dressed so long."

David put his bag down and started to unbutton his shirt. Gareth decided to watch David intently without hiding his feelings anymore. David was facing away from Gareth as he took his shirt off and showed that abs to the dressing room walls. He felt a hand on his shoulder, turning him around. David was startled as he saw Gareth looking right at him with his heart in his throat. This was it...his dream became a reality right infront of his eyes.

"Mate? Something wrong?"

"I've wanted this for so long..."



Gareth took his right hand and let it slide over David's stomach. David's first instict was to smack Gareth for doing that but...God...this felt so fucking good...

"Gareth...what are you...why are you doing..."

Gareth silenced David by putting his hand on his mouth. He let his hand drift from David's mouth down to his neck and letting it rest behind his neck. With his other hand he pulled David's waist closer to his and stared deeply into his eyes. David was so beautiful, so pure...

"David, for fuck's sake...kiss me..."

"What the hell?"

"You are so sexy David. Please, please kiss me. I want you so much, mate."

David was in some state of shock. This was by far the weirdest request that he has ever got. David wasn't into guys at all, but Gareth was asking him to kiss him...those big brown eyes staring at him and pleading for the answer to his kiss him...

Gareth wasn't waisting time though and he leaned in and kissed the right side of David's neck.

"Mate,  oh shit mate, stop this..."

Gareth responded by kissing him deeper, sucking the flesh of David's neck and realising just how good it tasted. His hands wandered up to David's chest and rubbing, caressing it with so much emotion inside of him. He felt David's nipples as they hardened under his touch and David himself could feel his cock rising in his pants. At that moment he felt so special that his teammate wanted to do this with him so much. The feeling that was created deep within him was just too much and finally he gave up.

 "Dav...Oh David, yeah!" Gareth cried out as he felt David's hands reached behind his back and finding his shoulders. From there, he ran his fingers through Gareth's hair before pulling him closer to him.

"Kiss me..."

The two footballers stood in the middle of the dressing room and kissed the living daylights out of eachother. Gareth's tongue found David's and together they created the magic that only a loving kiss can provide.  Gareth pulled away and hugged David. He really wanted to carry on but the others would be here any minute.

"Come to my house after training, yeah?" Gareth asked.

"Try and keep me away, sexy," David replied.

Training was fabulous for at least two of the team members as they couldn't take their eyes of eachother. David had never felt this way about a guy before, but Gareth was something else. The sexy Welshman had become very special to him in these two days.

After training, Gareth was walking towards the showers when he heard David calling him.

"And where do you think you're going?"

"Shower.  I want to smell good for you."

"I have a better idea. Let's go to your place. We can shower there. What do you say?"

Gareth let his eyes wander down to David's crotch and there was definately a clear bulge there.

"You are on," he said with a cheeky smile.

The whole time while Gareth was driving David had his hand on Gareth's leg, rubbing it occationally. As they reached Gareth's home, they were chasing eachother into the house and as they entered, Gareth threw the door closed and jumped on top of David, the two men kissing passionately.  Both of them were out of breath and panting by the time the kiss ended and Gareth climbed off of David.

"Why don't I start running that shower?" he whispered.

"You do that," David replied, kissing him again.

Gareth went into the bathroom, turning the water on, and then he pinched himself, as he still couldn't believe what was happening. It was about to get better as he entered the living room. David was still there but...

He was stark naked.

Gareth fell on the ground as his legs gave way. He was letting his eyes glide over David's sexy shaped and build body and then he licked his lips as he saw David's cock. It must have been at least 8 inches and it was rock hard. David gently picked Gareth up and carried him into the shower. He started kissing Gareth's throat and rubbing his hands all over Gareth's solid stomach muscles, feeling the hard flesh underneath his fingers. He dugged his face into Gareth's wet black hair and kissed it. From there on he went lower, kissing his neck, his lips, his sexy chest and every peck carefully and thourougly.

"Shit, David! Motherfucker!" Gareth cried as David started to rub his steel hard 6 inch cock. David looked up at Gareth, winked at him and then took his cock into his warm mouth.

"David, suck me hard! Oh yes Dave! Suck me you sexy bastard!"

That's exactly what David did. He felt the rubbery steel hard texture of Gareth Bale's cock in his mouth and he sucked harder. He wanted this young man's cum. While David was sucking Gareth, he was wanking himself off aswell, letting that big 8 incher get a good workout. Gareth sighed as he felt his cum building up in his balls as that tingling, good feeling was rising up his cock.

"D...Dave, let me cum on your face...let me c...cum."

Dave immediately pulled his mouth off Gareth's cock as he wanked the organ faster and faster, the whole time looking into Gareth's handsome face.  Seeing David's cheeky sexy smile and strong cheekbone pushed him over the edge. The white pearly teen cum spurted out in four big blasts as Gareth flooded David's sexy face with his hot cum.  Gareth moaned and cried, the tears streaming down his face.

After Gareth had recovered, he walked out of the shower and into his bedroom where he pulled David with him.  They kissed once more before Gareth turned around and went on all fours. David knew what he meant, but had never thought once about it...until know.

"There is some lube in that drawer over there, sexy," Gareth said. David collected it and slowly applied the cold gel onto his 8 incher.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Fuck me," was all Gareth said.

Slowly, David pushed his cock into Gareth's butt, holding it upright and pulling it out again. He pushed in again, this time a little further.

"Mate, push it in, I can take it," Gareth said.

David pushed all of his 8 inches into Gareth's butt and held it there. Still no sound of pain from the Welshman. David began to pull his cock in and out of Gareth faster and finally there was a moan from Gareth, telling him that he was hitting all the right spots. David was pounding Gareth's hole so fucking fast now that his cock was a mere blur to him as he slapped his balls against Gareth's skin and he kissed Gareth's muscled back.

"Mate, I gonna..."

"Don't you dare pull out David Bentley!"

David obeyed and fucked Gareth faster. The cum blasted from David's balls straight into Gareth's body and the two fell on top of eachother on the bed, kissing deeply while coming off their sexual high. They sure couldn't wait for the season to begin!

Please tell me if I should carry on with using several players in this series as I have a lot of ideas that I want to write into stories. Also if you have a certain footballer that makes your cock grow just a little can tell me.