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Bolton Wanderers's supporters were very worried. After finishing eighth, sixth and fifth for the past three seasons they went on by finishing a shock 16th last season. What if it happened again? Would they be able to surivive it this time? Things were getting very tense with the new season only two weeks away.

Gary Megson was busy training with his squad and getting ready for the start of the season and looking at who showed potential for the first game against Stoke. Kevin Davies was running towards goal, dribbled left and right before shooting past Jasskilaainen in goal. The other team members cheered with him as goals were what they needed this season.

After training Kevin took off his shirt and gave it to a little girl that came to watch Wanderers train. She smiled at him and he gave her a hug. As he walked into the dressing rooms he was approached by Matt Taylor.

"Mate, I have a massive problem. I have to get to the airport and my car has broken down. I have family coming to stay with us and I have to go fetch them. I know it's a bother, but can you give me a lift to there? Please mate, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important."

"Yeah, no worries. We can go right now if you want?"

"Shit mate! Thanks man!"

Kevin and Matt finished dressing and walked out of the club running into a couple of fans outside, demanding autographs. After they had finally rid themselves from the fans they walked to Kevin's car together and got in.

"I hope you haven't made any plans?"

"No, not really. I would've just gone home and watched telly or gone out with friends. It's nice to talk to some of my clubmates for a while and at somewhere else than training or matches."

"If it was up to me, I would be over at yours a lot more, mate."


Matt looked over at Kevin and saw the confusion in his eyes.  Than he looked at the road ahead of him and Matt knew that that did sound a bit weird. That was not what he had meant. When he had signed with Bolton, he didn't have many friends here. They tried to be cool with him, but Matt had this feeling thast they were still blaming him for the two goals that he had scored against them while playing for Portsmouth the previous season. He so badly wanted to get along with them and he thought he might have earned their respect when he scored the equaliser against Chelsea on the final day, but this was a new season alltogether.

"Mate, I just meant that I wasn't sure if you guys respected me as a teammate."

"What the hell? Mate, you will score many goals this season. We will make sure of that, because I don't think I can handle a relagation fight again!"

While they were talking it started to rain. Softly, slowly at first, and it got heavier and heavier as they were on their way to the airport. Kevin ran his fingers through his hair as he desperatly tried to see infront of him. Matt was getting worried aswell, and he just hoped that Kevin knew what he was doing.

"Mate, shouldn't we stop? It's really pouring down."

"I suppose so, but there is no where that we can pull over."

Kevin was looking at Matt as he said this and didn't see the car infront of them coming closer and closer.

"Kevin, watch out!"

Kevin opened his eyes and looked around him. He felt sort of funny. Like his body was quite heavy. He tried to sit up but immediately he felt an arm on his chest, pushing him down again. He turned his head to the right and saw Matt sitting there.

"Hey mate...what's going on?"

"Just lay back down, Kevin. If you don't, you're not getting anything out of me. We are at the hospital. Don't worry, its nothing serious, we had an accident in the rain and we..."

"Shit! The season is around the corner! The boss is gonna kill me!"

"Chill Kevin! It's only a little bump on the forehead. I didn't want you to worry about anything so I brought you here. You are feeling okay?"

"I guess so. Anyway, thanks Matt. And sorry about making an accident. Hey, what about your family?"

"Don't worry. I called the airline and they said that the plane was delayed by something like four hours, so I stayed with you to make sure that you are okay. I always look after and care about my friends."

Kevin was shocked to feel a strange wetness rolling down his face. Motherfucker, he was crying! He couldn't remember when was the last time that he cried. And now he was crying because his teammate told him that he cared about him. Matt was feeling emotional aswell as he watched Kevin cry. Matt didn't know what came over him, but he put his arm around Kevin and pulled him close into a hug. Kevin didn't need any persuation and hugged his friend back. They stayed like that for a couple of moments...the one not wanting to let the other go. It was only when they heard footsteps coming down the passage they let eachother go. Things were very uncomfortible at that point and Matt turned around, got his jacket and made for the door without saying goodbye to Kevin.

Training and football in general was not waiting for anyone and both Kevin and Matt were back in training the following day. Some of the other players saw that something was wrong as Kevin made no shots of the ball to Matt. Matt didn't understand this! He felt so frustrated because he really thought that he and Kevin were becoming friends.

That afternoon Kevin was sitting at home on his own, watching a bit of telly when his mind drifted back to Matt for what seemed like the millionth time. What was wrong with him? Why did that hug yesterday make him feel like he wanted to...This couldn't be happening? This was wrong. Just as he got up, he heard the doorbell. As he opened it, he saw Matt standing there. They stood and watched eachother for a moment or two before Matt spoke.

"Mate, can I come in?"

"I don't think that's such a good idea, Matt."

"Why are you doing this? Yesterday we were talking, laughing..."

"Yesterday should never have happened."

"Let me guess, because we hugged? Mate, it was just a friendly hug, nothing more, nothing less."

Kevin remained quiet before Matt pushed him out of the way and entered the house. Kevin sighed and closed the door. Matt stood in the living room, waiting for him.

"I want to know what the hell had changed between yesterday and today."

"It's nothing..."

"That's crap and you know it! You didn't say a word to me today nor did you pass the ball to me once today nor did you even adknowledge the fact that I was there! I want to know now."

Kevin walked the the other side of the livingroom and put his hands in his face. Matt, wanting to help, came over to him and put his hand on Kevin's shoulder. Kevin looked at Matt and opened his lips a bit. He leaned over and kissed Matt gently on his cheek. Matt was startled and pulled away from Kevin.

"That's why I was crying yesterday. You cared about what happened to me, and you hugged me. In a world of football that doesn't happen a lot. I was just overcome with these damn emotions that I...I didn't want you to discover that I never wanted that hug you gave me to end."

Kevin looked at Matt and stared into his beautiful blue eyes.

"I never wanted it to end..."

Kevin put his hand at the back of Matt's neck and pulled his face to his. Matt opened his lips and accepted Kevin's tongue in his mouth. The two Bolton footballers kissed furiously and let their hands glide over eachother's shoulders. Matt pulled away and ran his fingers through Kevin's hair.

"I never thought I would feel this way about a teammate, Kevin. You are fucking georgeous, you know that?"

"Not as sexy as you, mate," Kevin laughed and kissed him once more.

Matt's hands were pulling at Kevin's shirt slowly and unbuttoned it. Kevin's muscular and sexy body came into view and Matt ran his fingers over the strong stomach. Matt then pulled his own sweater over his head and the two kissed again, this time with more passion than before. Their bare chests touched and the feeling was electric and they couldn't get enough.  Kevin pulled back.

"I want to suck you,"

"Go ahead."

Kevin nervously kneeled down and got face to face with Matt's crotch. He slowly unbuckled the belt and unzipped the pants. Kevin swallowed and then he lowered Kevin's pants and boxers in one go. The nine incher that was Matt Taylor struck out at him and was begging for some attention. So was Matt, still running his fingers lovingly through Kevin's hair. Kevin grasped Matt long, wet, red cock and stroked it once.

"Oh Kevin...mate...please don't stop..."

Kevin took the initiative and took the cock infront of him into his mouth and started to suck. Matt felt like all his birthdays had come at once and he moaned with the sheer feeling and knowledge that his cock was being sucked by one of the sexiest players in England. Kevin's first suck of cock made him hornier as he went on, sucking the hard flesh up and down with his lips, feeling the rubberly texture underneath him. Matt wanted some taste of Kevin aswell and he pulled him up, kissing him and tasting his own cock juices in the process. He attacked Kevin's pants and yanked them off. Kevin nearly spasmed as he he his seven incher in another man's mouth of the first time. Matt wanted Kevin's cum and he wanted it now. Kevin grabbed Matt's cock again and he started to suck the hard flesh once more. The two sexy and horny footballers were sucking faster and faster as they each wanted the other's love juice in their bodies.

Matt took another approach and slowly rubbed Kevin's cock between his palm and only sucked the head. Kevin started to moan loudly and thought that his cock would explode as the feelings got too much. Matt gave Kevin's cock one final lick and he pulled the foreskin down, only to get a mountain of white, footballer cum onto his face. Kevin panted and groaned while his cum was pouring out of his cock and ran onto Matt's hands and legs.

Matt wanted to cum badly and he turned Kevin around and started to wank his cock, pointing it directly at Kevin's face. Kevin started to stimulate Matt's low hanging balls, and Matt gave one final emotional cry as he emptied his balls onto Kevin's face. There was just too much cum and Kevin's face, meck, left arm and chest was covered in slimy, warm cum. Kevin rubbed Matt's cum into his body and the two men kissed once more.

They sure were good friends now.

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