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What a fabulous day and the great start to the new season at Upton Park, London. The proud home of West Ham United. Their team had just knocked up a great 2 -1 opening day win over Wigan Athletic and if this was the sign of things to come, there just might be a possibility for European football. Ofcourse they had it within their grasp, in the 2005 2006 season when they had reached the FA Cup Final, lost to Liverpool, and then fell out of the UEFA Cup in the qualifying round. But optimism was sky high and after the first day win, even more so.

The mood in the dressing room was electric; everyone was celebrating and making their way towards their families to be congratulated. Scott Parker was drying himself off slowly as he had a bit of a headache. He had colided heavily with Paul Scharner in the game and right now it hurt like hell. He dropped the towel and made his way towards his clothes that was neatly folded on the bench. He heard the shower shut down and out walked Calum Davenport. Scott smiled towards him but it faded a bit as he saw that it wasn't water on Calum's face, but infact tears. Scott was flabbergasted, what reason would Calum have to cry? Calum was so absorbed in himself that he completely missed Scott standing there and once more buried his hands in his face. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked up and saw Scott standing there.

"Mate, what the hell is this? Hey, what's wrong?"

"Just leave me alone, okay?"

"Hell, no! We are teammates, we are there for eachother. We had a fantastic win today. You played a great game, so what caused this? Come on, Calum. You can talk to me. Hey, who am I gonna tell?"

Calum made his way to the bench and he sat down. He felt so fucking pathetic and Scott was expecting him to just reveal all? Then again, Scott was one of the nicest guys that he knew and he knew that he could trust him. Scott sat beside him and put his arm around his shoulder. Calum looked down and the tears were starting to flow again. He angrily wiped them off and cleared his throat.

"It's just...im scared that I will be loaned out again somewhere or even worse, being sold to a club one or two divisions below the Prem. I can't make an impact anywhere; I was sold by Coventry, sold at Southampton, sold at Spurs and loaned out last season. When the gaffer told me that im in the starting line up, I almost didn't come out of the dressing room because I was so shit scared that I would fuck things up again and then everything would be over."

Calum ran a hand through his blond hair and he sighed again. In a way, Scott knew how Calum felt. First he was at Charlton, and he thought all his dreams had come true when Chelsea signed him. But it didn't quite work out like that and he was sold to Newcastle where he was the captain for the 2006 2007 season and then came the move to West Ham. He squeezed Calum's shoulders in a conforting way.

"Don't you worry, mate. Just keep on playing like you did today and you'll be going no where. Just remember, there is a reason that the Hammers signed you. Never forget that."

Calum felt a little better about what Scott had said and he stood up to get dressed. Scott was turning around to get to his aftershave and at that same moment, Calum had turned around to Scott, after remembering that he hadn't thanked Scott for making him feel better. The two bumped into eachother and they both bursted out laughing. Calum put his hand on Scott's shoulders and rubbed it.

"Are you okay, mate?"

"Yeah, as long as I stay far away from you!"

Calum was quite enjoying the feeling of Scott's strong muscles underneath his hand. His shoulder muscles were rock hard and he frowned. This was weird. He moved his eyes from Scott's shoulder toward his face and saw Scott staring at him. Slowly, Scott moved his hand and placed it on Calum's stomach, feeling the strong eight pack that he found there. Calum was tall, lanky and sexy as fuck...

Calum put his other hand around Scott's neck and pulled him closer to him. Scott didn't object as he stood onto his toes to get to the forbidden fruit that was hanging so sweet and sexy above him...The kiss was more heartwarming than any of the two could ever imagine. Calum pulled Scott closer to him and hugged him to his tall body. Scott sighed and placed his head onto Calum's chest while Calum placed his head on top on Scott's head, and his arms around his body. Scott reached up and ran his fingers through Calum's soft, wet, brown hair. Calum, feeling this emotion coming from Scott, bent his neck down and kissed Scott's neck softly, almost as if he was a small boy doing something that he knew he shouldn't. They stood in that position for a while before Calum pulled back, leaving his hands on Scott's face. Scott looked up to Calum, his sexy face stretched in confusion.

"What...the hell did we just do, mate?" Calum asked, his voice trembling.

"I don't quite know. I just needed to be close with you and I just...Look, neither one of us ever have to speak of this again. We can forget that this ever happened, yeah? I have to go; my wife is probably waiting for me."

Calum nodded and he turned around to get dressed, for real this time. Scott was leaving him there...the feelings that went through him when he held Scott's smaller body in his arms...


"Yeah, mate?" Scott said as he turned around.

Calum walked closer to Scott and he put his hands on his waist while Scott was looking at him, his body shaking.

"Please don't go..." Calum pleaded with him.

Scott was feeling emotions running through him that he didn't quite know the name of. He was fucking married! Why, why did he feel this way about his teammate?

"I have to go, mate. We both know that."

Scott turned around and left the dressing room leaving Calum Davenport to his own thoughts.

That night as Scott celebrated West Ham's win, Scott's mind wasn't on what happened infront of him. He simply couldn't stop thinking about Calum. Calum and his georgeous body. Calum and his sexy features. Calum and his...He stood up and got his mobile and he started dialing a number. He knew that he was probably throwing his life away here, but he couldn't take it anymore.

"Calum, hello?"

"Hey mate, its Scott. I've got to see you, I can't take it anymore."

"You mean you...Okay; let me give you the directions so you can come over."

After memorising the directions, Scott told his wife that he had to go out for a bit and left. He couldn't drive fast enough as he ached to get to Calum. After the 10 minute drive, he pulled up towards Calum's house and he got out. Before he could knock or anything, Calum rammed the door open and the two stood in Calum's driveway, staring at eachother. Scott made the first effort and he slowly walked up to Calum. Then he pulled Calum into a hug, and feeling the sheer emotions running through him, he felt a tear running down his cheeks. He started to sob, feeling the way that he did, and clung onto Calum even more. Calum pulled him into the house and kissed him. He kissed Scott with so much love and emotion that he started to cry aswell. The two released eachother and walked to the livingroom, hand in hand. Scott started to feel Calum's stomach though his shirt. He leaned over towards Scott's ear.

"Strip for me..."

Calum stood up and took off his shirt, revealing that fantastic abs that the Premier League really needed to see more of. Scott wondered if there were any people who were turn on by Calum Davenport, because from what he saw, his cock was about to explode. Scoot leaned forward and slided his hands across Calum's stomach. From there on he moved his hands towards Calum's pants and slipped his fingers into them. He looked up to Calum, whose eyes told him what to do. He relieved Calum from his pants and pressed his face onto Calum's boxers, feeling the hard cloth covered cock that was hidden inside. Slowly he pulled Calum's boxers off aswell and took hold of the strong 10 inch cock as the heat in the heart just got too strong. He started to wank the massive cock, and the moan from Calum told him that he was doing it just right. Calum ran his hands through Scott's short hair and that got Scott even hornier as he felt the warm cock in his hands, inch by inch. He opened his mouth and put the tip of Calum's cock into this mouth.

"Jeez...Scott...please don't stop, I beg you mate..."

Scott listened to the talk coming from above and suck the cock even deeper within his throat. The cock felt so alive in his mouth, the warmth filling his throat. He took the cock out of his mouth and started to suck on a little piece of the cock, feeling the sheer hardness of the 10 incher. He lowered his mouth on the cock, sucking a bit lower all while wanking the head of Calum's cock.

"Mate, please you don't have to swal...Oh fuck! FUCK! FUCK FUCK!"

Scott felt Calum's hips shaking violently as his orgasm were ripping through the young defender. Scott quikly took Calum's cock into his mouth and sucked in earnest. Calum Davenport's cock exploded into Scott Parker's mouth and a white, blurry flush, cum flying everywhere except where Scott tried to aim the cock. Scott swallowed some, but there was not way he could all as Calum's fuck juice literally flooded his face. He realeased the cock and wiped his face, cum rolling onto his hands and he gulp it up, feeling the wonderful slimy texture of footballer cum on his tongue. He expected Calum to be tired, afterall his balls had just been drained, but he bent down and tore the clothes off Scott's body. Once Scott was naked he gently placed him on the sofa and them he turned around. Once Scott had realised just what Calum had in mind, his cock must have shot up another inch as he stretched his sexy body upright and held his 8 incher in his hand, ready to attack. Calum lowered his lanky body onto Scott's cock and ever so gently started to place the cock into him.

"Does it hurt?"

"A little, but please don't pull out, mate. Can't wait to feel your cum in me."

Little by little Calum's hole was stretched as Scott's cock penetrated him. Once he was in fully, Calum started to ignore the pain and bounced on Scott's cock. Scott felt his cock slide in and out of Calum and he felt his cock head reaching places he never thought possible. This was so much better. He reached up and felt Calum's pecs and abs as he fucked him. He wouldn't dare call it making love. The pace of which Calum's body was bouncing up and down on Scott's cock was electrifying and he fucked Calum deeper, harder unitl he felt his cock starting to expand in Calum's body. Calum must been been feeling it aswell because he grabbed Scott's face and kissed him.

"Cum in me, cum in me," he whispered over and over.

Scott pumped his cock harder and harder into Calum's lanky body and with a huge groan, feeling the tinkling in his cock head; he unleashed a volley of English footballer cum into the younger man. Calum was moaning into Scott's mouth as he kissed him while the cum spurted into his body. The two held eachother tightly and kissed once more as they pressed their muscled chests against eachother. This was truly speacial.

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