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Story code: incest

Little Red Riding Hood
(MY version)
By Christian Martin

Little Red Riding Hood, nearing 12, was sent to his grandpa by his father with a basket full of good things for him.

"Be good to Grandpa, and obey him. He's got your education in mind, and cares deeply for you."

Hopping along, he did not meet any wolves, there being none left in the lower 48 states, so no risk of beeing eaten on the way.

"Too bad" he thinks, "no fun on the way."

He gets to his grandpa's house and rings the bell, and the Grandpa asks on the interphone:

"Who's there?"

"It's me, Red Riding Hood, Grandpa, Open up!"

So Grandpa rings the door opener and goes back to bed, being tired of last night's party.

"Where are you Grandpa? I got you some presents from Daddy!"

"I'm in the bedroom! Come join me!"

Red Riding Hood being a nice obediant kid does just that. He looks at his grandpa and climbs in the bed with him.

"Oh my, what big eyes you got GrandDaddy!" chimes Red Riding Hood.

"The better to see you, my boy!" answers Granddaddy, removing Red Riding Hood's chothing. Red Riding Hood having been told to be kind and obey his grandpa, does not protest. In fact, he's beginning to enjoy that little game, and as the soft hands of his granddady tickle him, he sports a healthy hard-on.

"Oh my, what big teeths you got GrandDaddy", chuckles Red Riding Hood, out of breath because of the tickling.

"The better to bite you, my boy" answers the now very evidently pedophile grandddady. And with that, he bites Red Riding Hood's left tit, which provoques one hell of a yelp from Red Riding Hood. But being on the kinky side, Red Riding Hood does not protest further.

Somewhat later, his voice husky with lust, Red Riding Hood notes:

"Oh my, what a big mouth you got GrandDaddy!"

The old skunk had been waiting for this one, and answers:

"The better to eat you, my boy." And with that, he engulfs his grandson's 5 inch hard cock into his mouth, and puts the vacuum cleaner to work. In no time to count to three, Red Riding Hood downloads a truckload of sweet boy cream into his grandDaddy's hungry mouth.

After a few minutes, Red Riding Hood, too dazed to think, sputters the next stupid statement:

"Oh my, what a big cock you got GrandDaddy!"

The granddaddy never expected this one, but he nevertheless catches the ball in flight!

"The better to fuck you, my boy!" And with that he rams his 9 incher into his grandson's rear door! Naturally, Red Riding Hood yells a lot and it's not only the hood that's red when the fuck's over!

An hour later, Red Riding Hood utters the ultimate comment:

"Granddaddy, what are these? They're huge!"

"They're my nuts, my boy!"

The moment he hears this, Red Riding Hood takes a huge bite, and the old fucker yells in pain and faints!

His Daddy comes around and finds Red Riding Hood listening to the TV, and sees his dad unconcious, with the balls split. He asks Red Riding Hood why he bit his Dad's balls...

"He told me they were nuts, and I always crack nuts open with my teeth!"

The morale of this story is that in order to fuck, feed first!

Hope you enjoyed!

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