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"We ran out of water, Jack," Locke said in his mystic voice, "That doesn't mean we give up hope." Jack rolled his eyes in anger at the island guru. He wasn't really in the mood for advice from a senile old man. He had just informed the castaways their water supply had run low, and moral dropped, "We can go find more water." Locke finished, and awaited response.

"Listen, Locke... Having hope and faith is nice and all but, if you haven't noticed," Jack groaned, and pointed his arm to the wide ocean next to them, "We're stranded on an island, and nobody is going to save us. It's pretty hard to stay optimistic."

Locke smiled and said, "Maybe for you, Jack -- but there are 40 other people here who are still trying."

As Locke walked away, jock rolled his eyes and thought, Hope, my ass. He saw the looks on their faces. They were pissed, and they wanted off this island.

"... Jack?" A voice said from behind him, distracting him from his thoughts. He turned his head and smiled at Kate.

"Yeah?" He asked, and neared her.

"Nice speech you had. Think we should go find water?" She commented.

Jack rolled his eyes again, "You sound just like John." He sighed.

Kate let out a faint laugh, "I'm being serious. Here, I'll go with you."

"No," Jack said, "If I went, you'd have to stay here. I'd rather keep you in charge than John."

Kate hated being left behind, but she took it as graciously as possible, "Well, then, who are you taking?"

"I never said I was going." Jack replied.

Kate walked closer to him, and stood next to him, staring into his face, "If you don't go find water, they'll lose hope. They want to know they can survive here."

Jack groaned, and walked away from Kate. He knew he'd have to do what she said if he wanted any chance with her.

"I don't see why I have to come." Boone snarled, as he lightly tripped over a root, as he followed Jack through the dense jungle.

"Because all you do is go hunting with Locke, and I don't even know what you're supposedly hunting. I figured it was time for a break." Jack replied, not looking behind to the straggler.

Boone glared at the doctor, and continued trying to maneuver over the roots, "What do you mean, that we're not hunting?"

Jack stopped in his tracks, and turned his head back to him, "I know you're not." He said, and turned back around.

Boone blushed, but kept his angry face on Jack, it was true that he and Locke weren't actually hunting -- but he didn't need to know that. He stared at his feet, and watched for the obstacles in the ground.

There were a few moments of silence; Jack was trying to listen for the sound of rushing water. The forest was dead silent, with the exception of Boone snapping twigs behind him. Jack tried to pay no attention to Boone, because he was only there so Jack could fish out any information from him, since he obviously wouldn't get it from Locke. He turned his head back slightly, and saw Boone still straggling behind. He turned his head back and saw an odd rock formation ahead.

"Ah, fuck!" Jack heard behind him. He darted his head back and saw Boone holding his shoulder, with a hurt expression on his face. Jack ran back to the young man and moved his hand, revealing a wound, torn through his shirt, with blood slowly dripping out of it.

"What happened?" Jack demanded, and he placed his right hand down on the wound, to stop the bleeding with pressure.

Between gasps, Boone whispered, "Something fell on me."

Jack took another look at the wound, and saw twigs sticking out at him. He figured a branch must have fallen on his shoulder, "Can you walk?" He asked, as he applied pressure again.

"Of course I can, I hurt my shoulder." Boone replied, and hobbled next to Jack as the two went towards the rock formation. Boone felt the warmth of Jack's hand, even on his cut. He licked his lips unconsciously, and awaited his treatment.

He opened his eyes to find himself lying on a cold, rocky ground, completely naked. Jack was in the distance washing clothing in bed of water nearby. Boone glanced over his body and saw all the scrapes on it, and tried not to move.

Jack turned around, and walked over to Boone, leaving the clothes in the water, "Y-You fell. You went unconscious, and I didn't know, so I dropped you. When I got you here, I had to check for wounds, and I-"

"Stripped me?" Boone said, blushing, noticing his dick was standing fully erect, in the open.

"Yeah." Jack said, uncomfortably, and lightly pressed his own dick through his jeans, which was beginning to go hard. He put his hands in his pocket, his face turning slightly red, and went back to the clothing.

Boone resisted the urge to beginning masturbating. His hormones were raging, but he knew he couldn't with jack here, even if he wasn't in pain. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something to make the erection go away. Jack walked up to him again, holding his clothes, "They're a little wet." He mumbled, and dropped them next to Boone, and walked away, sitting on the ground about 20 meters from Boone.

Smiling, Boone sat up and put on his shirt. They were definitely wet, but more noticeably cold, they were bone-chilling, and Boone shivered constantly as he put up his boxers. Deciding not to put on his jeans, since he hated wet denim, he walked over to Jack, and sat down next to him. He was still hard, and his dick was visible through the wets boxers, as were his hard nipples, form the cold shirt. Jack tried to blush at the sight of him.

Boone licked his lips again, and stared Jack straight in the eyes. Neither man said anything, but Boone tried to identify how Jack was feelings. Jack's eyes were full of lust, and he noticed they kept glancing towards Boone's penis. Still looking at Jack, Boone slowly stretched out his hand and placed them on Jack's crotch-area of his jeans. Jack jumped in surprise, "Boone?" He questions, with a confused look on his face.

Boone moved his body forward and wrapped his lips around Jack's tightly. He had wanted to do that for so long, and finally got the chance. He was surprised that Jack returned the kiss, and with Boone's weight on him, he fell back against the rock. Boone towered his body over Jack, still kissing him. The wet shirt dripped onto Jack's, and it started to go transparent. He pulled away to breathe, but went back to kissing, inserting his tongue into Jack's warm mouth.

Jack moved his arms to Boone's waist and tried to pull off the wet shirt; Boone sat up, and pulled it off himself, revealing a shaved chest, and a well-built body. Jack sat up, with Boone on his lap, and began licking Boone's hard nipples. He danced his tongue around the dark nipple, and finally wrapped his lips around and began sucking on them, pulling on them lightly with his teeth.

"Jack..." Boone moaned, as Jack took his mouth off his chest and began pulling down the front of the boxers, slightly revealing Boone's dick, which was still hard, and standing at 8 inches, and throbbing. Boone stood up, and pulled the boxers off entire, making Jack kneel, and being level with the cock. He started moving his tongue around the head, making precum start to drip into his mouth. He finally wrapped his lips around the head, and continued licking, before diving in for the shaft.

Boone legs started to shake as Jack began sucking on his dick. He rubbed his hand through his hair, and began thrusting his waist back and forth slightly, to aid Jack. He closed his eyes tightly as he neared climax, and began pounding down on his lip. There were a few moments of complete stillness before he came, and lightly said, "Fuck."

The cum went onto Jack's tongue, as he pulled away from the penis and began licking it around his mouth. Boone knelt down and began kissing Jack, sticking his tongue into the cum-filled mouth, taking some for himself. The kiss ended a few moments later, and Jack let go, to breath, and stood up, pulling off his own shirt, revealing his hairy, abed, chest. He moved down to his pants, running his fingers along his body, making him shiver with the feeling on his stomach. He undid his jeans, and dropped his pants, and briefs, immediately, revealing his cock, which was a bit longer than Boone's.

Boone stood up, and began kissing Jack, rubbing his fingers along Jack's nipples. He began pushing Jack towards the water, where they waded their feet in, they began cutting up against the rocks, but both men ignored it, and continued kissing. Boone finally pulled away, and sat down in the water, splashing it over his dick and waist, which were not submerged. He lay down completely, his legs and ass being massaged by the cool water while his back and head against the rock, he began stroking his dick and awaited Jack.

Jack carefully bent down over Boone's dick, and Boone began moving it into position under Jack's ass, and splashed some more water on it, seeing as it was the only lubricant they had. Jack gently pushed his body onto Boone's cock, and winced in both pain and pleasure at the feeling, "Fuck, Boone..." He moaned, as Boone began pushing his body up and down, pulling the penis against the walls of Jack's ass. Both men closed their eyes and continued fucking, until Boone began to climax, and came into Jack's ass.

Jack jumped slightly at the feeling, but felt relieved as it arrived. Motionless on Boone's penis, Jack began rubbing his own, as Boone tried to maintain rhythm of the fucking.

What felt like hours passed and Boone finally got Jack off of his dick. He waded further into the water, which cooled off his sweating cock. He lay tiredly in the water, soaking it up into his body to cool him down. Jack lay down next to him and cuddled up closely.

"Boone?" Jack asked quietly, with his eyes closed, and he nuzzled his nose into Boone's armpit, trying to fall asleep. (Boone's arms were crossed under his head.

"Yeah, Jack?" Boone replied, closing his eyes, as well.

"What are we going to tell them, when they realize we've been gone an entire day?"

"That... That I love you, Jack." Boone sighed, and planted a light kiss onto Jack's cheek before falling asleep.

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