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Liam pecked Charlie on the lips before thrusting his dick back up Charlie's ass. Quietly yelping in pain, Charlie tightly held onto his brother's hands, as he lay on the edge of the bed, with his brother standing. Both were completely naked, Charlie's 7-inch penis dangled in the air over his pelvis, the Prince Albert piercing carefully place on the head was beating, as precum oozed over it. Liam's nipples were completely hard, and protruded through his lightly haired chest. As he pulled his dick out of Charlie, he began stroking it. It was beet red, 8-inches, and very skinny. Charlie sat up, his butt extremely sore. He lightly began sucking on Liam's erect nipples.

"I love you, Charlie." Liam moaned, and semen leaked out of his cock, splattering on Charlie's lap. The warm feeling melted right through the thick bushel of pubic hair encircling Charlie's cock.


Charlie woke up. He always woke up before saying `I love you, too, Liam.' Because he knew he couldn't. He felt guilty, dreaming about his married brother, but he couldn't help it. The two were so close. He couldn't think about counting all the sexual experiences they shared, even as adults. The first time Charlie ever masturbating was in Liam's hands. He could feel an erection through his jeans, which he forgot to take off before falling asleep. He gently pushed it down through the denim, and let out a moan. He closed his eyes again, trying to get back to sleep.

Liam's lips pressed against Charlie's and he pushed his tongue into his brother's mouth. Charlie felt the warm tongue brush around, playing with his own tongue, and teeth, and he returned it passionately.

Liam's hastily pushed Charlie up against the wall, and pressed his warm hands against Charlie's chest. He moved his arms down to the bottom of the shirt and pressed his hands underneath, on the bare skin. He began moving them upwards, removing the shirt. He stopped as he reached Charlie's nipples, and began massaging them with his thumbs. Their lips parted, and Liam finished taking off the shirt. He light caressed Charlie's cheek, and moved down to the jaw bone. Charlie felt his jeans getting tighter, and tighter, as a bulge began growing.

Liam moved down onto Charlie's neck, pushing the long, blonde hair out of his brother's face, and behind his back. He began licking the neck, and sucking on it. He pulled his mouth away, and rubbed his lips against Charlie's flesh. The moist lips against his warm skin made Charlie moan. He wanted more. Liam moved his lips down Charlie's chest, and stopped at his nipples. They were hard, which made Liam want to play with the more. He strummed over it a few times before sucking on it completely.

Charlie carefully stroked his hands through Liam's shaved hair. His eyes were shut tightly, with the feeling of Liam sucking on him. He pushed Liam's body away, and knocked him over onto the couch. It was covered in garbage, but he would have to make it work.

Charlie opened his eyes again, "What the fuck is wrong with me?" He mumbled, and rubbed his eyes. The sun was still down, and his dick was still erect. Groaning, he undid the jeans, and pulled them down. His white boxers were now see-through near the tip, due to the precum leaking. He maneuvered the boxers to right under his balls, and began stroking furiously on his dick. He let a few moans escape. He stopped stroking suddenly, upon hearing a noise. It sounded like a branch was stepped on nearby. He put the boxers back on, but kept the jeans off. He stood himself up, and took a step outside his tent.

There stood Sawyer, scrounging around. Shocked, Charlie neared him, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Sawyer glanced down at the lump in Charlie's boxers, and the noticeable sweat on his chest, despite it being a cool evening, "I could ask you the same question. You not getting' any, or something?"

"Who is?" Charlie asked, and pushed the bulge down. He didn't realize how noticeable it was.

"Nobody, as far as I know, but we could change that." Sawyer said, with a grin, and walked toward Charlie. He moved his face right up next to his and Charlie inhaled Sawyer's warm breath. Sawyer stuck his tongue out, and attempted to break his through Charlie's lips. After trying, and failing, he gave up and just began kissing Charlie.

The two men straggled back into Charlie's tent, before being pushed to the ground. Sawyer was perched above Charlie's lap, his hands pressed tightly along Charlie's cheeks. He stopped kissing, and Charlie helped him remove his shirt. The tanned body was barely visible to Charlie, but he could see outlines of a well-toned chest and stomach. Charlie couldn't resist but run his fingers along them. Sawyer knocked them away and begun undoing his jeans. He climbed off Charlie and dropped them. He briefs were tented, and he pulled them doing. Charlie stared in awe from what he could see. 9-inches, thick and meaty, hairless... And all his. He lunged forward and wrapped his lips around it, playing with the head.

Sawyer held onto the back of Charlie's head and lightly thrust it forward, making Charlie swallow more and more with each move. He could hear muffled gags coming from Charlie, but they were drowned out by his own moaning.

"Fuck, Charlie..." He moaned, loud enough to be heard by anybody nearby. He didn't care; he was enjoying himself too much.

Charlie pulled his mouth off the dick and began stroking it with his hand, while trying to take off his boxers with the other, to stroke his own. Sawyer's was wet, because of Charlie's mouth, and felt so warm in Charlie's fist. As he maneuvered his boxers under his balls, he began stroking his own 7-incher, and began ticking the head of Sawyer's dick. Finally, he let go of both, and lay down, lifting his legs up in the air.

"What do you want me to do?" Sawyer asked, in a hushed command.

"Fuck me, idiot." Charlie snapped. This was his favourite part. He loved the feeling of a penis up his ass. He didn't care if they had no lube, the pain was always masked by pleasure; and, well, he could wash any blood away later. Sawyer did as he was told with a grin, and carefully slipped his wet penis into Charlie's hole. He thrusted as quick as he could, making Charlie's head bob up and down. Yelps of pain and pleasure came from Charlie's throat -- and, finally, Sawyer blew his load right into the ass. Panting heavily, Sawyer pulled himself out of Charlie, bent over, and kissed him again lightly.

"Charlie... That was..." He whispered, tiredly.

"Bloody awesome, Sawyer." Charlie replied with a grin.

With one final kiss, the two men parted ways, only hoping for an adventure like this in the future.


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