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Chapter 1- Lucian Angelus Summers


Lucian: (My life had always been so simple, school, friends, adopted mother on the other hand, she seen my popularity as one more reason to regret ever adopting me, although she isn't sad about the money she gets that's for sure, she pretty much lets me do what I need to do as long as I stay out of her parting lifestyle! There isn't much love between us, hell, I cant remember a time when we ate dinner together, the closest we've ever gotten, is when she would help one of her many boyfriends beat me, because I looked at them the wrong way! I tried to stay away from home as much as possible, filling my time with Football, Basketball, and gymnastics. Other than that, my friends are all I have to keep me away from what I lightly call home. The beatings started from the get go, from as long as I can remember, Lisa, my adoptive mother has been a drunk, she works as a waitress in a sleaze bar down the road from the trailer park we live in, and like clockwork she would bring different men home every night, so would wind up becoming her boyfriends, others were just one night fucks. It was the same routine the ones that stuck around long enough, were grungy biker dudes, with a case of loving to abuse young boys that were weaker than them! I swear one day I would be strong enough to protect myself, one day I would stop those from harming others like me, the ones that were weaker, the ones that couldn't stand up for themselves, and had no one to protect them. Lisa should have protected me, instead she stood there laughing, telling me what a useless, unwanted child, that my real parents never wanted me, no one wanted me, I was nothing more than a waste of space. Mentally they destroyed me, physically they abused me, I was an emotional wreak growing up, so I threw myself into every sport and anything else I could to keep myself away from being "home". Especially after I had just turned 16, I had started to change things were happening to me, and I had no idea what it was. I know it wasn't puberty, I had gone through that years ago, no this was far stranger, I suddenly find myself stronger than I had ever been, my gymnastics had improved to a level even my teachers had never thought possible. My senses had become more in tuned with my surroundings, it was like I could sense things before they happened, not clairvoyant or anything, just quicker reflexes. I don't know what was happening to me, and I didn't have anyone I could talk to about these changes. One night Lisa had to work that night, and at the time her current boyfriend, was a freaky biker dude, long strangely hair, with a beard that went down to his chest, and a belly that put Santa's to shame. He had tattoos that covered most of his body and arms, he gave me the Wiggins, he would stare at me all the time, he would wait till I was getting out of the shower and watch as I walked out and into my room. When he was really drunk and Lisa was at work, and he would find an excuse to beat me, he would take such pleasure in it, calling me a dog that needs to be beat down, told me all I was good for was being on my knees, whatever that meant. And that's when it happened, after my shower, he busted into my room as I was drying myself off!)

Chuck: I thought I told you boy, your mother uses that sweet smelling soap, what is it, you want to be a little girl?! You want to do what girls do?! I always told you, you belonged on your knees, and now you've proved me right! So get on your knees boy!

Lucian: Get out of my room, you have no right to be in here!

Chuck: Did you just give me an order boy, I think you need to learn a little respect!

Lucian: (As he moved closer, I moved towards the corner of my room, there wasn't that much space to move, before I knew I was against the wall, a towel around my waist. I could smell the alcohol on him, it filled the room! He got over to me, grabbed me by my shoulder length blonde hair and dragged me across the floor, I started hitting his hands and kicking my feet!) Please, let me go, just leave me alone!

Chuck: Its time for you to become a man, boy! Will start by getting rid of that sweet smelling soap your mother uses!

Lucian: (With that, he unzipped his zipper and pulled out a huge flaccid cock started waving it in my face, next thing I knew, he started pissing all over me, laughing the whole time, his piss stunk, yellow and gross much like him, he soaked my head, some spilling into my mouth causing me to gag! As his piss subsided, he turned around exposing his ass, he shoved my head into his still dirty ass crack, at that point I could no longer take it, I started to throw up, this just pissed him off, he started to punch me in the face, pushing my head down into the puke that lay on the ground, after which he started kicking me again and again, in ribs, kicking my head, the anger in me built, I couldn't take it anymore and it was like all of the sudden I could feel this power rise from within me, he went to punch me, I grabbed his fist and squeezed it, I rose to my feet and spun kick sending him flying through the thin walls of our trailer home! My breathing heavy, my heart racing, my fear starting to overwhelm me, that's when the front door busted open and a man in a stuffy suit and a beautiful red head entered.!

Man: (In a British accent) Oh Dear!

Girl: Are you alright?

Lucian: Who are you people?

Man: Were friends, we're here to help you!

Lucian: I don't even know you, what makes you think I need your help?

Girl: Um I don't know, maybe the fact that your standing in piss and barf, and you just threw a man through a wall!

Lucian: Ok, that would be true, but how did you know what was happening here?

Girl: Look my name is Willow Rosenberg and this is Giles, we have a lot to explain, but I think its best we leave now before anyone shows up!

Lucian: You want me to go with two strangers somewhere, when for all I know you could be two killers taking me to my death!

Giles: Do we really look like killers, I knew I should have worn my brown suit!

Willow: Well you do have to choices, you could stay here and try and explain throwing a man through a wall, or come with us where you'll be safe!

Lucian: Come to think of it, anything would be better than staying another minuet in this hell hole, but I swear you two try anything and I'll...I'll do what I did to him!

Willow: (Giggling) Deal!

The Rebuilt Watchers council-

Stewart: I've called this emergency meeting because it has come to our attention that a new slayer has come into the fold. And it seems yet again Buffy Summers has once again beat us to the punch!

Man: What's so important about this slayer?! She caught many others and there has never been a meeting about it?!

Stewart: This is no ordinary slayer, this slayer is a boy!

The room: What, how, but...that cant be...

Stewart: Quite down now! Yes this slayer is very different, he is the son of Buffy Summers and Angelus! (The group looks on in shock) How can this be you ask! We don't know, we have many working on finding out the how's as we speak! This boy is an abomination to everything the council stands for, to what a slayer is suppose to be. We are researching every prophecy, every mystic, searching for answers, we intercepted a message sent to an oracle! The bottom line ladies and gentlemen is we need to capture this boy, and we need to move quickly. Right now, he will be scared and untrusting to anything they have to say, if we strike now, find a way to gain his trust we will have the boy! I want the boy and I want him now, send all of our best men, capture this boy, bring him to me, I will gain his trust, and we will use him to serve our own agenda, as well as study him, really now, a slayer and a vampire baring a son! Now go!

Angel Investigation-

Illyria: Angel I must speak to you at once!

Angel: I'm in the middle of something!

Illyria: You insolent fool, do you really think I would come to a lower being if it wasn't of utter importance to you!

Spike: Is there something I could help you with, the big boss man is finishing the last touch on bringing Wesley back from the dead!

Angel: Spike, you asshole! What's your problem, we said we weren't going to say anything in case it didn't work!

Illyria: You dare keep something as important as that behind my back, why on my world I would have crushed your skull beneath my feet!

Angel: Illyria, something like this is has only been done once, and I didn't want to take the chance of getting your hopes up and in the end, if it didn't work, you wouldn't be disappointed! I was just trying to protect you!

Illyria: I don't like what you did, but somewhere in this body, there is a feeling a knowing that, you do care about what happens to me, that you are trying to protect me, I'm not used to this, and I don't know how I feel about it, but I have spent enough time with you to know, that you do what you do, because you truly do care about the ones around you!

Spike: Bugger that, he gives a rats ass what happens to me!

Angel: Spike, put a sock in it! Now I'm sorry Illyria, there was something you needed to tell me?

Illyria: Ah, yes, you are needed at once!

Angel: Where? Why?

Illyria: The annoying little powers that be have decided that they should send messages to me, and this one was one of great importance! There is a young man about to face his darkest hours, and you seem to be the key to him understanding who he is and what he is and how he came to be!

Angel: What, that doesn't give me much to go on!

Illyria: They sent me a vision, the boy is in a land called Scotland, there are many girls there, strong girls, training, and at this very moment he has been taken to this Scotland, and right now he is fighting, maybe for his life, the vision wasn't that clear on the matter, but one thing was, that you are the key to who he is!

Angel: Leave it to the powers that be, to be as cryptic as possible! I'm the key to who this boy is!

Illyria: One thing is for sure, they made it abundantly clear, you need to get there now!

Spike: We haven't had a good fight in a long while, lets go get our hands dirty!

Angel: Spike, we don't know what were heading into, I cant have you being a loose cannon! If your going to come, I'm counting on you to work as a team! (A voice from the other room starts moaning)

Angel: Wesley! (Running inside) Wesley, your alive, it worked, your alive!

Wesley: Wh...What took you so long!!?

Angel: Ha, ha, ha, Wesley its so good to have you back old friend! I thought I lost you forever!

Wesley: Come now, our plan went down perfectly!

Illyria: Plan, you mean, you planed this all along and didn't tell me, you made me go through these human emotions of grief and all the while you knew you were going to come back to life! I could kill you were you stand!

Wesley: I missed you to Illyria!

Spike: I hate to break up the reunion, but we have a guy that's in need of our help in Scotland!

Wesley: I see the trouble never ends! Well I guess you can fill me in on all that's happened in my absence! Wait where is gun?

Gun: (Walking in) Somebody say my name! (Hugging Wesley) Its good to have you back! Getting pretty boring without you! Now did someone say Scotland?

Angel: We need to get there now, and I don't think a plane will get us there fast enough! Any ideas how we can get there now?

Illyria: I have a way, but it might make you sick!

Angel: We don't have a choice, anyone that doesn't want to go, feel free to stay behind, everyone else, lets do this!

The New Wolf-Ram-N-Heart-

Man: (Knocking on the door)

Lila: Come in, but this better be important!

Man: Miss Lila, there is something I think you should know!

Lila: What is it?

Man: Angel and his friends just open a portal to Scotland!

Lila: Scotland? Where in Scotland?

Man: That we cant seem to figure out, there is some hardcore magic blocking anyone or anything from detecting the exact location!

Lila: Damn it, I didn't make a deal with Senior partners to come back to life, just so Angel can be up to something and me not know about it.

Man: Well, there is something else!

Lila: Spill it!

Man: We do know he's after a boy!

Lila: A boy, like one of his innocents he needs to save, no, that cant be, his base of operation is here in LA, we need to find out everything we can on this mystery boy and why he would be so important to have Angel and his whole gang of do-gooders opening portals to get to him! Check with all the seers, mystics, prophecies, everything, everyone is to work on this starting now, or heads will roll! I want to know who this boy is by the end of the day!

Man: There's one more problem!

Lila: You keep stalling in telling me things and your going to have a bigger problem as you head is rolling in front of your feet! Now what is it!

Man: Not only is Angel after the boy, but the Slayer sent the most powerful Witch, Willow and Giles to get the boy, they got to him first, and have him now. It seems the Powers that Be, sent a message to Illyria and from what are mystics say, they intercepted some of that message, the boy plays an important part in the battles that lays ahead, so much so that the new Watchers council is after him to, and the only other thing they could gather, is Angel is the only one who truly knows the answer to who this boy really is, but he doesn't even realize it!

Lila: Interesting, a new boy comes into the picture and suddenly he's on everyone's most wanted list! This is big, we need that boy before anyone else has a chance to discover who or what he is. Now go, put everyone on it, I want this boy found and here, you have 24 hours!

Citadel in Scotland- Home base of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Scoobies-

Lucian: Ok, Toto I don't think were in Kansas anymore! This place is huge, I don't think I've ever seen a castle in my life, well unless you count pictures in school books! But I still don't understand how did we get here, we just stepped out of my home and now were here...where is here?

Willow: Scotland!

Lucian: SCOTLAND! How the hell did we get to Scotland, who are you people, what are you people!

Giles: Everything will be explained to you shortly, just come with us inside!

Lucian: This has got to be a dream, ya, I think I'm dreaming, fine I'll play along! (We enter through large wooden doors, the place was huge, it's the most amazing thing I have ever seen, I don't know if it's the fact that I'm use to living in a trailer home, but this was impressive! Then suddenly we entered a room that was filled with hundreds of girls fighting, not regular fighting, more like training...what is this place!

Willow: Don't worry, this is the training room, will explain everything, I promise!

Lucian: That's what you keep saying, yet I have yet to hear any explaining! (As we walked through, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and ran right into one girl, at the same time her opponent brought down her staff, and there I was in the middle, I could hear Willow yelling, but it was like instinct took over and as the staves came flying down on me, I raised my hands grabbed both of them in my hands, pushed them back and hit them in the head, others started to attack, and my body went into over drive, I was swung at, I did a back flip and the staff just missed my body, I flipped up into the air and took a fighting stance, and one by one they came, swinging at me, I raised my hand blocking, as one kicked up, I raised my foot and hit hers back, I spun myself with my fists out and hit the girls that were encircling me, I grabbed a staff out of one of their hands, and swung it around my head waist, and rested it under my arm, holding my other arm up!) Anyone else! (A few others started to attack me, and now it was on, I was pissed, they brought me here to ambush me, well I'm not going down without a fight, I'm tired of getting beaten, I've been beaten my whole life, no more, its over with, its time to stand up for myself. I use the staff and spin it around over my head, I hit two in the head flipping them over, and spin again using the staff to bring two others off of there feet, as a group of them ran at me, I flipped backwards three times and then flew up into the air and landed on a balcony. The girls started to run up, some climbing bars upwards, as they got closer, I used the staff to knock some down, two came up from behind me and grabbed me, while two came in front of me, I kicked my feet up knocking the two in front of me upwards landing on others that were behind them, then I flipped myself backwards behind the two that were holding me, and kicked them forward, as more of them headed my way, I jumped up on the rail and flipped downwards landing back on the ground, were there were still more girls ready to do battle, I was surrounded, I used the staff in my and jumped up with the staff to the ground, and ran sideways, kicking them back as I went around and around, until landing on my feet! I looked to see where Willow and Giles and after I spotted them, I started to flip my way forward and over a group of girls, till I landed in front of them.!) Just who the hell do you think you are?

Willow: I'm sorry, they didn't know what was happening, they're slayers in training, they thought this was a drill!

Lucian: And you just decided to let us go at it, to what, see what I could do, you people are nuts, I'm out of here, I don't know how I even let you talk me into coming!

Giles: This also served a purpose, it was a chance for you to see what you're capable of, a chance to understand that your different, your not like everyone else your special, your...(A giant purple light flash lit the room up and as it disappeared, it left, Angel, Spike, Gun, Wesley and Illyria!)

Lucian: What the hell, how the heck, I mean, ok this is crazy...(I start running out towards the same way we came in, when some of the girls ran and got in front of me!) I'm warning you get out of my way!

Girl: I'm sorry you cant go anywhere, there is much Mr. Giles needs to explain!

Lucian: Ok don't say I didn't warn you! (I flipped backwards in the air, and the ran forward kicking myself off the wall, kicking two of the girls in the face knocking them over, I landed on my feet as they started to attack, we started blocking each others punches, I noticed the purple girl knocking out girls with easy, I sure don't want to go up against her, and just who is that blonde hottie in the black trench coat, yummy, hello Lucian get your head in the game, that's when this tall dark and handsome man came running to my side!

Angel: The names Angel and I'm here to help you!

Lucian: Names Lucian and I think I can handle myself!

Angel: You look like your doing just fine, but there's nothing like a friend to have your back in a touch situation!

Lucian: Like your purple friend, or the Billy Idol look alike!

Angel: Well actually Billy Idol got his looks from spike...and I'll just stop talking now!

Lucian: You want to help me?

Angel: That's why I came!

Lucian: Hold your hands together and flip me upwards over these girls so I can land by the door I want out of here now!

Angel: I'll do it, as long as you let my friends and I take you to a safe place!

Lucian: What is going on here, one second I'm living in an abusive home, constantly being abused in everyway possible, with no sign of help at all, and now everyone just wants to be my friend and help me! Did everyone take a crazy pill today!

Angel: I know everything must seem very strange to you, but were all really the good guys, and we really are here to help you, all of us!

Buffy: (With a loud whistle) Everyone stand down now! Slayers, I want you all on the ground running a perimeter check in shifts, everyone else, laps around the castle. Now Go! (The girls all leave the building) Now does anyone want to explain what the hell is going on here? Angel, just what the hell do you think your doing here?

Angel and Spike: (Shocked) BUFFY!

Lucian: (If I didn't know any better, looking into her eyes, it was as if I was looking into my own. Our hair was the same color blonde, with the same locks, it was like I was being pulled to her, and I had no idea why! And now looking at Angel, our height, build, brooding look, I was starting to get goose bumps. What was I doing here, why did I come, sl...slayers, purple woman, big purple flashing lights that people suddenly appear out of, did I step into the phantom zone or what! I started to slowly walk backwards towards the door, as they began their conversation, when I finally reached the door and turned to open it, I was suddenly floating into the air and back towards them, as I was turned I saw Willow's eyes they were black as night, she was holding her hands up as if she was somehow lifting me up and bring me to them!) Wh...what's going on, are you doing this? Put me down, you crazy people! I've gone from a one jail cell to another, one controlling adoptive parent to crazy people that are now trying to control me! (I couldn't help myself, I normally would never cry in front of anyone, but this is all to much, I don't know what they want with me, or what's going to happen to me, and my life flashing before my eyes, all the hardships, leading me to this point, left me with nothing but tears, I squatted down and put my head on my knees and just began to cry, what was going to happen to me know, would they hold me prisoner, would they torment me, like Lisa's many drunk boyfriends, I just wanted to get out, or die!)

Angel: Hey buddy, your alright, its all going to be ok, there is a lot we need to explain to you, things that you would never believe possible, but the truth of the matter is these things are real and we are here to protect you!

Lucian: (Tears still running down my cheeks) Please, just let me go, I swear I wont tell anyone about any of this, hell who would believe me, just please let me go, I don't even know who any of you are, so there is no way I can say anything to anyone about you!

Buffy: Lucian, I'm sorry if we've scared you, but we brought you here for a reason, just give us a chance to explain!

Lucian: (I stood there staring at her, after of minuet of my mouth hanging open I snapped out of it!) Um...uh...wait, you brought me here for a reason, and what reason would that be, to be attacked by a bunch of ninja fighting girls, cause they didn't look at all like they wanted to talk, they were acting like they wanted my head on a silver platter! Forget that, I have rights, you cant keep me here against my will, I want a layer, ya a layer, or something like that...

Illyria: The boy smells of fear and a sexual tension, he's frightened, your words do not calm him!

Lucian: (Turning beat red) You can smell all that coming off of me? Just what the hell are you, and why are you purple, did the Joker drop you into a vat of purple poison?

Buffy: Angel, I don't know how you guys got here, but your free to leave, he's one of us, will take it from here!

Angel: I don't think so Buffy, the Powers that be sent us here to find him!

Illyria: He speaks the truth, Angel is the key to who the boy really is, without Angel, none of you will ever learn who he is and now more than ever the boy must learn who he is and where he comes from!

Buffy: Giles, what's going on here!

Giles: The Covent sent us to him, as unbelievable as it is, he's a slayer, and they sent us to find him!

Willow: But I sense more than that, he's more than a slayer!

Lucian: Hello, Slayer! I'm just a boy, and a minor, who you've technically kidnapped, so I think you should just return me to LA, before you all go to jail for kidnapping a minor!

Wesley: Angel Illyria said you hold the key to who Lucian really is, cant you remember anything?

Angel: No, I'm sorry, but as familiar as he seems to me, I have no memory of him!

Gun: Well this wouldn't be the first time you didn't remember something important, remember the beast, Angelus was the only one that remembered him!

Angel: Don't even think it, I'm not letting Angelus free ever again, cause it just went so well the last time we did that!

Illyria: Oh...oh...there about to do it again!

Angel: What?

Illyria: Your Powers that Be, are sending another message!

Wesley: Willow can you project what she's seeing!

Willow: I can try! Illyria, would you mind it if I stuck my hand in your head!

Illyria: If it will serve its purpose so be it!

Flash Back-

Cordy: "When did he get back?"
Doyle: "Late last night."
Cordy: "And?"
Doyle: "Ah, he seemed fine."
Cordy: "He saw Buffy. He was in Sunnydale for three days, tracking her and that thingymagiggy you saw in your vision. (Sighs as she looks at Angel trying to adjust his desk) Where is the crabby scowl, the morbid gloom? (Turns to Doyle) This just means that it cut deeper then usual. Batten down the hatches, here comes Hurricane Buffy."
Doyle: "You think? (Cordy gives an exasperated sigh.) Maybe he's over her."
Cordy: (pats Doyle on the shoulder) "You have so much to learn little Irish man."
(Cordy turns and sees Angel take a stake out of his desk drawer testing its tip with his finger.)
Cordy: "Oh, my God!" (Cordy runs into the office with Doyle right behind) "Don't do it, Angel!"
Doyle: "Listen to me, man, it's not worth it."
Angel: "It's not?"
Cordy: "No! You can't let her get to you like this. You'll meet someone else. Just give it some time."
Doyle: "Why don't you let me have that?"
Angel: "Because I need it to level my desk. (Bends down to stick the tip of it under one of the table's legs) The floor is uneven. (Straightens up with a smirk) You two thought.."
Cordy: "Doyle did. You know how he jumps to conclusions, - 'cause you saw Buffy."
Angel: "It wasn't a social call. I was there to protect her. I stayed out of sight. She didn't even know I was there."
Cordy: "Really? (Angel nods) So you avoided her."
Angel: "Look, Buffy is always going to be a part of me, and that's never going to change. But she's human and I'm (Frowns and looks down) - not. And that's also never going to change. We said our good-byes, no need to stir any of this up again."
Cordy: "You don't want to 'stir', but if my ex came to town and was all stalking me in the shadows and then left and then didn't even say 'hello' I'd be.."
Buffy: (from the open door: "A little upset. (Angel looks at her, his mouth dropping open) Wouldn't you?"

Cordy: "Buffy! - Buffy's here - in town. - What brings you to.."
Buffy: "I came to see my father. (Looks over at Angel) Thought I'd stop by."
Cordy: (with a fake laugh) "What a surprise!"
Buffy: "Cordelia how are you?"
Cordy: "Good. I'm good. You?"
Buffy: (looks at Angel) "I've been better."
Cordy: "Uh-huh. - Well, this is Doyle. And he gets visions of people in trouble."
Doyle: "Nice to make your.." (Cordy takes his arm and pulls him out of the office) "And this is us leaving you two alone." (Buffy closes the door behind them then turns back to Angel, who's having trouble meeting her eyes.)
Angel: "Well, umm, it's good to.. Can I get you anything?"
Buffy: "How about - an explanation? - Who do you think you are coming to my town and following me around behind my back?"
Angel: "I'm sorry."
Buffy: "What is this? Some new torment you cooked up just for me?"
Angel: "No, I don't want to torment.."
Buffy: "What is it? You can see me, but I can't see you? What are we playing here?"
Angel: "We're not. I'm not playing anything. I wrestled with this decision.."
Buffy: "Which you made without me."
Angel: "I tried to do what I thought was right. It's complicated how this all happened, Buffy, you know? It's kind of a long story."
Buffy: "You're new sidekick had a vision, I was in it, you came to Sunnydale?"
Angel: "Okay, maybe not that long."
Buffy: "You didn't feel that I was important enough to even tell me that you were there."
Angel: (looks at her) "I'm trying to explain. It's because I felt that you're important that I didn't tell you."
Buffy: "I'm a big girl now, Angel. I'm not in High School anymore. A lot has happened in my life since you left."
Angel: "I know. I respect that."
Buffy: "And I don't need you skulking around, trying to protect me. (Angel looks away, and Buffy looks down) Unless, of course, I'm in some gigantic fight to the death, which - I was last night. That was you, helping me, wasn't it?"
Angel: "I was in the neighborhood - skulking."

Angel: "I'm sorry if I handled this wrong. I mean, what else was I supposed to do?"
Buffy: "I don't know. - I just know that when you're around, whether I see you or not, - I feel you - inside - and it throws me."
Angel: "Throws me, too."
Buffy: "So let's just stick to the plan. We keep our distance until a lot of time has passed. Given enough time we should be able to.."
Angel: "Forget?'
Buffy: "Yeah. - So, I'm gonna go - start forgetting." (As Buffy turns to go a green skinned Samurai demon with a curved sword and a red jewel in his forehead crashes through the window behind Angel and attacks him. Angel barely avoids the first stroke of his sword by rolling across his desk).
Buffy: "Angel!" (Buffy kicks the demon back against the wall, Angel comes up and throws an ax at it. Angel slides across the floor, picking up the demon's sword and stabs it in the gut while it is still wrestling with Buffy. Some of its fluorescent green blood runs down the sword onto Angel's hand. The demon jumps back causing Buffy to land on top of Angel, pulls the sword out and jumps out of the window. Angel and Buffy stare at each other as they slowly untangle themselves and get up.)
Buffy: "Friend of yours?"
Angel: "Never saw it before."
Buffy: "It was rude. We should go kill it."
Angel: "I'm free."
Buffy: "Got somewhere I can change?"

Angel: "It's heading towards the ocean."
Buffy: "Are you sure?"
Angel: "It's wounded. I can smell its blood."
Buffy: "Oh. Great. - Handy skill. (Angel stops to look at her as she continues on) Maybe if your crack staff hadn't run off at the first sign of trouble they could have helped us with some research. Find out what this thing is and why it wants to kill us." (Something rustles and Buffy spins around, stake in hand.)
Angel: "It's just a rat. - So, you can put that down. (She lowers the stake slowly) It's not a vampire. I don't know why you brought that anyway."
Buffy: "Because I know how to use it. Besides it's a lot handier then your fighting ax."
Angel: "Unless he chops it in two and maybe takes some of your hand with it."
Buffy: "Look can we just get on with the hunting? I'd like to get this over with before dark."
Angel: "I can handle this myself."
Buffy: "You bailed me out last night. I'd like us to be even.'
Angel walks past her: "We're keeping score now."
Buffy: "Are you getting anything? Because I sure smell sewer. (Angel touches a green spot on the wall of a tunnel junction, smells his fingers, then heads down that tunnel) Tunnel number one it is." (to Angel emerging out of the mouth of a tunnel. He's blinking his eyes, frowning.)
Buffy: "Angel? You okay?"
Angel: "I feel weird.'
Buffy: (with a sigh) "I know. I do, too. I mean, I only came to see you so I could tell you face-to-face not to see me - face-to-face anymore, - and I know there is a fly in the logic ointment here somewhere, but.. The next thing I knew we're being attacked by this mutant ninja demon thing, and then we're on the floor on top of each other, and it's just really confusing being around you."
Angel with a slight grimace: "No, I meant I felt weird from the demons blood. (Looks down at his hand) It's powerful."
Buffy looks away: "Oh. Okay. (Turns to walk on quickly) Let's just rewind Buffy's little outburst and pretend it never happened."
Angel: "No. I-It is confusing. And I.. When we're apart - it's easier. (Buffy stares at him) It hurts - every day. But I live with it. (He slowly steps closer to her) And now you're - you're right here - and I can actually reach out.. and - it's more then confusing - it's unbearable."
Buffy inches closer to him: "But we have to bear, right? I mean, what else can we do? It doesn't work with us. It can't."
Angel: "No, I-I can't give you a life, or a future or anything a real girl would want."
Buffy inching closer: "No matter how much we miss each other."
Angel: "Or what we feel in the moment."
Buffy: "If we let something happen here - we'd want more. - And nothing's changed. We'd only end up having to leave each other again."
Angel: "And that's the best case scenario."
Buffy: "Oh, boy. (Turns away) I was really jonesing for another heartbreaking sewer talk."
Angel: "I'm sorry."
Buffy turns back to him angry: "You know, I'm actually on the brink of something back home. I'm actually heading towards a pretty good life now that.."
Angel: "I'm out of the picture. - That's why I left. I want you to have it."
Buffy: "Could we just - find this thing and get this finished? (Sees rungs leading up) What if it went up?"
Angel: "Into the day, where it knows I can't follow."
Buffy gets ready to go up: "But I can."
Angel: "Uh, I..(Reaches out to touch her then balls his hand up into a fist and pulls it back) I don't want you going after it alone."
Buffy: "Look, it's best all around if we just split up. I can handle it."
Angel after a beat: "There's a dive on Second near Beach, The Lone Bar. Demons go there sometimes when they need to get patched up."
Buffy starts to climb: "Got it."
Angel: "Be careful." (Angel walking in the dark tunnels. Two glowing green eyes watch him from behind. Suddenly the demon jumps out and attacks him from behind slicing across the palm of Angel's right hand as he spins around. Angel looks at the blood on his hand then vamps out and attacks. They fight. The demon slices off the head of Angel's battle-ax, and Angel manages to knock the sword out of the demon's hand. The demon pulls his short sword (about the same length as what's left of the ax handle) and they continue fighting. In the end Angel manages to grab the demon's sword hand and turns its hand to stab it in the heart with its own sword. The demon falls back as Angel stares at the glowing green blood that covers his cut right hand.
The blood swirls around and sinks into his cut, which closes up in front of his eyes. A light races from his right hand through his whole body as Angel collapses with a strangled cry. Angel comes back up gasping for air while we hear the sound of a heart beating.
Angel staring at his hand in disbelief: "I'm alive."

Cordy and Doyle entering the office.
Doyle sees the destruction in Angel's office: "Woah, when they fight.."
Cordy runs past him: "Oh, my God!"
Doyle: "What?"
Cordy : "She killed him! (Picks up a handful of dust) Oops! My bad. (Brushes off her hands) It's just dust I forgot to sweep under the rug."
Doyle: "What, are you trying to give me a heart attack?"
Cordy: "Hey, don't blame me if he's too cheap to hire a Cleaning Lady!"
The door opens and Angel walks into the outer office a dazed expression on his face.
Cordy: "What's wrong? What happened? - Did you do it with Buffy? (Doyle steps closer to Angel staring at his chest) Watch it, Doyle, don't get too close. - Hey, you walked in the front door - from the street! You got.."
Angel looking at Doyle: "Yeah."
Cordy: "An umbrella!"
Angel walks past them and stand in the sun streaming in through the window.
Doyle: "He's alive, Cordelia."
Cordy: "Alive?"
Angel: "Buffy and I were attacked by some kind of demon. I- I tracked it - and killed it (Holds out his right hand) A-and some of its blood mixed with mine."
Doyle laying two fingers on his wrist: "And you wound up with a pulse?"
Angel: "I want to find out what kind of a demon that was. Ow, my back. It hurts. Everything's.."
Doyle: "More real, now that you're real?"
Angel: "Yeah. I'm mortal now. I have a mortal body. (Stares at where Cordy is standing) And I'm so - hungry!"
Cordy jumps out of his way as he comes charging towards her: "Look out, he's gonna eat..(Angel grabs one of the donuts sitting on the little refrigerator behind where she was standing and stuffs it in his mouth) everything in sight!"
Angel opens the fridge, takes a bite out of an apple: "Oh my God. Food. (Takes a bite out of something else) This is unbelievable. This is so.. (Smells the apple) You know, I forgot how good it all tastes when you're alive!"
Cordy: "Yeah, and they didn't even have Cookie-dough-fudge-mint-chip when you were alive."
Angel: "Mmm, I want some! Can you get that?"
Cordy: "It'll go straight to your thighs."
Angel still trying bites of everything: "Uhm, chocolate! Oh, (Laughs) chocolate!"
Doyle: "All right, all right, we need to focus here. We need to try and find out.."
Angel talking with his mouth full: "I love chocolate! (Drinks out of a yogurt container and makes a face) Uh, but not, as it turns out, yogurt. Urgh!"
Doyle: "Orsen! We're in a situation here."
Angel: "Right. (Takes a deep breath and closes the fridge) I know. You're right. Let me think - and now my stomach's killing me. - Cordelia, find Buffy. She' in Santa Monica near the Lone Star. Tell her I killed the demon."
Cordy turns to go: "Okay."
Angel: "Oh, wait! Don't tell her what's happened to me. Not until I know what it means."
Cordy: "All right."

Angel: "That's it."
Doyle: "It's called a Mohra demon. They're pretty powerful assassins, soldiers of darkness kind of thing. They take out warriors for our side, like you and Buffy. (Quotes from book) 'Needs vast amounts of salt to live'."
Angel: "It was heading towards salt water."
Doyle quoting: "'Veins run with the blood of eternity.' There it is. Its blood has regenerative properties."
Angel staring fascinated at his reflection in a window: "Which explains what happened to me. But it doesn't explain why."
Doyle closes the book: "Hey, what difference does it make, man? The demon's dead, you're alive! It's happy fun time."
Angel spins to confront Doyle: "What's going on here, Doyle?"
Doyle: "I don't know. I thought the only way for you to be made mortal was if the Powers-That-Be stepped in."
Angel: "What, they could have done this? How come I keep getting the feeling that you're not telling me everything."
Doyle: "Because I'm not. We're both on a need to know basis here."
Angel pacing: "I need to know about this. Is this permanent? Am I - am I normal Joe now? Can I have a normal life? I want to speak to the Powers-That-Be."
Doyle: "Woah, woah, woah! That's easier said then done, bud. The Powers-That-Be don't live in our reality. You have to approach them through channels. Dangerous channels."
Angel: "Yeah, you know what? Start approaching!"
Doyle: "All right. All right. Maybe we can try the Oracles. But hey, if they turn you into a toad - don't say I didn't warn you."

Cut to Angel and Doyle in some underground chamber. There is a white stone arc in one wall.
Angel reading the foreign inscription above it: "'The Gateway for Lost Souls' (Turns to Doyle) is under the post office?"
Doyle: "It makes sense if you think about it. Now listen, the Oracles are finicky and unpredictable. You do get in, don't dilly-dally. Ask your questions, get out."
Angel: "Aren't you coming?"
Doyle: "Not allowed. I'm just a lowly messenger, you're a warrior.. if your heart is pure - and I do this right.. (Puts some herbs in an urn) 'We beseech access to the knowing ones..' We may just survive. (Put a lighter to the urn and it fills with high flames. The arc glows and fills with light) You're in."
Angel steps through the light into a white marble chamber. Two glittery figures confront him.
Man: "Come before us, lower being."
Woman: "What have you brought us?"
Angel: "Was I supposed to.."
Man: "You call us forth and bring us no offering?"
Angel takes off his wristwatch: "I brought you this."
Woman holds out her hand and the watch flies to her: "I like Time. There is so little and so much of it."
Man: "Well?"
Angel: "What's happened to me?"
Woman steps to one side of Angel: "It's true then, brother."
Man on Angel's other side: "He is no longer a warrior."
Angel: "It was the demon's blood. It wasn't the Powers-That-Be that did this?"
Man: "The Powers-That-Be? Did you save humanity? Avert the Apocalypse?"
Woman: "You faced a Mohra demon. Life goes on."
Angel: "My life as a human. I'm not poisoned or under some spell?"
Woman looks up, after a beat: "The Auguries say no. If it has happened it was meant to be."
Man: "From this day, you will live and die as any mortal man."
Woman: "Privy to all the attendant pains - and pleasures."
Man: "That which we serve is no longer that which you serve. You are released from your fealty."
The woman and man walk away form him.
Angel: "That's it? I'm free?"
Man holds up his hand and Angel goes flying backwards out of the arc to land on top of Doyle.
Doyle helps him up: "Angel, it didn't work?"
Angel: "Yes, it did."
Doyle: "You just went in this instant."
Angel staring at the arc: "What?"
Doyle: "Look at your watch."
Angel: "I can't do that, Doyle. Next time remind me to bring a gift?"
Doyle: "I knew I forgot something. So, what happened? What did they say?"
Angel: "They're a little confusing, but.. - the gist of it is - it's real. - I'm free."
Doyle: "I can't believe this."
Angel: "Me either. I mean, what do I do now? - I have this whole new life spread before me. I don't know where to begin."
Doyle: "Right. It's overwhelming. You can pretty much do what ever you want now. The question is, what do you want?"

Cut to Buffy walking in a park overlooking the beach. She feels something and turns around to see Angel stepping through a shadowed arch in a hedge. She watches as he walks out into the sun towards her and they kiss.

Cut to Angel and Buffy sitting at opposite sides of his kitchen table.
Angel pours some tea: "Would you like some more?"
Buffy: "No, thank you."
Angel: "I'm really sorry I kissed you like that."
Buffy: "You are?"
Angel: "Well, not for the kiss itself.."
Buffy sighs: "Good. I mean, 'cause - as far as kisses go I thought it was well above average."
Angel: "It was incredible. I just - I-I think, maybe we'd be asking for trouble rushing back into things. (Buffy looks at him) Not that I don't want to - rush. Believe me, I do."
Buffy: "Right. You spoke to the Oracles and they said you were cured for good. But how do we know that they really speak for the Powers? I mean they could be - pranksters."
Angel: "Or there could be another loophole."
Buffy: "Exactly. And then the two of us would be in even deeper and it's 'grr' all over again."
Angel: "It would be smart to wait a while. See if this mortal thing takes."
Buffy: "Exactly. And even if it does, it's still complicated."
Angel: "You're still the Slayer. And I'm not sure what I am now. I don't know what my purpose is. I can't just wedge myself into your life back in Sunnydale. It wouldn't be good for either of us. Not to mention the fact that you just started college. And what about slaying. I mean, if you had me to worry about, you might not be as focused."
Buffy: "Are you going to pull out a pie chart on me now? Because I get it, it's not necessary."
Angel gets up with a sigh and moves to the chair next to her: "I'm not saying I don't want you. You know how much.. I'm just saying it's worth the wait to be sure this is right. I need to be sure you won't get hurt again."
Buffy gets up: "You know it's a good thing I didn't fantasize about you turning human only about 10 zillion times, because today would have been a real let down. - So how does the mature plan go? You call me? I call you? What?"
Angel gets up and steps over to her: "We stay in touch - just not.."
Buffy: "Literally. - Funny. (They stare at each other, then Buffy walks past him) Okay, I'd better.."
Angel turns to look after her: "Right. Remove the temptation."
Buffy spins back towards him: "So, we'll - talk soon."
Buffy puts her hand on top of his on the counter. They both stare down at their hands. Angel turns his hand to grab hers then reaches out and pulls her into a kiss. They stumble up against the fridge and Buffy jumps up to wrap her legs around his waist. Still kissing, Angel carries her over to the kitchen table, sweeps the stuff on it on the floor and lays her down on it.

Cut to later.
Buffy yells: "Peanut butter, preferably crunchy!"
Angel's head pops up above the door of the fridge: "I got it."
His arms piled with food he makes his way back to the bedroom with some strategically placed props all that's preserving his dignity.
He dumps the stuff on the bed and slips under the sheet.
Buffy wearing a black robe smiles at him: "The perfect yum. (Angel feeds her a spoon of ice cream) Mmm, this is a dream. You're human for like a minute and already there is Cookie-dough-fudge-mint-chip in the fridge."
Angel: "God, I love food."
Buffy feeds him some ice cream on a chocolate waffle: "Food is good."
They kiss.
Angel: "Why didn't you ever tell me about chocolate and peanut butter?"
Buffy: "Well, I figured if your vamp taste buds couldn't really savor it, then it would only hurt you, you know? By the way, I'm over the whole needing to be mature thing. That time you just spent in the kitchen? That was enough time apart."
Angel with a smile: "Too much."
They kiss and some ice cream drips from his spoon on his chest.
Angel: "Okay, mortal coordination leaving something to be desired."
Buffy: "Wrong. It's just right."
Angel laughs as she licks up the ice cream then pulls her down into a kiss.

Cut to Angel and Buffy lying peacefully in bed.
Buffy with her head on Angel's chest: "It's a good sound. Thump-thump. Thump-thump."
Angel smiles: "It feels pretty amazing."
Buffy: "I'm so glad we didn't logic ourselves out of this. We'll make it work, right?"
Angel: "We will."
Buffy: "Oh, I'm so sleepy, - but I still want.."
Angel: "What? You couldn't possibly.. Not that I wouldn't.."
Buffy: "No, no. I'm spent. Pleasantly numb even. You?"
Angel smiles: "For now."
Buffy: "No, I - want to stay awake - so this day can keep happening."
Angel kisses her on the forehead: "Sleep. We'll make another one like it tomorrow."
Buffy sleepy: "Angel? This is the first time I ever really felt this way."
Angel: "What way?"
Buffy: "Just like I've always wanted to. Like a normal girl, falling asleep in the arms of her normal boyfriend. It's perfect."
Angel kisses the top of her head as she falls asleep.

Cut to later. Angel is watching Buffy sleep. He hears the door open and gets up, careful not to wake Buffy.
Cut to Angel coming out of the bedroom shrugging into a robe as Doyle comes down the stairs.
Doyle: "Hey, that (Angel holds up his hand for him to keep his voice down and Doyle continues more softly) Mohra demon regenerated more then just you."
Angel: "What?"
Doyle: "I had a vision. It regenerated itself."
Angel: "Where?"
Doyle: "In the tunnel where you fought it. Then it was in some sort of factory. I thought I tasted salt. Could have been the margarita."
Angel pacing: "No, it needs a lot of salt to live."
Doyle: "Well, it was very much alive in this vision, and angry if I might mention."
Angel: "I'll have to kill it again."
Doyle: "Yeah, but you're human now. They released you."
Angel pulling on some pants: "You want to let that thing roam free? You saw it in a factory. There is a saline plant in Redondo, We'll start there."
Doyle: "Yeah, but if it can regenerate itself, how can you kill it?"
Angel: "We'll figure it out. Just grab the book of Kelsor. You'll read, I'll drive. (When Doyle stays silent) Doyle?"
Doyle looks at Buffy sleeping on Angel's bed: "I think we should bring someone a little - supernatural?"
Angel pulls a sweater over his head and looks where Doyle is looking.
Doyle: "Don't you want to wake the girl?"
Angel: "Not for the world."

Cut to the saline plant.
Doyle reading in book: "Okay. This is not good. It doesn't just come back - it comes back bigger and stronger. I think we should go back and get Buffy."
Angel: "I know what I'm doing."
Doyle: "This isn't your average demon we're fighting here. It nearly licked you before and now your mortal."
Angel: "If this thing with me and Buffy is going to work, I need to be able do this on my own. I can't keep risking her life every time some minion of hell.. Just tell me how to kill it."
Doyle reads from book: "Uh, 'It regenerates until the dark future it envisions is upon us.' Oh, 'to kill the beast one must bring darkness to 1000 eyes'."
Angel: "Funny, I only saw two."
Doyle: "Keep up the glib. It makes me feel like we have a chance. (Angel sees two corpses and gags from the smell) Take it easy, mate."
Angel coughing: "The blood."
Doyle supporting him: "It's never an easy sight. It's part of being human now."
Angel: "I'm going to kill that thing."
Doyle: "Just remember that it's brutal, deadly, and (looks up) here!"
The Mohra jumps down on them from above and they start fighting it. They're clearly overmatched and Doyle gets knocked out pretty early. Angel keeps getting back up, but the thing is pretty much wiping the floor with him and he finally turns to run.

Cut to Cordy putting sticky notes on things in the office.
Buffy comes in: "Angel? - Cordelia."
Cordy hold up and ornate ax: "Is this antique?"
Buffy: "Byzantine."
Cordy puts it down: "Mmm."
Buffy: "Where is Angel?"
Cordy shrugs: "I've decided not to feel sorry for myself. I'm taking matters into my own hands, organizing a little 'going out of business' sale to subsidize the severance package Angel never bothered setting up for me."
Buffy: "Did he leave a message about where he went?"
Cordy: "You know I'm in real pain here and all you can do is talk about Angel. Has it even occurred to you how this whole turning human thing might affect me?"
Buffy: "Regrettably - no. Look, if you know where he is, just tell me?"
Cordy with a sigh: "He told me not to tell you."
Buffy: "Is he in trouble? (Cordy makes a face) Cordelia, what are we, in second grade here? Tell me!"
Cordy: "Oh, you want to talk about being mature? Maybe it's time that *you* grew up and realized that you can't have everything. You can't have Angel and save the world. And anyway, it's your fault that he went to fight that thing by himself without.."
Buffy: "What thing?"

Cut to Angel just trying to stay alive as the Mohra demon keeps coming after him. Angel climbs on the lid of a salt silo and when the demon jumps up and hits him they both crash through.
Mohra putting a foot on Angel's neck: "The end of days has begun and can't be stopped. For anyone of us that falls, *ten* shall rise."
As the Mohra lifts his sword to stab Angel Buffy jumps down on it from above, knocking it off Angel.
Buffy got the demon's sword: "You hurt my boyfriend."
Mohra: "A great darkness is coming."
Buffy: "You got that right."
They fight. Mohra manages to wrap its morgenstern around Buffy's sword and pull it from her hand. Buffy kicks it into the wall.
Buffy: "Come on, this is the great warrior of darkness?"
They fight some more. Buffy manages to step on the chain of its morgenstern and kick the demon so it has to let go of it. It picks her up and throws her into the wall.
Mohra: "Together you were powerful. Alone, you are dead. (Picks her up by her throat) What do you think of the great warrior now?"
Angel picks up a handful of salt: "Little bland. (Throws it in the demon's eyes and it drops Buffy) Needs salt."
Angel tries to help Buffy up, but the Mohra grabs him and throws him across the silo. Buffy and the demon keep fighting.
Angel looks up at the demon: "The light of a thousand eyes.. The jewel in its forehead! You have to smash the jewel."
Buffy picks up the morgenstern and does just that.
Mohra: "No!"
The demon vanishes in a bright light.
Buffy runs over to Angel and takes his head in her lap.
Angel: "Buffy, are you all.."
Buffy: "Shh, you're all right. That's all that matters. Shh, you're all right. (Kisses the top of his head) And it's over. And we're together."

Cut to the Oracles.

Man: "You again."
Woman: "What have you brought me?"
Angel: "Famille Rose vase. (Throws her a black vase) Ching dynasty. Circa 1811."
Woman: "Lovely."
Man: "Why are you here, lower being?"
Angel: "The Mohra demon said the end of days had begun. That others were coming, soldiers of darkness. I need to know if he was telling the truth."
Man: "As far as such things can be told."
Angel: "What happens to the Slayer when these soldiers come?"
Woman: "What happens to all mortal beings. Albeit sooner in her case."
Angel: "She'll die? - Then I'm here to beg for her life."
The Oracles turn and walk away: "It is not our place to grant life or death."
Angel: "And I ask you to take mine back. (The oracles stop walking and turn back to him) Look I can't protect her or anyone this way, not as a man."
Woman: "You're asking to be what you were, a demon with a soul, because of the Slayer?"
Man turns to leave again: "Oh, this is a matter of love. It does not concern us."
Angel: "Yes, it does. The Mohra demon came to take a warrior from your cause - and it succeeded. I'm no good to you like this. I know you have it in your power to make this right. Please."
Man: "What is done can not be undone."
Woman: "What is not yet done can be avoided."
Man: "Temporal folds are not to indulge at - the whims of lower beings."
Woman: "You are wrong. This one is willing to sacrifice every drop of human happiness and love he has ever known for another. He is not a lower being."
Man: "There is one way. But it is not to be undertaken lightly."
Woman: "We swallow this day, as though it had never happened. Twenty-four hours from the moment the demon first attacked you, we take it back."
Angel licks his lips: "Then none of this happened and Buffy and I.. What - what'll stop us from doing the exact same thing again?"
Woman: "You. You alone will carry the memory of this day. - Can you carry that burden?"

Cut to the clock on Angel's desk. It's 8:56.
Buffy wearing a long flowery dress is pacing Angel's apartment. Angel comes down the steps to his apartment.
Buffy: "I'm guessing that expression isn't because they were all out of fresh OJ at the deli. - What happened?"
Angel: "Nothing happened. - I just.."
Buffy: "Where have you been?"
Angel: "I went to see the Oracles. I asked them to turn me back."
Buffy: "What? - Why?"
Angel: "Because more then ever I know how much I love you."
Buffy backs away from him: "No. No, you didn't."
Angel follows her: "And if I stayed mortal one of us would wind up dead, maybe both of us. You heard what Mohra said."
Buffy: "Mohra is dead. We killed him."
Angel: "He said others would come."
Buffy: "They always come. And they always will. But that's my problem now, not yours, remember?"
Angel: "No, I won't just stand by and let you fight, maybe die, alone."
Buffy: "Then we fight together."
Angel: "You saw what happened last night. If anything I'm a liability to you. You take chances to protect me, and that's not just bad for you, it's bad for the people we were meant to help."
Buffy: "So what? You just took a whole 24 hours to weigh the ups and downs of being a regular Joe and decided it was more fun being a superhero?"
Angel: "You know that's not it. How can we be together if the cost is your life, or the lives of others? (Buffy just stares at him and after a moment he takes her into his arms) I know. I couldn't tell you. I wasn't sure - if I could do it if I woke up with you one more morning."
Buffy sniffling: "I understand. - So, what happens now?'
Angel: "The Oracles are giving us back the day, turning back time, so I can kill Mohra before his blood makes me mortal."
Buffy: "When?"
Angel looks over at the clock (it's 9:00): "Another minute."
Buffy crying: "A minute? No. No, it's not enough time!"
Angel: "We don't have a choice. It's done."
Buffy: "How am I supposed to go on with my life knowing what we had? What we could have had?"
Angel: "You won't. No one will know but me."
Buffy: "Everything we did."
Angel: "It never happened."
Buffy shakes her head: "It did. It did. I know it did! (Puts her hand on his heart) I felt your heart beat."
Angel: "Buffy.."
They kiss. Buffy looks over at the clock. The minute is almost up.
Buffy: "No! Oh God. It's not enough time."
Angel is crying too now: "Shh, please. Please."
The hold each other tightly both crying.
Angel: "Please, please."
Buffy: "No. I'll never forget. I'll never forget. I'll never forget. I'll never forget."
White flash dissolves to Angel's office the previous day.
Angel is leaning against his desk blinking, looking around. Buffy is standing next to the door.
Buffy: "So, then let's just stick to the plan. Keep our distance until a lot of time has passed, and given enough time - we should be able to.."
Angel stares at her and swallows hard: "Forget."
Buffy: "Yeah. - So - I'm gonna go - start forgetting."
The Mohra crashes through the window behind Angel with a scream. Angel just turns, grabs the clock from his desk and coolly smashes the Mohra's jewel with it. The Mohra goes up in a flash of light.
Buffy slightly stunned: "That was unreal. - How did you know how to kill it?"
Angel: "It's a Mohra demon. I - I had a lot of time to catch up on my reading."
Buffy nods slowly: "Yeah. Okay. - So I guess we've covered it, right?"
Angel: "I guess we did."
Buffy: "And that's all there really is to say."
Angel takes a deep breath and looks down on the smashed clock. It stopped at 9:02. When he turns back Buffy is already leaving the outer office.
Angel: "Yeah. - That's it."

Lucian: (I couldn't help myself, I don't thin anyone could, everyone was emotional, tears ran down my eyes)

Buffy: (Staring into Angels eyes as they both have tears) Angel, you've been living with that all this time!

Angel: I had no choice, I couldn't let you die!

Spike: Bloody hell! What does this have to do with the kid?

Lucian: Not that it wasn't like watch a scene from Romeo and Juliet, really it was sad! But what does that have to do with me? Actually never mind, it doesn't really matter, we all saw the same thing and it had nothing to do with me, so I'm free to go right! (Just then a woman appears floating in air, looking like something out of ancient Greek mythology!)

Oracle: What you saw was only have the story! The day might have been taken back, but the consequences still remained!

Angel: What do you mean?

Oracle: The two of you made love, a love so powerful, that the life that was created inside the Slayer, could not be erased!

Buffy: Wha...what! What do you mean the life created inside me?

Oracle: A vampire and a Slayer, a love that should never have been, yet it came to be! An ancient prophecy written by Thaddeus, spoke of a vampire with a soul, and the one girl born to slay, a love would grow and consume them, their love would be epic, transcending all that they would one day face! From the two would be born an heir, one so powerful, men would kill to control him, others would try to destroy him, and there would be those that would try to study him, dissect him. This boy will play a major role in an Apocalypse to come, one far greater than any of you have ever witnessed.

Buffy: How is that possible, I've never been pregnant!?

Oracle: The Powers knew of this, that is why they allowed Angels wish to take back the day and save your life, for his love for you knows no bounds! But the powers also knew that if you were to know of the baby within you, you would never have been able to focus your energy on closing the hell mouth in Sunnydale! They also knew that the Wolf-Ram-N-Heart would stop at nothing to capture the child and use him to there own agenda! So in the final moments before the day was completely taken back they pulled you into a time stream, sped up your body till you gave birth to a son, Lucian Angelus Summers, this is why the clock on Angels desk read 9:02 and not 9:00. In order to protect the boy he had to be kept secret, hidden from all, even the two of you! His destiny is far to great! As we speak many have learned of the boy and are now searching for him and will stop at nothing to get him!

Angel: You bastards, how could you have done this, after all I have done for you, this is how you reward me, take away my son, again no less!

Buffy: I don't believe you, I...couldn't have had a son, I...I would know...I...

Oracle: Look into his eyes Slayer, are they not yours, his hair, and you Angel, can the two of you really say this is not your child, when he embodies all that the two of you are, the love the two of you have for one another, shines through the heart of the boy. Train him well, he will need to know how to use all his powers!

Lucian: What is this more hocus pocus, your trying to tell me he's a vampire and she's a slayer and they had a forbidden love and that I'm their love child, and that I was born in a time stream, what are we on star trek? I don't have powers, and their not my parents! My "Parent" Is a drunk woman who abused me my whole life, along with her many boyfriends, not these freaks!

Oracle: I never lie, these are your parents!

Lucian: So lets just say what your saying is true, what did I ever do to deserve to be put in a house where I was beaten everyday? You say I'm full of love, how come I have never known what its meant to be loved, my whole life has been nothing but heartache after heartache, I've dreamt my whole life, that my real parents would come find me, come rescue me from the most horrible life a person could ever live through, and now your telling me, that while I was being beaten mentally, emotionally, physically, (Tears running down my face) my so called "parents" were off saving everyone else but me! Well guess what, I don't give a crap if this is real, I don't care if I'm destined to save anyone, I don't care if they are my parents, I want nothing to do with any of this, any of you, I've spent 16 years trying to get through each day, hoping I would just die rather than go through what I went through and now here are the two strongest people, two that save the world, and no one could save me! Screw you and your prophecy, this time I'm leaving, and I swear if you know what's good for you, nobody better try and stop me! (I ran to the door and tired to open it, but it wouldn't open, it was locked somehow, but my anger took over and I started punching, once, twice, third times the charm the door went flying breaking into pieces and I ran out!)

Angel and Buffy: Lucian wait!

Oracle: Do what you must be get the boy back, before the others discover him!

Buffy: Screw you, you are cold hearted bastards!

Illyria: (Smelling the air) Angel, we have trouble, there are enemies closing in on this location!

Willow: There is no way they can find this place, its hidden with the most powerful magic's!

Giles: But if he runs outside the perimeter, they will be able to locate him with easy!

Buffy: Will sound the alarm, I want everyone working on this, we need to find him now! Angel your with me, everyone else in teams of two, please do what you must find him! (Everyone went there separate ways, and there I was with Angel, what do I say, what do I feel, I've been to hell and back, but this is so going to be the hardest conversation I've ever, well next to telling Dawn she was a key!)

Angel: Buffy...I...

Buffy: Angel don't say it, its not your fault, its us, the world is out to get us, the powers don't want us to be happy! (Running) How can I have had a child and never know, I couldn't even keep a goldfish alive for more than a week, now I have a full grown 16 year old child! This is unbelievable, look at Dawn, I've just done such an awesome job with her haven't I, she doesn't even talk to me half the time, she goes to Willow for everything. If only...

Angel: Your mother was here...

Buffy: Angel its just been so hard without her, she always knew what to do, what to say, her job was far harder than being a Slayer ever has been!

Angel: Dawn has turned into an amazing young woman, I think you've done an amazing job! And I'm no one to talk, look at Conner, I had to give him up, change his memories to give him a normal life, away from all this!

Buffy: I know, I'm sorry, I know that couldn't have been easy...and I cant believe you've lived with the memory of that day all these years, it must have been so hard, I don't think I could have ever been alright, knowing we had a day...a day I've dreamed of since the first time I met you, wishing you would just turn human, so that we could truly...

Angel: Be together!

Buffy: Stop finishing my sentences, its hard enough just being around you!

Angel: Buffy, this isn't any easier on me, I've been waiting years for you to turn from cookie dough, into a cookie, so that we could finally be together, and now I find out we have a son together...we're...we're going to have to figure something out! Buffy, wait...I smell him, he's this way! And we better hurry, there are others getting closer to him!

In the woods-

Lucian: A real mother and father...and they're super powered, and I'm super I'm so kind of freak...a vampire, hello, biting necks, sucking blood, immortal, and a Slayer like who came up with that, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it actually has a ring to it...forbidden love, I swear I thought that only happens in the movies. What am I doing, were am I going, I'm in Scotland for Pete's sake. Come on Lucian, you've been through a hell of a lot worse things in your life. Its time to man up and face your life head on! (I spoke to soon)

Man: (Holding a gun) Freeze kid if you don't want to get hurt!

Lucian: I'm freezing, I'm freezing, don't shoot, don't shoot! I'll come willingly! (I put my hands up and inched my way closer to him, and then did a back flip kicking the gun out of his hands and into the air. As he came running at me, I spin kicked sending him spinning into the air and landing on his back...I think I'm starting to like having superpowers. But if he's here, there's bound to be more I better keep moving. I start running when I'm ambushed but a bunch of different men! Suddenly I'm surrounded, on one side there are commando looking men and on the other side of me, stood a bunch of tough looking dudes in jeans and tee shirts! Oh dear!

William: I am William Corday of the Watchers Council, for as long as there have been Slayers there have been watchers to teach Slayer of their sacred duties, to protect the world from the evil!

Man: Then we have a stand off, the boy belongs with us, and as you can see your out manned!

Lucian: Hello, I'm standing right here, I'm not a dog that needs ownership, I'm a person, and I'll decide where I'm going and its not going to be with either of you!

Buffy: (Angel and Buffy come flipping out of the air and landing on either side of Lucian) You want my son, your going to have to go through us!

William: Ah, Miss Summers, we meet again!

Buffy: Sorry who are you?

Angel: And you guys are from Wolfram&heart I suppose! Who's running things now that I destroyed the LA branch?

Man: Oh, its rebuilt and stronger than ever, with none other than Lila Morgan at the helm!

Angel: What the senior partners couldn't find anyone to take over, they had to go and bring back Lila from the dead?

William: Slayer, you don't know what he is and what he's capable of! And you have no idea what his destiny is all about, your not ready to teach him what needs to be taught!

Man: But we do, now men!

Buffy: Lucian, get out of here, find a place to hide and stay there will find you!

Lucian: I'm not going anywhere, they want me, they're going to have to fight me to get me!

Angel: He's stubborn just like you!

Lucian: (It was the craziest thing I've ever seen, the fight began and it was like an all out war, it was a scene out of a movie, the two of them fought side by side, like they were dancing the tango, I was in awe, as complicated as this all was, and as confused as my feelings towards them is, seeing them to what they do best together, gave me a sense of pride I had never felt before! The way they flip in the air, their karate moves, the way they easily threw these men into the air like they are rag dolls, it was the most amazing thing to witness with my own eyes! As I watched, I made mental notes of their moves and began to try them out on the men that were headed towards me! I ran as two of them followed me, I kept running till I ran up a tree flipping myself off of it, landing behind them, I then jumped up kicking both of them, then landed on my feet!)

Buffy: Lucian look out!

Lucian: (Next thing I knew I was hit with darts, one in my neck and one on my shoulder) uh-oh! (I fell to the floor as everything went black)

End Chapter-