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Chapter 2- New beginnings


<Telepathic conversations>


(Personal Thoughts)


Buffy: <Willow were near the river bend, they've just hit Lucian with some sort of dart, we need back up and we need it now>

Willow: <Were on our way!>

Angel: (I'm being held by three guys as another is hitting me from the front again and again. I watch in helplessness as Lucian is being picked up off the ground and put into a black van. My anger over powers me, I vamp out kick the guy in front of me as he goes to punch me again, I flip behind the guys holding me, twisting their arms back as I flip, I kick one in the stomach and bring my elbow down on the other knocking them both to the ground! I start running towards the van as they start taking off with Lucian.) Buffy, they've got him in the van!

Buffy: Angel don't let them get away, please!

Angel: (Suddenly two other black vans appear, they start wavering into each other, trying to confuse me as to which one is holding Lucian, suddenly gun shots are being sent flying at me, I get hit in the shoulder, I jump up into the trees and continue following, jumping from branch to branch, trying to hold onto the scent of Lucian so as not to get mixed up as to what van he's in. I cant lose him not like I lost Conner!)

William: (Shouting) Men retreat, the boy has been taken, retreat!

Buffy: Oh now you want to retreat! Damn it, Willow where are you!

Willow: (Appearing with Giles! Seeing all kinds of bodies laying on the ground!) Wow, you and Angel sure know how to throw a party!

Buffy: Willow, they've got him, in a black van, Angel went after them, we need to find them! They went north through the woods!

Willow: Air Willow now departing, brace yourself! (With that, Willow raises them all into the air and over the trees following the sounds of gun fire)

Inside the Van holding Lucian-

Man: Base command we've apprehended the boy!

Lila: Good, very good! Now there's a chopper waiting 50 yards from where your at now! Get there now! I want the boy now!

Man: Angel is on our tale, and there is a swarm of female fighters as well!

Lila: I don't want excuses, bring the boy, or don't come back at all, for it will be your life if you lose him!

Man: Yes boss!

In the trees-

Angel: (There getting to far ahead, if I lose him, I swear I will make Lila pay! Out of nowhere appears Illyria and Spike) What took you guys so long?!

Spike: Your lucky we made it at all, the bloody watchers council sent all their elite. I thought they all were blown up by the bringers!?

Angel: Ya, well Lila is suppose to be dead and now she's running the show at Wolf Ram & heart. Since Cordy killed her, I'm sure she's out for revenge, there is no telling what she'll do with Lucian!

Illyria: There look, the vans! Each one of us will take a van!

Spike: Were pretty fast, but not fast enough to catch up to them!

Illyria: That's why I'm going to throw you! (With that she grabs Spike and Angel and throw them, they fly through the air landing in front of the vans! She then jumps and lands in front of a van, as it approaches her, she takes a stand and punches the front smashing the front of it, stopping it dead in its tracks! She flips on top of the van and jumps behind it ripping the doors open, five men jump out and start attacking her, with ease she sends them flying in every direction. Looking inside the van there is no sign of Lucian. Shouting) Angel, he's not in here!

Spike: (Landing on top of the van, I grab on as best as I can, I bust the drivers side window and start grabbing the driver, they start shooting the roof of the car trying to get me off, when I finally grab the driver by the neck and crack it, the van goes straight for a tree and crashes, jump off right before! I open up the back door to find it empty! Shouting) Angel this ones empty too!

Angel: (Please let this be the van! Illyria threw me far enough ahead that I'm able to knock over a tree blocking the path of the van, as the van hit's the tree, I jump onto and over to the back ripping the doors my utter horror its empty as well! Buffy, Willow and Giles join the rest of us!) Damn it! I'll kill them, every last one of them!

Buffy: Angel, calm down, we need level heads right now!

Giles: Your sure you saw him being put into a van?

Angel: Everything was happening so fast, but I saw them pick him up and put him into the back of a van!

Spike: Then they had to have done the old bait and switch, they dropped him off somewhere! (Hearing the sound of a chopper) Look there!

Angel: That's them, I know, Willow is there anything you can do to bring it down?

Willow: (Eyes turning black, holding out her hands she uses her magic to pull the chopper back, the chopper continues to move forward, with the front end starting to face downwards!)

Man: (Over a loud speaker) If you do not let us go, we will kill the boy right here right now! Its your choice!

Buffy: Willow let them go!

Angel: What! Buffy, you cant!

Buffy: Angel, we stand a better chance of rescuing him, if we don't he might just kill him!

Angel: Graaawww! Lila will pay for this! (Angel's cell phone rings) Hello!

Lila: You made the right choice letting him go!

Angel: Lila, I swear to you, if you harm one hair on his head, your death wont be as easy as the last time, I'll make you suffer like nothing you could have ever imagined!

Lila: Oh foreplay, how I miss the good old days, I love it! You cant touch me Angel, the rules have changed, and your so in the dark as to what the rules are now!

Angel: What do you want Lila, what are you playing at?

Lila: Wouldn't you like to know, all in good time lover, all in good time!

Angel: Lila, you owe me, I gave you many chances to live when I could have killed you time and time again, but I spared your life, now I'm asking you, and I'll only ask this once, free my son, do the right thing!

Lila: Ha, ha, ha, you really think you spared my life, you have one hell of an ego! I'll tell you what, once I'm done dissecting your son, I'll mail you his body parts!

Angel: Lila!

Lila: Hey Angel, I want you to meet someone, meet Mr. Click!

Angel: (The line goes dead. Shouting) LILA, LILA! Damn it, we need to get to LA and I mean now, they plan on dissecting Lucian, I wont lose another son, I wont!

Buffy: Angel we need a plan, they'll be expecting us to come!

Angel: I cant believe this happening, not again, (Shouting) DAMN YOU POWERS THAT BE, DAMN YOU, HAVENT YOU TAKEN ENOUGH FROM US ALREADY!

Buffy: Angel, please, look at me, Angel look at me! You know together we can do anything, will get our son back, we can do this! Now I wont ask any of you to join us, but anyone that wants to help feel free to join us, this isn't going to be easy, but Angel and I don't have a choice, you all do!

Spike: Buffy, you know I always have your back!

Willow: The Scooby's are all in!

Wesley: Angel, you know I have your back!

Illyria: I feel an overwhelming need to do more violence!

Buffy: I'll take that as a yes! Giles, I want squads ready to go, this is a no holds barred rescue mission!

Angel: Then lets get moving! Lucian has no idea about the world we fight in, and when he wakes up, I want our faces to be the first he see's!

Giles: {Xander, alert all team leaders, we have a mission and we leave in 30mins}

Xander: {Copy that G}

Giles: {Xander, don't ever call me that again}


Wolfram &Heart-

Lila: (The Chopper lands and Lucian is brought in on a gurney. Lila takes her hand and runs it down his face) So this is the Lucian, looks really do run in the family. Take him room 33.5, I want guards posted on the whole floor, any sign of trouble, I want a complete lock down!

Man: Right away! You heard lets move men!

Lucian: (I start to wake up to the sounds of voices, my head pounding, reminding me that everything that happened wasn't a dream but was real! I can feel my wrist chained and my legs as well. I keep my eyes closed, thinking its better they think I'm still out then to know I'm awake! They start to move me, and I feel the bumps of entering an elevator, I slightly open my eyes and see one man above me pushing the gurney, and two other man standing on either side of me, holding guns. Great think Lucian, you've watched enough movies to know there is a way out of this! If I can just bust through these wrist restraints I can get the guys holding the guns, leaving the one behind me...Alright here goes nothing...Crash...before I could even try anything a man jumps through the top shaft of the elevator throwing a knife at the guy above me, the other to holding the guns go to shoot him, I bust through my wrist restraints grabbing the guys and throwing them against the wall, head first knocking them out!) I don't know who you are, but thanks!

Sergio: The names Sergio, and don't thank me yet, we still need to get out of here! And this place is under lockdown!

Lucian: (He helps me rip off my leg restraints) I'm...

Sergio: Lucian Angelus Summers!

Lucian: So you know who I am, should I be worried, I mean are you one of the good guys or the bad guys!

Sergio: Well I just risked my life to save you, that should give me some points!

Lucian: Then for now, I'll conceder you one of the good guys! Now how do we get out of here!

Sergio: Well we cant go back the way I came! So we just try to make it out the front door! You have enough training from all your sports to make it through the front door, right?

Lucian: Ok your starting to freak me out, how do you know so much about me?

Sergio: Another time, push the elevator buttons!

Lucian: (As I start to push a button, certain ones begin to light up!) Ok freaky much, there lighting in a pattern should I push them in that order!

Sergio: What does your gut tell you?

Lucian: Something in me is saying push them, but what the hell do I know!

Sergio: Trust yourself, do it!

Lucian: (I push the buttons in the order they lit up and above all the buttons a large white button appears out of no where!) Ok, this all has to be a really bad dream! I know I'm going to wake up any second now!(I pinch myself) Oww! Ok not waking up!

Sergio: Push the button! (An alarm sounds through out the building) Come on they know you've escaped, just push it!

Lucian: (I push it, and suddenly everything turns bright so bright you cant see anything, then my eyes start to adjust! Where in a room that seems to go on forever, its bright white.) Ok, now what, there doesn't seem to be any doors anywhere! (Suddenly we hear a voice)

Voice: The son of a slayer and vampire! The irony of it all! Your just as hot as your father!

Lucian: Who are you, where are you, show yourself?

Voice: And just as bossy!

Lucian: Where are we?

Voice: Everywhere and nowhere!

Lucian: Riddles oh, oh, I just love riddles, NOT! (Suddenly appears a little girl in a dress, she looks to be 7 or 8 years old!) Your, you're a child!

Voice: I am older than I look silly! Not everything is as it appears! You have much to learn! Sergio, still alive I see, we had such great plans for you!

Sergio: Sorry to disappoint you!

Voice: Your not our of the woods yet, many challenges lay ahead of you, if you wish to fight on the side of good, and believe me it wont be easy for you!

Lucian: Great so you know Sergio, what about me, what am I doing here, and what do all these crazy people want with a boy from a trailer park?

Voice: I can only imagine how confused you must be, the world that you knew to be, is nothing more than a fantasy world, those things that go bump in the night, there all real, you must forget what you think you know, and focus on what truly is!

Lucian: Wait I don't get it, your in the building of very evil people, who want to take my body apart and study me, so does that make you evil as well, how can I know anything you say is true!?

Voice: Ha, ha, ha! Good question, I suppose it would be hard to tell if I'm evil or not! I am not evil, nor am I good, I! Your father has helped me on more than one occasion, I'm just returning the favor! It was I who placed you in the place you knew to be home! It was I who directed Sergio towards you, to watch over you.

Lucian: You can placing me in that hell hole, with a drunken lady and her many bastard boyfriends who did nothing but abuse me, and you Serg if you were to watch over me, how could you stand by and watch them do to me what they did all those years!?

Voice: That hell hole you were placed in, was nothing more then a testing ground, to make you stronger, everything you endured, you learned more about yourself living there, then if I had put you in a rich sweet family home! Your future, the future your about to face, it will take the will and strength of one who has gone through all that you have suffered through!

Lucian: I don't suppose your going to tell me what that future is?

Voice: Well at least your smart, that will help you in the days to come! Your about to meet your destiny, and you need to be ready to face it head on, there will be no running away, it will find you, weather you want it too or not!

Lucian: Why keep me hidden from my real parents?

Voice: If the Slayer and the Vampire had known of you, they would have hidden you away from all this evil of the world, as any parent would do for there child. We couldn't have that! Your role in what's to come is to great for anyone to stand in your way!

Lucian: Role in what?

Voice: I cant tell you that silly, that would make it way to easy, and nothing worth fighting for is ever easy! Just look at your parents, two people so in love, more in love than anything you could ever imagine, yet the fates made it so they could never truly be together, but the fire that burns inside them for one another, could light the world up for eons! You have no idea what they've been through, the heart ache, the pain mmmm the pain,...

Lucian: You find their pain funny, its wrong, its evil, forbidden love! If they are these champions how can the ones they fight for do something so evil to them!

Voice: You have to know the whole story to understand, and maybe one day your parents will tell you! But right now, its time for you to leave, your rescue team is approaching, and many will die trying to get to you, the only one that can stop the blood shed is you! Sergio, you will continue to watch the boy, teach him, you will be his right hand man, ha, ha, ha, pun intended! But seriously, Sergio your darkest hours are ahead of you, fight the demons within and you just might have a chance at redemption! As for you Lucian Angelus Summers, you must let go of your past, and prepare for your future, the fate of all rests on your shoulders! Your mother and father, give them the chance to love you, as only true parents can! You must find orb of Saran, it will light your path to your destiny! One last thing, tell Angel my debt to him is paid, I no longer owe him anything!

Lucian: So is this the last time I'll talk to you?

Voice: You miss me already! No boy, our paths will cross again! Now, I'll open a doorway, head north and you'll run straight into your parents...Go now, Lila is coming!

Lucian: Thank you, I think!

Sergio: Come on Lucian!

Lila: (Coming out of the elevator) There, stop them! (Looking at the little girl) You, you could have stopped them!

Voice: You have no power here Lila, and last time I checked I work for a higher power, higher than yours! I gave you enough time to get down here and catch them, its not my fault your to dumb and slow!

Lila: Its no wonder they keep you locked up down here, alone! I'll find away to deal with you later! (Running after Lucian and Sergio)

Lucian: This is so crazy! I'm being shot at, me, all my years in a trailer home and I never saw a shoot out, and here I am running for my life, with a mystery man!

Sergio: Get ready!

Lucian: For what?

Sergio: We have to jump over that fence!

Lucian: Its like 8 feet tall! There is no way I can jump that high!

Sergio: Yes you can, stop thinking your like everyone else, you have great power and great abilities, start using them! Give me your hand!

Lucian: (Give him my hand, great, so now I can run with a hard on, this guy is hot, 6'2 black long hair, and the bluest eyes I've ever seen, I thought my eyes were an ocean of blue, this guys glow in the dark! I give him my hand) Now what, shall we sing?

Sergio: No, on the count of three I want you to jump higher than you've ever thought possible!

Lucian: What if I can do it?

Sergio: I believe in you, you can do it, believe in yourself!

Lucian: (Just think air Jordan, you can do this, he counts, and on three, I jump holding his hand and we fly up into the air and over the fence, coming towards us is my so called parents and their army of soldiers! I quickly let go of his hand. Then men that were chasing after us continue shooting)

Willow: Boys and there toys! DISSPARIS (The guns fly into the air and I wave my hand sending them flying on top of the building)

Lila: (Reaching the fence) Angel!

Angel: Lila!

Lila: You won this round, but the game has just begun!

Wesley: (Walking up, they lock eyes, Lila is taken aback) Hello Lila!

Lila: Wesley, but, your, your dead!

Wesley: And the last time I checked I chopped off your head, yet here you are!

Lila: Wesley, I'll only give you this one warning, stay out of this, I don't want to have to hurt you!

Wesley: How touching, you still care! But you know as well as I do, your messing with my family, and there is no way, I can stand on the sidelines!

Lila: Then I'm sorry Wesley, I never knew you would be apart of this!

Wesley: You do what you have to do, as will I!

Lila: Then good luck to you, my love!

Illyria: I have a bad taste in the pit of my stomach for her, I wish to rip out her insides and feed them to her!

Buffy: Willow get us out of here now! (With that they all disappear)

Lila: (Shouting) This isn't over!

Man: We've found the scroll!

Lila: Good! Now lets see what this boy is all about!


Angel: They know where we are, they can easily come back here again, its not safe!

Willow: Angel, this is the safest place, its hidden the only reason they found him in the first place is because he left the outside perimeter!

Buffy: Where is Lucian, I want him guarded at all times!

Xander: Already on it, the best girls are watching his every move!

Angel: Oh that's great, now he's going to feel like a prisoner!

Buffy: Angel, we have to keep him safe until we know what they want with him, were in the dark here, and by the way who is his friend?

Willow: I tried reading his mind, but he has all kinds of mental blocks up, the only thing I could get out of him, is that his first priority is keeping Lucian safe!

On top of the Castle-

Lucian: (Sitting on the ledge feet dangling down) I can hear you!

Sergio: Good so your super hearing is kicking in!

Lucian: No, you drag your feet as you walk!

Sergio: OH!

Lucian: But the super hearing thing would be really cool!

Sergio: You have many gifts, and given time and training you can become on powerful Slayer/vamp!

Lucian: Vampire, ha,ha, ha so does that mean I'm going to be growing fangs and drinking blood?

Sergio: No, I don't think it works like that!

Lucian: So tell me, and I want the truth, how did you know I was captured and why are you helping me?

Sergio: Lucian, that's a really long story!

Lucian: I'm trapped in castle, I think I have plenty of time!

Sergio: A long time ago, a lot of bad things were happening in my life, my family was true evil. Someone came to me and offered me a way out, a choice, see my father was a demon, but my mother was human, the man that came to me, told me the humanity in me could over power the demon half, I just needed to fight it! He took me to a trailer park and should me a young man and the hell he was living in, and told me, that if I saved that boy, and helped him to fulfill a his destiny, I would be free of the evil inside. That boy was none other than you!

Lucian: Stalker much!

Sergio: I didn't have to do it, I made the choice, because, well because when I saw your life and all that you were going through, I...I...

Angel: Here you are, I've been looking everywhere for you!

Lucian: You have such impeccable timing you know that!?

Angel: Son we need to talk!

Lucian: The names Lucian, please don't call me son!

Angel: I'm sorry, your right, I haven't earned that right yet, but I hope to someday!

Lucian: You're a vampire, you don't even have a soul, why do you even care?

Angel: Actually I do have a soul! For a long time now, that's why I fight for good! Look please we really need to talk, you have a lot of question, and its time you know what's going on here and what we're all about!

Lucian: What if I don't want this life, cant your red headed friend sending me back to my old life, without anyone ever knowing who I am!?

Angel: Do you really want to go back to the life you were living, beaten and abused, give us a chance to love you, to show you what its like to be apart of a real family!

Sergio: Lucian, just hear them out, if you think this hard for you, imagine how hard it is for them to find out they have a son they never knew about!

Lucian: Fine! But do we have to do it in front of the whole gang of people, or could we just do it up here!?

Lucian: I'll go get the slayer!

Angel: Thanks! Aren't you scared sitting on the ledge like that?

Lucian: I figured if I fell I might turn into a bat and start flying!

Angel: Vampires don't turn into bats, well one does, but Buffy killed him!

Lucian: Good to know!

Buffy: (Walking towards them) Lucian don't do it, step away from the ledge, we can talk about it!

Angel: She gets a little dramatic at times!

Lucian: I noticed!

Buffy: Funny! So I guess you have a lot of questions!?

Lucian: I don't know, I feel like there are a million things I want to say and ask, but they all get jumbled up in my mind and I draw a blank!

Buffy: Happens to me all the time!

Angel: Look Lucian, if we had known for one second that you were out there, nothing in heaven or hell could have stopped us from coming to find you!

Lucian: I know, really I do! It doesn't make it any easier, I dreamed night after night of my parents coming to take me out of my dismal life of servitude, but reality always came when the alarm clock went off and the day started with beating! But the little girl in the white room, said it was to prepare me for my future!

Angel: You spoke to her?

Lucian: Yes and she said her debt to you was paid, by saving me!

Angel: Well then lets hope we wont need her help again!

Lucian: So I don't suppose you know what this destiny is all about?

Buffy: No, but we have the very best people working on figuring it all out! Listen Lucian, when I was 16 years old a man came to me and told me, that I was this slayer, the one girl in the world chosen to fight the vampires, demons and many other evil beings, I laughed in his face, I was a popular stuck up girl, my only concern in life was that I was up on all the latest fashion! Till I met and fought my first demon, and realized the truth about the world and all that was happening around me!

Lucian: And I suppose that's suppose to make me feel better! Look I'm sorry, really I'm not a bratty kind of guy, but this is all way to much, a mother, who's old enough to be a big sister, and a father, who's a vampire, and how old are you by the way?

Angel: Well, over 200 years old!

Lucian: Nice! Don't you see how this is all like some kind of fantasy land better yet horror movie kind of talk! I just don't know how to feel, or what to think! But the really question burning on my mind, is what am I, what is a half slayer half vampire make me!?

Angel: I promise you son, will get to the bottom of this, will do it together, you have the both of us now, will protect you, will teach you, will make sure no one comes after you ever again!

Lucian: Can you please not call me son, I mean, I'm sorry, I'm just not ready for that, I don't even know you, you may be a hero to many, and I can respect that, but to me, your just to people who happen to be my parents, but I just don't know you guys!

Buffy: This is all going to take a little time to adjust to, but were here if you need or want to try to have some kind of relationship with us!

Angel: But I do have to ask you something! Who is this Sergio guy, where did he come from and why did he help you?

Lucian: You mean he's not with you guys?

Buffy: No!

Lucian: Well I don't know, I was in an elevator strapped down, three guards around me, when he came jumping down the top hatch of the elevator and took out one of the guards that's when I ripped off my restraints and knocked out the other two. Then he just helped me to escape!

Angel: Until we know more about him, and what his stake in all this is, could you just keep your distance from him!

Lucian: But he came to help save me, I would be a lab experiment right now if it weren't for him!

Buffy: Then please, just keep your eyes open at all times, right now, we don't know who's playing who, or what anyone's after, and we just don't know what's his stake in all this, I'm sorry Lucian, but not everyone can be trusted, no matter how much we think they're good, sometimes, those are the worse ones, and I've learned that the hard way, and lost a friend because of it! Just be careful!

Lucian: So how is this going to work, I mean wont they be searching for me, I mean Lisa is going to go nuts, losing all the money she's going to losing without me there for her to collect! What about school, I have state champion games coming up, there are going to be scouts there, I have a great chance of getting a scholarships to any collage I want! I mean is that all gone, can I even go back to my old life, what about my friends, my teammates their all counting on me!

Angel: I'm sorry Lucian, its just to dangerous, they knew who you are now, they'll be searching high and low for you, you would be putting your friends in danger going back now!

Lucian: So that's it, everything I worked so hard for is gone, just like that, in a puff of smoke, no goodbyes, no reasons why...look could I just be left alone, I...I just need some space, I need to breath, to think about all this, its just a lot to take in, I hope you understand!?

Buffy: Its ok we understand, look we've prepared a room for you, just let one of us know when your ready to turn in! (Putting her hand on his shoulder) Look, I'm sorry this has all happened the way it has, I wish it was all different for you, that you didn't have to grow up in the world that you did, that we could have known about you from the beginning, that we could have raised you ourselves! I'm sorry, it had to work out this way, but I'm not sorry we have a second chance, a chance to get to know one another, to try and give you a better life, a life with us!

Lucian: (I couldn't help myself the tears welled up in my eyes, and I began to cry, I turn to her and hugged her, smelling her scent and now knowing the scent of mother finally, something I've dreamt of for as long as I could remember! My father, vampire or not, a real father, who really seems to care, and gentle, not like the bum boyfriends that abused me, could this be real, do I really have a chance at a somewhat normal family, the two people who are suppose to care about their kid more than anyone in the world, or is this all going to be taken away from me, just as quickly as they came into my life, could all these people that are trying to take me away, rip me out of the arms of my true parents.? What does my future hold, what does this all mean, what if they find out my secrets, and discover they don't want a son like me...and Sergio, who is he, and what does he really want, and why does he have to be so damn hot, coming in like knight in shinning armor to rescue me, not even knowing me, and who cares about all that, I just want to know is he gay or what? Those muscles that bulged all over, and when he held my hand, wow...ok getting a boner hugging my mother, better stop!) I'm...I...sorry!

Buffy: Don't be, thank you, that was the best feeling holding you in my arms!

Lucian: I just wanted to, I mean, its, damn it, I'm just so confused! I wish this was easier!

Angel: Would it be unmanly of a father to hug his son?

Lucian: Right now it would be the best thing I could ask for! (I grabbed onto him and just hugged him for all I was worth, my dad, vampire or not, he was ready to kill to protect me and that was the best feeling I ever had. I'm not ready to through myself into this, but I don't want to waste this moment, I might not ever have the chance again!)

Buffy: Come on Angel lets give him some space!

Angel: Remember if you need us just yell, will be able to hear you!

Lucian: So I do have super hearing! Sweet! Look, before you go, I...I...just wanted to say, thanks, thanks for everything you did to save me today, it's the first time anyone has every done anything like that, and well, I'm glad it was my real parents, and not just another dream of you guys coming to save me! So, ya, thanks!

Buffy: We will always be there!

Angel: Your our son, and will do whatever it takes to keep you safe!

Buffy: Now don't stay out here to long, it gets pretty cold at night!

Angel: And tomorrow we start training you, to protect yourself, and to learn how to use all your abilities!

Lucian: Yes sir! Goodnight! (They walk away, looking back at me one last time, and I suddenly feel like I'm walking on air, and I cant help it, I just feel the need to shout!) WHHOOOO!

Sergio: (sneaking up behind him) So you're a cheerleader now!?

Lucian: (Being startled I grabbed his arm and flip him over my shoulder landing him on his back) Oh, oh, I'm so sorry, I thought I was alone!

Sergio: Its ok, my bad, I should know better than to sneak up behind you! So what are we celebrating!

Lucian: I just felt the need to shout is all!

Sergio: You seem to be in a better mood now!

Lucian: Well, you know the old saying don't look a gift horse in the mouth! I've finally found my parents, albeit not the ones I expected, but their mine none the less! Who knows, maybe this is like an exciting adventure that I'm about to embark on!

Sergio: So your alright with all this?

Lucian: Better than I thought I would be! I've spent my life playing on teams winning championships, awards and so on, this is kind of just like that, only instead of playing for sport, its for saving real live people, doing something that actually is worth fighting for.

Sergio: So you don't mind that for over a hundred years your father tortured and killed more people than you could ever imagine! That doesn't bother you at all?

Lucian: What are you talking about, my father is a hero?

Sergio: So he didn't tell you, when your father was turned into a vampire, he was one of the most ruthless evil creatures to walk the earth. He tortured people, mentally, emotionally, he even killed his own family! Hell he even tried to kill your mother at one point!

Lucian: Your lying, you don't know what your talking about! Why would you say these things to me?

Sergio: Cause you need to know the truth, about him, about all of them! Your mother has died three times, the witch Willow almost destroyed the world, she actually ripped the skin right off a guy, for killing her lover Tara, all in one motion, his skin just flew off his body, then she just burned him into nothing! You haven't even met Faith yet, why she tried to kill your mother, and bring a mayor into an ascension that would have made the movie Anaconda look like a walk in the park, not to mention she killed an innocent man! And your father helped her, when Buffy went after her. Hell she even switched bodies with Buffy, slept with her boyfriend, I could go on, but I wont, cause as you can see they're all friends again, as if nothing ever happened!

Lucian: Just stop it, enough! What do you thinks going to happen by you telling me this?

Sergio: That you'll be smart, not to trust them, that you'll watch your back, cause at any moment they could turn on you, and BAMM they kill you!

Lucian: What about you, what do you care what happens to me, who are you Sergio, if that's even your name, where did you come from, why are you here, what do you want with me?

Sergio: Hey I just saved your life, and I was sent to watch you along time ago, to keep you safe, knowing one day you would come into your powers, and to make sure that you don't follow in their footsteps, that you use your powers for good, and actually make a difference in the world!

Lucian: And just who sent you to watch me?

Sergio: I work for a higher power, one that needs you to be ready to save the world when the time comes!

Lucian: I don't know you anymore than I know them, but at least I know they are my parents, finding them now, there's no way they would let anything happen to me! What do you have to gain by saving me, what do you get out of all of this? Who sent you to watch over me, who's pulling the strings here, answer me, if you expect me to trust you.

Sergio: I'm hoping to get to save your life, the world and (Stepping right up to him) This!...(Kisses him)

In a secret government base-

Amy: Everything is going according to plan lover, soon, you'll have all your skin back, Willow will pay for what she did to you, and me! Our son Sergio, will get Buffy's brat of a son to trust him, and then they will all pay for what they've done! Leaving me to die when they destroyed the hell mouth, filleting you alive, leaving me a rat for yours. They'll all pay for what they've done, and will start were it hurts most, the precious son! I cant believe Willow actually thought she could kill you and get away with it, that I wouldn't bring you back...

Warren: Do you know how much I love you Amy, all you've done for me, bringing me back, helping me to get my body back, helping me to make them all pay for what they've done to us!

Amy: Sergio will come through, he's our son after all, and he knows what they did to his beloved parents, he knows what he needs to do, he wants revenge for what they did to us, his parents, he wont fail!

Warren: He better not, if he turns out to be another Andrew I swear I'll kill him myself!

Amy: He's our son, don't talk like that, he's been preparing for this his whole life, he'll come through for us! The time has come, my power is far greater than that wanna be half wit witch Willow, they're all going down...and we're going to be the ones to do it!

End Chapter-

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