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Chapter 3- Who can you trust


Angel: Come on son, you know you cant hide from me, I can smell your blood!

Lucian: (I see him below me, and I know he can smell my blood, if I can just knock him out, I could get away from here! I jump down landing right on top of him, my legs hanging over his shoulders, I flip backwards bringing him down with me, sending him flying backwards. I quickly get to my and start running, my leg is bleeding bad now, but I don't have time to think about it, I've got to get out of here!)

Angel: I wasn't expecting that boy! But I also haven't had a good hunt in a long time, so I'm glad your putting up a fight!

Lucian: Why are you doing this, your suppose to be my father!?

Angel: I'm a vampire, feeding on the blood of humans is what we do! And I'm so going to enjoy feeding on my own flesh and blood!

Lucian: (Running through these woods, everything looks the same, I feel like there is no way out! How can this be happening! One second I was happy, I found my family, and now I'm about to become dinner for my father!)

Willow: (Appearing in front of Lucian) Boo!

Lucian: Ahhh! Oh my God, Willow, you have to help me, my fathers gone all kinds of crazy, he's trying to kill me!

Willow: Shhh, its all right, I'll help you! (With a wave of my hands, the branches of the trees wrap around his hands and legs spread eagle!) Oh Angel darling, come see what I caught!)

Lucian: What are you doing, is everyone crazy around here!

Angel: Oh, you wicked little witch!

Willow: Does daddy like his present?

Angel: Daddy like!

Lucian: (Shouting) LET ME OUT OF HERE!

Angel: Oh come now Junior, were getting to the best part!

Lucian: Where you bite me and suck my blood out! I don't think so! Somebody help me! Please somebody help me!

Angel: (Mockingly) Somebody help me...why do I always get the whinny little brats for kids...take it like a man son!

Lucian: (I watch as his face changes to that of a vampire and he moves in to bite me!) Noooooo! Ahhhhh!

Buffy: (I hear Lucian screaming and I quickly run to his room! I open the door and see him thrashing around his bed!) Lucian, wake up, Lucian wake up!

Angel: (running in) Buffy, what's going on?

Buffy: I don't know, Lucian honey wake up!

Lucian: NOOOO! (I open my eyes to see to see Buffy and Angel looking straight at me, I quickly move to the other side of the bed) Get away from me, you psycho!

Buffy: Lucian, you were having a bad dream that's all!

Angel: Son, your ok! Your safe with us!

Lucian: Safe, you call drinking my blood being safe with you!?

Angel: Lucian I have no idea what your talking about, were you dreaming that I bit you?

Lucian: (I put my hands to my neck and feel that there is no blood, I was just dreaming, this is crazy!) Oh! It was so real, I mean beyond real, I could feel your teeth as they broke the skin, and my hands and feet tied to the tree that Willow caught me in!

Buffy: Its was just a bad dream, this is a lot of change, learning about the things that go bump in the night. Nightmares are going to be par for the course!

Angel: Lucian, son, trust us, we love you, I'd sooner die than let anything happen to you, or be the cause of it! You have to believe that son!

Lucian: I feel so dumb, it was just a dream, it was just so real, but I should know better, you are my parents, and I've already seen what you did to try and save me, I don't know how I could think it was real! I'm sorry if I woke you guys up!

Angel: I was already up!

Buffy: I couldn't sleep anyway!

Lucian: Well, I think that I'm done sleeping for one night! I think I'm going to take a long hot shower!

Angel: You want some breakfast when your done?

Buffy: You cook breakfast?

Angel: As a matter of face I do!

Buffy: I have to see this for myself!

Lucian: I'll meet you guys downstairs in a bit! (They leave the room, and like clock work here comes Sergio!)

Sergio: I thought they would never leave!

Lucian: Why is it, you always show up when something bad has happened?

Sergio: Because that's when you need me most! So what happened?

Lucian: Just a bad dream is all!

Sergio: They started attacking you didn't they?

Lucian: How would you know what I dreamed of?

Sergio: You do realize that some of your dreams aren't really always a dream, sometimes they are prophetic!

Lucian: Prophetic?

Sergio: Apart of your abilities as a slayer, is that you will have dreams, portents, telling you of things to come.

Lucian: What are you trying to say, that my Dad and Willow are really going to try and kill me!?

Sergio: You have to learn to trust your abilities, you had this dream for a reason!

Lucian: Yea, because you put the thought in my head that they would turn on me! Of course I'm going to wind up dreaming about it! Look you need to leave, I want to take a shower!

Sergio: Look Lucian, I care about you, and I'm just trying to protect you, if you wont listen to me, at least listen to your instincts, trust them, they'll always lead you right!

Lucian: Are we done!?

Sergio: We are! (I leave and walk to my room! I grab a pellet out of my pocket and throw it down on the floor, a cloud of smoke encases me, and as it clears I find myself standing before my parents!)

Amy: Sergio!

Sergio: Hello mother, father!

Warren: What news have you!?

Sergio: Did you enter his dreams last night?

Amy: Yes, of course I did!

Sergio: Well he woke up screaming and shouting! Fearing his parents!

Amy: Very good!

Warren: Do they trust you?

Sergio: I have his trust, but as for the others I'm afraid not!

Warren: That wont get in your way, if the boy trust you, than that is all that matters!

Sergio: I did everything as planned, soon he will believe he is having prophetic dreams, and that they will come to be! And he will have no one to turn to but me!

Amy: Good, cause the sooner we get him away from that castle the better!

Sergio: Someone's coming I have to go!

Amy: Your doing great, mommy is very proud of her boy!

Sergio: Thank you mother!

Outside Sergio's room-

Illyria: Hmm! I must speak to Wesley at once! (Going to Wesley's room) Wesley! I must speak to you at once!

Wesley: (Turning over in his bed, and grabbing his glasses) Illyria, what is it!?

Illyria: (Looking at his naked chest)

Wesley: Illyria?

Illyria: Yes, the boy! Ah, you told me to watch the boy Sergio, for anything suspicious, and I detected magical interference coming from his room!

Wesley: He must have been performing a very large spell!

Illyria: Shall I break his neck now!?

Wesley: No, no! We must discover who he is working for!

Illyria: Than I shall continue to observe him!

Wesley: Thank you Illyria!

Illyria: Do not assume that you can continue to avoid having the conversation with me!

Wesley: And what conversation would that be?

Illyria: Do not play games with me! I held you in my arms as the life force left your body! I mourned for you, and now you return as if you never died!

Wesley: I'm sorry, we will discuss it all, but not now! I promise you!

Illyria: Do not assume that I need to discuss the affairs of lowly humans, I am far above it!

Wesley: Come now, you know you don't mean that, I know what you feel inside, you can try and act like your above the emotions of humans, but I know better, you've attached yourself to us, to Angel and the others. I'm happy that you have, I...I...

Illyria: You what, say it?

Wesley: I've missed you...

Outside on the Castle Grounds-

Spike: (Walking up on Lucian) What's on your mind little bit?

Lucian: (startled) Oh, you scared me! Just trying to take everything in!

Spike: You'll get a migraine if you think to hard about it!

Lucian: I hit the point of migraine long ago!

Spike: Its uncanny how much you look like your mother!

Lucian: That is so bizarre to hear! Just a week ago, I drew a picture of what I thought my mother would look like, its hard to believe this week, someone's telling me how I look like her!

Spike: Its better than looking like that Git Angel!

Lucian: I actually think he's pretty hot, for an old guy!

Spike: Just like your mother, you both have no taste!

Lucian: So, what's the deal with them anyway, they look at each other with so much pain in their eyes!?

Spike: I'm the wrong one to ask about that! Angel and I have a pretty long history and its not all roses!

Lucian: Can no one ever give a straight answer around here!? I'm starting to think you guys don't want me to know anything, that maybe everything Sergio said to me is true, and you guys are trying to hide it from me!

Spike: Whoa, don't get your knickers in a twist!

Lucian: Than, please can you at least try to be honest with me!

Spike: Alright little bit, you seem man enough to take it! But if you want to know about Buffy and your daddy dearest, then you'll have to ask them! Anything else is fair game!

Lucian: (Did he really just say " you seem man enough to take it") I am man enough to take it, I just need someone to give it to me! (Did I really just say that!)

Spike: You better watch who you talk like that to, someone might just put you to the test!

Lucian: I'm ready, I've waited long enough for it! (He grabs both my arms and pushes me back into the wall, for one intense moment, I thought he was going to kiss me, our lips almost touching, I could feel his breath on my lips, my breathing became erratic, my heart beating so hard, I thought it would break through my chest! Then he did something, something I never expected, something that I don't know if I was ready for...he began to growl, and his face changed before my eyes, his teeth grew long, he became a vampire, like my father!) Ahhhh! (I broke free of him!)

Spike: You have a lot to learn, first rule kid, know the players, be aware of everyone around you, it could be the difference between life and death!

Lucian: Why didn't you tell're a...a...vamp...

Spike: First off I thought you knew! Secondly, I thought your parents or one of the scoobies would have told you!

Lucian: Is everyone a freak here, isn't there anyone who's normal!

Spike: What's normal, just who in this bloody world is normal! If you asked Illyria, she would tell you we are all abnormal, that she is the last of a normal God, and we are beneath her! She was here long before man walked the earth, so she maybe right!

Lucian: Witches, vampires, Gods, this is like something out of a comic book!

Spike: I hate to break the news to you kid, but this is as real as it gets!

Lucian: That's comforting! I just thought you were...human...I mean you do have total fashion sense, your clothes are totally styling!

Spike: Aside from vamping out, I am human, soul and all! I bleed and everything!

Lucian: Everything huh, like sex and stuff!?

Spike: I would have staked myself if sex was out of the question!

Lucian: So, does it hurt, when you grrr out!

Spike: Grrr out! Like changing into a vamp! No not at all!

Lucian: And, do you drink human blood?

Spike: I used to, but not anymore! Having a soul kind of puts a damper on the whole eating a human for dinner!

Lucian: I guess that would be a drag! And your super strong, just how strong are you, like able to lift a car strong, like superman strong?

Spike: Why don't you find out for yourself!

Lucian: Heyyyy! (Spike grabs me and flips me over him, I somersault into a standing position and look up to see him flying in the air at me, he lands on top of me, sending me into the ground, he's straddling my chest, holding my arms, we're face to face!)

Spike: Come on, you can do better than that!

Lucian: (I can feel my cock began to get hard being beneath a hottie like him, can have that affect on a guy! I buck up sending him flying off me, and kick up flipping off the ground, he wants a fight, I'll give him one! I take a fighting stance, hold my hand straight out, and motion for him to attack me with my finger, very much so like Neo did in the Matrix...He comes at me, I flip up over him and kick him in the back sending him flying forward!)

Spike: So you wanna play rough, lets dance boy!

Lucian: (Great, I think I just bit off more than I can chew! He comes flying at me, bring his fist down towards my face, I raise both my hands in an X shape and block his hit, I spin around and side step him, he jumps over my leg, I stand and punch him, he blocks it, grabs my arm and spins me around!)

Spike: Bloody hell, you fight like your father. Come on now, stop trying to hit me, and hit me!

Lucian: (If he's trying to make me angry, its working, I kick my leg up and hit him in the head! He shakes his head!)

Spike: There you go! Feel the grove of your opponent, anticipate my moves!

Lucian: (I round kick, he grabs my leg and throws me, he comes running at me, not letting up for a second, I time it just right and grab him at the waste and flip him over me, but he just lands on his feet and spins and kicks me, I go flying into the air, and land on the ground!)

Spike: You aren't using your strength, you're stronger than I am, you should be able to beat me!

Lucian: (My anger builds up to a boiling point, I run at him, grabbing him at the waist and running back with him, he brings his elbow down upon my back, knocking me to the ground. I got back up jumped on top of him, and started punching him again and again!)

Spike: You're letting your anger take you over, you make more mistakes if you don't remain in control!

Lucian: (He throws me off of him! He's right, now I'm fighting sloppy, I'm just so confused, I don't know if I want to kiss him, or kill him! He goes to hit me, I block his punch, I fake him out with a left, and punch him with my right!)

Spike: That's what I'm talking about, just like that!

Lucian: (We start going back and forth with punch after punch. I thought I had things under control, actually I got pretty cocky, when he punched me in my stomach and knocked the wind out of me, picked me up and spun me around and threw me, I went rolling on the ground, when I heard...)

Angel: (Jumping through the air landing in front of Spike and hitting him in the face sending him flying back.) Just what the hell do you think your doing?

Lucian: Stop it, he was teaching me!

Spike: Don't bother little bit, Angel never thinks before he acts!

Lucian: (Spike starts to walk away!) What did you have to hit him for!?

Angel: I'm sorry, I saw him hit you, and I just lost it!

Lucian: Yea well where were you when I was getting beat up everyday by different men!? I don't need you to protect me! (I start running after Spike!)

Angel: Lucian, wait, I'm sorry! Damn it Angel!

Lucian: (I ignore him and catch up to Spike!) Are you ok?

Spike: it's a good thing he hits like a girl!

Lucian: I'm sorry!

Spike: Don't be, that's not the first time you'll see us fight, and it wont be the last!

Lucian: If you don't like my father, why do you guys hang out together?

Spike: Its complicated!

Lucian: I've got time!

Spike: I might not fancy your old man, but what he does, what he stands for is more important than weather or not I like him!

Lucian: Just how long have you known him?

Spike: For over a hundred years! We were the baddest of the bad, bring cities down in flames! Ah the good ole days! But then your mother came into the picture, the Bain of my existence, oh how I hated her, she put me through so much, and in the end made me a better man because of it! But that's another story for another day, the point is, I have a soul, and I want to do the right thing with this second chance I've gotten!

Lucian: Your something else!

Spike: You think?

Lucian: I do! People who have never lost their soul don't even know what the right thing is! I have a lot of respect for you!

Spike: I wouldn't go that far, there's a lot you don't know about me!

Lucian: Well, I'd like to know all there is to know about you!

Spike: Watch out kid, its starting to sound like you like me!

Lucian: Is that a bad thing!?

Spike: It depends and how far your willing to go!

Lucian: I'd like to go as far as the rabbit hole takes me!

Spike: Your going to be quite the handful, and I'm sure I'm going to get into a lot of trouble with you! I don't know what it is about you Summers lot, its like I'm under some kind of spell!

Lucian: A good spell I hope!

Spike: I don't know you tell me, let see, I've been tortured protecting, your mother and her sister, gone crazy, died, shall I go on!?

Lucian: You must really love them?

Spike: Or I'm just glutton for punishment!

Lucian: No, I think you love them, I can see it in your eyes!

Spike: Don't go telling anyone, I do have a reputation for being a bad boy! Cant go looking soft!

Buffy: (Walking up behind them) Oh come on Spike, everyone knows that your as hard as they come! I really just said that didn't I!?

Lucian: HA, ha, ha, yes you did!

Spike: Hello Buffy!

Buffy: You ok!?

Spike: I don't bruise easily, you know that!

Buffy: Hard head and all!

Lucian: Yes you went there!

Buffy: What's wrong with my mouth today! Anyway, Spike, he didn't mean it, you know that right?

Spike: I'm over it, I know what it must have looked like to him, I don't blame him!

Lucian: I do!

Buffy: Lucian, this is all new to him, he's just on edge, people did just try to kidnap you! Give him a break, it's a fathers prerogative to want to protect his son!

Lucian: I guess, but I don't see how you turn on your friend!

Spike: Whoa, there's no friends when it comes to Angel and me! We just work together!

Buffy: William, be good!

Lucian: William?

Spike: That would be my given name! You just stick to Spike!

Buffy: When are you two just going to kiss and make up already!

Spike: Angel and me kiss, that will be the day, oh well there was that one time, but that's not the point!

Lucian: What?

Buffy: So moving right along, you were training Lucian! How did that go?

Lucian: He kicked my ass! Way to change the subject!

Spike: He's got a lot to learn! But he has your right hook, so at least he has potential!

Buffy: Good, cause we need to get you trained to protect yourself, as much as I would like to keep you locked away in this castle, I know that's not going to happen!

Lucian: Well, Spike would you be willing to continue training me?

Spike: Don't give me that look, God Buffy he takes after you so much!

Buffy: He's a Summers boy that's for sure!

Spike: Bloody hell, I cant resist the puppy dog face! But you do as I say, when I say, and you never question me, and you never quit! Understood?

Lucian: Yes, sir!

Buffy: Lucian, why don't you go change into some gym clothes, Spike will meet you in the training room!

Lucian: Alright, see you later!

Spike: Oh no, here it comes! What now slayer?

Buffy: William, I haven't seen you since we brought down Sunnydale! I just wanted to say thank you! I wanted to say how brave and selfless you were...

Spike: Don't!

Buffy: What?

Spike: We said all we needed to say that day! It was the single greatest moment of my life, but lets just leave it at that!

Buffy: Alright, if that's how you want it!

Spike: Buffy, I love you, I always have, and I always will! I'd gladly die for you at any given moment, you know that, but I know it can never be between us, that you could never be with...

Buffy: William, its not that simple and you know it!

Spike: That's the point, its not that simple, and well love, love should be simple, if you love someone, you be with them...we have history, and well I've come to terms with it being history...I always want to be apart of your life, and I'll always be there for you...I just don't want you to have to worry about my feelings towards you is all!

Buffy: Thank you!

Spike: You have a good kid there!

Buffy: I'm so scared for him! I hate our world, and now to have him in it, the violence the danger!

Spike: He's a tough kid, he's been through a lot before coming into our world, he'll be able to handle it! And well he has all of us to protect him! I wont let anything happen to him, you have my word!

Buffy: That means more to me than you'll ever know! (Leans in and kisses Spike!)

Spike: Let me get inside before the little rug rat starts playing with the swords in there and hurts himself!

Buffy: He trusts you, you know that right!?

Spike: Why do you say that?

Buffy: Because I had the same look in my eyes when I knew you had my back!

Spike: I'll always have your back, and if you tell me not to hurt him, I will hit you!

Buffy: Just be careful with him, I think he wants everyone to think he's this strong kid, but if he's anything like me, then I know the pain he hides!

Spike: I've got it Slayer! What are you going to do?

Buffy: A few things, first I want to try and find out who this Sergio is, something just rubs me the wrong way about him, check with the others and see what we've come up with on who all is after him other than Lila Morgan!

Spike: Sounds exciting, keep me posted!

Buffy: Will do!

Lucian's room-

Sergio: Spike doesn't need to train you, I'll do it!

Lucian: I think its best if he does!

Sergio: Is it the kiss?

Lucian: No!

Sergio: It is because I kissed you, you've been weird ever since!

Lucian: it's the things you say, I'm trying to find my way around this new life that's been handed to me, and your throwing salt in my game!

Sergio: That's the point it's not a game, and the sooner you realize that the better off you'll be!

Lucian: it's a figure of speech! I don't really think it's a game! I just want to figure things out on my own!

Sergio: And I just want to protect you and prepare you!

Lucian: I have enough people wanting to protect me! I need a friend not another guardian!

Sergio: So you've decided your going to make friends with William the bloody!

Lucian: William the bloody?

Sergio: That's what they used to call him, before they started calling him Spike! Do you want to know why the call him Spike?

Lucian: No, but I'm sure your going to tell me anyway!

Sergio: Damn right I am! He used to take railroad spikes and hammer them into his victims, as his signature trademark! Do you know he's killed two Slayers, that he tried for years to kill you mother, before trying to rape her!

Lucian: (Shouting) Enough! Just cut it out, stop it! I don't want to hear this, any of it, about any of them, do you understand me! Look I think its best if you just leave! And I don't mean just my room, I think you need to go, leave this castle! You've worn out your welcome here!

Sergio: You don't mean that!

Lucian: I do, just go!

Sergio: I'm the only one here that's willing to tell you the truth about these people, and you want to kick me out for that!

Lucian: You tell me things about everyone else, but have nothing to say about yourself! What dark secrets are you hiding, what have you been up to for the past few years of your life, how am I suppose to trust anything you say, when you don't even tell me about you!? It doesn't matter anyway, I just want you to go!

Sergio: If I leave, then you'll be unprotected from all of them! Is that what you really want!?

Lucian: Do I have to spell it out for you, I said go!

Sergio: Fine, watch your back! Cause when you go down, and you will go down, I wont be there to save your sorry ass next time!

Lucian: I don't need you, I can take care of myself!

Sergio: Really!

Lucian: (He grabs me and we fall to the floor, he grabs my wrists and sits on my cock, I struggle to break free, my cock rubbing against his ass!) Get off of me!

Sergio: What's the matter I thought you could take care of yourself!

Lucian: Don't make me hurt you!

Sergio: Hurt me, your hard cock rubbing against my ass is hardly hurting me!

Lucian: Ahhhh! (His cocky attitude just sends me over the edge! Reminding me of all my want to be step dads abusing me! I roll us over get on top of him and start punching him, again and again in the face! He just starts laughing, the more I hit, the more he laughs, blood running down his face, but he still continues to laugh! I lift him up and throw him into a table and he crashes through!)

Sergio: Is that all you've got!?

Lucian: (I grab him and lift him up when Illyria and Wesley come barging into the room!)

Wesley: What's going on here!?

Illyria: It appears that the son of Angel has beat him to a bloody pulp!

Wesley: Thanks Illyria, I hadn't noticed!

Lucian: Sergio was just leaving!

Sergio: Remember what I said!

Lucian: Get out of here! Now!

Illyria: Would you like me to do more violence upon him?

Wesley: No Illyria, but I would like it if you make sure he leaves the castle completely!

Lucian: I was handling it fine on my own!

Wesley: Actually, it looked like you weren't handling it at all, it looked more like you were beating the crap out of him!

Lucian: He pushed me to it!

Wesley: Do you want to tell me what you two were fighting about?

Lucian: Actually, I don't, I'm suppose to meet Spike for training, and I would prefer to go there now!

Wesley: Lucian, you know you can talk to me, were all here for you!

Lucian: Look, I know you mean well, but the last guy that said that to me, just walked out of here bleeding!

Wesley: Point taken!

Lucian: (I felt like shit, I feel like I'm losing who I was, and becoming this angry person!) Wait, he was talking all kinds of bad stuff about everyone here, telling me I shouldn't trust anyone, and that you were all going to turn on me...that he was the only one I could trust!

Wesley: Thank you!

Lucian: Look don't make a big deal about it please! He's gone now, its over with!

Wesley: Yes of course!

Lucian: Thanks!

The Control Room-

Angel: We've got two slayers following him!

Wesley: Good, maybe this way we can finally find out who Sergio really is!

Buffy: Lucian beat him badly!

Wesley: As you Americans say, he pulled out a can of Whop ass on him!

Buffy: Wesley, you made a funny!

Angel: I'm worried about his anger!

Buffy: What teenager isn't angry! He just has a lot of pent up anger!

Angel: I don't know if working with Spike is going to help him!

Buffy: Angel, I told you, he trusts him, we need to work with what we have!

Angel: I don't see why he cant train with me!

Buffy: Angel, really, can you stop and think about it for a minuet! You're his father, he doesn't want you to teach him, he wants you to love him!

Angel: When did you get all talk show host?

Buffy: Having an estranged father will do that to a girl! I know what he's going through is my point! Try talking to him, that's where he wants you to start!

Angel: Fine, I'll do it your way, but if Spike...

Buffy: Angel!

Wesley: I think you both need to sit him down and fill him in on your pasts! There is no telling what Sergio told him, or how or what Sergio knew to tell him! Its best all around if you guys were the ones to share your pasts with him!

Buffy: Your right!

Angel: That's just great, your not the one with a hundred years of slaughter and maiming!

Buffy: Angel, that's not who you are and you know that!

Angel: Tell that to him!

Buffy: I will!

Training room- A few hours later-

Spike: We need to work on left hand punches, your leaving yourself open to attack!

Lucian: I've always been week with my left!

Spike: Then will just have to change that!

Lucian: Your amazing you know that!

Spike: I know! But go ahead and tell me some more!

Lucian: Your amazing!

Spike: I was just kidding!

Lucian: I know!

Spike: Well that's it for today!

Lucian: What are you going to do now?

Spike: Like what, am I going on a date or something?

Lucian: You have a date?

Spike: No! I was asking if that's what you meant! I'm going to take a shower, get a drink, and watch the Teli!

Lucian: Oh!

Spike: Why, what did you have in mind!

Lucian: I'm a teenager, what do you think I have in mind!

Spike: Well if you are anything like me when I was your age, it would be a pretty dull night!

Lucian: You dull, I don't think so!

Spike: You have no idea just how dull I was! I was a total wanker!

Lucian: I don't believe you! Mister Billy Idol cool could never have been a geek!

Spike: Billy stole his look from me first of all, and secondly do you want to hear the poems I spent my teenage years writing!

Lucian: Poems! I have to hear this juicy piece of information! But first, what did you mean by there was this one time with you and Angel, something about a kiss?

Spike: I'd tell you, but I'd have to kill you!

Lucian: Your no fun!

Spike: I'm lots of fun! But I don't need an ass whopping from your mother!

Lucian: I'd never tell!

Spike: Something tells me you wouldn't tell!

Lucian: You can trust me!

Spike: I don't trust anyone!

Lucian: Not even my mom?

Spike: Well, I yes I do trust her! But, that took along time!

Lucian: Well, I'm not going anywhere! Are you?

Spike: No, I think your pretty much stuck with me!

Lucian: You wont here me complaining! Now, back to the kiss!

Spike: Who said it was just a kiss!

Lucian: Oh, you jerk, I have to hear this, you've got to tell me!

Spike: If you can catch me, I'll tell you! Ready, set...

Lucian: Hey you cheater! (I run after him!)