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Lucian the Vampire Slayer-


Chapter 5- Brotherly Love


I stood staring at Conner for the longest time, with him staring right back at me. Brothers! Brothers! I couldn't believe my ears. Worse yet, I had felt my brothers hard on only a few hours ago, and enjoyed it. Brothers? This is crazy, this whole world, everyone in it, was crazy.

"We're brothers?" Conner asked.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I should have told you sooner, but it's been one thing after the other since we found out about Lucian." Angel answered.

"For a Vamp, who isn't suppose to be able to make babies, you sure get around." Conner said.

I had to laugh at that, and once I got started laughing, everyone else joined in. It was truly funny, that one Vampire could have two children, were no other Vampire has even had one.

"We must be the most bizarre family on the face of the planet." I said.

"If you are done with this idiocy, there are far more important matters to attend to. Like who is behind the attack on Lucian and Spike. Who is the mystery woman, who brought Connor here." Illyria said.

"Illyria is right, we need to figure out what happened last night. Willow do you think it's possible that you can extract an image from Connors mind, of the woman who sent him here?" Wesley asked.

"Whoa, extract an image from my mind? What's that mean?" Conner asked nervously.

"Relax, I'll just take a peek into you mind. You focus on the woman's face and I'll be able to bring it out, for all of us to view." Willow answered.

"Wait, so if I'm not thinking of her, other thoughts could come out?" Conner again asked nervously.

Which made me wonder, what he was afraid of showing. Was it the hard on he had, while I was carrying him? Or us sleeping together under the bridge?

"It's okay, just focus. Picture her face, I wont pull anything else out but the image of her." Willow said soothingly.

He concentrated for a moment, then nodded. Willow's hands began to glow, as she brought them up to the sides of his head. Next thing we knew an image of a woman, was being shown for all of us to see.

"Amy!" Willow and Buffy said at the same time.

"Who's Amy?" I asked.

"We used to go to school with her, a long time ago. But why would she be doing any of this?" Buffy asked.

"We'll I know she had a bone to pick with me, but why would she be going after Lucian?" Willow asked.

"It doesn't make sense. If she was after you Willow, she wouldn't be going after Lucian. Something more is going on here. Amy can't be working alone. She's no where near as powerful as you, Willow, she has to be getting help from somebody." Buffy said.

"I agree. I need to do some digging, at least we have somewhere to begin. Let me see what I can come up with." Willow said as she walked out of the room.

I stood there, staring from Spike, to Connor, to Angel. Spike was staring at me, while Angel was looking back and forth between Conner and I, and Conner was giving Spike a dirty look. Confused much. I was wet, and tired. Happy and confused all at the same time. First finding out I had parents. Then a potential love interest, then a brother. I was ready for life to slow down now.

"Maybe the two lads, would like to get out of those wet clothes?" Spike said breaking the silence.

", that would be great." I stammered.

"Lucian, there should be some clothes that fit Conner in your room. Maybe you guys would like to wash up and get changed." Buffy said.

"Then we can sit down, and talk, like a normal family for a change." Angel said.

"There is nothing normal about this family." I laughed.

"Come on twerp, let's go get cleaned up." Conner said.

I looked at Spike, I wanted so bad to talk to him first. Tell him everything that happened. Tell him how it broke my heart when I thought he was dead. Show him, how happy I was that he was alive.

Then I remembered Sergio, and what happened with him.

"Wait, I almost forgot. Sergio, he was there last night. After what I thought was Spike being killed. When I took off out of the club, he was there waiting for me. Do you think that maybe he's working with this Amy chick?" I asked.

"That does raise an interesting point." Wesley said.

"We'll figure this all out Lucian. But in the meantime, stay away from him." Angel said.

"That won't be a problem. I don't think he'll be coming around me anytime soon." I said.

"Why is that?" Buffy asked.

"I kind of got ruff with him, and threatened him. Told him, he better stay away from me, if he knows what's best from him." I said looking down.

"Way to go, little bit! I told you to stay away from him." Spike said smirking.

"Conner, I need to talk to you for a second." Angel said, while leading Conner out of the way.

"Yeah Dad?"

"Look, I'm sorry you got pulled into all of this." Angel started.

"Dad, it's family, you should have told me from the beginning." Conner said.

"I know Conner, I really wanted to, there was just so much going on between the time we found him, till now. I really never had the chance. But I was so excited to get the two of you together, I swear." Angel demanded.

"Dad, it's all good. We met, we fought, we're brothers. It all worked out." Conner boasted.

"You fought?" Angel asked.

"Yeah, and he kicked my ass. But don't say anything to him, it'll go to his head." Conner laughed.

"Conner, he's been through a lot. An abusive home life, never having anyone to trust. Then thrusted into this crazy world. You remember what it was like. He could really use a friend like you, I hope you'll be willing to stay around a while." Angel asked.

"Dad, he's my brother. You're my father. Enough said. I'd do anything for my family, the way you showed me. Now, what's really bugging you?" Conner asked.

"You're to smart for your own good. I don't like the relationship that's building between Spike and Lucian. I just think, with you around, Lucian would be in better hands. That's all." Angel said.

"The feeling is mutual. I'll take care of Lucian." Conner said.

"Good. Thanks son." Angel said hugging Conner.


"Spike, you don't know how happy I am that you're alive." I said excitedly.

"I'm just glad your okay, runt." Spike said.

"There are so many things I want to tell you, so many things I've realized since thinking I lost you." I said excitedly.

"Slow down, your getting a head of yourself here. When you live in our world, you're used to almost being killed on a daily basis. It's not that serious." Spike said.

"How can you say it's not that serious, I almost lost you last night, and it broke my heart in half. I was out of my mind with pain." I cried.

"Lucian, your talking as if your in love with me."

"I...I think I am. Aren't you?" I asked.

"Sure I'm in love with myself. But seriously, Lucian I'm 200 years older than you. I'm a guy, you're a guy, this can't work out." Spike said.

"How can you be saying this to me? We almost kissed yesterday, there is something between us, tell me you don't feel it?" I demanded.

"There's a lot between us, you're mother, you're father. I would do anything for your mother. Right now, she want's me to train and protect you, that's what I'm going to do. I'm sorry if you thought there was something more between us, it was probably the liquor we drank. Don't think to much about it kid." Spike said.

My blood was boiling, why was he acting this way? Something wasn't right with him, this isn't my Spike, it could be, could it?

"Whatever Spike, your just like everyone else. I thought you were better, I was wrong. Go screw yourself Spike." I shouted.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Angel asked.

"Nothing. You were right all along, Spike is a jerk." I said.

"Come on Lucian, lets go get changed." Conner said.

I led Conner out of the room, leaving a laughing Spike, and my angry dad.

"So you want to tell me what happened, between you and Spike?" Conner asked.

"Not really." I answered.

"Oh come on, we're brothers, you can tell me anything." he said.

"Are you going to play the brothers card, anytime you want something now?" I asked.

"If it works, yes." he answered.

"Fine, it worked. He was acting like I meant nothing to him. That all I am is a job. Train Buffy's kid. I thought something was happening between us, I was wrong. He's such a jerk. Why do I keep falling for crazy people? As if my life isn't crazy enough, I need to start falling for all the wrong guys. Even my brother!" did I really just say that.

"I knew you were a pervert! But I can't blame you, I am a stud!" he gloated.

"So you don't think I'm weird?" I asked.

"No, and if I remember correctly, it was me who had the hard on last night." Conner said jokingly.

"You're right, you are the freak with the hard on. Thanks, for making me laugh. It's been a while, I needed that." I said.

"No problem brother. But if I told you about the things I did when I came back to earth, you would think your life is a cake walk." he started.

"This sounds juicy, tell me all about it." I said.

"No way, I don't want you to think I'm nuts." he said.

"Come on, I'm your brother, plus I already think your nuts. You attacked me, without finding out who I was, you can't get any crazier than that." I said laughingly.

"The brother card! Fine. I was born the son of two Vampires, which is something that has never been heard of. It just can't happen, male Vampires can't make babies. Both you and I are supposed to be impossibilities. I grew up in a dimension called Portath. By a man who was seeking revenge on Angel. I didn't know that at the time, but anyway he was getting old, and wanted to full fill the rest of his plans against Angel. So I punched a hole from Portath to earth. I came to kill our dad. One thing I was banking on was all the friends he had with him. Or the fact that he really truly loved me. So he tried to build a relationship with me, while I plotted to kill him. But being around him, it was hard not to fall in love with him.

The man who took me, realized what was happening, so he had his friend kill him, to make it look like Angel had done it. That sent me over the edge. I worked everything out, how to get rid of his friends, get Angel alone, and leave me to suffer for eternity. I took him by surprise, I zapped him, knocking him out. I placed him inside a coffin and sealed it up. There was just a window for him to look out of. The perfect revenge. I threw him into the ocean, and left him there to rot.

I took his place as protector of the innocent. His friends none the wiser. The only thing I wasn't expecting was Wesley. See Wesley and Angel were on bad terms, since Wesley was behind my kidnapping. So, I never thought he would be trying to help find Angel. Little did I know, he succeeded in finding daddy dearest. Soon after my plan was unraveled, and Angel was back. He didn't give me the butt kicking I deserved, but he did give a lecture. Things just got worse from there, I thought I fell in love with Cordy, only to find out that she wasn't really Cordy, she was an evil God from another Dimension. At that point everything fell apart, Cordy fell into a coma, and I was left to protect our daughter, who was really the evil God Jasmine. Once I realized the hell she was unleashing on earth, I had to kill her. After that I lost it, I got a group of hostages and was ready to kill them all. But once again Angel came to stop me, and he did.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up in a house, with a mother, a father, and two sisters. My memories were filled with a whole life that we had together. Growing up with them, learning to ride a bike, playing sports. My first kiss, my first heartbreak, and so on. Till one day, I realized I had superpowers.

My father heard of this place, that specialized in the abnormal. I was hit by a car and walked away unscathed, so we considered that pretty abnormal. We went to WolfRam&Heart. Where I met Angel for the first time, or so I had thought. First Angel refused to help us, he was so adamant about not helping us. At the time I had no idea why, I simply thought he didn't like me. We left only to be attacked by Demons and be rescued by Angel himself. I didn't know what happened, that changed his mind, but suddenly he decided to take my case. I trained with him, for a really short period.

He said I had a prophecy to fulfill, and that the Demons would not stop attacking my family unless I fulfilled it. I was to face a Demon called Saajohn. Angel and I went, he felt I was ready, I wanted to prove him right. I was locked in a room, and came face to face with Saajohn. At first I was cocky, I thought I was going to kick his ass, but then he hit me, and wow, was he strong. I was getting ready to lose, he was about to take off my head, when something happened, at the time I didn't know what. In the other room, Wesley had showed up with Illyria, trying to uncover what was really going on with Angel. There was some kind of box, a box that changed all of our memories except for Angel, it was the deal he had made with WolfRam&heart. Give me the life, Angel wish I could have had, rather than the hell that I had lived through. Angel sacrificed his love for me, to give me a life, filled with happiness and love. Well Wesley destroyed the box, freeing all of our memories. In the moment that Saajohn was going to take the final blow to kill me, all the memories came flowing back, I blocked his blow, and chopped off his head, killing him. I didn't say anything to Angel, I wasn't ready to deal with it yet.

A few months later he came to see me, and I knew something was wrong. I knew Angel had always been watching over me, but for him to come to me, there had to be something apocalyptic going on. I told him that I remembered everything, and that I understood why he did what he did. I thanked him for everything.

I was worried about him, so I wound up showing up as he was facing one of his biggest battles. And side by side we fought, after which a building was falling down all around us. He begged me to leave, and although I didn't want to, I listened to him. All hell broke lose, but he made it through. And here we are years later, and me with a new found brother." he explained.

"Wow, I wont be crying about my life anymore. Wow, Conner, are we ever to pee's in a pod or what?" I asked.

"You can say that again little bro." he answered.

"Actually I think I'm the older one. Dad and my mom had me while Dad was human for a day, that was taken away. I was left in outside of time for years before I was thrown to the wicked witch of the west. Where I was brutalized by all her disgusting boyfriends. I'm talking molested, pissed on and other things I don't care to remember. Only to find out I have a brother, who gets a hard on while I'm holding him." I laughed.

"Quit acting like you didn't enjoy feeling my hard on pressing against you. You may be technically older, but I was on this earth first, so I'm older." he demanded.

"That's fine you can be older, I'll stay young and beautiful that much longer. As for enjoying your hard on, I wont lie, I enjoyed it." I blushed.

"What do you say we take a long hot shower, before we get changed?" he asked.

"Together?" I asked, shocked.

"What are you scared that I'll see your small penis?" he teased.

"I'll give you small penis! I'll bet you anything my penis is bigger than yours?" I dared.

"Really! Okay, what do you want to bet?" he asked.

"You name it, I said anything." I said cockily.

"Anything! Hmm, this is so tempting. I'm sorry bro, but this is to good to pass up. I'm going to enjoy having a little brother. See my collage friends used to share drunken stories about the things they did with their little brothers, and I have to admit, it always made me jealous. I wished that I had a brother to mess around with. So now, I'm going to take full advantage of this. Hmm...for starters why don't we take this into the shower! Shall we?" he asked seductively.

"I thought you'd never ask!" I said excitedly.

"Last one in, blows the other!" he shouted as he ran into the bathroom.


In the operation room of the Castle-

"What are you doing in here, king peroxide?" Xander asked.

"What's it to you captain one eye?" Spike shot back.

"Did Spike try to make a funny? You might want to have a seat, I'm sure that took a lot of you! So really, what are you doing in here?" Xander demanded.

"Don't get your knickers in a twist Cyclops! Your boss wanted me to protect her son, so that mean's I'll be your boss for a little while." Spike teased.

"Dream on blonde! You don't even know how to work any of my equipment here. Plus Buffy knows I don't share my toys! So don't touch anything!" Xander ordered.

"What does this one do?" Spike asked.

"Don't touch that!" Xander shouted.

"What about this one?" Spike asked.

"Don't touch that either! Spike I'm going to kill you! Just don't touch anything!" Xander shouted.

"Why don't you come and stop me then?" Spike taunted.

While Xander made his way around the room, Spike slipped a disk into a slot in the computer. Xander came around and grabbed Spike pushing him up against the wall.

"Ha, ha, ha...Is this really suppose to scare me. Remember nit wit, I don't have the sawding chip in my head anymore. I'll kill you in the time it takes you, to make a fist!" Spike shouted as he grabbed Xander and threw him across the room.

Spike quickly turned around and entered a code into the computer, downloading something into the mainframe. By the time Xander picked himself up off the ground, Spike removed the disk, and headed towards the door.

"Next time you want to get fresh with me, just ask! I might let you have a taste!" Spike laughed.

"Go fuck yourself Spike! If you ever come in here again, I will stake you. Not even Buffy will be able to stop me!" Xander shouted.


"Come on, I've made it easy. First one to cum loses. Loser has to be the winners sex slave. You can't get more juvenile than that, so what's the problem?" Conner asked.

"I'm laying here in a 69 position, with my brother about to exchange blow jobs! I don't think I could count the problems I find with this." I said.

"Oh come on, haven't you don't anything crazy in your whole life?" Conner asked.

"Sorry I haven't led the crazy life you did, but then again if I had as many years on earth as you have, I would have racked up some craziness!" I retorted.

"Right, so as your non-technical older brother I'm about to give you some crazy experience. There is no backing out. We're naked, we're hard, we're face to face with each others cock, we're doing this." Conner promised.

Without another word said between, I took my brothers cock into my mouth, and swallowed it down to the base. The flood gates where open now, the second I tasted his cock, a frenzy began, a hunger inside me awoke, I'd never wanted anything more in my life.

I was finally tasting a cock willingly. Not by one of my adoptive mother's boyfriends, but by my brother.

The way he moaned turned me on so much, it made me want to please him more, and the feeling must have been mutual, because he was going to town on my cock. I had never felt anything so amazing in my life, the feeling of his tongue sliding up and down my shaft, his smooth lips tightening around my cock, his hand massaging my balls, his fingers sliding up and down the crack of my ass. I was hornier than I've ever been before. I copied every move he made, and add my own twist. If he wanted crazy, I was going to give him crazy.

"That's it little brother, work those sweet ass lips. Damn that feels good. I knew you had it in you!" Conner cheered.

That was all the encouragement I needed. I worked his cock with my mouth and hand, gently squeezing his balls with my other. I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth, I knew he was getting close, hell I was getting close.

I was dying to taste his load, I wanted to feel his cock as it shot out sweet Conner juice. I worked his cock faster and faster, harder and harder. Working my tongue along the shaft, my own cock was ready to explode, I didn't know if I should stop to warn him, but at this point I didn't really care. I was so caught him in milking his cock, thirsting for his love juice. It was more than a thirst, more than a hunger, there was a need, a desire to have him, to have a part of him that was so sacred. It wasn't the lust speaking, it wasn't just being horny, it was something far deeper.

Everyone I love, I lose. Everyone I think loves me, leaves me. I wanted a part of my brother, something that I could always hold onto. Something that was attached to a memory that would make me feel warm all over, bring a smile to my face. A happy moment, something so rare, few and far between in my life.

I pulled my mouth off his cock, and turned my head toward him.

"Conner, no matter what, I need you to know...I love you!" my voice cracked.

"I know we just found each other, but I'm your brother, and that means I love you, and that I always will. We're bonded, and right now, we're more bonded than we could ever be. Now get ready cause I'm about to blow a load so huge, that was meant for you. It's something really special, a part of me for you to keep. So that you can carry a part of me with you always." Conner said passionately.

"Thanks Conner, and the same goes for you, we're blood brothers, but now we're going to be cum brothers. Remember first one to blow, has to be the others sex slave!"

We both dove for each others cocks, like hungry animals. We worked each other to a frenzy of wild passionate lust.

In the next second three things happened, we both started shooting our loads, the door opened, and third we heard a booming voice.

But before I get to that...I don't know who shot their load first, but at the time I didn't care. The sweet taste of his load sent a thrill through my body. It was the most intoxicating taste, my tongue would have enjoy. It sent a wave over my body, straight to my groin, I shot volley after volley into his warm mouth. I had never been so turned on so much in my whole life. We both moaned in pleasure, we were both on a high, till...

"What the hell do you think your doing? You sick son of a bitch, did you force Lucian to do this? Is that how you get your kicks! I'm going to kill you, I'm going to tare you apart!" Spike shouted.

"Spike! It's not what you think...I mean...I mean you know what, it's none of your business. Just get the hell out!" I shouted.

But Spike was enraged, he flew across the room, and dove at Conner. Conner caught Spike midair and threw him over his shoulder against the wall. I grabbed a pair of boxers off the floor and put them on, I grabbed Conner's and ran across the room and got between them. I handed Conner his boxers, and turned to Spike.

"Stop this right now! What do you even care?" I demanded.

"Everything I've done has been because I care about you! Don't you realize that, don't you understand that all I've done, all I've sacrificed has been for you!" Spike shouted.

"Spike, your not making any sense. I have no idea what your talking about!"

"Of course you don't understand, how can someone who let's his brother take advantage of him be expected to understand?" Spike shouted.

Spike jumped over my head, landing behind Conner and kicked him in the back sending him flying into the wall head first. Conner fell to the floor, the blood flowing from his head. I started running towards him, when Spike grabbed me.

"Let go of me you psycho!" I shouted.

"No! Your coming with me!" Spike said as he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.

"Let go of me damn it! I have to check him, he could be dead!" I shouted.

"He'll live, for now!" Spike said.

I punched Spike in the head, knocking him off balance. He let go of me and I ran to Conner's side. Next thing I knew spike threw something at my head and everything went black...

A while later-

"Lucian? Conner? Conner!" Angel shouted.

Angel ran to Conner's side, Buffy following behind. He picked up his son and carried him to the bed.

"Conner, what happened?" Angel asked.

"Dad...where's Lucian?" Conner asked.

"We don't know, tell us what happened? Who did this to you?" Angel demanded.

"Spike, it was Spike! We have to find him...We have to!" Conner cried.

"Spike, but that's impossible! Spike would never hurt Lucian!" Buffy said.

Xander comes running into the room.

"Buffy, we have a problem! The security system has been hacked, Willow's no where to be found. Someone is working some major magic's, so the barrier shielding us from detection is out. The castle is being stormed, were being attacked." Xander panicked.

Buffy and Angel stared at each other.


I woke up in a dark room, chained to a wall. I tried breaking the chains, but nothing was working.

"Hello! Spike! Where are you?" I shouted.

"Lucian? Lucian is that you?" Spike asked.

"Spike damn you, what are you doing, why do you have me in chains?" I demanded.

"What the Bloody Hell are you ranting about, little bit?" Spike's voice was angry.

"Spike are you on drugs? You beat up Conner and knocked me out, and now I wake up here, chained to a wall!" I shouted.

"Lucian, listen to me! I don't know what your talking about, whoever that was, it wasn't me! I swear!"

Relief filled my body, not only that I was with Spike in a dangerous situation. But that it wasn't him who rejected me, it wasn't him.

"Spike, it's really you! Spike I could kiss you!" I shouted.

"If I had known you were such a slut, I would have played things differently. I catching sucking some dick one second, then wanting to kiss Spike the next! I wanted to give you the world! I wanted to give you everything, make you happy, take care of you. But instead you'd rather be blowing your own flesh and blood, or playing kissy face with a Vampire! Those guys that abused you, guess what, they were right, your one sick puppy!" Sergio said.

The lights were on, Sergio stood before me. Spike was chained to my right, beaten and bruised, and bleeding. I lunged at him, but the chains yanked me back.

"I'm going to kill you with my bare hands, the second I get out of these!" I shouted.

"No you wont! You'll be so in love with me, you'll be doing anything to please me!" he retorted.

"The hell I will, I could never love you! Your deranged, you're completely mental. The only chance you had with me, was when I was unconscious!" I barked.

"Funny, didn't Buffy say that to you Spike, shortly before she slept with you?" Sergio asked.

"Sawd off you little prick! Cause the little bit might not be able to take a human life, but me, I've taken more than enough. I wont have a problem adding you to the list!" Spike shouted.

"Funny how you both can act so brave, when your both tied up! I'm the one holding all the cards! Now, before I move on to my final plan! I have something special for you Lucian! Your going to watch me kill Spike, before you beg me to make love to you!" he said cockily.

"Don't you touch him! Don't you lay a finger on him, or soul help me, nothing in this world will be able to protect you from my wrath!" I shouted.

"Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! I hope you enjoy the show! Time to say goodbye Spike!" Sergio said as he grabbed a knife off a table and walked over to Spike. He started making shallow cuts along Spikes beautiful bare chest.


Back at the Castle-

All hell had broken lose. The Demons had swarmed the castle, the Slayers began their first true battle. Buffy and Angel fought side by side. Illyria stayed very close to Wesley, afraid to lose him again. Gun and Conner fought their way, over to Buffy and Angel.

"Dad, we have to get to Lucian!" Conner cried.

"I know son, I know! But, where? We don't know what's happened to him, we don't even know where to begin!" Angel shouted.

"Angel, we have to do something! Conner, you and Gun fight your way out of here! Find Gilles and Faith, tell them what's happened, Gilles will know a way to find Lucian. Other than Willow, he's our only chance! Now go, bring your brother back...Please!" Buffy begged.

"Be careful son, I don't want to lose either of my boys!" Angel said.

"Good luck!" Conner said as he and Gun fought their way out of the Castle.



At a Secret Government Base-

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Willow shouted.

"Took you long enough! How many bread crumbs was I suppose to leave for you?" Amy said appearing out of this air.

"We'll, we'll, if it isn't Amy, Amy the rat! I was hoping the hell mouth had swallowed you in." Willow snapped.

"Please, it would take more than that, to bring me down!"

"So what's the deal Amy? What are you up to? You've gone through a lot of trouble to get my attention!" Willow asked.

"You were always so slow on the uptake Willow! This was never about you, I only needed to distract you long enough for my plan to work!" Amy answered.

"What plan would that be?" Willow asked.

"The Orb of Saran!"

"That Orb is just a myth!" Willow replied.

"How wrong you are! Lucian was told to seek the Orb, but he never did. In fact, he never even mentioned it to any of you. Sure, he probably forgot in all the chaos, but he was told to seek it out. I found it, the only problem was getting to it." Amy started.

"What do you want with the Orb? And what does it have to do with Lucian?" Willow asked.

"You're suppose to be the brainy one Willow, book smart and all. You should know what the Orb does. As for Lucian, he's the only one that can use it!" Amy answered.

"You've still lost me, what does this have to do with distracting me?" Willow asked.

"How have you survived all these years? I needed to get you away from the Castle, so that I could break through your spell that protects it. I sent in a double of Spike, he broke through all your security, then took Lucian. And now, an army of Demons are fighting the Slayers, keeping them busy, while one retrieves the Orb. See, you had the Orb all along, you just didn't know it!" Amy smirked.

"Where is Lucian?" Willow asked.

"He's currently watching Spike be killed. Don't worry about him, he's in good hands. He's the key to my plans, nothing will happen to him. Well, almost nothing, see I don't think he would do what I want, of his own accord, so I'm going to have to do a little mind control. Get him in the mood." Amy teased.

"So now that you've told me all of this, I suppose I should be worried that your about to kill me, right?" Willow toyed.

"Actually, no! See, you play an intricle part to my plan. See, you have power, not just a little, a whole hell of a lot. You are the single most powerful witch on the face of the planet. I need to plug into that power, without you my plan just doesn't work." Amy said.

"Right, ultimate power and all that. Just what makes you think I'm going to let you "jack into me"?" Willow asked.

"Well, I was kind of hoping you wouldn't, it would make it so much more exciting, if you fought me. Cause see, I have that all worked out too, so please put up a fight!" Amy taunted.

"Hate to burst your bubble, actually, I love to burst your bubble. There isn't going to be a fight, see I'm not really here. If you were anywhere near my level of witchcraft, you would know the difference between a real person, and an illusion. But thanks for the information. I'll be back for you Amy, and when I do, your going down!" Willow said, as she tried to disappear.

"I don't think so, your not going anywhere. See, I took into consideration that you might pull a stunt like this. So while I was talking, I cast a little spell which brought your real body here. Nice try Rosenburg! Shall we dance lover?" Amy laughed.

"I'm going to enjoy kicking your ass!" Willow said as her eyes went black, and she prepared to beat down Amy.




"Spike, I just have one last question, before I kill you?" Sergio began.

Spike spit in his face, Sergio slapped him.

"I'll skip the question, and just get to the killing now!" Sergio said angrily.

Sergio raised the dagger and was about to strike the final blow, when the door slammed opened. A man shot a dart at Sergio, hitting him in the neck, dropping him to the ground.

"Who are you?" Spike asked.

"Take the boy, leave the Vampire." the man said.

"Spike!" I shouted.

"Don't worry Lucian, I'll find you, I promise you, I'll find you!" Spike promised.

The men came in and covered my mouth knocking me out.

"Lucian! Don't you hurt him, or I swear it will be the last thing you'll ever do!" Spike shouted.

End Chapter-