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Lucian The Vampire Slayer-


Chapter 7- Rage, Power, And Death is your Gift!



After a few days of resting, sleeping a whole, lot, and healing my body. I could not take being caged up in my room any longer, there was to much to done.

Moreover, I was hoping to run into Spike and see him. Since the last time I saw him, and told him how I felt, and he almost fully gave himself in, and told me the truth of how he felt about me, I was hoping to find him and make him tell me the truth of how he felt.

However, it turned out, that he left with Willow, to do some quick healing.

I made my way to Wesley, and either his love, or bodyguard Illyria, as usual was standing there watching over him. His room was filled with books everywhere, the floor, the desk, on top of chairs, and everywhere in between, while he wrote notes, on a note pad, probably based on what he was discovering.

"The hormonal teenage boy has arrived, right on schedule." Illyria said, in her monotone, yet I am above all these humans attitude.

"Haven't we agreed you'd stop talking about my hormonal state of mind? I'm a teenager, they're going to be constantly running rampage, and so can we keep them to ourselves?" I asked.

"You lower beings, and your needs to hide what is clearly manifested just from the look, and smells of you. I don't quite think I'll ever understand that, but as you wish, I will certainly try." She answered.

"So Wesley, have you come up with anything on the scrolls I brought you?" I asked.

Looking all frazzled with his hair all out of place, smelling as if he had not left this room since I came back. He finally looked up as if it just occurred to him that I had arrived just that very moment.

"Lucian, oh Lucian, good to see you, how nice of you to stop by, and pay me a vision, I mean visit. So, to what do I owe this unexpected visit?" Wesley asked, as if he was trying to act like he had no idea, why I would be there, asking anything.

"The Scrolls Wesley, the Scrolls! I brought you the Scrolls, I know they are about me, so please, stop the games and answer the question. I'm really not in the mood, to play around." I started to get annoyed, and Illyria took a defensive stance, in front of Wesley.

"No offence Illyria, but we're on the same side, but if your going to hide things from me, nothing is going to stop me from finding out what's in those Scrolls. They belong to me, they were given to me, that means if I want to take them, and find out what they mean on my own, even you Illyria, wouldn't be able to stop me." my temper now flaring.

"Alright, everyone just calm down...Illyria, it's alright, he means me no harm. He only wants the truth, and he has a right to it." Wesley said, calming Illyria down, she took a more neutral stance.

"The truth, that would be a nice change of pace, especially since the only ones ever giving me the truth, is the girl in the white room." I said.

"I really don't have much to tell you as of this moment; it's an ancient Samarian language, older than anything I've ever seen before. Believe me, I'm fluent in Samarian, but this is ancient, original Samarian, so it will take me some time to decipher the information of the Scrolls." he answered.

"Wesley, the girl in the white room said you would know how to read it, your missing something. There is something you are missing, there is something you have, or something you can use, that you are not using to break this ancient Samarian. You have to try harder, you have to stop and think about whatever it you are missing or you have not used, that is at your disposal.

Wesley, we're running out of time, and if you can't handle this, then just let me know, I'll find a way to do it myself!" I shouted. At which point Illyria got in my face, and I wasn't in the mood, I don't know what's gotten into me, but rage was flowing through me, and I couldn't reel it in.

"Your tone is uncalled for, either bring yourself in check or I will put you in check!" as she spoke her face was within inches of I mine. She took a finger and poked me in the chest. The rage within me, overflowed, I punched her in the chest sending her flying back across the room. I don't know where the power came from, or how I was able to do that to her, although, I'd never tried hitting her before, we'd always worked together, but this was different, I wasn't going to let people walk all over me anymore, to much was hanging in the balance. It all depended on me, and now it is time to man up.

"No more games, Illyria, don't get in my way again, I'm sorry if I hurt you, but to many lives are at stake here, so either you find a way to figure out what the Scroll says, or I will." I turned around to walk out of the room, to find my mother, father standing there, with a look of shock on there faces.

"Don't start with me; I'm not in the mood." I said.

"We can see that for ourselves, want to explain yourself?" Buffy asked, tapping her foot waiting for an answer.

"Wesley, Illyria, are you two alright?" Angel asked.

"I am fine, the virgin has done no harm to my body, or to Wesley." she answered.

"I SAID STOP CALLING ME THAT!" As I shouted, the room began to shake, throwing everyone off balance, books falling to the floor, Buffy and Angel grabbing onto each other for support, while Illyria heads over to Wesley, to protect him.

"Okay, just what the hell was that? Since when you do have that kind of power?" Buffy asked.

Fear suddenly rushing through every fiber of my being, as I saw the panic, and fear in each one of their eyes.

"Mom, Dad, I...I don't know what's happening to me. Look, I'm sorry Wesley, Illyria, that wasn't me, it's like I'm losing control of myself, and if I get angry, I'm becoming something more powerful. We really need to find out what is in those Scrolls; it might be the only key to discovering, what is happening to me. Look, I'm sorry..."I said, as I took off running out of the room.

I took off running outside onto the grounds, thinking maybe a breath of fresh air, might just help me. I came to find Faith, practicing some moves.

"What's up little L? Can't stand to be locked like a rat in a cage any longer?" She asked, walking towards me.

"Something like that, F!" a hint of attitude in my voice.

"Whoa buddy, Chillax, we're on the same side remember?" she said holding her hands up in front of her.

"Sure, like the time you tried to kill my father, for the sport of it, with a poisoned arrow, that only a slayers blood could save him from. Or when you tried to switch bodies with my mother, and take over her life. Or when you tortured Wesley, for the fun of it. Or when you tried to kill Willow, shall I go on?" I asked annoyed.

"Yeah, I've done some bad stuff, back in the day. However, I am all about redemption and all that, just like your father showed, and taught me. Helping save the Scooby Gang in Sunnydale, before it turned into a big fat crater, or stopping Cordy, from using your brother to kill your father, and in the process almost dying. Shall I go on? We all have our past's kid, there's nothing we can do to change that, it's what we do here and now that makes all the difference, and right now, I'm living Five by Five. I am on the straight and narrow, doing the right thing, saving lives, killing demons.

So what is your deal, what is with the attitude problem? You got a bug stuck up your ass, or something?" She asked which only made me like her brutal honesty even more.

"I'm sorry; I don't know what's wrong with me. It is as if I am not in full control of myself, I am saying and doing things that are just not like me. It's like someone's done something to me, and I don't know what it is, or how to stop it." I answered, looking down in embarrassment.

"It's cool, we all have our days, I should know, I'm the queen of being out of control. What usually helps me is a little, rump in the sack, or just a plain ole fistfight. You want to spar a little, relieve some of that tension?" she asked with a smile on her face.

"I don't know what if I accidentally hurt you, or something?" I said.

"I've kicked your brother's ass plenty of times, stopped Angelus, and even went up against your mother and still live to tell the tale." she answered cockily.

That was all the encouragement I needed, so we took a fighting stance face to face. The Slayers surrounding us, got excited, and were chanting Faith's name. I did not realize the girls wanted me to get my ass kicked, but something inside me told me, this was going to be a fight, that even I was not prepared for. I had no idea what was happening to me, or how strong I had gotten.

A part of me wanted my mother, and father to come out and stop this before it even began, just in case I fully lost control, and did some real damage, but then again, she said she was Five by Five, whatever that meant, so I might be in for an ass Whooping, or tearing this girl apart.

"Let's see what you got kid!" Faith said.

"I'm not a kid!" I shouted. She took the opportunity to punch me in the face.

"Oh, I see, so we're going to play dirty. Two can play at that!" I said.

I went to swing with my left hand, and as she raised her hand to block, I spun to the right, kicking her in the head, causing her to spin in the air, landing on her back.

She did a Kip-up, and was back in a fighting stance with a smile on her face.

"Nice one kid, let's see what else you got." she said.

She began punching, while I blocked, then using her legs at the same time to kick, causing me to have to block those at the same time. Cheers for Faith were still be screamed all around, and I was beginning to get annoyed.

With quickness, I was not ready for, she flipped in the air, her feet landing on my shoulders, and continued flipping over, with me following up in the air, landing face first.

She was good; I would have to be better. I spun around on the ground, as her foot was heading for my head; I caught it, and pushed back spinning her around. She landed on the ground next to me, and I elbowed her in the chest. As I moved to get up to my feet, she side swept me, as I fell to the ground, I pushed up with my back and hands, and my feet hit her chin sending her flying back. I did another kip-up, and got to my feet. We began throwing punches, blocking each other's, and getting a couple in.

"BUFFY, I'm sorry!" Faith yelled, looking behind me.

I turned to look, and she jumped up and kicked me in the head, sending me flipping in the air to the side. I picked myself up, spitting blood from my mouth.

"Now, that was a cheap trick. You've really just pissed me off!" I said angrily.

I could feel a power rise from deep inside me, something uncontrollable, something more powerful than I'd ever felt before. I could feel my face changing, my canine teeth growing. A growl escaped my lips, a rumbling deep from within my chest. My eyes were glowing; I could feel the rage flowing through me.

I ran at her, jumping in the air, grabbing her by her collars and flipping her in the air with me, sending her flying twenty feet.

There was a hunger in me, a new kind of hunger, a hunger for her blood, I wanted to feel it flowing out of her, I wanted to make her feel pain, to take out every bit of pain I'd been through on her.

She was a little disoriented from the hit she took, landing on the ground. I ran with a speed I did not know I had, I could hear hearts beating intensely, each breath from each Slayer; I could even hear Buffy and Angel as they run towards us.

Nothing was going to stop me, the rage had taken over, and I wanted her blood. I get to her and began a beating; I did not know I could give. She fought with all her might, but the power flowing through me, was far more than a regular Slayer could handle. A bunch to the gut, made her keel over, raising my fists, I hit her straight up in the face, flipping her over, landing on her stomach again.

I turned her over and kneeled between her legs, holding her down by the shoulders. She looked deep into my eyes, but there was no hint of fear in her eyes, no desperation, nothing.

"Do it! If you can do it, I want you to do it! Come on Lucian, show me who you truly are, show me what you can truly do, finish me off." she said calmly.

I began punching her in the face repeatedly. Blood dripping down the sides of her mouth, and eye.

"You don't know anything about me! You have no idea what I am capable of, or what I can do. You want me to finish you off; I'll teach you what the meaning of being finished off is." I said angrily.

I licked the blood off her face, and lifted her into the air above my head, as I was about to bring her back down on my knee, Buffy and Angel appeared.

"Lucian! Stop it, Lucian!" Buffy shouted.

Nothing was going to stop the rage inside, the blood lust I longed for, the sweet taste of her blood.

I went to bring her down, and with the quickness of a vampire, Angel jumped up catching her out of my hands, and saving her from the back braking I was about to give her.

"Lucian what is wrong with you?" Buffy asked.

The rage in me boiled to the surface in a way I never felt before, I stretched my hands out, and brought them around, meeting them together in front of me, and pushing out sending an energy ball in the direction of Buffy and the other Slayers behind her, Buffy flipped into the air, the energy ball missing her within mere inches, the slayers behind her not so lucky, the whole lot of them being sent flying in the air.

I turned to my prey, Angel still holding her in his hands.

"Let her go, or meet the same fait as her, I'll only warn you once." I said.

When he did not budge, I pulled that same energy ball and shot at them, Angel jumped, letting the energy ball miss them.

Just as I was about to send another one at them, Illyria appeared in front of me, the energy ball being shot out, hitting her square in the chest. She absorbed it, and returned it knocking me flying back onto the ground. I did a somersault, and began doing forward flips towards her.

On the final flip, I jumped into the air, kicking her straight into the chest sending her flying back into trees, breaking right through them.

My breathing was hard and heavy, my anger was over the top, my lust to deliver pain was overwhelming, I was no longer Lucian, I was a killing machine, and I was searching for the blood, and life of the one I wanted.

"Lucian?" an angel's voice called.

"Lucian, this is not you. You must stop, you have to stop or you will become everything we are fighting against. Calm yourself little bit, let the rage settle, and regain the man you are, become Lucian again. Trust me, I know what you are feeling, I know what is calling you, I know what your body needs. You cannot give into it; you will regret it for the rest of your life. However, if you want to give into it, if you want the blood, if you want the kill, then kill me! Here I am, right in front of you, I will not stop you. So do it Lucian, kill me, there is no one that can stop you, kill me. DO IT LUCIAN, KILL ME, KILL ME, I DESERVE IT MORE THAN ANYONE DOES. ME, WILLIAM THE BLOODY, AKA, SPIKE...KILL ME. DO IT YOU COWARD, YOU THINK YOUR MAN ENOUGH TO TAKE ON A GIRL, WELL LETS SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH A MAN. KILL ME LUCIAN, DO IT YOU COWARD." Spike shouted.

The rage was so intense, my head was beginning to pound, my heart was racing, I did want blood, I did want to kill, I wanted to take out everything inside me, and unleash it on them all.

However, hearing Spike, his words, knowing what he was saying between the lines, knowing how he was trying to taunt me, knowing if there was ever a weakness I had, it was he. Pushing with the Coward bit, knowing that I would rather die, then hurt him, knowing the he was truly the one person I would never let anything controlling me, no matter how strong the pull was, let me hurt him.

I began to glow bright red, starting with a small ball in the center of my chest and growing larger until I was surrounded by it, my eyes turned full black, the power bubbling to the surface, needing to be unleashed, but for the first time I could feel my heart beating, harder than ever before. The one man I loved with all my heart was standing before me, and I fought to control the rage, I fought to control the anger and the power, I did not want to unleash what was begging to come out of me, onto him.

Then she appeared out of thin air, it was Willow, eyes black as night, hair flying in the wind, standing before me.

"Airis, Iris, Blarus too, I take all power ignited in you!" Willow shouted, arms stretched out.

The power to control, my body suddenly began to know just what to do, to protect myself.

I waved my hand in circles in front of me, faster, and faster, until my hand was a blur, blocking the spell she was casting.

"What's the matter white Witch, never had any real competition?" I said, though my voice no longer sounded like mine.

"You don't want to do this Lucian, trust me I know." Willow said.

"I'm tired of being told what I do, and don't want to do. I have the power now, and I will use it as I damn well please. You merely tried to destroy the earth, and let your human emotion stop you. You have no real power, merely parlor tricks." I said, as I sent out a sonic wave, sending Willow and others flying back.

Willow flew up off the floor, her hair turning black as coal, veins forming all over her face.

"You want to see true power; I'll show you true power. It's time junior got a spanking." Willow said.

Holding out her palms, she sent lightning bolts at me, one after the other.

"AAHHHH!" I shouted, the pain intensifying with each bolt.

"Willow, no, that's my son!" Buffy shouted.

"Enderant, posterant, borant!" I shouted sending a ball of energy at her, sending her flying through the air.

"Now, that really hurt, plus you ruined my favorite shirt. Stand down now, or you will be the first to die. If you think ripping the skin off of Warren was bad, just wait and see what I have in store for you." I said.

"Lucian!" Spike shouted, as he jumped into the air grabbing hold of me, and bringing me down to the ground.

"I've been trying to get you on top of me for so long now, if I had known this is what it took to get you on top, I would have done this weeks ago." I said staring into the eyes of the Vampire I so adored. However, this was not the moment for this; I flipped him off my sending him flying behind me.

What I was not prepared for, was Willow's return, I suddenly was encased in a green like substance. The more I struggled to move, the more powerless I became.

"You BITCH! What have you done to me?" I shouted.

"Lucian, you need to calm down, we're your family, why are you doing this?" Buffy asked.

"Buffy, he's fighting this; I don't know how long I can hold this!" Willow said, using all her strength to keep the hold on me.

"Angel, you fool, don't any of you have some kind of brain, in those beady little heads of yours?" a voice swept across the grounds.

"Who are you? Where are you? Show yourself!" Angel demanded.

"You know who I am silly, and you know better than to order me around. Now, I told Lucian to find one simple little treasure that was simply located in your castle. He has been back how long, and you still have not found it! Should I have drawn you a map, sketch a little picture?" the little girl's voice continued.

"Okay, okay, we get it, enough with the sarcasm. Now, will it stop what ever it is that's happening to him?" Angel asked.

"Of course silly, it belongs to him, it's his destiny." the little girl said laughingly.

"What exactly will it do to Lucian?" Buffy asked.

"It will help him to fight the great battle that lies ahead. A storm has been brewing, one started long before Angel brought down the Wolf Ram and the Heart. Lucian is vital in saving humankind, if his anger takes him over, then the monster will give over to the dark side. Lila will win, and you will all die. You have only seen the beginning of his true powers; he has not even touched the surface.

Angelus will look like Santa, compared to what Lucian will do, trust me when I say you do not want to see what he is truly capable of.

Most of all, if the darkness within takes over completely, you will have to kill him, and I know you do not want that.

I told you what to do, now do it, the little witch can't hold on much longer, and Lucian here is going to do some real violence, once he gets out of her spell." the little girl giggled, as her voice drifted away.

"She's right, I can't hold on much longer. Find the gem, and do it quickly." Willow ordered.

"I shall help the witch to keep her hold on him, for as long as I can." Illyria said, appearing out of the woods.

"Let me out of this, I swear on my very last breath I will make you all suffer, suffer eternal wrath, for caging me up like this." I shouted angrily.

"We don't even know where to look?" Spike said.

"Yes we do, she said it was his destiny, to find it, to use it, it belongs to him. It's been calling out to him, but he hasn't been hearing its call." Buffy concluded.

"His room!" Angel answered the confusion on everyone's faces.

Running like the wind, Buffy, Angel and Spike took off running to my room.

"Bloody hell, do you want to let me in on where you fancy it would be?" Spike asked.

"When Lucian first came here, we told him he could stay in any room he wanted. There has to be a reason he was drawn to this room." Buffy answered.

They rummaged through the room searching for the gem, but coming up with nothing.

"Hurry it up guys, I've got minutes left before he breaks free!" Willow communicated telepathically.

"We're going as fast as we can, but we really don't have a clue where it could be." Buffy said.

"Did you check the spot where he keeps his Porn stash?" Willow asked.

"Gross Willow! Gross!" Buffy said.

"We'll we're running out of time, wait, I've got it, Buffy, think about it, remember when you could sense the Scythe, try doing that." Willow said.

"Like that's going to bloody work!" Spike said.

"No, she's right; everyone shut up, and don't move." Buffy said.

Buffy closed her eyes, and started slowly turning around in a circle. Feeling out the energy in the room, she suddenly sensed a power emanating from above the chimney. She opened her eyes, Spike was standing in front of the fireplace, his eyes suddenly opening wide as Buffy darted straight for him. Pulling back her fist, he ducked as she suddenly punched straight through the brick wall, pulling out the Orb of Saran.

"I've got!" Buffy shouted.

"Next time warn a bloke, before you trying knocking his head off!" Spike said.

The three of them ran back down as quickly as they could, to find Willow's nose bleeding.

" all...most...out...of...power." Willow fell to her knees.

"What to do we do with the Orb?" Buffy asked. Just as she asked, the Orb flew into the air on its own; it zoomed around everyone, until it was floating in front of me.

"What is that, what are you going to do to me with that?" I asked.

Next thing I knew the Orb grew into a bright red light, and began talking.

"You are Lucian Summers, Son of Buffy Summers, The Vampire Slayer, and Son of Angel, once known as Angelus. You are the rightful heir, of the Orb of Saran. Your Destiny has now begun, it is time for you to take us into you, and become one. Long ago, the first Demons to walk to the earth were in a constant struggle for power. One side knew the destruction of earth would be the result, so they rebelled against the other Demons.

They created the Orb of Saran, when one with the power to see the future, saw the only one who would ever be able to use the Orb. They made a deal with the Powers That Be, and allowed Buffy and Angelus their one day of free true love, that one day to create the only person who would ever have the ability to use the Power to destroy those that would destroy the earth.

It is time to except your destiny, and face the forces of evil that lay ahead." The Orb explained.

"Where have I heard this bunch of crap before? Okay, Orby! Tell me this, what happens if I don't do what you say?" I asked.

"The Lucian you once were, will no longer exists, you will turn into a Demon far eviler than Angelus, Glory, Adam, The Mayor, Jasmine ECT...The difference being, the monster you become, will be far more powerful, than any of them could have ever fathom.

Left uncheck, you will give evil, the ultimate weapon. You will be able to destroy the world, as you know it. The choice is yours, take me into you, accept your destiny, or watch the ones around you die, at your hands no less.

You cannot fight your destiny, you must embrace it, every man woman, children's, and life depends on what you do next. You have mere seconds, before you lose full control, it is time to make the choice, accept us into you, or lose yourself forever?" The Gem spoke.

"I'm warning you, if anything happens to him, and this was all a trick, I will find a way to extract you out of him, and fine those responsible for this, and I will kill them all. Do you understand me?" Angel asked angrily.

"I understand your concern as a parent, but you of all people know the true blessing of conceiving a child, when one should never have been conceived. Look how Conner turned out, and Lucian was already a boy scout before you got to him.

I merely am created, to help him face what lies ahead, it is the only way, and I do not lie. But time is no longer on our side, he must accept me into him, or he will be lost to you forever!" The voice continued.

"I like the way I feel, strong, powerful, and hungry for Faiths blood. Why would I want to give up all this power, and become a nobody again?

Now no one will walk all over me, use me, abuse me, mock me, and control me. I will bring down anyone and everyone that stands in my way." I said.

"That's the thing Lucian; don't you understand what I've been trying to tell you? Don't you see what is right in front of your face? I have spent a couple hundread years with that kind of power, and let me tell you it felt good, hell it tasted good, all I could think about was two things, drinking blood from as many victims as possible, and making sure to kill every slayer I could find. I bagged two slayers in my time, you want to talk about a rush, and you want to talk about the greatest feeling on earth for a vamp, the blood of a slayer that is what it is. I have had two, and the monster it made me was more than I thought I could ever handle, there was no coming back for me.

I was evil, as evil as it gets, but then Buffy Summers came into my life, and showed me that there was more to me, she showed me the kind of man I want to be, the kind of man I'd like to think I've become.

Now, it's up to you, embrace your destiny, fight the darkness within, and become the man you've always wanted to be, the kind of man your family wants you to be, the kind of man I know you to be." Spike said passionately.

I heard his words; they sunk into the very core of my being, fighting the anger and rage that held me. What had I let myself become? What had I done to my friends, and family? Is this who I really am, or who they wanted me to be all along?

The part of my brain that knew right from wrong, heard everything he said, and began fighting to take back control of the anger.

Willow finally collapsed to the ground, no longer being able to hold her power of me. Illyria had a firm grip around me; I pushed out with all my might, sending her flying back onto Wesley.

I had to realease the energy I was containing, and I let that power flow out of me, sending a shock wave all around me, sending everyone flying into the air.

I was breathing heavy, almost panting; wanting to give back in to the dark side, but this was the moment, the moment of truth. Did I want to become a monster, or did I want to fight to become the man my parents would be proud of.

I reached out my hand to the shinning red Orb, and grabbed onto it, I pulled it into me, and held it to my chest, it suddenly sank into me, and I began glowing red.

The battle inside me raged, good versus evil, humanity, fighting the monster within. My head felt like it was going to explode, my body felt like it was being hit by a truck, no better yet a tank.

I began to screem, the pain was so intense, the fight in me was more than I could have possibly ever imagined.

It was like there was two of me, and they were both going at it, trying to take complete control over me.

My legs began to wobble, my knees began to buckle, my head began to pound, and I felt like I could no longer see.

It was far too intense, I could not breathe, I wanted to die in that moment, and the pain was unbearable.

I could hear my name being screamed all around me, and knew whom they were coming from. However, it was too late, I took the Orb into me, and now it was time to find out if this Orb was truly something good, or something evil! Was I being tricked, or was this the right thing to do, the answer would be found out soon enough.

I began rising in the air, spinning slowly at first, the glowing red light, becoming brighter and brighter.

The closer my family tried to get to me, the further they were thrown back. Faster and faster I spun, until everything around me became a blur. I felt like my body was being pulled in a million different directions. I could suddenly hear the sound of drumbeats getting louder and louder in the background.

I had no idea what was happening, it became dark as night all around. Shadow figures started appearing all around me. A bright light began opening in front of me, and I could hear the screems of my Mother and Father, telling me not to go into the light. How could I not go into the light, it was warm and inviting, pulling me closer and closer to into it. I could feel the anger and rage leave me; the closer I got to the light.

I had no choice, it beaconed me, and every part of my body wanted the release I could feel the light offering me.

"Lucian, please I beg of you, don't go into the light!" Buffy shouted.

However, her words were barley a whisper in my ear, as the light consumed every part of me, offering me the peace I had been looking for all my life.

I let the light take me in, swallowing me through, the next thing I knew I was rolling down a desert mountain. Sand flying everywhere, I felt like I was never going to stop rolling.

When I finally rolled to the bottom, I lay there for a moment catching my breath, relishing in the weight that had been lifted off me, all the anger gone, all the hate, the hunger...I was finally free.

However, where was I?

I got up and shook the sand off of me, I found a boulder, and sat on it, a large fire blazing in front of me.

I could sense someone there, but as I looked around, I saw nothing.

"Hello? Come out, come out wherever you are!" I said, knowing I was being watched.

I looked into the fire, as something caught my eye. It was then I finally saw who was watching me, a primal woman, wrapped in dirty white rags. Veriousness exuding from her, I took a fighting stance, not sure what was to come next.

"I am not here to hurt you, I am here to guide you." she said, without moving her mouth.

"Who are you? What are you guiding me too?" I asked.

"I am the first Slayer, here to guide you to the answer you seek." she answered, again without moving her lips.

"The first Slayer? OMG, I never even given a thought about the fact that there was even a first Slayer, I mean of course, there would have to be, I just assumed my mother was the first, and awoke the rest. Shows how much they tell me, I really need to have a talk with them when I get where ever I am from. So do you want to explain how I got here, or what I'm doing here?" I asked.

"Normally there is a ritual that brings you here, but desperate times, calls for desperate measures. We used an anicent power to bring you here, you must be prepared for the darkness that lays in wait just around the corner." she answered.

"Ok, so you brought me here to warn me, and I got here through the white light, and you're the first ever Slayer. So you wanna tell me how a guy like me, wound up being in an all girls Slayer band?" I asked.

"You've already been told the answer to that question." she said.

"I want the real answer, since you brought me all this way, and you said you're here to answer my questions, can we start there?" I asked.

"You are an anomaly, something never meant to be, but when the Powers that Be step in, rules are all thrown out the window. You were never meant to be, a day taken back, never to truly be lived, only to be remembered by Angel. However, the Powers that Be knew what was to come, what is to be, and what significance you would be in that battle. So they allowed you to live, holding you frozen in time, till the time was necessary, and that time is now." she answered, still not moving her lips.

"I still don't understand, I mean, I already learned what you told me from them, what I don't understand is I'm a guy, Slayers are girls, it doesn't make sense, and the hunger for blood today, where did that come from? What does the Gem have to do with me, why does it belong to me; it doesn't make any sense to me." I said, tired of the run around.

"These are answers that I do not have to give you; I myself was forced into being a Slayer. My true life taken away from me, and I hated it, I hated the monster I felt they made me. They took away my beauty, my childhood, my family, the life I wanted to live.

However, in the end, after I saw the eyes of evil, and fought for the safety of everyone around me, I embraced my true destiny. I let go of the hatered I felt inside, and held on to the one thing that matters most. I was given a gift, the power to defend the weak, against the true evil out there, and the only way was through the power given to me.

Each one of us most except our own lives, on our own terms, you can look at this as a curse, or a blessing.

You have been given a chance to change the world; you have the power to save everyone you love, and everyone that needs someone to protect them.

The choice is yours, the how, or why, is not important. It's the I have the power now, what I do with it, that counts." she said.

"I never thought about it that way, thank you. I still don't understand what I'm doing here, was it just for you to give me this message, because if it is, I'm grateful don't get me wrong, but truly something tells me that message isn't what I was brought here for." I said.

"You are correct, the original watchers have brought you here to speak with you, but it was important that I got to you first. I wanted to meet the only male Slayer to ever be, to meet the one that will face, more than any Slayer every in the history of Slayers.

I needed to tell you one important message, before you meet them. Do not lose your true self! You must always remember you are Lucian Summers, Son of Buffy and Angel. You must always remember who you are, and never change, for if you do, you will surely die at the hands of the evil that you will face. Remain true to yourself, and hold onto it, or what happened before you got here, will seem like a walk in the park. That is my gift to you, use it well, or be lost forever!" she said.

"Thank you, for all of this. You've given me a lot to think about and a new perspective on everything that's happening to me, thus far." I said.

An old man appeared out of nowhere, in a black robe, carrying a staff. He tapped it to the ground three times, and turned and began walking. I looked back to see the first Slayer had disappeared, so I followed him.

"Hello? Where are we going now?" I asked, but he never turned around to answer, he just continued to walk.

Therefore, I followed him, for what seemed like forever, until we reached a cave.

He led me in, where I found four others just like him.

"Freaky much?" I said.

He pointed to a spot in the center of the room, so I moved to it, assuming that is what he wanted me to do.

The next thing I knew, chains appeared, and suddenly my hands had shackles on them.

"Okay, what's going on here? You can take these off; I am really not into S&M. No really get these off, I mean it, right now!" I said angrily.

"You talk too much, much like your mother. It is time for you to be given the full power of the Slayer. You're mother refused the power, and it almost cost her the Hellmouth, she was lucky, The Wolf Ram & Heart, had other plans. They needed Angel, and the only way to get him, was to give her a way to save the world from the UberVamps.

You do not have that luxury, there is no ace left up anyone's sleave. You will take all this power into, add it to the Orb, and become the most powerful force of Good, ever to walk the earth.

If not, you and everyone you know and love will die. The world will be over run with Demons, and there will be no one strong enough to stop them." He explained.

"That can't be true, if my mother didn't accept the power, and still defeated the Vamps, then there has to be a way to win. What kind of power are you talking about, I thought I was filled with enough, being born of a Slayer and Vampire, adding in the Orb, isn't that strong enough?" I asked, as I tried pulling off the chains.

"We will give you the same power as the first Slayer, the true essence of Power. It's the only way for you to win, the only way to save the world." He said.

"Wait a second, hold up. You want to give me a power that changes me into what she became?" I asked. It all made sense now, what she was trying to tell me. She was warning me against what they are trying to do to me now.

"Yes, it is the only way, you are the chosen one, and it is your birthright." He said.

They began chanting, and beating their sticks to the ground. A box in the center of the room opened, and a dark black liquid started flowing in the air, headed towards me.

Panic much!

I pulled with all my might, struggling to get free of the chains, when suddenly the black liquid started entering my mouth. I could feel the power, true power, in its truest essence. A part of me liked it, wanted it, and welcomed it. Still, I kept hearing the first Slayer, and then picturing my mother in the same spot, and them trying to force her into the same position as me. Yet she fought it, she did not accept it, and she still won.

I felt the rage inside me ignite, only this time it was different, it was I in control. It was my rage, my power, and it was time I accepted it, controlled it.

With a thunderous scream, I pulled the chains out, and began swinging them around, and around hitting the box out of the way, then moving to fight against the Watchers.

"No, don't! You don't understand, without the power, the earth is doomed." he said.

"I have all the power I need, and all the support of people that I call family. Together we will fight what lies ahead, and we will win. This is not the way, what you did to the first Slayer was wrong, was evil in itself. This ends here, you will not to this to anyone ever again." I said.

They began twirling their staffs, circling me. I wrapped the chains around my hands, and began to fight them. Wrapping one chain around the neck of one of the Watchers, and pulling him in the air smacking him against the wall. I jumped up, kicking two of them in the chest sending them flying back. One was left and he circled me, he brought his staff down on me, I used the chain to block, slide stepped him, knocking him off his feet. I took his staff and broke it in half. I walked over to the box and closed it.

"Instead of sitting on your Asses, Watching everyone else fight evil, destroying lives, why don't you get out there and fight it yourselves. This is the last time you will ever try to use this on anyone, do you understand me. If I ever have to come back here again, I will kill you all, and that's not just a threat, it's a promise." I said setting the box on ground, I summoned the power from within, a big ball of red energy, and sent it flying at the box; it exploded into a million pieces.

"You have no idea what you've done, you've doomed mankind, you have no idea what's coming for you, what's coming for the world. I will leave you with one last thing, before I send you back.

This is what is in store for you, this is what lies ahead. This is what that power would have helped you deafeat. Yes, you maybe have lost yourself by accepting the power, but when you see what you will face, you will wish you had never broken that box, the true gift of a Slayer." He said.

He walked in front of me, and put his hand on my head.

That is when the vision began, my heart froze in terror, I saw the world, as it would become, and I saw the evil that would be unleashed.

Dear God what have I done!

The next thing I knew I was back outside the castle, everyone still outside, my mother crying on my fathers shoulder.

"Lucian! Oh Lucian!" Buffy shouted as she ran over to me and held me tight.

I stood there frozen, my eyes looking around at all the innocent faces that I just gave a death sentence too.

"Lucian? Lucian, what's wrong?" Buffy asked.

The pain inside my heart was too much to bare, what had I done? What have I done?

I fell to my knees, and began crying, the tears flowing, as if floodgates had opened.

I started to hypervenilate; I could not take the pain. They all had no idea of what has to come, what will be, what I have done.

I finally blacked out.