Lucky and Nikolas

Written by: Jayson & Joshua Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer

By now we're sure you know the drill, but if you are under 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area please leave. This story is not meant to imply anything about the actors who play Lucky Spencer or Nikolas Cassadine, nor about the ABC television show General Hospital. General Hospital is a production of American Broadcasting Company, Inc.

Authors Note

This story takes place at the present time, January 1999, during the time in which Nikolas Cassadine has found out about his father being Stefan Cassadine, and not Stavros Cassadine, and has moved in with his half-brother, Lucky Spencer.

Also, to all of you who are waiting for the second halves of our stories, Second Noah, and Pacific Pleasure, rest assured they are in the works, and should be completed by the end of February at the very latest. However, just to let you know we really don't work well under deadlines, even self-imposed ones.

"I'm not a prince, I'm a bastard. My uncle is my father," replies Nikolas.

"Come again?" asks Lucky, confused.

"Stavros Cassadine is not my father, Stefan is."


Later that night...

Nikolas lies on the floor of Lucky's apartment above Jason Morgan's garage. Several thoughts are running through his head, the lie he has been told all his life concerning his paternity, but, most apparent, his ever-existent desire to make love to his half-brother Lucky Spencer. And lying on the floor next to his bed is not helping him at all.

Unknown to Nikolas is that Lucky has developed feelings for him, sexual feelings. He longs to kiss Nikolas, to hold him in his arms, and to tell him that he loves him. Lucky, not being able to hold back his feelings any longer, turns around and looks down at his brother, who's eyes are open, gazing off into space. Lucky can't take it anymore, so he says, "Nikolas, are you still awake?"

"Yes, Lucky, what is it?"

"I know you said earlier that the floor is as hard as a rock."

"You're right I did."

"Well, I can't believe I'm about to ask this, but do you want to come up here and sleep?"

"You mean in your bed with you?"

"No, the ceiling, of course in my bed, with me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, come on up."

Nikolas slowly stands up, trying his best to look hesitant in jumping into bed with his gorgeous younger brother. Lucky moves over in the bed, and pushes back the blankets. Nikolas sits down, swings his legs onto the bed, and Lucky covers him up.

"Thanks, Lucky, I was getting a back-ache."

"No problem, Nikolas, it's the least I can do, with all you've been through in the last couple of days."

"Yeah, it's been hell. My entire world has crashed--"

Nikolas's sentence is cut off, when Lucky seals Nikolas into a passionate kiss. Lucky and Nikolas kiss each other long and deep for several minutes. Finally, if somewhat reluctantly, they end the kiss. Nikolas just stares at Lucky for a moment before saying, "What was that for?"

"Well, Nikolas, up until now I could never find the courage to tell you this, but, I--I--"

"You what Lucky?" asks Nikolas, hoping that he will say, "I love you Nikolas."

"Well, Nikolas, I'm gay, and I love you."

"Wow," replies Nikolas, trying to temporarily hold off his feelings of joy.

"It's okay if you don't return those feelings, I totally--"

This time, Lucky's sentence is cut off, as Nikolas pulls him into a passionate kiss. After a minute, Nikolas breaks off the kiss and says, "I love you too, Lucky."

Lucky and Nikolas just stare into each others eyes for a moment, before Nikolas reaches under the blankets and begins to seductively pull down Lucky's boxers. Lucky smiles at him as he begins to do the same to Nikolas. Once this is done, they both pull off their t-shirts, and Lucky lies on top of Nikolas, and they again begin to kiss each other passionately.

Lucky and Nikolas both soon get raging hard-ons, and pull away from the kiss as their manmeats rub against each other.

Nikolas pushes Lucky off of him, and gets on top of him, he kisses him briefly on the lips, before moving down to his neck, then his nipples. Nikolas gently kisses each of Lucky's now hard nipples, and then starts kissing his way down his abdomen. Then, Nikolas reaches the main event, Lucky's gorgeous 8 " tool. Nikolas stares at it for a moment before replying, "You have a nice package for a 16-year-old."


Nikolas begins to lick the head of Lucky's fully erect and very hard penis. He then swallows it all, and soon his nose is completely buried in Lucky's thick brown pubic hair. As Nikolas starts going up and down on Lucky's dick, Lucky first lets out a moan of pleasure, and then begins to softly sing part of a song from the Backstreet Boys, "You're the one for me, you're my ecstasy, you're the one I need!"

Nikolas works on Lucky's penis like an old pro, of course, this is his first time sucking a cock. Sure, he did sleep with and kiss (on the lips), Stefan's ex-fiancée, back from the dead, Katherine Bell, but he finds sleeping with Lucky far more pleasurable.

Suddenly, Lucky's body begins to tense up, and just as he says, "Nikolas, I'm going to cum," he begins to shoot cum into his older half-brother's mouth like crazy. Nikolas greedily drinks every last drop of it. Nikolas removes his mouth from Lucky's tool and collapses on top of him. "That was great Nikolas!"

"Thanks, Lucky, now could you do something about my hard-on?"

"Of course!"

Nikolas lies on the bed, and Lucky repeats everything that Nikolas did to him. He first kisses him briefly on the lips, before gently kissing each of his nipples, then kissing all the way down his abdomen, before reaching the main event, Nikolas's 9" cock. "You've got a very nice package too, Nikolas," replies Lucky as he admires it. "Thanks, Lucky."

Lucky licks the drop of pre-cum off of the head, before swallowing as much of Nikolas's hot rod as possible. He begins to go up and down on it slowly at first, and then becomes more vigorous. Lucky reaches down with one hand to play with Nikolas's balls, while using the other to play with his left nipple. Nikolas begins to push his hips forward, pushing more of his shaft into Lucky's hot mouth, and begins to play with Lucky's hair.

"Lucky, I'm going to cum!" replies Nikolas as he begins to shoot load after load of his man juice into Lucky's mouth, who like Nikolas, drinks every drop. Lucky removes his mouth from Nikolas's penis and lies back down beside him. They pull each other into each other's arms and fall fast asleep.

To Be Continued...

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