***This story is a complete work of fiction centering on a sexual encounter between handsome footballers Lukas Podolski (Germany) and Theo Walcott (England) of the London based club, Arsenal. It is common knowledge that Lukas Podolski is a happily married man and father, and this story in no way attempts to question his or Theo Walcott's sexuality or preferences. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***

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"Lukas! How's it going mate?"

"Hey Theo! Nothing much man, how about you?"

"Oh man, I'm bored out of my mind. I'm going crazy over here."

"Ha ha, I think me too. I just came back from some sightseeing in the city."

"That's great mate. Glad you're out exploring your new home. Listen, I have a question for you: would you be interested in joining Kieran and I out for dinner in town tonight?"

"That sounds great, `mate,'" Lukas replied, sending Theo into a hysterical laugh at his pronunciation of the word.

Theo told Lukas the name of a laidback place out in the city and they agreed to meet up at 7:30 that evening. Lukas was happy to be out doing something with teammates, his new English family, for once. He had done a good job of hiding his homesickness, but he really did feel as though he were on the verge of depression. London was a huge city with so many people, a far cry away from his little Bergheim back in Germany. His English, all self-taught, was coming along pretty well, but he unfortunately didn't have anyone to practice with. He liked his new team, but there wasn't much camaraderie outside the pitch; none of the guys really hung out together, rather all focusing on their private lives and friends. Lukas unfortunately hadn't made any.

He did genuinely like Theo and Kieran, though. Both of them were really cool guys, even though they were a bit younger than he was. And most interesting to him, they were from a much different background than he. He had never had any black friends, although he was greatly interested in their culture. And though both Theo and Kieran were only half-black, this was at least a start.


Before he knew it, he was standing outside the restaurant Theo told him they would eat at. Just as he was pulling out his phone to text Theo that he made it, Theo and Kieran popped around the corner and greeted their new teammate.

"Prince Poldi," they both screamed, almost in unison. Lukas just smiled his characteristic handsomely perfect smile and stuck out his hand for a shake. Both of his teammates ignored it and went in for a hug. They continued their salutations before going in to get a table.

"So welcome to my favorite restaurant in the city, Mr. Podolski," Theo said. "I got Kieran hooked on this place as well, so I'm sure you'll be adding it to your list of favorites after tonight."

"Ha ha, okay, I hope so! It looks nice and the food smells good."

The teammates sat around chatting about trivial things over their meal. Theo and Kieran asked Lukas how he was adjusting to life in huge London. Lukas opened up and admitted that he was really homesick and missed his family and friends back in Germany, even though he really did like London as a city.

"Listen mate, I'm sure it's hard being away from your loved ones, but if there is anything we can do for you, let us know. We're your London family now," Theo said.

"Thanks a lot Theo, I really appreciate it."

"No problem, mate. Uh, do you guys want to go to a pub?"

"Sure," Lukas replied, even though it was common knowledge he didn't drink alcohol.

"Um sorry, lads, I unfortunately won't be able to join you," Kieran piped up. "I promised my parents I would drop by to see them tonight. I haven't seen them in about two weeks. But I will catch you guys later. Oh and before I forget, here is my number," he continued, passing a napkin with his phone number over to Lukas. "If you need anything, don't hesitate to call me," he said as he got up, gave his teammates friendly hugs, and walked out.

"So shall we, Lukas," Theo asked, pointing towards the door. "There are a few good pubs around here."

"Okay, well you decide since you know better than me."

They settled down at a small but lively pub. Theo ordered a beer for Lukas, which he accepted and drank extremely slow. They continued to talk about trivial, and eventually, personal things.

"So Lukas, if you don't mind me asking, do you have a girlfriend yet? Or found any nice girls here in the city?"

"Umm, no I don't, and I haven't been looking actually. I'm just trying to get settled in for now. It's a big adjustment for me."

"Yeah, that makes sense. It's crazy that these psycho London girls haven't been trying to bed you yet, though!"

"Ha ha, no, I don't do that, Theo. No one night stands for me."

"Good choice mate," Theo said, downing the last of his fourth beer. He was getting drunk pretty quickly, something that was slightly out of character for him. "So, um, you haven't had sex since you moved here," he asked incredulously and almost out of proper etiquette.

"Umm, no," Lukas responded, blushing. He wasn't a "normal" guy that went around boasting about how many girls he'd slept with, how many times he had sex the night before, and so on. Although he was just a small town boy with very humble roots, he was a true gentleman.

"Sorry, I don't mean to be in your personal business. My apologies mate," Theo said, extending his hand out to Lukas who unhesitantly grabbed and shook it. "Let's get out of here. But I need to go to the loo, first."

"Yeah, me too," Lukas said, following his teammate back to the toilets. They pulled up to adjacent urinals, unzipped their jeans, and took out their pieces of manhood. Theo started pissing almost immediately, letting out an uninhibited moan as the urine passed through his English sausage. Lukas looked over at his teammate who had his eyes completely closed and then took a sneak peek at Theo's package. His eyes immediately bulged.

"Oh my...," Lukas said before realizing he was talking out loud.

"What, mate?" Theo said, opening his eyes and looking at his teammate.

Lukas, who was still in shock, just lifted his eyes from the dark piece of meat sticking out from Theo's zipper up to its owner's big brown eyes. Although they were teammates, Lukas had never seen Theo naked in the locker room, so it was a shock to him.

"Oh, ha ha. You're looking at my willy," Theo said as he shook the last bit of pee out of it. "Well mate, what do you think?" he said, now putting on a show for Lukas by sliding the dark foreskin back and forth, revealing a surprisingly pink glans.

"I...I never saw a black guy's cock before. It's so big! And dark!" Lukas was infatuated, and Theo just laughed. "I don't understand. Your skin is like a light brown, but your cock is actually black! And the head is pink! How?" Lukas asked, not disrespectfully, but rather inquisitively. He was really curious.

"Ha ha, you're funny mate. I don't know, it's just how black guy's bodies are, I guess. Let me see yours," he said removing Lukas' hand and placing his own on the older Polish man's dick. "Wow, so this is the famous Polish sausage that I hear is so good," Theo jokingly said. "Can I try it?"

And before he could even answer, drunken Theo was down on his knees and sucking Lukas' 27 year old uncut Polish cock right in front of the urinal that he had actually never even peed in. Lukas gasped. Unbeknownst to his teammates, to everyone actually, he was a virgin. He had never once had a single sexual experience with another person in his life except when he jacked off with a friend while watching porn back when he was 13. Now here he was, 14 years later, standing in a pub in the center of London getting his cock sucked by one of the handsome men in all England and one of the best players on the Arsenal squad.

Lukas moaned. He had never felt anything like this before. He didn't even know what a blowjob was supposed to feel like, but based off of the things Theo was doing, he assumed the young biracial man was an expert. Theo playfully chewed and tugged on Lukas's long foreskin which completely covered his glans. He would pull the skin all the way back and suck hard on the sensitive head, giving Lukas an intense mix of pleasure and pain, before tonguing his frenulum.

Lukas' cock was fully erect now. His cock was pretty impressive and reminded Theo of one of his favorite porn stars, Manuel Ferrara, the French god who's thick, uncut cock was in the dreams of every woman and gay man in the world. Lukas was packing some serious meat, 8.5 inches long and a little over 2 inches thick. He had some equally proportional balls that were kept hidden in his pinkish-brown scrotum that was completely covered in dark brown pubic hair. Lukas was very hair down here actually, in stark contrast to the rest of his body which was completely shaved. He had a really thick patch of pubes that almost looked as if he had never once shaved them since he started growing them as a boy back in Germany.

"Fuck this, man, I need more. I gotta fuck you, Lukas. I gotta fuck you," Theo said, pulling himself off of Lukas' fuck stick with saliva dripping from his mouth. "Please come back to my pad, mate. I need you. I fucking need this!"

Lukas was confused, mostly at how Theo had abruptly stopped this most pleasurable assault on his cock. How on Earth could he put this thick, bulging thing back in his pants without drawing all kinds of stares? He managed somehow though, and before he knew it, he was walking quickly behind Theo through the busy Friday night streets of London back to the younger lad's apartment a few blocks away.


As soon as Theo closed the door behind them, he walked Lukas back to his bedroom and started undressing the older man. It was all moving a bit too fast for the inexperienced Lukas, who had to stop his colleague.

"Whoa man, Theo, please slow down a bit. You're moving too quickly."

"I can't mate, I need this body of yours. You're so fucking hot, Lukas. Haven't you realized that? All the guys on the team like you. And now I have you. And I want more of you," Theo said panting. He was acting like a madman, almost like an insatiable animal that hadn't had enough to eat.

There was nothing Lukas could really say or do. He just complied with Theo, and before he knew it, he was stark naked (save his socks) in the middle of Theo's bedroom. Theo stripped himself quickly, and Lukas got his first good look at his young teammates beautifully toned caramel colored body. Like Lukas, Theo had really thick pubes that looked like he had never once shaved them, and he also had a very plump ass by male standards.

Theo walked over to Lukas, placed his left hand on the back of his head, and forcefully kissed his salty Polish lips. Lukas hesitantly complied and placed both of his hands around the smaller Theo's waist. The two kissed for a few minutes before Theo got back on his knees and took Lukas back into his mouth. Lukas could be more vocal this time as they were in the privacy of Theo's luxury apartment. The Polish man openly moaned and groaned and Theo unflinchingly deep-throated all 8.5 inches of him.

The oral assault continued for a few minutes before Theo once again abruptly stopped.

"Lay down on the bed," he commanded. Lukas did as he was told. Theo reached behind Lukas and placed and pillow underneath his ass. "Spread your legs," he continued.

"Um, wait, Theo. I don't know about this. I mean..."

"Lukas," Theo said with such an assertive look his face that almost frightened the Pole.

Theo crawled between Lukas' thick shaved thighs and sucked on the large hairy scrotum before moving down to his perineum. Lukas knew what was coming next, and he had conflicting feelings of excitement and nervousness. The warm tongue sliding against his opening brought him back to reality. He clinched his toes together as he swore in his native Polish.

"Fuck, your ass tastes so good," Theo exclaimed. "Damn, what are you doing boy? This tastes better than pussy!"

Theo was in heaven with his face buried deep in Lukas' ass. The smell was intoxicating, that eclectic mix of soap, sweat, and Lukas' own unique musky scent. Lukas ass was completely shaved like the rest of his body, save his pubes. His opening was the tightest pink hole Theo had ever seen. "I think you're tighter than any girl I've seen, mate," Theo said. Lukas wasn't sure just exactly how he was supposed to process that.

The oral assault continued on Lukas, who was now leaking so much precum that he may as well have been slowly peeing it out (it was a unique talent he had). His stomach was completely covered in the stuff.

Theo finally pulled his face from Lukas' ass, reached over to his drawer, and pulled out a pack of condoms. He quickly tore one open with his teeth, retracted his dark foreskin, and slid the condom over his young manhood. He spat on his condom-covered dick, and seconds later, he was pressing against Lukas' hole.

"Theo, I'm a virgin," Lukas confessed.

"Don't worry, mate, you're not the first one I've broken in. You're my mate. I'm not gonna hurt you."

The young Englishman took Lukas' hands in his own for reassurance, and slowly pushed himself past the extremely tight sphincter of one of the best footballers in the world. Lukas moaned and gasped. It was painful. Even compared with all of the people Theo slept with (both guys and girls), Lukas was hands down the tightest. He kept clinching his sphincter which created intense pleasure for the horny top. Theo had to do everything in his power from cumming prematurely.

After about two minutes (but what seemed like an eternity for Lukas), Theo had buried himself entirely inside the warm Polish hole, and Lukas could feel the thick pubic patch tickling against his perineum. Theo collapsed on top of Lukas and sucked on his teammate's neck. While he did think Lukas was genuinely attractive, he found his own attraction was more lustful than anything else. Theo...young, classy, gentlemanly Theo...had slept with upwards of 30 people in his young life, including some of his teammates (three of whom had their virginity taken by him: Kieran Gibbs (his buddy, and right hand man), Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Sagna). He'd also had several encounters with forever horny team captain Vermaelen. And now here he was, adding Lukas Podolski to that list. He didn't have sex with all these people just to rack up numbers; he just genuinely liked having sex, whether it was with guys or girls. And he was always respectful to his partners and treated them fairly.

Pain quickly turned to pleasure Lukas. Before long, he was rocking his hips in conjunction with Theo's thrusts. He occasionally grabbed Theo by the neck and brought him down into a passionate kiss. While it was just another night of "random" (albeit very good) sex for Theo, this was something special for Lukas. After all, only one person would ever have claims of taking his virginity, so he wanted to make sure it was something memorable for both himself and the lucky guy.

Lukas pushed Theo's hips back away from him until the dark English cock pulled from his ass with a wet plop. "Sit on my face," he ordered his young teammate. Theo did as he was told, and within seconds, Lukas was staring face to face with Theo's own hole which Lukas desperately wanted to taste. Theo had a very hairy ass, although it wasn't as unkempt as many other men since he had a fine grade of hair which grew out straight rather than tight and curly. Like his cock, his hole was literally black in color, (in Lukas' opinion) a sexy contrast to his beautiful light brown skin. Lukas imitated Theo's assault on his ass minutes early and stuck his tongue out to taste the warm English hole. Despite the many people Theo had bedded, no one had ever ventured into this territory of his body, so having Lukas' tongue lick up and down against his anal opening was a new sexual experience for him. Unbeknownst to Lukas, Theo himself had actually never been penetrated.

Lukas licked and licked and Theo felt he was going to blow his load and stopped his older teammate. "Let me cum in you," he said. Not literally, of course, as he was still wearing a condom, but Lukas knew what he meant. Theo pushed himself back inside Lukas, meeting little resistance this time, and pumped for a few minutes before pulling out, quickly taking the condom off, and showering Lukas with thick English cream. The sight made Lukas cum too, and Theo managed to gain his composure back and assist his mate eject his own seed from his body. Theo pushed Lukas' legs up into his chest in like he did him earlier, giving him an often taken-for-granted view of Lukas anus and perineum clenching together as her pumped load after load of cum from his thick uncut cock.


The guys cleaned themselves up in the shower before Theo made them both a nice cup of traditional hot English tea.

"Do you want to play some PlayStation, mate?" Theo asked Lukas.

"Sure, but get ready to get your ass kicked," Lukas said jokingly.

"Ha ha, no sir, you get your ass ready to get fucked like I just did you!" Theo shot back.

The comment made both guys laugh, and Lukas playfully slapped Theo in the face telling him to "shut up." It was amazing that they were able to gain their composure so quickly considering the acts they had just committed. That, of course, would be their little secret. Lukas was happy to have finally had his first sexual experience, although he would later reflect on the encounter and comment that sex with Theo was actually "nothing to brag about." But he did consider Theo to be an all around great guy, one of his first real friends in England, and if he had to give his virginity up to someone, who better than him?

And now that Lukas was a virgin no more, he would be sure to spend more time preparing for sex with another black guy, who one possessed one of those "dark...actually black" cocks with a pink glans. But who could he find?

-The End-

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