***This story is a complete work of fiction revolving around a sexual encounter between footballers Lukas Podolski (Germany) and Jack Wilshere (England) of the London based club Arsenal. It is common knowledge that Lukas Podolski is a happily married man and father, and this story in no way attempts to question his or Jack Wilshere's sexuality or preferences. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***


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Lukas was livid. He was pissed. And he was about to call bullshit. He had just received the worst news of his entire life. It was nothing short of scandalous: his Arsenal teammate Jack Wilshere had been caught sleeping with his wife, Monika, on several occasions while he was away visiting friends back in Germany over the past week. To make matters worse, the alleged act took place in his own bedroom; and his son was in the house at the time!

He knew his marriage had been rapidly deteriorating almost as soon as he and his wife had finished saying their wedding vows. They had been a couple since 2004, having met around the same time Lukas was called up to play on the German national team. Seemingly they were soul mates, having common roots in their native Poland. They had once loved each other; after all, they had lost their virginity to one another. But their relationship became strained when Lukas moved a several hours' drive south to Munich to play for Bayern. They visited each other frequently (their son Louis was conceived during one of these visits in Summer 2007), but that wasn't good enough to keep the relationship down its seemingly perfect fairytale path depicting an immigrant couple of extremely humble and modest means reaching the heights of sports power in Germany, one of the best football nations in the world. Still, Lukas randomly proposed to Monika one afternoon and they wed shortly thereafter, hoping to get back on track.

This devastating news had just come from one of his Lukas' new best friends in England, Kieran Gibbs.

"Mate, I'm really sorry to break it to you. But I thought I should tell you because you're a good guy and deserve the best."

"I just don't understand. What the fuck is wrong with them? What's wrong with me," Lukas asked his teammate over the phone.

"Nothing mate. You've been honest. You're the victim here; getting stabbed in the back by the guy who should be almost like family to us and two-timed by your own wife," Kieran responded.

"What should I do," Lukas asked?

"I honestly don't know, I've never been in this situation before. Just remember to keep your son in mind; do whatever will be best for you and him."

Lukas had just gotten dropped off at home by a chauffeur he hired to pick him up at the airport. His wife and son weren't there, causing him to be even more stressed. He unpacked his things and paced around his new flat for what seemed like a few hours before deciding to go confront his teammate at his house. There was no more time to waste.


"Yo man, what the fuck are you doing? Are you trying to ruin my life?" Lukas had just stormed into Jack's home after his teammate opened the door and started choking him against the wall with his right hand.

"Wha...what are you talking about," Jack asked while trying to free himself from Lukas' strong grip. He had just come from training and although he was still dripping with sweat, Lukas' hand was firmly secure around his neck.

"Oh you know, my wife. I heard you were in my house. Fucking her!"

Jack was silent, and his face flushed before Lukas' eyes, betraying any innocence he might have hoped to portray. By now, Lukas had slightly lightened his grip but was still blocking Jack from leaving the wall. The young Englishman gave in.

"Okay okay, mate I'm sorry. I just...she was lonely. She..."

Lukas slapped him hard in the face. So hard it seemed like young Jack had been slapped into oblivion. He definitely didn't see that one coming and had to regain his bearings. This was sticky situation. Lukas was here to settle this like men of days long past. Did he stand a chance at winning? Lukas was a little taller than him, but seemingly not very strong. He didn't want to provoke his teammate anymore, but after all, this was his house. He wasn't going to get attacked by someone else in his own house!

"Look, you need to leave or I'll call..."

"The police" Lukas said, finishing Jack's sentence. "And tell them what, that you've been fucking my wife in my house and wasn't man enough to suffer the consequences?"

"Shit," Jack said aloud. For the first time, he genuinely feared Lukas would kill him right then and there. This was stupid. Only now did he regret sleeping with Monika; he
"regretted" all six times they had sex over the past week! She wasn't even that pretty!

"Where's my wife," Lukas asked?

"I don't know mate, honest," Jack replied.

Lukas stared him up and down with pure disgust in his eyes. Yes surely he could have killed Jack right then and there. But he had something even better in mind, something that would stay with Jack forever. Something he would always remember.


Out of nowhere, Lukas put Jack in a bear hold, carried him upstairs to the first bedroom he saw (which happened to be Jack's), and body slammed him on the bed.

"You're gonna pay for what you did. Who do you think you are coming into my home, fucking my wife while I'm on vacation," Lukas raged.

Jack was silent.

"Well guess what? I'm gonna fuck you just like how you fucked her!"

And with that, Lukas literally ripped the Arsenal training shirt and shorts from Jack's body as though they were mere paper towels on a roll. The enraged Polish man followed likewise with the sweaty boxer briefs Jack was wearing, leaving the young man with just his pair of socks on.

Lukas jumped on top of Jack and straddled his stomach, placing all of his weight on the Englishman. Jack was in pain and was having difficulty breathing. But just as soon as it began, it was ending, for Lukas had unzipped his pants, pulled out his thick 8 inch hooded cock and slid it into the unsuspecting mouth. Jack was shocked. He actually wasn't grossed out by the fact that his teammate had his cock in his mouth; he was just surprised that this would be how Lukas got his revenge.

Jack had never done anything with a guy before, but he had always wanted to. And he was definitely attracted to Lukas, not passionately, but more in a lustful way. If there was any guy on the team he would experiment with, he always dreamed it would be Lukas but knew that was unlikely since Lukas was married and had a son. To say the least, he started to get excited about all this.

His cock sucking skills were nowhere near great (as he had never given a blowjob), so he instead did to Lukas what he himself enjoyed: foreskin play. He slid his young pink tongue all around Lukas' purple glans and gently bit on the thick foreskin that kept it sheathed and his frenulum. Lukas began to moan and swear in German. Jack moaned back, causing Lukas to come out of his trance. This wasn't supposed to be pleasurable for young Jack.

The Polish man climbed off of Jack and stripped completely naked. Jack was in awe; Lukas had a nice body, all the guys on the team clearly knew that. But he had never seen Lukas erect, and the sight got him hard. Lukas noticed Jack's cock starting to fill with blood. He couldn't let Jack get too excited.

He walked back over to Jack, pushed his legs up into his chest, and violently stuck his tongue into Jack's pucker. Jack let out an audible moan. He was so horny now. Lukas...Lukas Podolski...sexy Lukas fucking Podolski had his tongue buried inside the most private part of his young body! Lukas stopped to oral assault to make a comment:

"You fucking poof!"

Jack was surprised at how quickly Lukas was learning English, especially slang. And wait a minute, "did he just call me a poof," he thought to himself.

"What?" Jack said, confused.

"You're a man, why is your ass shaved? Your ass looks like my fucking wife's pussy! Where's the hair at?"

As first Jack thought he was joking, but his silence caused Lukas to punch him in the stomach.

"Why the fuck do you shave your ass, you bitch? Are you a girl? You want me to fuck you like a girl, because that's what you're about to get!"

Lukas didn't even want to waste any more time. Jack was petty trash to him. He just wanted to hurt him really bad, take away his pride and dignity, and leave him with a little present in the form of semen buried deep in his body. He pushed all eight and a half inches of thick Polish sausage into Jack's super tight, musky, pink hole.

"Oh fuck, shit, fuck man," Jack yelled. It felt as though Lukas was literally about to rip him apart.

"Shut up! You should've thought about that when you disrespected my house," Lukas barked.

Lukas kept him in the missionary position. He wanted to see the grimacing on Jack's face as he took his first cock. This was Lukas' first time fucking a guy as well. For him, this was no pleasure. Well, it was pleasurable for sure, but that wasn't his main intention. Jack needed to be taught a lesson. But it didn't help that his hole was much tighter than Monika's. Lukas' thickness had stretched it to the max. The Polish man wanted to see the damage he'd done, so he pulled out.

"Ha ha, oh man, you're gonna need a fucking diaper when I get finished with this ass! I'll give you one of my son's! Ha ha!" Lukas was taunting Jack.

He licked around the now-stretched pink opening that was once Jack Wilshere's virginal anus. Lukas took in the smell of the sweat that had accumulated, and for some strange reason, he liked it. He pushed himself back in.

"Yeah, was my wife tight like this when you fucked her?" Lukas asked.

Silence. Jack was ignoring him and focusing on this new sensation of pleasure he was experiencing. He still couldn't believe everything that was happening. He was losing his anal virginity to Lukas Podolski, one of the hottest men in the world. And actually, he liked it. He liked the aura of Lukas's masculine strength. He had Jack's arms pinned down over his head. He liked how the sweat from the Polish man dripped down all over his body. Lukas had his eyes closed and was fucking him furiously like a rabbit. But he wished Lukas would fuck him with passion; deep, long, slow thrusts where he could feel every single inch of Lukas. He wanted Lukas to lay all 180 pounds of Polish muscle on him and talk dirty in his ear. He wanted Lukas to kiss him. But none of that would come to pass. He was just happy to be one of the lucky few people in the whole world with bragging rights to say he got fucked by Lukas Podolski!

Jack stared up in admiration at the guy that was penetrating him. Lukas definitely knew how to have sex, and he was good at it. For a moment, a strong feeling of jealousy came over Jack; he was jealous that Monika got to keep this package all to herself.

Lukas started grunting. Jack could faintly feel Lukas' cock become harder (if that were even possible), and he knew it was almost time for the grand finale. If his arms weren't pinned down, he would've rubbed them along Lukas' back. He wanted Lukas to cum inside him. Actually, that was Lukas' initial plan as well, but something changed along the way, so he pulled out and straddled Jack's face just in time as the first of eleven powerful volleys of cum shot from his swollen member, all hands free. Lukas was grunting like a madman. This felt so good to him; after all, he hadn't relieved himself since he had sex with his wife the night before he left for Germany...one week earlier.

Jack's face was covered with Lukas Podolski's children. He stuck his tongue out and licked around his mouth, pulling in some of the tangy baby making fluid. By swallowing his cum, Jack was trying to keep Lukas inside of him in one form or another for as long as possible.

Lukas got up and violently shook the rest of the cum from his foreskin onto Jack. He walked over to the bathroom and got in the shower without asking. He washed his body for about 5 minutes before coming out, putting on his clothes and walking out the room, all without saying a single word to Jack. Just as he was opening the door to let himself out, Lukas yelled back up the stairs, "You deserved it! I fucked you just like you fucked her!"

Jack heard the door close. He closed his eyes, trying hard to hold on to the memories of what had just occurred. If this was the response and revenge he would get from Lukas, then he wanted to fuck Monika again. After all, the "consequences" he would have to "suffer" would be well worth it!

-The End-

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