***This story is a complete work of fiction revolving around a sexual encounter between footballer Lukas Podolski and boxing champion Amir Khan. This story in no way, shape, or form questions the sexuality of either gentleman. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***

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"Shhhh! You're gonna wake up the whole fucking neighborhood," Amir hissed at Lukas.

The 26 year old British Pakistani boxing champion was thrusting in and out of the German football legend. Podolski had lost a bet that, ironically, he himself set earlier that day. Boxing was his second favorite sport after football, and he spent much of his off-season training with boxers as both good social fun and as a practical way to stay in shape. He had just found a local ring where he could train just a short drive from his London home, and much to his surprise, British boxing star Amir Khan trained there as well.

The young duo had hit it off almost immediately. Lukas had asked Amir to teach him some moves whenever he had some free time, something the boxer was more than willing to do. Amir even showed Lukas some of his favorite local hangout spots, where they often went after practice to have a light meal. Although both of them garnered a lot of attention in their professional lives, they both tried to avoid the paparazzi in order to lead as normal personal lives as possible considering their stardom.

But back to the story. Lukas had bet that he could get a total of 15 body contact hits on Amir in the course of a 2-minute round in the ring. It was farfetched, even for a professional, but much to the surprise of many, Lukas was actually a pretty good amateur. And besides, there was not much to lose if he didn't succeed. Amir was to set the terms of what Lukas would have to do if he lost in addition to buying them dinner that evening.

Nevertheless, Lukas lost his own bet. He managed to get 9 contact hits on Amir before the buzzer sounded. Amir had already picked out a place for them to dine at for the evening. It was quite pricey, but certainly more than affordable for a multimillionaire like Podolski.

The two guys headed to the locker room to freshen up before their "bro date." Lukas took more than a few prolonged glances over at Amir as they undressed for a quick shower. Once in the shower, Lukas watched intently as the boxing star repeatedly lathered his brown body with soap before rinsing it off. Looking at other guys in the shower was something he had always done. Although he was definitely straight, he was curious about other men's bodies. Sex and sexual related things weren't discussed in his conservative home growing up; he didn't have a computer to watch porn as a teen, and he had been far too shy to take public showers with his teammates until he had no other choice when he was called up for the National Team.

Lukas eventually realized that he had gone completely erect looking at his friend's body. It was strange feeling for him, as he had taken showers with his teammates literally hundreds of times, but had never once gotten an erection. What made this time so different?

Embarrassed, Lukas turned his back to Amir and finally started washing himself, hoping that his erection would quickly go down. Amir, who had had his eyes closed as he let the warm water run all over his body, finally glanced over and stared at Lukas' ass.

"Damn," the boxer said to himself. "So full, so juicy, so plump. I want to impregnate that ass." Lukas did have a very nice ass. His body was proportional for the most part with the sole exception of his ass. He was constantly on the receiving end of a lot of jokes from his teammates. "Shake that ass, Poldi," he would hear after the guys won a match and everyone in the locker room was in a jovial mood. Of course, everyone would smack it, and some of his teammates felt him up a bit too often for too long to be considered simple play.

Luckily for him, Lukas' erection did die down very quickly, and he headed back to the lockers to change into his evening clothes. Amir was there and was already nearly completely dressed. The two made some quick small talk before getting in their cars and driving to an upscale restaurant in Mayfair.

As it was a weekday and already 10 PM, the restaurant was almost completely empty. The kitchen would be closing in half an hour, so the two sports stars made it just in time to place their order. Neither of them drank alcohol, so they just enjoyed some ridiculously overpriced sparkling water to go along with the meals whose names were too fancy for either of them to pronounce properly. They discussed trivial things over dinner. Lukas asked Amir about his chances for another championship title, and Amir asked Lukas about Arsenal and Germany's chances for success the following season. Before long, they realized that everyone in the restaurant had left and the staff was mostly standing around waiting for them to do the same. It was almost midnight.

"Hey mate, do you want to come back to watch a film or something," Amir asked Lukas almost shyly. "The wife's out of town, and I don't normally go to sleep until about 3 am." Lukas agreed. He was sure his wife and son were already in bed as well, and since they had no plans for the following day, staying out a bit late tonight wouldn't be an issue.

Lukas followed behind Amir's Jaguar in his Mercedes and arrived at a nice home on the outskirts of London, about a 45 minute drive from his own place. It was his very first time here. Amir gave his Polish-German friend a tour of his home, and Lukas was fascinated by the Punjabi decorations and artifacts that Amir had imported from his ancestral homeland. Lukas asked a lot of questions which Amir was more than willing to answer.

The two friends finally made their way to the theater that Amir had designed in the basement. They started watching "The Dark Knight Rises," but Amir had no intentions of actually watching the whole thing. For one, it was too long, and two, he had other plans for Lukas. About an hour and a half into the film, Amir put his hand on Lukas' thigh and gave it a firm squeeze.

"What are you doing, man," Lukas asked confused.

Amir leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips.

"So salty, so sweet," he whispered.

"Amir, woah man, I cannot do this. I better go home now," Lukas said nervously, his accent thicker than normal.

"You owe me. Remember our bet? I make the terms," Amir said.

For some strange reason, he was still whispering although they were in the house alone. Perhaps it was more fitting since it was completely dark in the house except for the light emanating from the TV screen.

"What do you want from me," Lukas asked after a long hesitation, his voice still trembling.

"I want you. Just you, Lukas," Amir quickly replied.

The boxer stepped closer to his nervous friend, who kept stepping back, but curiously, had not completely bolted from the house. That was a sign to Amir that Lukas wanted something to happen between them as well; maybe he was just caught off guard and a little anxious.

Eventually, Lukas found his back up against a wall and Amir staring his face. He was breathing heavily, his lips slightly parted, and Amir took in the smell of his breath. Amir kissed him again. Lukas' body froze up, but he didn't resist the kiss. Amir parted Lukas' lips further with tongue and slipped it into his mouth. His tongue licked across Lukas' in a short, playful dance, but also one of passion.

Amir began rubbing his hands across Lukas' body. He spent a lot of time touching his chest and stomach through his gray T-shirt. He became impatient and lifted the shirt over Lukas' head. He pressed his nose firmly across Lukas' shaved armpits as Lukas was pulling the shirt off his body. Lukas flinched as Amir's tongue gently licked across the cave of his pit. It tickled.

Amir enjoyed foreplay and really wanted to take his time with Lukas, but at the same time, he was a man on a mission and wanted to feel Lukas lying underneath his body as quickly as possible. He grabbed Lukas' hand and led him through the dark halls of his mansion before reaching his bedroom.

"Take off your pants," Amir commanded.

Lukas did as he was told and found himself standing in his friend's bedroom in only a pair of neon green boxer briefs and his socks. Amir pushed him gently onto the bed. He continued kissing him all across his body before reaching his crotch. He pulled the boxer briefs down and around Lukas' ankles, accidentally taking off one of the football star's socks in the process. Amir kissed the meaty flesh between Lukas' legs. Little Lukas was still completely flaccid. Amir gently nibbled at the foreskin before retracting it completely and taking in the unique scent. Amir himself was circumcised, so he was completely fascinated with foreskin. He took the flesh in his mouth in one swift motion. Lukas gasped at the wet sensation.

Amir was an expert. Lukas had only ever been sexually intimate with one person in his entire life his wife and she never gave blowjobs like this. He had gone from flaccid to rock hard in the blink of an eye. But much to his dismay, Amir stopped the blowjob just as Lukas was beginning to move his hips to his sucking rhythm, and made his way further between his legs. Amir parted the muscular football legs, and for the first time in his adult life, Lukas felt completely vulnerable. The hidden, most secretive, and private part of his body was now exposed to Amir, who licked his lips with unadulterated passion. Almost instinctively, Lukas clenched his sphincter together, as if somehow, that gave him more security and privacy.

The boxing star brought his face closer and closer until he began to smell the pure masculine scent of Lukas Podolski's crotch. Although they had showered just a few hours before, Lukas was a tad bit musky, but it was a smell that Amir greatly enjoyed. The boxer stuck his tongue out and gently licked across the pink pucker. Lukas whimpered. Amir licked again. Another moan from Lukas. On and on it went. Amir continued an oral assault on Lukas' virgin asshole until he was loose enough that his tongue slipped inside the opening. This sent Lukas into a whirlwind, and the husband and father of one almost started crying with pleasure.

Without notice, Amir pulled his tongue out, unzipped his pants, pulled his circumcised brown flesh through the zipper, and gently pushed it inside Lukas. The footballer screamed.

"Relax, mate, I'm not gonna hurt you," Amir said in an affectionate tone. He waited as Lukas got adjusted to this new feeling and as this pain turned to pleasure. Amir was enjoying the pressure and clenching of Lukas' tight sphincter around his cock; he was 100% certain that "Poldi" was a virgin. He had never felt anything this tight before, not even his own wife.

Amir began a slow push in/pull out motion. Lukas winced in pain, but it was complete pleasure for the boxer. After a few minutes, he realized that Lukas was moving his hips to his pace, and he began going harder, deeper, and faster. Lukas looked up at him with playful boyish affection, and Amir could do nothing but lean down and give him a long, passionate kiss. He looked over into the floor-to-ceiling mirror watched as he pushed himself deep inside the legendary Lukas Podolski.

"Call me daddy," Amir hissed.

"What," Lukas asked, again confused.

"I said call me daddy."

"I'm not gonna call you that," Lukas retorted in between breaths.

This annoyed Amir, so he began fucking Lukas' ass with everything he had. Lukas started screaming.

"Shhhh! You're gonna wake up the whole fucking neighborhood," Amir hissed.



The boxer was close to cumming, but Lukas' ass was also becoming dry. He pulled out and licked again at the pretty pink asshole, which was now slightly gaping. Before reinserting his cock into the warmth and wetness of Lukas' body, he slipped two fingers in and began finger fucking the Arsenal star. His fingers repeatedly slipped across Lukas' prostate, as he used virtually the same fingering method he used on his wife. In a way, he was hoping Lukas would squirt like she did when he hit the right spot. If only, if only.

Amir slipped his dick back in and pumped away. Lukas was loving the brutal fucking he was getting by his exotic friend. His mind was slipping into ecstasy before he Amir's loud grunts and the sensation of warm liquid deep inside his body brought him back to reality. The boxer had just dumped a massive load inside him before collapsing onto his chest. Lukas didn't know what to do, so he just wrapped his arms around his friend as a sign of both affection and of saying "good job."

A few seconds passed before Amir's now flaccid cock slipped out of Lukas' hole. Without saying a word to his friend, Amir walked over to his bathroom and began to freshen up. He cleaned the excess cum off his cock, as well as took off the sweaty clothes he had just fucked Lukas in. He put on a bathrobe and walked back out into the bedroom. Lukas was staring at him.

"Well, that was nice," Amir said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. "I think you might be pregnant with my baby," he joked. Lukas stared back.

"Umm, what do you want to do? You can freshen up if you'd like," Amir said to his friend, scratching the back of his head nervously at the awkward silence.

"I want to do it again," Lukas quickly responded. "Fuck me again, daddy."

-The End-

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