***This story is a complete work of fiction centering on a sexual encounter between Lukas Podolski and Los Angeles Clippers NBA player Matter Barnes.  It is common knowledge that both men are heterosexual, and this story in no way attempts to question neither man's sexuality nor preferences.  Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***

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Lukas grabbed his suitcase and walked out the door. He was checking out of his hotel room, nearly two hours late, but was in no rush to get down to the lobby. As he waited for the elevator, he dug in his left pocket and pulled out a crumpled neon green Post-It note. He read it to himself.

"Thx. - Matt."

He beamed his handsome trademark big smile, but also felt his heart sink a little. He had just had one of the best nights of his entire life, but it all seemed to have ended way too soon.

Lukas had arrived in Los Angeles six days earlier. He was out on his summer holiday, and after his first trip to the US East Coast a few weeks earlier to play in two international World Cup friendlies, he wanted to see more of the country. His wife had taken her own holiday with their son in Poland for two weeks, so Lukas was able to get away and enjoy some much needed alone time.

But this wasn't going to be strictly vacation for him. Of course, he had to keep up with his training regimen, and much to his surprise, his agent had negotiated an agreement where he could train with the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team once he got to LA. Lukas wasn't even familiar with the lesser-known LA NBA team; he only knew of the Lakers of course, but as soon as his agent informed him, he immediately started researching the team and became a fan overnight.

He spent his first two days alone and sightseeing across the second most populous city in the US. He took in all of the touristy sites, and as much as he was looking forward to having some time to himself, he was now quite sad that he didn't have a single person to accompany him for this trip.

On his third day in LA, Lukas made his way over to the legendary Staples Center where he was introduced to Matt Barnes. Barnes was the only member of the Clippers that wasn't away on summer holiday. He himself had just been re-signed and given a nice extended contract, and after a more or less rocky career, he wanted to maximize his performance and show all NBA fans just what he was capable of.


"Hello, I'm Lukas Podolski."



Despite Matt's lack of words and what could easily have been perceived as a curt reply, the two shook hands and smiled at one another. Lukas was amazed at Matt's height: he was 2.01m compared to Lukas' more average 1.82m. And those tattoos!

"Wow, you have many tattoos," Lukas said in a very excited, boyish tone, making his heavily-accented English sound even cuter.

"Yeah, I got a few," Matt responded in his slightly soft, almost uninterested tone. He was wearing a full T-shirt, so Lukas couldn't even see the ink Matt had on his chest and torso. "Should we start training?"



The duo started their training, mostly with running and jumping. Matt was thoroughly impressed at how well Lukas had kept up, but after all, he was a footballer and had great endurance. Lukas was impressed with Matt too. For some reason, even though they had just met and he wasn't too talkative, Matt seemed to be a nice guy. In any case, Lukas couldn't wait to brag to his family and friends that he got to train with an NBA star.

Before he knew it, two hours and passed and Matt was ready to call it a day.

"So, I see you tomorrow," Lukas asked?

"Yep. Same time, same place," Matt said, taking off his shirt and wiping the sweat from his face.

"Wow," Lukas said to himself as he admired the other tattoos that adorned Matt's lanky body. Were it not for Matt extending his hand for a shake as he said goodbye, Lukas would've started drooling.

Lukas got back to his hotel about 20 minutes later and plopped down on the bed. He flicked on the TV for noise but didn't pay attention to what program was on. He had his eyes firmly closed and began thinking about Matt. His beautiful brown skin, his muscles, the tattoos; Lukas was obsessed. He felt his erection trying to escape his briefs. He pulled them down and started tugging on his Polish sausage. He played with his long foreskin by slowly sliding it up and down his thick glans. Within a few minutes, he cock was leaking precum.

Lukas kept thinking about Matt's body as he increased his assault on his manhood.

"FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!" he screamed as spurt after spurt of baby making fluid came racing out of his cock. He watched as how his shiny glans turned from pink to purple as his foreskin slid up and down trying to milk out all of the man juice. He let his still-raging cock plop onto his stomach as he recovered in his refraction period. In his bliss, he came to a conclusion: "I must see Matt's cock before I leave!"


The other days of training with Matt at the Staples Center went much as they had before. Matt was not very talkative, but Lukas still enjoyed being in his company. On his second to last night in LA, he was surprised when Matt invited him to his house for dinner. There, he met Matt's beautiful family: his sexy wife, Gloria, and Matt's handsome twin boys.

When he got back to his hotel that night, he jacked off again imagining a threesome with Matt and his wife. He pictured Matt fucking his wife as he rimmed his ass or provided the lube for Matt's cock with his mouth before he stuck it inside his wife.


On Lukas' last day of training with Matt, he invited the basketball player out on a night on a town to say thanks for his dinner invitation the night before and all the training and assistance he had given during his time in LA.

"This is your city so you must recommend the places we go. But it will be my treat."



"Well, that sounds good to me," Matt said.

Lukas followed Matt into the dressing room. Coincidentally, they both had to use the bathroom at the same time, and luckily (for Matt), there were three urinals so they wouldn't have to stand next to each other as they relieved themselves.

As was his custom, Matt had taken off his shirt and was only wearing his basketball shorts. This meant his entire manhood was exposed, including the very base of his cock and his fully developed testicles. Lukas watched his awe as the clear stream of urine came flowing from Matt's cock. He looked up at Matt, who had his head tilted back and his eyes firmly shut. Lukas' eyes wandered all the way back down to Matt's manhood, passing over his brown nipples, his flat stomach, and neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair, back down to the cock. Lukas studied every inch of Matt's penis. He had never seen a black (or in this case, a half-black/biracial) guy naked before.

Matt's cock was nearly 7 inches in a flaccid state. It was long and slender like the rest of his body; Lukas looked at his own package and could easily tell that he had more girth than Matt, but Matt blew him far out of the water when it came to length. He noted that Matt's penis was several shades darker than the rest of his body. He noticed the jagged black ring that marked the spot where Matt had been circumcised as a baby. The color of his glans was halfway between the color of his penis and the rest of his body.

Matt finally finished after what seemed like several minutes of peeing. He shook his penis a few times before putting his snake back inside his shorts and walking to wash his hands. Lukas hadn't peed at all. His own cock was still flaccid, but he was leaking precum. He quickly followed behind Matt.

"Hey Matt, can I ask you a question?"



"Yeah sure," Matt said, stripping down to nakedness before quickly wrapping a towel around his midsection.

"Um, well, I'm just curious. Here in America, why do the guys get circumcised?"



Matt laughed. "Oh man, that's a good one. You know, it sucks, but no one really knows. It's just a cultural thing I guess."



"But why, like, I mean what's the point?"


"Man..." Matt said with a slight sigh.

Lukas saw that he was becoming uncomfortable with the question. Was Matt more uncomfortable because he was talking about cocks with some guy he barely knew, or was he uncomfortable and embarrassed because he didn't have a legitimate answer?

"They say it's cleaner," Matt finished.

"Okay," Lukas said. He knew it was a bullshit answer but didn't want to waste his time annoying this guy who he now considered to be his friend.

Matt cleaned up very nice and the two headed out in his Mercedes to spend a few hours on the town. Matt showed Lukas all of his favorite spots around LA. They made "appearances" at five different clubs and three bars in the course of four hours. And luckily for him, the bartenders at each venue didn't charge them, so Lukas didn't have to pay anything. Lukas enjoyed all of the places. He was the only white guy, but he enjoyed being around new people and everyone was so friendly. It was a new cultural experience (being around only black Americans), and he thoroughly enjoyed their company; their style, the way they spoke...he loved it all.

Matt opened up more and more as the night progressed.

"I didn't think you liked me," Lukas said.

"What? Get out of here with that! Are you crazy? Why wouldn't I like you?"



"I dunno, you just didn't talk much. I tried to make conversations, but you didn't really seem interested."



"Well I apologize for that. I've just been going through a lot of bullshit with my wife lately. I found out about her cheating a few months ago and we are still trying to recover."



"Wow," Lukas thought to himself. That was far too much information for him to know, but he was surprised at how great an act they had put on when he was over for dinner. They seemed to be the perfect couple.

A few hours passed and Matt was super drunk. He had been drinking all night. He even started an argument with one of the bartenders who cut him off and said he had had enough to drink. A bouncer had to intervene.

"You gotta get him outta here," the bouncer said to Lukas.

Lukas knew just exactly what he would do with Matt. He wasn't oblivious as to how to get Matt home; he had options. Matt had shown him some of the gadgets in his car and he could've sought navigation back to his house and driven him there himself. But that wouldn't be fun. He wanted to spend more time with Matt. Close, personal time. So it was back to the hotel they went.


Matt was partially awake but completely inebriated. He plopped down on the bed in Lukas' room. His long legs were hanging off the bed.

"Do you want to go to sleep," Lukas asked his basketball friend?

"Yeah," Matt growled.

"Well, you should probably take off your clothes. You don't want to ruin them."



Matt lifted his body up and tried to remove his shirt. "Yo, help me out here, man," he said to Lukas as if he were his servant. But Lukas didn't mind. This was going to be an interesting night.

It took several minutes, but before long, Matt was down to nothing but his socks and a gray pair of boxer briefs. Lukas tucked him in as best he could, but his legs were still hanging out the bed due to his height; there would just be no way around that unfortunately.

Lukas went and took a shower. When he came out, Matt was snoring lightly. This would be his chance. With the white bath towel wrapped around his waist, he went and leaned over Matt. He kissed him gently on the cheek, and then lips. The basketball player didn't stir. Lukas moved the duvet off Matt's lanky body. He climbed in between his legs and gently pulled his underwear down. He kissed Matt's manhood before licking it and taking it into his mouth. Still no reaction from Matt.

Lukas was bobbing his head up and down in between Matt's legs. He took note of the slightly musky smell emanating from the basketball player's crotch. Matt was sweaty and Lukas loved it. "A real man," he thought to himself.

Lukas kept sucking and sucking and before long, Matt was completely erect. He was still deep asleep and Lukas wondered what could possibly be going through his mind. The footballer had to maneuver his body around so that he could completely pull his underwear from his waist. In the process, Lukas turned Matt over onto his stomach. He didn't know how much time he had left, so without hesitating, he buried his white face in between Matt's brown butt cheeks. Matt was a tall, skinny guy, and as a result, his ass wasn't anything particularly special. In fact, it was quite flat. But Lukas enjoyed it, and rubbed his nose up and down the older man's crack.

Matt's cheeks had very light tufts of hair on them, but his crack and hole were a different story; they were both full of black, wiry hair. The hair locked in the special scent that was Matt Barnes, and Lukas became high off of it. Here it was that Lukas was playing with the most private part of Matt's body. He had probably never been rimmed before, and based on the look of his brown sphincter, no one had ever played with his ass before. Lukas wasn't especially interested in fingering Matt, but he did stick his right index finger in his mouth before gently inserting it inside the basketball player, just up to his first knuckle past his fingernail. He pulled the finger out and stuck it back in his mouth.

"His ass tastes good," he said to himself.

He turned Matt back over onto his back. He kissed him again on the lips, this time forcing his tongue in between. Matt finally woke up.

"Yo what the fuck," he asked, more in a confused tone than one that was repulsed.

"Shhh, just make love to me," Lukas whispered.

"I'm not a fag," Matt said. He was becoming louder and angrier.

"I'm married too. I just want to give you pleasure. Your wife has been cheating on you. I want to show you that you deserve to be pleased and respected." Lukas himself was surprised at what he was saying. The words were freely flowing from his mouth and he had no control over them.

Matt was still far too drunk to comprehend what was happening. He looked down and saw that he had an erection. He started to feel himself getting horny." He looked up to Lukas.

"You want this dick," he asked? "You want this black dick deep inside your pink pussy?" It was as though he had a radical change of heart. Lukas was happy.

"I want to have sex with you," Lukas said as he leaned in for a kiss.

Matt rejected the kiss. "I'll fuck you, but that's it. You can't touch my ass or anything. And no kissing." Lukas nodded.

Matt got up and gently placed Lukas under him. Lukas looked up at him in awe. Matt tried to push himself in, but Lukas was too dry.

"I need lube," Lukas said.

"You got any?"






"I'm not about to lick your ass if that's what you think," Matt said.

"Just spit," Lukas responded.

Matt rolled his eyes but climbed down stared at Lukas' pink pucker. He spat out a large glob of saliva and rubbed it around Lukas' opening. He didn't want to spend too much time down there, so he got back into position and, in one swift motion, pushed all 10 erect inches of "little Matt" inside Lukas. The footballer howled in ecstasy. Matt too moaned at the tightness of Lukas.

He began a push in/pull out rhythm. He had closed his eyes and placed his hands on the headboard, that way he didn't have to touch Lukas' body. Lukas put his hands on Matt's waist, expecting for him to protest. But Matt didn't protest. He continued his slow, deep stroke inside Lukas. Lukas was enjoying it.

As time went on, it became quite boring, though. Matt maintained mostly the same speed throughout and they didn't change positions.

"Can I lick your ass," Lukas asked.

"What?!" Matt was shocked. No one had ever asked him that before. But before he could even think any further, Lukas climbed from underneath him and gently rubbed his back before getting him to lie on his stomach. Again, no protestations from Matt. Lukas spread the basketball player's cheeks, once again revealing his small, virginal opening. Just like his cock, Matt's hole was several shades darker than the rest of his body. He was partially sweaty back here as well, giving off a light pungent smell. Lukas licked gently as Matt twitched at the tickling sensation. He came to like it though and even began to talk dirty.

"Yeah that's right, lick my filthy hole. You like eating black men's asses?"



Lukas muffled an affirmative between the slurps.

"I need some more of that black dick," Lukas said in his first attempt at talking dirty.

Matt stood up in the middle of the room and commanded Lukas over to him. He picked Lukas up and began fucking the hell out of him, much faster than he had been before. Even Lukas was surprised. He was almost out of breath and didn't know whether to whimper, moan, or scream. He went in for another kiss, but Matt rejected it again. So he placed his arms around Matt's broad shoulders and enjoyed the ride. He reflected on how lucky he was that he was one of only a few people, and probably the only man, to get fucked by this basketball stud. He reflected on how his wife Gloria was probably fucked just like this on the night she conceived.

Matt placed Lukas on the edge of the bed and continued to fuck him, this time a bit slower. Lukas watched as Matt's slender manhood slowly made its way in and out of his body. Lukas wanted to tell him that he loved him, but he didn't want to annoy him and distract him from his rhythm.

"I'm about to cum," Matt said, his breathing becoming heavier.

"Do it. Give me that black cum. Get me pregnant."

But much to his dismay, Matt pulled out and jacked himself off to completion. Cum came flying out of his cock, hitting Lukas' face and landing all across the bedsheets. Lukas quickly got up and put Matt's cock in his mouth, but after only three or four sucks, it became too sensitive and Matt had to push Lukas' mouth away.

"Fuck! You're good," Lukas said, trying to congratulate Matt for his impressive sex style. Matt gave a slight smirk and went to the bathroom to clean himself off. Lukas lay back on the bed and licked up the cum that had hit his face and the bedsheets before closing his eyes in ecstasy. He could hear Matt peeing in the toilet.

Matt came back out and climbed in the bed. He lay on his side, away from Lukas.

"You got a nice ass," he said.

"You have a nice dick," Lukas responded. He kissed Matt gently on his shoulder and snuggled up behind him. They fell asleep.

When he awoke the next morning, Matt was gone. He found a note on the nightstand next to the bed. It was short and simple.

"Thx. - Matt."

-The End-

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