The following article is a work of pure fiction and silliness. Any resemblance to real people or fictional characters is a happy accident. Any similarity between these made-up kids and their actions, and the wonderful characters created by J. K. Rowling is simply another coincidence. No implication as to the sexuality of any fictional characters, or actors who portray those characters, is intended.


Magical Friends

Part Two

Chapter 11

Draco and the Dream

Draco Malfoy awoke from his dream with a start. He tried desperately to retrieve the shreds of his dream as they drifted away, but he was unable to remember what he was dreaming about. He had a raging hardon, and his heart was racing, suggesting that there had been a sexual theme to his thoughts, but try as he might, he couldn't recall the details. Now here he was, wide awake well before it was time to get up, frustrated by thoughts he couldn't define, and a boner that simply wouldn't go away. Malfoy had never cared much for masturbation. He had learned to pleasure himself well before puberty set in, but as his body grew and matured, he tried to get along without masturbating at all. He hated the sticky mess, didn't like the smell, and he thought such activities were beneath his dignity; it was just something Muggles do. His body had the final say, of course, and he was obliged to discharge his pent-up sexual tension whether he liked doing it or not. He averaged about once a day. Since his stubborn erection gave no sign of going away by itself, he shrugged, and resigned himself to his duty.

If he had learned one useful thing recently, it was from his footsie-playtimes with Goyle. Malfoy had found out that it wasn't necessary to be so rough with his body, and he could avoid the painful abrasions he used to suffer because of his rapid, dry-fisting technique. He held his penis near the root, and moved it slightly side-to side, and back and forth, instead of up and down; stimulating the internal portion of his member. He then pressed on the under side, near where it joined his body, and "milked" the bottom of his erection from base to tip. He was grateful to see a generous glob of clear sticky fluid appear there - Natures' best lubrication. Smearing the pre-cum around the head, he then squeezed up and down on the sensitive tip, hoping to accelerate the process and be done with it, still believing he was succumbing to a common muggle habit. Fantasies kept trying to invade his consciousness, and he supressed them as fast as they surfaced. For a brief moment however, he had the most fleeting vision of a naked Harry Potter. At the same time he had that vision, his orgasm was abruptly triggered. His eruption was unusually lengthy, and the pounding, throbbing convulsions coming from his prostate were almost more than he could bear. Eventually his mind stopped swirling, and he was able to compose himself long enough to clean up the multiple globs of semen all over his torso and the sheets.

"What was that all about?" he asked himself, breathing deeply. Surely his enemy Harry Potter couldn't have precipitated some kind of sexual feeling within him; that would be utterly ridiculous. Yet as he sat up with his heart still pounding, he realized that the quick vision he had of Harry was actually one of the fragmented thoughts he had snatched from his own dream only moments before. Puzzling over how and why any thought of Harry Potter would excite him, he wondered if Harry could have cursed him. Surely that must be it. There was no way Malfoy, The Draco Malfoy, could be interested in Harry's body, or any boy's body, for that matter.

Harry Finds Some Useful Tools

Harry and Hermione were in the Library, surrounded by ancient texts. Hermione had gotten permission for them to use the Restricted section. Madame Pince was none too pleased, but when Hermione presented her with a permission slip signed by Professor McGonagall, she had no choice but to allow them full access. Hermione was absorbed by a book revealing details about the school's four original founders and their heirs. Harry had been reading about the same subject for a while, but now he was fascinated by a very old volume describing some long-forgotten spells and charms.

His interest was captured by a spell called "Engorgio." He read the ancient pages:

"The Engorgio Spelle affects only menne. This Spelle has been developed to assyst menne with problems related to occasional or long-terme impotence. It can be caste on ones-selfe, or on another at a moderate distance . When caste, the Spelle causes the penis of the recipient to become erecte and remain in that state until reversed by the opposite Spelle, 'Deflato.' Using the Engorgio Spelle a second tyme has no further effect."

It went on:

"The Deflato Spelle reverses the effect of the Engorgio Spelle (which see above.) It similarly affects only menne. It was developed along with the Engorgio Spelle, in order to be able to reverse it. Use caution - if the Deflato Spelle is cast on a manne who is in the 'normal' state, that is, he is not under the influence of the Engorgio Spelle, his penis will remain flaccid and never become erecte in spite of any mental or physical stimuli. He can only be returned to the normal state with a single use of the Engorgio Spelle."

Harry's sexual equipment began to stiffen up somewhat as he read these descriptions. In his mind, he imagined a locker room full of boys on their way to the showers, and surreptitiously casting the Engorgio spell on some of them. He grinned as he pictured his friends, who normally never had an erection in public, walking around with a full boner that wouldn't go down. As he filled his head with these pictures, his own erection became fully hard. He thought to himself, "I certainly don't need to use that spell on myself; this thing has a mind of its own."

He continued through the book, taking care not to damage the brittle pages. He soon found another spell he liked, among some of the more recent pages.

"Obscuro Magicam - This ancient spell is cast on one's own wand. It will allow the user to perform magic undetected. Minor spells and charms go completely unnoticed by the Ministry and by nearby wizards. Major, more powerful magic is detectible, although the identity of the performer still remains anonymous to the Ministry. While most older wizards and witches are aware of this charm, the Ministry has issure a decree that prohibits its being taught to students, either in organized educational environments, or in private tutoring sessions."


Later that day, the teams were preparing for Quidditch. The regular season had ended, but the Gryffindor and Slytherin teams had agreed to compete in an unofficial match. The Gryffindors were already in place as the Slytherin team strutted out onto the field, looking very important. Harry knelt down, pretending to lace up his shoes. Holding his wand underneath his robe so as not to be seen, he pointed it at Malfoy and quietly whispered "Engorgio," giving Malfoy an instant hardon. He watched as Malfoy held back slightly, in order to walk behind his teammates. Draco cautiously looked down to determine if his erection was showing. Quickly adjusting its position for comfort, and satisfied that his robes concealed his condition, he continued strutting onto the field.

Harry and Draco were seekers. Together, they swooped and climbed, searching for the tiny golden Snitch. Malfoy seemed to be slightly off his stride, as he kept shifting his position on his broom. He couldn't help attempting to maximize the feeling he got from the pressure of the vibrating broom-handle against his crotch. He found the sensation highly pleasant, but somewhat distracting. He could maneuver normally, keeping in formation with Harry, but his attention on the surges of pleasure he could achieve by adjusting the broom's position were irresistable, costing him some accuracy. Both seekers spotted the Snitch down low, at the far end of the field. They raced after it, with Malfoy's flight looking ever so slightly uncoordinated. This gave Harry a tiny advantage, and he grabbed the Snitch in midair, ending the match. As the teams were gathering their things and getting ready to leave the field and go to the showers, Harry had the opportunity to point his wand at Malfoy again, and mutter "Deflato."

The new single-stall showers were undergoing maintenance that day, so the boys were obliged to use the older gang showers. There was one large locker-room, flanked by two shower rooms, each with eight shower heads, four on each side. The teams naturally separated, Griffindors heading for one shower room, and Slytherins for the other. The boys naturally checked each other out, trying at the same time not to be seen looking at each other, and also trying not to "rise to the occasion."

Harry, decided to have a little fun today, since using the gang showers was pretty uncommon. From where he sat on his bench between the lockers, he could just see into the Gryffindors' shower room. Oliver Wood was standing under the hot water, facing Harry, and shampooing his hair, eyes tightly closed. Nobody was watching Harry as he pointed his wand at Oliver and said "Engorgio." Within seconds, Oliver's previously limp pecker stood up straight and firm in all its glory. Oliver was a grown-up boy. He had a magnificent muscular body, and a stunningly beautiful face; and with a full erection added to the picture, he was truly a splendid vision to behold. Harry's heart pounded and his own penis grew stiff as he sat there watching Oliver. He leaned forward slightly, so as to get a glimpse of the boy next to Wood. As expected, he was getting a hardon as well, from seeing Oliver in his aroused state. Harry held a towel in front of himself, and boldly walked up to the entrance to the shower room and looked in. Sure enough, all eight boys were sporting boners by this time, and three of them were stroking themselves up and down. Within seconds, all eight had yielded to the irresistable urge to jerk off, and were rubbing themselves to climax, Oliver included. Some of them giggled as they came, watching each other shoot their loads; and some had their eyes closed, focused on their own fantasies. Eventually, as most of the kids' erections subsided to varying degrees, Oliver's thing remained straight and tall, not showing any sign of softening.

As the team members were dressing and getting ready to leave, Harry had a clear aim at Oliver, and gave him relief with the Deflato charm. He puttered around, and was finally the last one there. He went to the showers, drenched himself in hot water, and soaped up his own stiffie. It only took him a few seconds to come, squirting his boyjuice down the drain.

Fitful Sleep

It had been a long day. The students had all retired for the evening, and Harry drew the curtains closed around his four-poster bed. He usually masturbated after going to bed and before falling asleep. but tonight he was just too exhausted. Curled up on his side, with a pillow between his knees, he drifted gradually asleep.

Half asleep as he replayed the scene in the showers, his growing erection became somewhat uncomfortable within the confines of his underwear, so he groggily reached down and shucked them off. As he drew closer to being fully asleep, his visions shifted from the shower room to the Quidditch Pitch. He recalled Draco Malfoy, and the slightly awkward way he was flying. As Harry's dream progressed from reality to fantasy, he began imagining Malfoy flying around with nothing on, his erection plainly visible alongside the broom handle. Stranger yet, Harry envisioned Malfoy's broomstick morphing into an erect penis, so that Malfoy was flying around riding his own gigantic erection for support. As the dream became more bizzare, he pictured Malfoy flying up close behind him, pushing the giant erection between Harry's legs. The penis/broomstick merged with Harry's own, so that both boys were riding Draco's stiff thing. Harry had both hands on it, and it was a natural reaction to start stroking it. Oddly, it was not only Draco's penis, but also Harry's at the same time. They were sharing the same body somehow. He could feel the sensations as he rubbed it, and the pleasant tension mounted, until culminating in a powerful orgasmic eruption. The giant dream-penis discharged several huge flying globs of semen, smacking into the Golden Snitch, sticking to its wings and bringing it down to the ground, immobilized. In his dream, Harry/Draco landed gently, and they separated. Harry picked up the snitch, getting his hands all gooey in the process.

At this point, Harry awoke, still with the pillow between his knees, and found his hands all gooey with seminal fluid. There were sticky drops on the sheets, the pillow, and on his belly. "Merlin's Beard!" he said aloud, realizing he had ejaculated in his sleep. He had just had his first wet dream.

He wondered if anybody had heard him climaxing in his sleep, and didn't really care; he had listened to Ron dreaming his way to a climax so often, he felt he 'owed him one.' "Immaculata," he said, cleaning up from his ejaculation. Harry made his mind up never to skip jerking off before he went to sleep, if he didn't want to risk shooting his load uncontrollably while sleeping. Still . . . the fantasies were interesting, if somewhat odd. Why was it that dreaming about Draco Malfoy had turned him on? There was no logical explanation for that. "Draco's the enemy, remember," he thought to himself - "be careful what you wish for."

However, Harry was finding out that his thoughts were not always easy to control. After he had used the Engorgio Spell on him earlier that day, Harry kept having fleeting memories of Draco flying around with his charmed erection, for the remainder of the day. He hadn't really given it any thought, until his wet dream occurred. Now, he shut his eyes and deliberately thought of Draco, standing calmly in a vague sylvan setting, wearing nothing at all, resembling a fine statue in a museum. His slender body was ideally perfect, his uncut penis was of a standard size, hanging calmly from a field of platinum pubic hair that was only slightly wavy, and almost invisible because of its color, matching the straight hair on his head. His body was hairless otherwise. Harry circled around Draco in order to scrutinize every detail of his body. Facing him again, he cast the Engorgio Spell on his imaginary Draco, and watched as his penis obediently lengthened, rose, and stood up at full length. It was longer than average, equaling Ron's in length, but not as thick. It was slender, the same diameter throughout, and had just the slightest upward bend. Harry's own pecker firmed up again as he conjured up his visions of Draco. He decided that the Draco-dream should masturbate for him. He watched as his imaginary Draco placed both hands alongside his thing and gently, rapidly rolled it between his palms. Draco's image spread his feet apart and bent his knees just slightly for balance, pushing his pelvis forward, throwing his head back, and dropping his jaw as his orgasm arrived. Though he was lying in bed, Harry handled himself the same way, and timed Draco's virtual climax with his own. Finally, his sexual need truly satisfied, his fatigue took over for real, and he slipped away into a deep and dreamless sleep for the remainder of the night.