The following article is a work of pure fiction and silliness. Any resemblance to real people or fictional characters is a happy accident. Any similarity between these made-up kids and their actions, and the wonderful characters created by J. K. Rowling is simply another coincidence. No implication as to the sexuality of any fictional characters, or actors who portray those characters, is intended.


Magical Friends

Part Two

Chapter 14

Homeward Bound

Draco had spent the past several nights making passionate love to Harry Potter in the Room of Requirement. Now he looked over the balcony of the Southeast Tower, gazing sadly across the school grounds - his thoughts and emotions in a turmoil.

The semester had come to an end, and summer was upon them. Draco's life, as he had known it, had changed completely. He wanted nothing to do with his old pals, Crabbe and Goyle, leaving them in a state of total confusion. He especially wanted nothing to do with his father, who would be arriving momentarily to take him home for the summer. The austere surroundings of his ancestral home were most unappealing; and he could hardly bring himself to face his strict, overbearing father, who would certainly perceive that something in his son's personality had changed. Worst of all, he wouldn't see anything of Harry Potter for several endless weeks.

He watched as the Gryffindor students piled into the carriages that would deliver them to the Hogwarts Express, his eyes filling with tears as he had one last glimpse of Harry from his high vantage point.

A Hard Time on the Train

The carriages all arrived, and the students piled eagerly onto the waiting train. Harry, Ron, Neville and Colin all shared a compartment. Ron and Colin had already changed into their jeans, while Neville and Harry still had their robes on. Ron yawned, stretched, and leaned into a corner and was soon fast asleep. Before long, his crotch began to swell as he got a sleep-hardon. Fortunately, it was pointing straight up, so it didn't get bound up uncomfortably in his clothes.

Neville was sitting across from Ron, also leaning into the corner. His loose robes concealed the fact that he had his hand down in his crotch. The gentle motion of the train was providing him with a pleasant stimulation. Colin, sitting next to Neville, had watched Ron's erection develop, and was astounded by the sheer size of it. Colin was well endowed to be sure, but Ron easily took the first place for overall length and diameter. He couldn't take his eyes off Ron's body, and held a small pillow in his lap to hide his own growing problem.

Harry sized up the situation. He could see Ron's massive erection from where he sat, and he could tell what Neville was doing, because he had seen him surreptitiously rubbing himself during class so many times. He knew Colin was hiding his stiff pecker, because that's why boys put pillows on their laps. In spite of the entertaining view in the railroad car, his mind was elsewhere.

After spending the last several nights alone with Draco Malfoy, making passionate love and discussing their future together, he was now separated from his lover for what would seem like an eternity. He was worried most of all about Lucius, Draco's father. Draco had only briefly expressed his concern about spending the summer at home, but Harry understood the implications right away. Lucius would know something was up; he was bound to detect a change in his son, and quiz him about it. It would not go well when he found out his son was gay, and it really wouldn't go well when he learned who his lover was. It would all be Harry's fault, he thought glumly.

Harry had his eyes closed in thought, and when he opened them he saw that Colin was subconsciously flexing his knees in and out, providing a pleasant squeezing action on his balls. He needed to get his mind off Draco for a while. He said, "Colin - how many times a day do you do it?"

"Do what?" said Colin.

"You know; wank."

"I dunno, probably around five, why?"

"Just wondering. How about you, Neville? How many times a day do you do it?"

"I don't really know. If I ever kept track, I'd probably lose count," he said sheepishly. "How about you? How often do you do it?"

"I average three to five times a day," said Harry, omitting the last several days in his estimate. Making love to Draco was a different and much more satisfying means of sexual gratification, and he hadn't masturbated at all during those days.

Neville decided he was hungry, and announced was going to the candy shop. "Anybody want anything?" he asked. Harry and Colin declined, and Neville left the compartment. Harry looked at Ron, and then at Colin, who was still staring at Ron's hard pecker. "Nice one, isn't it?" he said.

"It's a beauty," replied Colin.

"Wanna fool around?" said Harry.

"What if he wakes up?"

"I've got just the thing," said Harry, pulling out his Invisibility Cloak. He sat next to Colin and pulled the cloak over them. "If he wakes up now, he'll think he's alone."

He wasted no time opening Colin's pants and getting his stiffie out, and proceeded to suck on it. He lifted his robes and fished his own out, and Colin was more than happy to stroke it up and down. The slurping and rubbing sounds they made triggered a dream state in Ron, and soon he was thrusting his pelvis in and out, and moaning in his sleep. The boys watched as Ron reached a sexual climax in his sleep and relaxed afterward. "Wow, that's amazing," said Colin. "I've never had a wet dream." Momentarily, Ron woke up and realized what he had done. The other two boys sat very quietly underneath the cloak when they saw him stir.

"Merlin's Beard," Ron grumbled. Seeing that he was alone in the compartment, he lowered his jeans and briefs and was about to clean everything up, when he realized that he still had a full hardon, and was still quite horny. A wet dream was never as saitsfying as a good hand-job. He lubricated his hand with a glob of fresh semen from his belly, and stroked himself rapidly to a new orgasm. As he did, he arched his back, dropped his jaw, shoved his hips forward, and rolled his eyes back in his head, gasping while he shot his second load, breathing hard. Finally, he pointed his wand at the mess, and said "Immaculata!" All clean and dry, he pulled his clothes back on, and promptly dozed off again.

Harry and Colin went back to business, and were finished well before Neville came back. Before long, the train was pulling into King's Cross and all the students were unloading their luggage and meeting their families. Harry felt he was drowning in a sea of red hair, surrounded by Ron, Fred, George, and Ginny. As they passed through gate nine and three-quarters, he was nearly smothered as he was clutched to Molly Weasley's heaving breasts in a gigantic hug. Uncle Vernon looked on from a distance, scowling at the thought that Harry associated with those weird people. Mrs. Weasley finally let Harry come up for air, and he caught Uncle Vernon's eye.

Uncle Grump

"C'mon boy," he grumbled. Harry obediently followed, and loaded his trunk and Hedwig's cage into the car.

"I suppose we have to keep that damned bird around all summer, too," he grumped.

Hedwig hooted at the insult.

Uncle Vernon lost no time in reminding Harry that he'd better not try any of that magic stuff while he was home. Harry was ready for him, and replied that he wouldn't be able to do anything magical without the Ministry finding out, so there was nothing to worry about. He did not go on to explain that he had placed his wand under the "Obscuro Magicam" spell just a couple of days before, though; and that the Ministry would never be aware of any magic he did. It would simply go undetected. The less Uncle Vernon knew about that, the better.