The following article is a work of pure fiction and silliness. Any resemblance to real people or fictional characters is a happy accident. Any similarity between these made-up kids and their actions, and the wonderful characters created by J. K. Rowling is simply another coincidence. No implication as to the sexuality of any fictional characters, or actors who portray those characters, is intended.


Magical Friends

Part Two

Chapter 15


Draco's heart sank just a little lower if that were possible, as he watched from his vantage point high atop the Southeast Tower. The carriage carrying the Gryffindor students was just pulling out of sight as another, smaller vehicle came into view. He sighed as he watched his father riding up the lane to Hogwarts in a black carriage, to take him away from everything he had come to love. He climbed down the spiral staircase, and got his things from the Slytherin common room, so as not to keep his father waiting.

Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape were having a quiet but animated conversation when Draco came up to join them. "I'll tell you the rest by owl," said Lucius. "Let's go; I need to get right home," he said to Draco. They hurried out to the carriage, and rode at full speed into Hogsmeade. They entered the pub which was nearly empty, and walked directly to the fireplace. Draco glanced briefly at the little table where he and Harry first made contact. His heart sunk even lower as he faced the weeks ahead. "C'mon!" said Lucius, tossing a handful of floo powder into the flames. Draco stepped into the fire, clearly saying "Home!" Lucius followed him.

Nothing much transpired between them for the next few days for Lucius was busy sending and receiving owls, as some important matter was afoot. It was obviously not any of Draco's business. When they were together Lucius couldn't help noticing that Draco's attitude and behavior was very different, but decided to watch and wait, rather than question him openly about it. He felt, rightly so, that if he tried to get Draco to open up about his feelings, he would get nowhere, and just make Draco clam up.

Dudley's Deflating Dilemma

Harry and Uncle Vernon arrived at Number 4, Privet Drive. Right away, Dudley started in whining about giving up the second bedroom, which he had used as a playroom all year. Harry totally ignored him. He set about clearing the tons of toys off the bed, and arranging the room so that it would be habitable.

Nobody thought to offer Harry anything to eat, since they had arrived after suppertime. Having nothing else to do, he went to bed. Before long, Harry heard the sound of the bed squeaking in the next room and decided that Dudley must be masturbating. Harry grimaced at the image; great huge Diddy-Dinkums whacking off somehow in spite of his bulk. harry suspected that Dudley hadn't been able to see his own penis in years, even when it was erect, due to the massive size of his belly. Harry wondered how he could even reach it. Pointing his wand at Dudley through the wall, he said the magic word, "Deflato!" Dudley groaned in disgust as his erection shriveled up to nothing. Harry left him that way through the night.

The next morning, Dudley could be heard trying again to beat off, but it was no use without an erection. When Aunt Petunia called the boys to breakfast, and Dudley was leaving his room, Harry cast the Engorgio spell to return Dudley's body to normal, then cast it again to give him a permanent boner. Dudley tried to stay in his room to get some relief, but Petunia insisted they come down because the food would get cold.

Harry followed Dudley down the stairs, amused by the way he was half walking, half waddling. His hardon was not visible, hidden in rolls of fat. Aunt Petunia saw him walking funny and asked if everything was all right. Dudley turned red, and mumbled something unintelligible.

Harry had his first decent meal at the Dursley's. Bacon and eggs, toast and jam, and seconds if he wanted.

Dudley wolfed his breakfast down as if he were in a hurry to go somewhere. He tried to leave the table before the others had finished, but Petunia reminded him of his manners. He couldn't stop fidgeting. Finally the boys were released, and Harry followed Dudley up the stairs, and they went into their separate rooms. Harry heard Dudley lock his door, and the bed groan with his weight. He pointed his wand through the wall at the place where Dudley's bed is, and said "Deflato." This spell returned him to the normal status, so Harry repeated the spell and Dudley went permanently limp again. "Auggh" was all he heard.

Dudley tried every trick he knew to get an erection. He rubbed, stroked, twisted and twirled, looked at pictures, oiled it up with lube, but nothing helped. He was going mad. He needed desperately to beat off, but couldn't. Harry left him that way for the rest of the week and through the entire weekend.

Monday morning, Dudley was packing his clothes. It turned out he was going away to summer camp for a week. Just as Dudley and Uncle Vernon were going out the door, Harry sat at the top of the stairs, pointing his wand carefully at Dudley. (He didn't want to miss his mark and hit Uncle Vernon instead.) "Engorgio-Engorgio!" By the time Dudley got into the car, he had an erection that would not go away.

Dudley's Hard Times

They got to King's Cross, and Dudley was shipped off to camp, by means of an ordinary, non-magical train. Because he had not had an orgasm since the middle of last week in spite of his intensive efforts to do so, the rocking motion and vibration of the train was stimulating his sexual reflexes; and before long, he found himself ejaculating in his underpants. He produced a huge quantity of warm, sticky fluid, which he could feel spreading across his underbelly. He tried to see if it was showing on the outside of his clothing, but due to his rotund shape, he couldn't see that area at all. Although his orgasm provided him with much-needed relief, his magic erection remained firm, and within fifteen minutes, erupted again in another spontaneous orgasm. Fortunately he was able to get to his destination without a repeat performance, but when he went to change into his camp uniform, his underpants were firmly glued down, and he winced as he pulled out several pubic hairs in the process of undressing.

Having changed, and needing badly to pee, he went to the boys' room, and into a stall instead of a urinal, because he still had a stubborn erection, and didn't want the whole world seeing his stiff pecker (As if they could see it through all the flab, that is.) It was so hard, he had to drop his pants and underpants in order to get it out. He had to push it down in order to aim it at the bowl, and as he started to pee, nothing came out at first because the tip was glued shut with dried cum. Finally the seal broke, and multiple streams of piss flew out in every direction except toward the toilet. In a panic, he pinched himself shut, turned around and sat on the bowl, letting it spray. He sat there, nearly in tears, wondering what else could go wrong. Eventually, he had picked the last of the cum-flakes off his still hard pecker, and sopped up the splatters he had made on the walls, and pulled himself together and prepared to face the day. He stood up in order to finish dressing, and realized that he still felt highly aroused. "So long as I'm here," he thought somewhat glumly, placed his flat palms on either side of his hard penis, and rotated it quickly and gently between his hands. He shot off a goodly load within seconds, leaving it running down the inside of the door, and pulled up his pants. Dudley didn't realize it yet, but he would be spending his week at camp with a hardon the entire time.

A Boner Epidemic

Bedtime came, and as the kids were undressing and getting into their bunks, one of the boys shouted "Hey - Dudley's got a boner!" Dudley turned to face him, his erection pointing straight up within his underpants. "What of it?" he said. "Wanna do something with it?"

"Uh, no," said the other boy, whose boxer shorts were beginning to rise into a tent-shape. His name was Nelson.

The place erupted in laughter, as a third boy came up behind Nelson and pulled his shorts down. His half-grown penis was stiff as a steel rod by now, and stuck right out straight from his body. "No fair!" shouted Nelson, who wheeled around to face Charles, the boy who had pantsed him. "We get to see yours now."

"Fine," said Charles, dropping his pants and shorts. The rest of the boys watched in fascination as Charles' drooping penis lengthened, swelled in diameter, and rose up proudly to its full size. It was uncircumcized, and pointed upward, reaching a length of slightly over seven inches. Charles gently placed his hand on it, and began stroking it up and down. "All together now," he declared, whereupon all the other boys bared themselves, almost hypnotically. Some were standing, some were lying on their bunks, and all were masturbating as they would have if they were alone. Even Dudley had stripped, and was lying on his bed on his back, rubbing his cock. Charles got them going every morning and evening, for the remainder of the week; each boy pleasuring himself in his own way.

Suspicion Confirmed

Lucius was puzzling over his son's behavior. He sensed a loss of maliciousness, the quality that he had nurtured in his boy ever since he was born. He figured something had happened to change Draco's personality while he was away at Hogwarts, and was determined to find out what. He patiently watched Draco's every word and mannerism for three days, in an attempt to divine what was going on in the youngster's mind. He waited until their conversation allowed him to casually mention Harry Potter's name, and very carefully observed Draco's reaction. Draco was unable to mask his subconscious feelings, as his facial expression softened slightly instead of hardening; and a subtle glow came to his cheeks and eyes. Father immediately understood.

Lucius asked him point blank, "Are you gay?" Draco fumbled, his eyes betraying him again. He couldn't lie fast enough to save himself.

"It is Harry Potter, isn't it!" Lucius raged. He has corrupted you, my only son. I'll deal with him later. As for you, whom do you think you are dealing with? The color rose in his pale cheeks, and he drew himself up to a frightening height. He pointed his wand at his son.


The curse hit Draco at close range, nearly killing him. The pain was unbelievably severe, causing the boy to drop to the ground and writhe in distress. He couldn't breathe, and every inch of his body was throbbing with excruciating agony.

"You will not be my faggot son. You will not be lover to the enemy."


He pronounced it "Oh-bliv-ee-Ah-tay." Portions of Draco's recent memory were immediately obliterated. Through the blinding pain of the cruciatus curse, he was vaguely aware that it was happening; that something was missing in his mind, but could not figure out what.

Everything that had transpired between him and Harry was gone from his conscious mind. What was not gone however, was an emotional basis that he could feel, but wasn't able to define. He still carried something with him that wasn't part of his memories, and couldn't be erased.

Lucius walked away from his son, who was still in the throes of horrible pain. He turned and pointed his wand at him one last time. "Deflato!" he muttered. "That will put a stop to all that nonsense," he thought.