The following article is a work of pure fiction and silliness. Any resemblance to real people or fictional characters is a happy accident. Any similarity between these made-up kids and their actions, and the wonderful characters created by J. K. Rowling is simply another coincidence. No implication as to the sexuality of any fictional characters, or actors who portray those characters, is intended.


Magical Friends

Part Two

Chapter 16

A slow recovery

Draco awoke the next morning, still curled up on the floor where his father had left him. He couldn't figure out where he was, or why he was there. He had no recollection of the events of the previous day, and had no idea what time it was, or even what day it was. Everything hurt. Not the excruciating agony he suffered yesterday, but a dull throbbing ache that penetrated every bone and muscle. Slowly and painfully he arose, realizing that he was at home, in the parlor. He was puzzled why he had apparently spent the night in the parlor, and made his way to his bedroom.

When he arrived in his room and saw his trunk full of school clothes, he remembered that he was a student at Hogwarts, but wasn't sure when he had come home, or how long he had been there. His memories of school were dull, limited somehow, and he didn't feel like struggling to clarify them right now. Everything hurt too much. Gradually, aching with each move, he managed to get out of his clothes from yesterday, and make his way into the shower. Even the water hurt as it struck his skin, but the soothing pressure of it slowly but surely eased the deep aching within his body. All the energy seemed to be drained out of him, as he toweled off and staggered into bed. He lay there, naked, on his back and attempted, without success, to sort out his feelings.

As his mind gradually cleared, he figured out that he had been hit with the Cruciatus Curse. It had happened once before, to a much lesser degree. Draco dozed off for a while, and awoke hungry, thirsty and horny. The source of the horniness was a mystery to him, and without the ability to get an erection, it just seemed a nuisance. He did not know that his own father had blocked his ability to engage in any kind of sex. He also did not know that his father had selectively deleted portions of his memory. He did realize that Lucius had punished him with the Cruciatus Curse, but didn't know why. "I've got to get out of here," he thought, but had no idea how to escape or where to go.


Coming on the train

Several weeks had passed. Harry had stopped torturing Dudley, and pretty much ignored him, leaving his body in the normal state. Dudley was grateful to be able to wank any time he wanted to, and didn't have to put up with persistent erections he couldn't explain.

Finally it was time to return to school. Harry, Ron, Colin and Neville shared the same railroad car they had on the way home. The first thing the boys wanted to know as the Hogwarts Express pulled out of the station, was whether Neville had begun to grow over summer vacation. It looked like he was just a little taller, but it was hard to tell, because all four boys had put on some height as well.

"C'mon, tell us. Show us with the wand," insisted Colin, who wasn't shy about his penis, and was bursting with pride at his ability to shoot farther than anyone else. Ron was the only one in the compartment who had never witnessed one of Colin's shotgun orgasms, and was growing bored with the conversation. He leaned back and shut his eyes.

"Yeah, do a measurement," said Harry. He was the one who had taught Neville and Colin the Calculineo charm, which was designed to progressively keep track the length of one's penis as it grew throughout puberty. They had discovered that it was unnecessary to be erect at the time; the wand automatically knew what the full length would be. It was likewise unnecessary to be naked.

"Oh, all right," said Neville, and drew out his wand with an air of reluctance. Ron was snoring lightly as he dropped off to sleep. Neville placed the closer end of the wand against his pubic bone, and held it near the far end with his fist wrapped around it, creating the humorous illusion of a boy masturbating with a long, wooden penis.

"Calculineo!" he pronounced, and a bright yellow ring appeared around the wand, just over three inches from the tip pressed against his body. A second ring did not appear. Neville bit his lip and held his breath. Harry gave Neville a sympathetic look, knowing he was disappointed in the lack of change.

"That's okay," said Colin; "It still feels great, right?"

"Don't worry," Harry said, "It's bound to start getting longer pretty soon."

Neville couldn't keep a straight face any longer. He had been suppressing a smile for all this time, and broke into a wide grin. "Yeah, pretty soon," he giggled. Taking hold of the wand around its midsection with the thumb and forefinger of his other hand, he removed his fist from the top of it. A second yellow ring shone brightly, underneath where his hand had concealed it. It was almost four inches above the first mark! Neville had grown all right, and had outdistanced Colin. He was now second only to Ron, who was developing a sleep-hardon as he snored.

"We wanna see it!" said Colin. "Yeah," said Harry; "Show us!" Both boys were slack-jawed upon seeing the second ring.

Harry rubbed his crotch, swelling up inside his clothes. Colin got an erection as well, and reached down, pulling his pants down in a single motion. His rock-hard cock sprang straight up. He stroked it lightly, in order to inspire Neville. It worked. Neville grinned fron ear to ear, undid his button and zipper, and let his new-found toy out for the others to inspect. It was slender, thinner even than Colin's, but slightly longer. "Oooh, c'est magnifique!" said Colin with genuine admiration. He was thinking of the night he and Neville had horsed around in Harry's bed, and was anxious to have another go at the new and improved model. He continued to stroke himself.

"Awesome!" said Harry. He could stand it no longer. He opened his pants, took out his stiff pecker, and proceeded to stroke himself lightly just as Colin was doing. Neville needed no further encouragement, and placed both palms aside his erection and rolled it lightly and quickly back and forth, a method that Harry had taught him last year. Neville came first, flinging his globs of cum up and onto his chest and belly.

Colin stood up, digging his heels into the carpet, and came next, with his gunshot pecker. Pop, pop! He aimed the first two shots at Neville, his cum mingling with what was already there. Turning like a machine-gun operator, he hit Harry in the face with his next shot, and another on Harry's stomach. Turning still more, he flung a glob of semen straight across at Ron, hitting him right on the crotch and creating the illusion that Ron had come in his sleep and it leaked through his clothes.

That pushed Harry over the edge, laughing, and his orgasm began right then. Sticky fluid jumped up in the air, and landed right back on his hand, giving him some extra lubrication to finish up with. All three boys were giggling by this time, while Ron slept through it all. Harry waved his wand theatrically, and said "Immaculata!" cleaning up all the goo. The boys just sat back and smiled at each other as they relaxed in their post-orgasmic bliss.

"That really is terrific, Neville," said Harry finally. "How long did it take to get that long?"

"It started growing as soon as I got home, and increased steadily, by about the thickness of the yellow ring each day. I'm not sure it has stopped growing yet."

"I'll bet it will get thicker," said Colin.

"Dunno," said Neville.

He hadn't lost any of his need for multiple orgasms, and proceeded to repeat the rolling technique, squirting another load in about thirty seconds. Colin stiffened up again as he watched Neville doing it. "What the hell," he mumbled, and imitated Neville's technique. Pop, pop, pop! Before long, Colin's hot juice was flying around the railroad car like so many fizzing whizbees. They both turned and stared at Harry, looking at his semi-stiff pecker. "Well?" said Colin. Harry grinned, enjoying the audience. "Why not?" he said, also rolling it rapidly between his hands. He stiffened his legs, crossed at the ankles, looked at the other boys' faces watching him intently, and used the fact that he was showing off for them as his inspiration. He pumped out a fine, healthy load of boyjuice, heaved a sigh of relief, and closed his eyes to relax.

"I'll do the honours this time," said Colin. He waved his wand as if conducting the symphony orchestra, and pronounced "Immaculata!" They tidied up their clothing, and decided it was time for a short snooze.

As he slept, Harry was thinking of the coming evening, and hoping Draco would be back at school already so they could spend their first night back in the Room of Requirement.