The following article is a work of pure fiction and silliness. Any resemblance to real people or fictional characters is a happy accident. Any similarity between these made-up kids and their actions, and the wonderful characters created by J. K. Rowling is simply another coincidence. No implication as to the sexuality of any fictional characters, or actors who portray those characters, is intended.


Magical Friends

Part Two

Chapter 17

He's a Real Nowhere Man

Draco was acting like a zombie during the first several days of school. Whenever he and Harry passed in the hall, he took no notice of Harry. It was as if he didn't see him, or didn't know who that was. Harry tried speaking to him, but he paid no attention and walked away. Likewise in the Slytherin Common room or in the dormitory, if Crabbe or Goyle tried talking to Draco, they might as well have been talking to the wall. It was as if he didn't know who they were, and didn't care to find out. The two boys were totally confused, and decided to be patient until Malfoy was ready to talk.

Late in the evenings, Harry would check the Maurader's Map to determine if Draco was going to the third floor near the trophy cases. He even went there several times himself and waited, hoping the Map was wrong. Draco never showed.

Harry was devastated. He became depressed, and wouldn't confide in Ron or Hermione, his closest friends. Hermione was spending more and more time in the library, researching depression. She knew Harry liked boys, but she wasn't aware of the depth of feeling Harry and Draco had developed the previous semester. For all she knew Draco was acting strangely because he was quietly cooking up some new evil plot.


Harry was in Divination class, more or less in a stupor from the heat and the boring, droning tone of the teacher. The trap door popped open and a first-year student handed the teacher a sealed note. "For you," she said, thrusting it at Harry.

"Please come to my office after class." The note was from Dumbledore, the Headmaster of the school. Harry made his way to the Gargoyle, and spoke the password. Dumbledore had made sure Harry always knew the current password. He climbed the spiral stairs.

Dumbledore was seated at his desk, looking kindly. Oddly, all the portraits were deserted. He motioned for Harry to take a seat. "I've asked them for a few minutes alone," he explained, when he saw Harry looking at the empty frames.

"You seem depressed. Is there anything you want to tell me, Harry?" Dumbledore asked.

Harry really wanted to, deep down; but couldn't imagine sharing his secret with Dumbledore. "No, Professor," he said.

Dumbledore knew better. "Did something happen between you and Draco, that you aren't speaking to each other?"

Harry felt like choking. "I - - uh - - how did you - - um - - No, nothing I can think of" he said, totally embarassed. "It's as if he doesn't even know who I am. And how did you know about us?"

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled just slightly. "I created the Room of Requirement, remember? There are ways to know who uses it and what goes on there."

Harry turned bright red and his eyes widened with fear. He swallowed hard.

"It's all right," said Dumbledore. "I am interested in your happiness, as well as your safety." He reached out and gently laid his hand on Harry's. His touch was comforting, and Harry found it possible to breathe again. "I haven't been spying on you and Draco; just being sure you were never in danger. You will always have your privacy. With your permission, I'll talk to him. I have an idea what is wrong."

Harry was still too stunned to put words together. He looked Dumbledore in the eye and nodded his assent.

Dumbledore brought Draco Malfoy into his office, and talked with him for most of the afternoon. He learned that Draco couldn't remember Harry, and therefore couldn't recall having been his lover. The Headmaster shrewdly deduced that Draco's father had tampered with his memory. He recoiled at the news that Lucius had used the Cruciatus Curse on his own son, endangering his life. He decided then and there to place the elder Malfoy under restrictions that would prevent him from harming Draco again.

After lengthy conversation, Dumbledore was able to convince Draco to trust him and let him help. Dumbledore cast several ancient and powerful charms on Draco, opening his mind and removing the blocks to his memory that Lucius had created. There were still large empty places in Draco's mind, which would have to be restored.

Dumbledore summoned Harry back to the office. When Harry arrived, Dumbledore opened a wooden closet, and took a large stone basin from the shelf and placed it on his desk. Harry recognized the bowl as the Pensieve, a magical object that could serve as a temporary holding-place for one's thoughts. Dumbledore took Harry aside, and told him what he had done for Draco. "You need to replace his memory without losing your own," he said. "What you must do is place the thoughts you want to share with him into the Pensieve, then look at them in the bowl, in order to regain them yourself. Finally have him use his wand to pull the thoughts from the bowl into his own memory, without looking at them in the Pensieve first. In that way they will become his memories, rather than his observation of yours, and you will remember them as well."

Harry began with the night they met at the Pub, followed by their first experience in the Room of Requirement that same night. He included all their times together, including their tearful goodbye. After the first couple of successful transfers, Dumbledore left the office, understanding that the boys would want to be alone.

As Draco absorbed Harry's recollections of their times together, he understood more and more what those thoughts meant,and why his father had stripped them from his mind. He became more and more angry at his father, and more and more in love with Harry Potter. When Harry had finished, he was curious why Harry had started with the night in the pub, and not before. Harry cautiously explained to Draco that they had been, or seemed to be, bitter enemies before that time.

"I need those memories too," said Draco.

"Can't we just forget them?" said Harry.

"If I got over our differences before, I will be able to do it again. If you trust me, and I believe you do, then I must have my whole memory restored, not just your favorite parts."

Harry reluctantly agreed, and pulled thoughts out of his memory; everything from Malfoy's taunts in the Great Room, to abusing him on the train, to embarassing him in class. He included Crabbe and Goyle; if Draco wanted it all, he would do his best to be complete. It went on and on. Finally, Draco said "Stop!" I can't believe I did all those things to you, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

"I already have. I love you and nothing can come between us again." Harry pulled Draco to him and embraced him, kissing him lightly on the lips. Draco sobbed briefly, muttering how sorry he was, and tightened his hold on Harry. He kissed him back, deeply and fervently.

"Can we go to that room right now?" he said breathlessly.

"Let's do it," said Harry; "Dumbledore won't mind. We've already missed supper, and nobody else knows where we are anyway."

One More Thing to Fix

The halls seemed nearly deserted as the boys climbed the stairs to the third floor. Harry almost wondered if Dumbledore had created some kind of diversion so that they wouldn't be disturbed by any teachers or students. Even Filch and Peeves were nowhere to be seen. They reached the trohpy case, and Harry paced before the wall, seemingly lost in thought. The magic door appeared, and the two lovers stepped into their familiar elegant surroundings.

Draco was somewhat quiet and reserved. He felt emotionally aroused, but not physically. Harry was cautious, not wanting to say the wrong thing. As they neared the giant-sized bed, Harry hugged Draco and nibbled on his ear. He carefully slipped a hand around front, expecting to fondle Draco's erect penis. Instead, he found him totally soft.

"Are you allright?" he asked, gently.

"I don't know what's wrong," said Draco. "It's like I'm not all here."

"Let's get out of these clothes," said Harry, stripping. Draco did likewise. They stood facing each other, Harry with a magnificent throbbing erection, and Draco beautiful, but with no sign of physical arousal.

It dawned on Harry what the trouble was. "I know what happened. I bet your father had a hand in this too." He pulled out his wand, pointed it at Draco's crotch, and said "Engorgio."

They both watched Draco's penis, as it grew longer, longer still, thicker, and gently rose up to its fully erect state. "That's better" said Harry. They smiled at each other and hugged, rubbing their warm bodies together. They fell onto the bed.