***This story is a complete work of fiction centering on a sexual encounter between porn god/legend/stud Manuel Ferrara and Mr. World 2013, Francisco Escobar. It is common knowledge that both men are heterosexual, and this story in no way attempts to question neither man's sexuality nor preferences. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***

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Manuel was busy scoping out the beach for a nice piece of ass. He had been in Brazil for three days now and felt as though he were in heaven. The people, both the women and men, were beautiful. Ever since his plane landed, he had been on an almost nonstop mission to get as much ass as he could. So far, he had taken a total of twelve different women back to his suite at the 5-star Copacabana Palace, unarguably the most luxurious hotel in all of South America.

He sat up on his towel, checking out his surroundings behind a dark pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses. Surprisingly he was, probably for the first time in his adult life, a bit self-conscious about his body. Virtually all of the guys were shaved smooth and had rock hard abs forming 4, 6, and 8 packs. He, on the other hand, was naturally hairy ("as men should be," he always said) and had a bit of meat of him. But it didn't bother him too much. Based on all the awards he had won, he was unarguably the best adult male performer in the world. He was the only performer in the world that could make his partner fall in love with him in the course of a scene. It was just a job for him, but he enjoyed it.

Manuel had been out on the beach for close to an hour and hadn't found anyone reasonable yet. He was impatient. Previously, he found all of his bait within 30 minutes. Today just wasn't his luck. But he wasn't going to give up. He collected his things and walked over to one of the cafés just off the beach. He pulled up at the bar and sat down in the only empty seat in between a young man and an elderly woman.

"Ouch! Shit!"

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry man." Manuel had dropped his bag on the uncovered foot of the young guy sitting next to him. In the reflexive process of grabbing and rubbing his foot, the guy had also spilled his drink on the ground.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine, thanks," the young man said, picking up the glass his drink was in and setting it back on the counter. The bartender collected it to wash.

"Let me get you another drink," Manuel offered.

"Oh no, it's fine."

"No, please. I was the dumb ass that made you spill your drink. What would you like? Bartender! Bartender! Can we get him another drink of whatever he had before please, and I'll take a pina colada."

The bartender nodded affirmative and started preparing both drinks.

"My name is Manuel," the porn legend said, extending his hand to the young man.


"So, Mr. Francisco, are you Brazilian? You speak really good English!"

"Ha ha, no no, I'm from Colombia."

"Colombia!" Manuel said, incredulously. "I've always wanted to go there! What part?"

"From Cali. Do you know it?"

"No, I'm afraid not. I don't know the cities too much. I just know they also have nice beaches and beautiful people. Like you!"

"Ha, thank you," Francisco said, blushing. "Um, so which country are you from?"

"I'm French. But I live in the US."

"Oh me, too! In New York. What about you?"

"California," Manuel responded. "Los Angeles, to be exact."

"I really like it there. What do you do there?"

"I do some acting and producing work." Manuel didn't want to be too specific.

"That's great. I'm a model actually. I'm here in Brazil for a shoot."

"I figured you were one! You're in such great shape," Manuel said, playfully slapping his hand against Francisco's abs.

The two guys continued to chat for the next two hours. They had each had about six drinks and were beginning to feel the effects.

"Well, Manuel, it's nice to meet you but I think I should maybe go now. I don't want to keep you tied up," Francisco said.

"Tied up? Ha! I'm on vacation. Time means nothing to me!"

Francisco smiled.

"Do you want to grab dinner together later this evening?" Manuel offered.

"Sure, that would be great," Francisco responded after a brief hesitation. "Where? And when?"

Manuel suggested a place not too far from his hotel and the duo agreed to meet there at 8 PM. Francisco picked up his things and walked off, wearing only his Speedo and flip flops.

"Damn, he's a cutie," Manuel said under his breath while fixing his package. Little Manuel was as hard as a rock.


"FRANCISCOOOOO!" Manuel playfully shouted as the younger man was approaching him at the restaurant.

"Hey, bonsoir," Francisco said through a laugh. "Sorry I'm late."

"Late? I just got here three minutes ago myself. Let's grab a seat."

The duo was seated at a nice table overlooking the beautiful Copacabana Beach. They had just missed a spectacular sunset, but it was still a great setting nonetheless.

"You look fantastic, by the way," Manuel said looking up from his menu. "Very handsome."

Francisco blushed. "Merci et toi aussi monsieur!" (Thanks and you as well sir).

"Oh la la, tu parles français!" (Oh, you speak French)!

"No, just a little," Francisco said, reverting back to English.

The two guys chatted over a nice dinner and three bottles of wine. By now, it was clear they had something in common: they both loved to drink!

"Let's go to a disco," Manuel suggested. Francisco looked at his watch. It was 10:30 PM.

"Mmmm, I don't know, it's..."

"Come on, it's early. You're in Brazil. And you're hanging out with the coolest French guy ever," Manuel said in a playful, albeit normal-for-him arrogance.

"Ha ha, okay, let's go," Francisco relented.

They walked to a disco nearby. Francisco attempted to pay the cover fee, but Manuel literally slapped his away and paid for both of them. They immediately went to the bar and ordered drinks.

"Do you dance," Francisco asked.

"Hell no! I'm too old for that!"

"What, are you kidding me? How old are you? Thirty?"

"I wish! Thrity-seven," Manuel said. He knew he looked good for his age, so he didn't care.

"That's young, what are you talking about," Francisco said. "I'm twenty-one."

"TWENTY-ONE! You're a baby," Manuel said. "But just how I like `em," he thought to himself.

The guys chatted for what seemed like hours, and before they knew it, it was 2 am and the club was closing. They were both completely drunk, but were not completely sloppy and were at least capable of functioning.

"I need a taxi. I don't think I can walk back to my hotel," Francisco said holding his head.

"Come back with me. To my hotel," Manuel said.

Francisco stared at him.

Manuel took Francisco's hand in his own, and they started walking back to the Copacabana Palace. Before long, they were up on the eighth floor in Manuel's suite.

"Wow, this is so nice," Francisco said, taking in the view from the sitting room window. Manuel came up behind him and put his arms around his waist. He playfully nibbled on Francisco's left ear. The young Colombia was caught off guard, but did not flinch or resist the older man's advances.

"Spend the night with me, baby," Manuel whispered in Francisco's ears. The comment made him weak and his knees would have buckled were it not for Manuel's strong arms helping support him.

Manuel spun the younger man around and passionately shoved his tongue down his throat. They kissed for ten minutes nonstop. Manuel was an excellent kisser; Francisco, not so much.

"Let me fuck you, baby. I want your body," Manuel said towards the end of their long kiss.

"I don't know, I'm really nervous," Francisco said, his Spanish accent now very heavy due to his emotions.

Manuel grabbed Francisco's hand again and walked him into the suite bedroom. They sat and the bed and kissed briefly, before Manuel started removing Francisco's clothes.

Francisco was down to his briefs in the blink of an eye. Manuel kissed him all over his body and pushed him backwards on the bed. He pulled the Colombian's briefs down, revealing a rock hard, albeit boyish cock. Francisco was completely shaved and his foreskin had slightly retracted over his glans, which was wet from his precum.

Manuel opened the younger man's legs, revealing the pink hole that was Francisco's anus. He shoved his head in, licking it as though it were one of the thousands of pussies he had eaten on screen. Francisco was screaming with pleasure. Manuel had to stop and kiss him on the lips to get him to quiet down. He returned and continued his oral assault on the virginal hole.

Eventually, his tongue was inside Francisco's hole. Without warning, he slipped two of his thick fingers inside the young man.

"FUCCCCCCCKKKKKK," Francisco screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure.

Manuel laid down next to him, whispering sensual things in his ear while fingering his prostate. Francisco eventually found himself gyrating to the rhythm of Manuel's fingers. Manuel kissed him again. Francisco liked that.

The Frenchman stopped suddenly and pulled his wet fingers from inside the younger man. Francisco felt so empty inside. He wanted more. But he didn't have to wait long. Manuel stood over him, and without even removing his clothes, he unzipped his jeans and pulled his thick, uncircumcised 9 inch cock through the zipper. He lined it up with Francisco's hole.

"Wait, Manuel, wait!" Francisco exclaimed. "I don't know if I can do this. I'm a virgin."

Manuel kissed him again for reassurance. "I'm not gonna hurt you baby. I know what I'm doing."

He pushed himself in. Francisco winced in pain. Manuel kissed him again to distract him as he continued breaking past the tight sphincter. It took a full three minutes (which seemed like an hour to Francisco) before Manuel's jeans were rubbing against his hairless perineum.

Manuel started pulling out, and the tightness of Francisco's hole pulled Manuel's foreskin fully over his glans while he was still inside the young Colombian. Without pulling himself completely out, Manuel spat on his cock and pushed back in, offering more lubrication.

Francisco had his eyes pinched closed, but he could still feel Manuel staring at him. Finally, he was beginning to enjoy this. He was losing his virginity to a good-looking, charismatic, nearly 40 year old French man. Was he in love? What is love? Whatever it was, he surely loved this feeling.

Manuel crouched down and laid the full weight of his body on the young Colombian while still continuing his slow in/out stroke in the boy's anus. He took Francisco's head in his hands.

"Open your eyes. Look at me," he said in a soft whisper. Francisco did as he was instructed.

"You're so beautiful baby," Manuel said in between soft, passionate kisses on the lips.

Francisco loved feeling Manuel's weight on top of him, but he wanted to feel his skin. He lifted Manuel's shirt and pulled it over his head. Manuel stopped stroking and finally took his pants and underwear off. He sat on the bed and instructed Francisco to sit on him in the reverse cowgirl position, but facing away from him.

The Colombian sat on the thick French phallus, but after controlling the speed of the sex for a couple of strokes, he stopped. He didn't like this position. He didn't like the "power" of being in control. He wanted Manuel in control.

He got off Manuel and buried his face in between his thick legs, taking in the musky smell of his crotch. Manuel's thick pubes reeked of sweat and were quite wet. Manuel laid back on the bed and lifted his legs while jacking his cock.

"Lick my ass!"

Francisco approached cautiously before sticking his tongue out. He was staring face-to-face with the most secretive and personal part of Manuel's body. Manuel had a very hairy ass, but the hair was very fine and lay straight rather than coarse and curly like on most people. His opening, like Francisco's, was pink, but was more of a slit rather than a hole. He was really musky. He sweated very easily, and all of the sitting at the restaurant followed by the continuous moving at the disco accentuated this. But to Francisco, the smell was euphoric. Manuel was manly man. He was the epitome of masculinity without being chauvinistic.

Francisco licked. Some of the sweat drops evaporated on his tongue. He liked the sensation, as did Manuel obviously, who was moaning and pushing his ass further into his face. Francisco licked and licked. Eventually, his tongue, too, found its way inside Manuel. He decided to insert a finger.

"NO! No, no, no!" Manuel protested, jumping up quickly before Francisco could get his fingernail in the sphincter. "I don't do that. I don't like that. Nothing goes in my ass except your tongue." He said it politely but assertively. Francisco was embarrassed.

Manuel grabbed him and slammed him against the wall and forced his tongue down his throat. It was supposed to be playful, but the move actually hurt the Colombian a little. The Frenchman picked Francisco up and slid his cock back in his recently deflowered opening, fucking him against the wall. Francisco started crying; not tears of pain, but rather tears of intense pleasure. It was his first time having sex, but Manuel made it was pleasurable and passionate. Actually, this wasn't sex; it was making love. Francisco was lucky; there had literally been hundreds of guys asking to take his virginity, but most likely none of them would have been as good as Manuel. He couldn't even imagine anyone else being this passionate.

But Manuel was human, and he was getting tired. They had been going nonstop for over an hour! He was ready to climax. He laid Francisco down on the bed and rolled him onto his stomach. He lowered himself down, once again putting all of his body weight on the youngster's back. He took long, deep strokes, virtually pulling his entire cock out before slowly pushing it back in until his pubic bone made contact with Francisco's skin.

He was whispering sensual things in Francisco's ear:

"You have such a nice body."

"You're so tight, baby."

"Why you're so beautiful?"

"I'm gonna get you pregnant with my cum, baby."

Coupled with his accent, the comments had Francisco walking on cloud nine!

Manuel sped up and before long he pulled out and jacked an impressive eleven squirts out of his mature French cock. The first four went flying over Francisco's head, almost hitting the window overlooking Copacabana Beach! He stuck his still hard, dripping phallus back inside the warmth of Francisco's hole, and laid his head on the latter's back.

A few minutes passed, and Manuel's now-limp cock slipped out of the snug, hairless hole. Some of the residual cum also leaked out. Manuel got up, flipped Francisco onto his back, and laid down again on top of him. Francisco cradled him by wrapping his arms around his sweaty back.

"How was that? You're not a virgin anymore."

Francisco couldn't speak. There were no words to say. Manuel climbed off of him and went down between his legs. He spread them and began licking away his leftover cum from Francisco's pink hole.

"I...I...I love..."

"Shhh!" Manuel hissed. "Don't speak! Don't say that!" He knew what Francisco wanted to say. He had heard it all too often from many of the women he fucked before. He took it as a compliment, but to him, it was just sex. Nothing more.

"Come on, baby, let's go take a shower," Manuel said.

He offered his hand to Francisco, and the two walked into the bathroom (Francisco walked with a very noticeable limp). Manuel turned on the water and the duo washed away all of the sex they just had. Manuel washed Francisco's back, putting extra effort into cleaning the young Colombian's anus. Francisco returned the favor.

Afterwards, Francisco started to dress himself. Manuel stopped him.

"Spend the night with me, my beautiful Colombian model."

"I...I don't know, maybe I should leave," Francisco said, who was still on sexual high but was also mentally distraught after having just lost his virginity to this "old straight man."

"Baby, keep me company tonight. Keep me warm," Manuel said in a pleading voice. He planted a soft, luscious kiss on Francisco's lips.

"Okay. Okay, I will spend the night."

Manuel smiled. He turned on the TV in the bedroom and put on his bathrobe. He threw the other robe to Francisco. "I don't know about you, but I'm hungry again! Let's order room service!"

The duo sat and flipped through the room service order as if nothing had ever happened between the two of them.

-The End-

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