Mark and Randy

This is a fictional story that contains characters from the ABC series "Home Improvement". It contains material of minors in sexual acts if this kind of material makes you foam at the mouth please don't read. If you have any comments please send to

Mark and Randy got home from school at the same time. They both went to the refrigerator to get a soda. They found a note on the door that said, "Dear boys, me and your father went to the ballet and Brad has a soccer game make your self something to eat and stay out of trouble.

Mark said, "Poor dad." They both laughed. Randy then said, "Want to order a pizza." Mark replied, "Sure if you're paying."

After they had got done eating Mark and Randy sat on the couch and rested. Mark said, "Man am I stuffed I don't think I could eat anything else." Then Randy said, "How about dessert." Mark replied, "What did you have in mind."

Without out Mark saying another word Randy had already started to go upstairs. Mark started up after him and followed Randy into his room. Mark was just about to say something when Randy grabbed Marks ass. Mark startled by this jumped forward and said, "Hey, man what's the idea, and why in the hell are you undressing someone might come home." Nobody is going to be home they are all out" Randy replied.

Randy with out warning ripped off Marks shirt exposing his flat firm chest. Mark was taller then Randy. Mark was 13 5'8 he had brown hair, Brown eyes, and a 6 inch cock. Randy was the shortest of the three brothers he was 15 5'6 he had blond hair, blue eyes, but he had the biggest cock out of the three his was 8 inches.

Mark automatically got rock hard his dick was bulging in his blue briefs. "Let me help you with that" Randy said pulling Mark's underwear down. Now both of the boys were both naked and hard. Randy then said "Time for desert, and motioned for Mark to give him a blow job.

Mark quickly got on his knees and started playing with his brother's hairy balls. He then put Randy's cock in his mouth. Randy gave out a soft moan. Mark started sucking even faster to try to give more pleasure. Randy said loudly "Oh man that feels so good I don't think I can hold it in anymore I am going to cum." Mark kept sucking until Randy's cock was all clean of cum.

Randy lay back on the bed for a minute so he could get his breath back. He then stood up and said, "Now it is my turn to give you some pleasure." Without saying anymore he turned his younger brother around showing his smooth ass. Randy put the tip of his cock in his brother's tight ass and then started to shove the rest of his cock in Mark. Mark let out a loud scream as Randy's cock entered his ass, but once it was in Mark stopped yelling. Randy started out slow but started to go faster pumping harder. Mark let out a soft moan while his brother fucked his ass.

While they were doing this they did not hear their older brother come home. Brad came home and quickly went up to his room that was before Mark and Randy's room. He went to his room and quickly got undresses to go take a shower. As he was walking to the bathroom he glanced into his brother's room and saw what was going on. All he did was watch as his brother's had sex right in front of him. He thought to himself "They don't even know I am here."

He started to sneak up behind his brother's and said "Boy Randy go any further and Mark will be wanting his two front teeth for Christmas." The two boys startled and scared that their brother had just caught them having sex. "Um what are you doing home Brad I thought you had a soccer game" Randy said. Mark then said nervously "You aren't going to tell anyone are you." Brad replied "Nah. If you guys aren't too tired want to do a three-way. You guys looked real hot fucking each other." "Sure." Mark said surprised. "Great." Brad said standing in just a pair of boxers with his hard dick poking out the front of them.

Brad was the tallest of the three he was 5'11 he had blond hair and blue eyes. His cock was 6-1/2 inches he was the only on of the three boys who wasn't cut. Mark walked up to him, got on his knees and pulled down Brad's boxers and proceeded to suck his cock. Brad started to run his fingers through Mark's thin brown hair. Randy went over to Mark and lay down under him and started giving him a blow job. Brad said softly "Man, Mark that feels so good. Get ready to swallow some cum."

Without saying another word he shot 6 squirts in his brother's mouth. Mark tried to swallow it all but was unable too. All three boys looked at each other and decided what next to do without saying a word to each other. Brad got on all four and Randy proceeded to straddle him. Brad let a loud scream when Randy's cock first entered, but then after he got it all in he stopped screaming. As soon as Mark saw that Randy was on top of Brad okay he stuck his rock hard cock up Randy's ass. Randy let out a small moan because he was used to it.

Soon they were all moaning in pleasure. Mark was the first on to cum. He shot 4 squirts into his brother. Randy feeling this immediately shot 5 shots of cum in Brad. All three boys sat on the bed and stroked their now soft cocks. Randy then said softly "Brad why didn't you catch use before now it would have been a lot better all those other times." Brad just shrugged his shoulders and replied "It will be better the next time." They all smiled and just then there parents came home. They quickly got dressed and went downstairs.

Jill said "Well boys I hope you didn't get into too much trouble while we were gone." They all smiled and shook their heads.

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