MattyB and Me Part 1

This story is fiction, not in any way accurate or factual, any similarities are purely coincidental. The character Brady, is based on me about 5 years ago, in fact I still haven't changed much, MattyB is a YouTube sensation, but that isn't really focused on in this story, I wrote this as I've seen people asking about a story involving MattyB, so here it is, constructive criticism and comments welcome, email is at the bottom of the page, I want to make it clear that the whole story is pure fantasy, if you don't know who MattyB is, have a Google :)

My names Brady, and I live in a wealthy Atlanta suburb with my mom, my dad left years ago when I was about 7, I don't remember him leaving, just that he's not here anymore, enough about that though, I'm just turned 12, about 4'10, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, pretty skinny but not scrawny. This story is about a journey I never thought I'd experience.


I was so excited, school was out for a whole summer, it was sunny, super hot and I couldn't wait to get home and swim in the pool, as I walked out of school I bumped into my neighbor Matty, he was pretty cute, 9 years old, blonde hair Bieber style, about 4'5, blue shiny eyes, a cute kid, made me hard most of the time.

"Hey!" Matty yelled

"Hey dude" I replied

"Do you wanna come over to my house? We're having a BBQ and stuff, it'll be awesome and we're gonna go swimming" Matty said

"Uh yeah I guess that'd be cool? I just gotta go meet my mom out by the gate, I'll ask her but it should be okay" I replied

"Okay cool, I'll wait here" he chirped back

As I walked away down the school path, I couldn't help but notice I was a little more attracted to Matty recently, like I know he's got a lot of fans and attention on YouTube and stuff, but he still seems like the same kid I've known all my life, and he still gives me the tingles.

"Hey honey" My mom said

"Hey mom!" I replied

"I hear Matty's having a BBQ and sleepover tonight, did you want to go to that" my mom said

"Wow, yeah mom, how'd you know about that? Matty only just told me now" I said

"Mothers intuition!" she sniggered

"Whatever mom!, so do I have to come home with you first or should I go with Matty now?"

"You'll have to come with me hun, you need to get changed and things for tonight, go tell Matty you'll see him at 4:30 ok?"

"Ok mom, be right back" I replied

I ran back up the path in the Georgia heat to meet Matty to tell him the haps, I found him just sitting on the grass listening to his iPod, I just told him I had to go with my mom and I'd see him at 4:30, he was sweet with that so I ran back to my moms Range Rover and we went home.

When we rolled into the driveway, I ran up to my room to get ready. I was so excited about tonight I couldn't wait to get to Matty's. As I got to my room (pretty decent spread for a 12 year old) I jumped on my laptop to check Facebook and my emails, nothing amazing, some hot new pics of another 12 year old in my class called Sam. Looking at pics of Sam and thinking about Matty started to get me hard, I had figured out jerking off just before my 12th birthday 3 months ago, and just started squirting last month. I thought my 5 inch hairless boner was pretty impressive for my age, I was also uncut, low hanging balls despite my high voice. I lowered my shorts and boxers as my 5 inches of glory popped out smacking my tummy in the process, I was a little worried that my mom might've heard so I locked the door and got on my bed with my laptop between my legs.

As I started running my hands up and down my 5 inch shaft, I felt a familiar wetness under my foreskin I now know as pre cum, I loved the sticky sweet smell and salty taste of it, it aroused me more as I flicked through photo's of Matty and other friends of mine, one was at a surf comp in SoCal and they were all shirtless with bulges in their shorts. I began to think about Matty's dick, I wonder what it looks like, cut/uncut, I wonder if he jerks off? I didn't have much time to think because before I knew it, I was shooting my watery cum all over myself, it may haven't had any actual sperm in it but I was always surprised by how much came out, at least 6 shots on average, most I had was 12 the first time I came. I used my undies to clean up, stopping to taste it occasionally, and jumped in my shower.

After getting out, I slipped on some red skinny jeans, a white oversized t shirt and took my overnight bag with board shorts and a change of clothes downstairs where I said goodnight to my mom and headed over to Matty's. The suburb I live in is fairly wealthy, most people are families, with big houses, stereotypical modern suburban America really, Matty's house was similar to mine, a bit bigger but he had more people living there, at home it was just me and mom.

I rang the doorbell and waited. I heard footsteps and Matty opened the door wearing only shorts no shirt, and a red+black snapback on his head, as usual.

"Hey Brady!, I'm so excited you're here, dad's just finishing the BBQ and me and my brother are gonna hop in the pool after"

"Oh cool, I'm really hungry lol" I replied

"Come in B" Matty said

I followed him through the oversized marble entranceway, down the hall out to the pool and BBQ area where his dad was putting food on the table and his mom was sitting in the hot tub, his brother was sitting at the table on his iPod playing games.

"Hi there Brady" Matty's dad said

"Hey Mr Morris" I replied

"How's your mother?"

"She's good thanks" I replied

"That's good, have a seat with Matty food's done"

"Okay thanks Mr Morris" I replied

We sat, ate and chatted about normal stuff for about 40 mins until everyone was finished and Mr Morris and his wife took everything inside, it was still warm out so me and Matty hit the pool for a while, just splashing about, nothing sexual, just average kid stuff. After an hour it was dark and getting cold so Matty suggested we go inside, I agreed and we piled up to his room.

"Omg it's getting cold at night now" Matty said

"Yeah I know, it sucks cause I like being outside at night" I replied

"Well we can go back out in a few hours I guess, when my parents go to bed" Matty said

"Sounds cool bro, lets get out of these wet clothes" I replied

"Yeah lets use my bathroom" he said

We walked into his bathroom and my mind was racing, I couldn't help but think I might be about to see his wiener, he turned around dropping his towel and then shorts and turned toward me as I pulled my shorts down, I couldn't move as I stared at him naked as the day he was born. He had a toned nearly fat free tummy, with a V shape definition starting to show, down from that his 4 inch cut dick, about as thick as a quarter looked semi hard, he was completely hairless and his balls hung slightly under his dick. I snapped out of my trance when he spoke;

"Dude, you've got a boner" He smiled

"Oh, shit, sorry" I stumbled and turned around

"It's okay Brady, I'm hard too" he said

I turned around to see his 4.5 inch cock pointing up at his tummy, balls tight up underneath, I was surprised at his size, but also at him showing me his boner.

"Touch it" he said quietly

I had to comply, without saying a word, I reached out and touched his hot boner, as I made contact with it I almost came, and he shivered a little, it was electric. I started to rub it a little as he cooed quietly, about a minute later I decided to break the silence,

"Have you masturbated before?" I asked

"Yeah, Jeebs showed my how a few months ago, you should see his dick, it's almost 6 inches" Matty replied

"Wow, but he's only not even 11?" I replied

"I know, I hope I'm that big by then!" he said

"You're so hard Matty, I love your dick" I said

"Thanks, yours is nice too, I've never seen a uncut one before, can I touch it?" he asked

"Yeah, sure"

He grabbed my dick with his whole hand, I was about to cum already and this was pushing me even closer.

"Hey Matty, I'm close to cumming dude" I breathed

"Oh cool, Jeebs won't let me watch him cum I've been wanting to see it for ages" he replied

"Ok well keep goin" I huffed back

Matty tightened his grip on my rock hard cock, as he started stroking I felt that familiar feeling in my tummy again, I started to stroke him faster too. I was only a minute till my balls tightened and I shot my load all over Matty, there were 10 shots of my watery fluid from his chin down to his balls, as I finished cumming I started stroking Matty faster, until I felt his dick get really hard and his breathing stopped, then lubricated by my cum, he had his own epic dry orgasm, his dick spasmed at least 5-6 times until he started breathing normally again.

"WOW." he said

"I know, that was so amazing" I replied

"You cum so much"

"Yeah I always have, I dunno why" I replied

"Lets get in the shower and wash it off" Matty grinned

We had a shower and dried off, it amazed me how much he looked like a mini Bieber, but so much cuter, as we left his bathroom I put my red skinnys and white shirt back on and he put on blue skinnys with a black t shit, he looked cute. I suggested we play PS3 on his bed, he agreed and that's what we did till his parents went to bed.

Once in bed, we sneaked downstairs and outside, we wandered down the street and messed about, talking about crushes and sexual feelings, we both found it funny, but as we stopped at a park about a block from his house, Matty piped up,

"Have you heard of anal sex?"

"Well yeah, I guess, its when a guy sticks his dick up your butt" I replied

"I wanna try it" Matty said

"Well I guess we could back at your house, I know you need lube to get a dick in there at first" I said

Matty then reached into his pocket and pulled out a little bottle of KY jelly, I knew what it was but wondered how the hell a 9 year old got it.

"Where did you get that?" I asked

"I found it in my brothers room, I guessed it might come in handy" he replied

"Well I guess we should go back and try it out" I grinned

"Nope, I wanna do it here, where anyone could see us, right here in the playground" he smiled back

"Okay, if you're sure" I replied

"Oh yeah, I am" he smirked

End of Part One

If you have any productive or nice comments on the story, please feel free to contact me at, I will upload part two if interest is high enough

Thanks for reading :)