MattyB and Me Part 2

This story is fiction, not in any way accurate or factual, any similarities are purely coincidental. The character Brady, is based on me about 5 years ago, in fact I still haven't changed much, MattyB is a YouTube sensation, but that isn't really focused on in this story, I wrote this as I've seen people asking about a story involving MattyB, so here it is, constructive criticism and comments welcome, email is at the bottom of the page, I want to make it clear that the whole story is pure fantasy, if you don't know who MattyB is, have a Google :)

In the last chapter:

"Have you heard of anal sex?"

"Well yeah, I guess, its when a guy sticks his dick up your butt" I replied

"I wanna try it" Matty said

"Well I guess we could back at your house, I know you need lube to get a dick in there at first" I said

Matty then reached into his pocket and pulled out a little bottle of KY jelly, I knew what it was but wondered how the hell a 9 year old got it.

"Where did you get that?" I asked

"I found it in my brothers room, I guessed it might come in handy" he replied

"Well I guess we should go back and try it out" I grinned

"Nope, I wanna do it here, where anyone could see us, right here in the playground" he smiled back

"Okay, if you're sure" I replied

"Oh yeah, I am" he smirked

End of Part One

I have to be honest, when Matty pulled out the lube I knew what was happening and what he wanted to do, but for some reason I was still shocked that he asked me, here, in a park at midnight.

"Follow me over here" Matty said, snapping me out of my daze

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Over here in the sandbox" he replied

As we climbed into the sandbox Matty suggested we get nude so I complied and took all my clothes off, so did he. When we were both totally nude with boners pointing up against our tummies I asked what he wanted to do first.

"I dunno, I kinda wanna feel what it's like to have a wiener up my butt first" Matty replied

"Ok, give me the KY" I said

Matty turned and passed the KY to me, then turned away from me.

"Bend over Matty" I said

Matty bent over without a word, as I peeled my foreskin back I noticed it was wetter than usual, I squirted some KY on my finger and rubbed it on Matty's tight pink anus, I decided to push my finger inside at first to see how tight it was, as I pushed forward Matty held his breath for a second then exhaled once my finger was in, I was amazed at how tight it was, my cock was about as thick as a half dollar and I couldn't get it in with us standing up, I suggested I lie down and he sit on my cock, he agreed and I lay on the sand, holding my cock up so he could slide down onto it. In this position it was much easier to get in, the weight of Matty pushed my cock deep into his 9yo ass, he moaned loudly as I bottomed out in him.

"Oh man that hurts" Matty said

"If you want we can stop" I replied

"No, it's okay, I heard if you keep going it gets better" he said

I flipped Matty over so he was laying on his back and I was on top of him, I slowly started to push in and out of his no longer virgin hole, he started moaning softly as I fucked him, I could feel his hard cock poking me in the tummy as I pounded him faster and faster, it was the best feeling I'd ever had, his warm tunnel hugging my cock in and out, I could feel my orgasm rising and knew it was gonna be a big one, it felt like my balls were being sucked into my body as I came, and it was a lot, there was at least 14 shots that I could feel, and Matty obviously did too, as I started cumming he did too, he moaned out loudly as the cum on his prostate caused him to shoot his first ever load, several thin watery jets spritzed out of his 4.5 inch cock and ran down my chest onto him.

When we were both finished we were covered in sand, cum and sweat, with the sudden realization that we were in a public place we got up quickly and brushed off..

"Better get dressed in case someone comes" I said

"Yeah, and it's getting late" Matty replied

"That was so awesome, I can't believe you came" I said as we were dressing

"I know, I'm still surprised, I can't wait to do it again" Matty grinned at me

"Let's get back" I grinned back

As we left the park I noticed a wet stain on the back of Matty's jeans, I was in no doubt that he was leaking the gallons of cum that I had dumped inside of him, but was a little worried on what someone might say if they saw it, but I left it in the back of my mind as we walked down the street, holding hands, wondering what could come next.

Might do a Part 3, will see how much interest there is, any comments etc email me :)