MattyB and Me Part 3

This story is fiction, not in any way accurate or factual, any similarities are purely coincidental. The character Brady, is based on me about 5 years ago, in fact I still haven't changed much, MattyB is a YouTube sensation, but that isn't really focused on in this story, I wrote this as I've seen people asking about a story involving MattyB, so here it is, constructive criticism and comments welcome, email is at the bottom of the page, I want to make it clear that the whole story is pure fantasy, if you don't know who MattyB is, have a Google :)

Sorry for the massive gap between chapters, I've been so busy no time to write!

Fast forward 2 years....

As you know my names Brady, I'm now 14 and my friend Matty is now 11. We've been sexually active for over almost 2 years now this is how much we have changed;

I'm now 5'6 from 4'10 and my dick is now 7" and quite thick

Matty is now 4'11 from 4'4 and his dick is now 6.5" when hard but medium thickness

After school I met Matty at his house and we got straight down to business, it had been 2 weeks since we last had sex, we've been sexually active (in secret) since that night at the park. Matty has since toned up quite a lot and now has the beginning of abs, meanwhile I have a nice 6 pack going.

We were both nude sporting rock hard erections, his now at 6.5" and mine at 7".

"Matty I never get tired of looking at your hot body" I said

"I love yours too, you have such a big dick" he replied

I laid on my back on his bed while he mounted me, aiming his cut mushroom head at my lubed asshole, he pushed forward and filled me with his hardness, immediately running over my prostate making my boner pulse and leak with precum.

"Oh god Matty fuck me, please" I said

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard, I'll make you cum without touching your dick" he replied

And he did just that, I loved the feel of his kid dick thrusting hard in and out of my tight asshole, each thrust made me leak more precum, he was hammering me like a bunny rabbit and I was getting close, I could tell he was too.

"I'm gonna cum Brady" he panted

"Me too, shoot in my ass Matty, make me pregnant with your sperm" I replied

That sent him into overdrive and next thing I know it he slams his dick in me as far and hard as he can while he pumps a good 4 shots of his boy cum up my ass, while I also start to cum from my dick covering us both with my creamy load.

After he slides his dick out of my ass, its all red and shriveled now, I can feel his cum sitting in my ass as he comes up to my face and we make out, then Matty licks some of the cum off my chest and we share a dummy kiss.

"That was the best Matty" I said

"I agree, I can't wait to go again" he replied

Well that was the third installment of Mattyb and Me, there will be more if there's demand for it, sorry this one was a little rushed.