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Chapter 9


Tristan and Zac had landed about an hour before that, and they'd just passed Jen's house and helped her back to her apartment. He didn't forget the debt he owed her and planned to blow her mind with the gift he wanted to get her. He'd ask Zac for some advice in that regard he seemed to be good with women. The flight back from Boston had seemed like a one second trip. One moment they were in the air and the next they'd landed. He remembered then that they'd spent the whole time just looking into one another's eyes, saying almost nothing. It was so good to be back with the love of his life. It was as if the other part of his body had suddenly appeared and he could marvel at the idea of having two hands, two feet and two eyes. Zac was breathtaking, even in his post-kidnapped state. Tristan had a feeling he had deep unresolved issues that he wasn't dealing with regarding Jason, but he'd wait for him to bring them up, or until he noticed that Zac was being harmed by his demons. He'd already vowed to intervene and stick his ground in the future if he thought he was doing the right thing. If he'd done that in the first place, perhaps none of this would have happened.


"What are you thinking?" Zac said to his side.


He realized that they hadn't been speaking since he'd dropped Jen off, which had been a good ten minutes ago. Trust him to have a friend who lived on the exact opposite side of the city from him. They were driving in his old Jaguar, a relic from an earlier decade. It was a vintage but amazingly cool and fun to ride. The sky was dark outside except for the soft urban streetlights, and the only sound was the low rumble of his car's engine. Zac's hand was on his thigh. It was such a small but incredible thing he just couldn't believe how happy it made him.


"Just about this past week," he replied. "It's been weird hey?"


"Yeah," Zac said introspectively.


"A few weeks ago I was single and I only watched you on TV. Now I'm dating you, and we've been to Paris and I've rescued you from a kidnapper. It's like a dream."


"Yeah," Zac repeated. His eyes were dark.


"Don't dwell on it," he said, rubbing the back of Zac's head warmly.


"I'm still pissed that Jason ruined our night together," he said angrily. His hands were clenched into fists.


"Let's try again tonight," he said honestly. Why wait?


"I was thinking that too," Zac said with a slowly spreading smile.


"You never know when you'll be kidnapped again," Tristan said, causing Zac to laugh.


Zac suddenly turned in his chair and faced him. He felt wary as if Zac was about to say something important.


"You know I'm a virgin, right?" he said.


"Yeah, I told you already it doesn't bother me. We'll just take it slow and make sure you enjoy it."


"No, it's not that," he said with a dismissive gesture, but something was preoccupying him. "I know you're experienced and stuff, but it's like this I plan to be with you forever, Tristan. I know it sounds cheesy and I guess I can't make you believe it, but I really wish you knew how I felt about you. It's not just love. It's like I've found my soul mate. I don't want anything more in life. I'm completely happy when I'm with you."


"Thanks baby," Tristan said with a wide smile. Jeez, it was difficult to hear those words without losing control of the car. Could a guy get any luckier than this?


"So what I want to ask you is this... could we have, uh... natural sex from the beginning?"




"You know, without condoms?"


Tristan suddenly realized why he'd introduced the topic in that way. "Not a good habit to get into," he said reflexively, but his groin stirred.


"Were you safe with all your ex's?" Zac asked.


"Yeah," he said. "It's mostly because I was never sure I'd be with them forever. I was testing the waters, trying to make it work. Look, I've read that it feels better and stuff, but I don't know, Zac."


"I don't want you to do anything you don't want to."


The silence stretched. Tristan wanted to do Zac raw, and there was no good reason not to considering the circumstances. Zac wasn't the cheating type, and a virgin too. He was also pretty sure that Zac was the last guy he ever planned on being with.


"Okay," he said at last.


"Are you sure? I don't want you to feel forced."


"Don't worry, that won't easily happen again," he said with a wry smile. "But before we do that we need to get tested. It will put my mind at ease knowing that we did the right thing before we did the wrong thing."


"Is it the wrong thing?" Zac said worriedly.


"Not always," he said. "You just need to trust that guy with your life, and that's why I was thinking a moment ago. I realized I do trust you with my life."


"Me too," Zac said with a loving smile. "So we're going to wait a few days to get tested?"


"Hell no," Tristan said with outrage. "Let's stop at a clinic now and get one of those quick tests."


Zac laughed. "I didn't know you got those."


"That's because you're a mindless actor."


"I'll beat your ass," Zac said hitting upside the back of his head.


"Save it for later, boy," he said with a hungry smile.


They drove around for ten minutes looking for a clinic, and finally found one that promised quick and reliable testing for most of the dangerous diseases. Luckily the clinic was deserted and Zac was forced to lie about his identity. He was wearing sunglasses at night again and inside a building. Tristan berated him again and said that he looked like a fool but Zac ignored him, obviously distracted by the danger of his public situation more than by the joke. Half an hour later they were out of there, obviously with a clean bill of health. The doctor had been friendly and professional, and she'd luckily not picked up on Zac's face. Not that a middle-aged woman would. Closing the door of the car, Tristan looked at Zac. He was busy taking off the plaster that was over the area where they'd taken blood. He was flinching.


"You okay, Mr Underhill?"


Zac smiled and slammed his head back against the headrest.


"I fucking knew you'd slice into me about that, Tris. You can be such a toss."


"Zac, normally I'd let things pass, but ... Obediah Underhill? Are you insane? If I didn't know better I thought the doctor was going to laugh in your face when you said that. I damn near did."


They drove off.


"I need to work on my aliases," Zac said darkly.


"I love you," he said with a laugh. Zac was just the best guy ever, and he took things so seriously sometimes.


"Happy now?" Zac said.


"Yeah," he said simply.


"It was sore," Zac said.


"I'll kiss it better. Where does it hurt?" he said.


"On my dick," Zac said with a face straining to keep from laughing.


The both looked at each other and laughed. In an instant Zac's hand was back on his leg and he squeezed it lovingly. He could happily die and go to heaven. They spent the rest of the short journey in silence. When he was with Zac he didn't feel the need to fill the void with small talk or other nonsense. He could be himself around Zac and that was a really great sign. When they reached the apartment, he threw down the keys and gave Zac a deep and powerful kiss.


"I've missed that," he said.


"Damn right," Zac said with a deep breath as he leaned into his chest. "I want to shower, if that's okay, Tris. I don't feel like any of that other shithead's taint being all over me. He touched me a lot,"


Tristan pulled back. "Did he...?"


"No," Zac said. "But he wanted to. I was worried he was going to try that night."


"Fucker," Tristan said angrily, and his mind suddenly filled with visions of Jason dying in agony or on fire.


"Don't think about it," Zac said, touching his chin. "I'll be five minutes. Wait for me on the bed."


Zac gave him a quick kiss on the lips and then disappeared into the bathroom, already pulling off his shirt as he made his way there. Tristan locked up his apartment and turned off all the lights, except for the bathroom and bedroom. He heard Zac humming in the shower softly, and while it wasn't as spirited as he was used to, it was still awesomely cute. He took off his shirt and pants and lay on the bed in his boxers. He was wearing black boxer-briefs with a white stripe around the waist filled with naughty faces in black. Ah to be an underwear designer. He was glad his room was tidy. The bed was soft with white linen and a white and black comforter, and the pillows were extremely comfortable. Only his bedside lamp was on, but it lit the room in a soft yellow light. It was not enough to read a book but you could see the other person in it. The shower turned off and Zac stopped singing. Tristan tensed but he didn't know why. He'd been further than this with Zac before but he knew in his heart that he would go all the way tonight. Fuck, he'd finally see Zac naked. It was like a wet dream and life long ambition all wrapped in one. Despite the near perfect setting in Paris, he thought that this scene was even better. It was kind of cool that their first time would be in his apartment and not in some distant hotel. There was no alcohol and hopefully no deranged man waiting behind the door to take Zac this time. There was just expectation, and hormones, and energy.


The door opened and Zac came out in his boxers. They were black too with red Chinese symbols on them, or some language that looked like that. He was busy rubbing the back of his head with a towel to dry it. He'd tried to keep his hair dry, but the hair around his neck had taken some of the brunt. Zac looked so sexy he wanted to freak out. His brown hair was slightly dishevelled and their eyes locked, while his smile was weak but incredibly sexy. For the thousandth time Tristan marvelled at how fit he was. His muscles were developed, almost large. Just watching his bicep bulge out while he towelled his head was enough to almost initiate a hard on. Everything about Zac was perfect. Even his body hair was perfect. He had a lot of dark underarm hair, but his chest was lightly dusted, with a thicker and more pronounced trail leading into his pants. He was sex in a human form.


"Fuck you're beautiful," he said.


"I was thinking the same about you," Zac said. "You make me horny."


"Come here,' Tristan said kindly.


Zac dropped the towel and walked to the bed quickly and stalked towards him. In moments they were kissing deeply. Zac's skin was warm from the shower but also a little moist. Zac rolled on top of him and held his hands down on the side of his head while he kissed him passionately. He was great with his tongue, and his breath always smelled so fresh and hot.


"You drive me wild," Zac said while he looked into his eyes.


He could feel Zac grinding his pelvis into him. He was really hard. He could feel it. He felt the same and his own hips were thrusting upwards.


"Let's take our boxers off," Tristan said.


Zac looked into his eyes and smiled. They both got off the bed and stood facing each other. Their erections were obvious, but neither made the first move.


"Go ahead," he said.


"You first," Zac said with a shy smile.


"Okay, together?" Tristan said with a laugh. They were both so shy it was ridiculous, but he also knew that it was quite a big moment for them. He felt nervous.


Zac nodded with a wide smile, and they both put their hands on their boxers.


"Now," Zac said, and they both pulled their boxers down.


They both just stared at each other's dicks for a long moment. Zac's mouth was hanging open, and he didn't even know how he himself must have looked.


"I think I'm going to cum," Zac said.


Tristan smiled for a moment. "Ditto," he said breathlessly.


Zac's cock was literally the most divine thing he'd ever seen. His own cock was about average size at just over six inches, and Zac seemed to have about half an inch on him. They were both cut. Like most things regarding Zac, his cock was perfect too. Straight as an arrow and pointing upwards with thick veins arching around it. It had a big head with a drop of pre-cum forming at the end. He had a lot of very dark pubic hair, and big balls. Tristan had never wanted to suck someone off so badly.


Zac suddenly walked forward and dropped to his knees. He thought Zac was going to suck him off but he just looked at his dick with wide-open eyes. Zac gripped his dick and he groaned.


"I can't believe how amazing it is," Zac said.


Tristan smiled. To be honest, no guy had said it like that. Zac had some sort of weird penis fetish or maybe he was just a gay guy who'd finally seen what he'd been missing.


"It's all yours," he replied. He meant it.


He pulled Zac up and they started to kiss. Their kiss rapidly became primal and aggressive. His hands were all over Zac's body and he could feel Zac doing the same. They fell onto the bed and he lay on Zac, feeling him up and down. Lying on Zac naked made him feel dizzy with ecstasy. He started to kiss Zac's neck, which caused him to groan heavily. His breathing was heavy, almost laboured. He moved down to Zac's chest and kissed it softly. His hands pinched Zac's nipples lightly causing his groans to increase in intensity. Zac's eyes were closed and he was breathing deeply through his mouth. One arm was behind his head, the other lying at his side. He was really enjoying this. Tristan ran his tongue through the groove between Zac's abs. They were sticking out gloriously tonight. His tongue circled Zac's navel and started to follow his trail downwards. He ran his hand through Zac's pubes and gripped them lightly before seizing his cock and kissing it lightly. Before Zac had a chance to react he swallowed his cock as deeply as he could, until his nose was right at the base and digging into his pubes.


"Oh fuck!... Tristan!... Oh..." he yelled. He nearly convulsed with pleasure. He was literally panting with desire and his legs were spread open wide. Tristan could feel Zac's cock straining in his mouth, as hard as it could be.


He started to move his head up and down Zac's shaft, allowing his tongue to swirl around the head. Zac was groaning loudly. Tristan knew he wouldn't last long. He rubbed Zac's thighs and played with his balls. They weren't loose anymore; they'd contracted upwards and were preparing to empty themselves. It felt so good to have Zac's dick in his mouth.


"Tristan, you've got to... stop. I ... can't..." he panted. Sweat slacked down his hair and glistened on his chest.


Tristan smiled and went down on Zac again. He was good at deep-throating and he knew that it must've felt good.


"I can't... wait... oh shit here it comes... Tristan, I'm gonna shoot."


Tristan could feel the turbulence in Zac's groin, could feel the build up. He went down on Zac one last time to make it count.


"AAAAAHHHHH!" Zac shouted, and his back arched. He put his hands over his eyes and gasped. Tristan felt a huge load start to enter his mouth. It instantly shot to the back of his throat and started to fill his mouth. He had difficulty swallowing it all. He would have cursed with surprise if he didn't have Zac's dick in his mouth. The amount of semen he'd produced had been monumental. He pulled Zac's dick out of his mouth and slowly licked it clean. It was still shaking slightly, trying to expel the last of its load. Zac was still panting like a guy who'd sprinted a mile.


"Good?" he said. Zac didn't reply. His was trying to recover. Tristan rolled onto his side and stroked Zac's underarm. A moment later Zac turned and lay on top of him.


"That was the single best thing I've ever experienced!" he said, before kissing him deeply. His smile was heart stopping. "We've got to go again. And again. Fuck, we've got to do this a hundred times."


Tristan laughed and hugged him tightly. "You made a lot," he said. He could still feel the after taste in his mouth. It wasn't his favourite taste in the world but with Zac it had been erotic as hell.


"I usually make a lot, but it felt like more than usual." His breathing had started to slow, but some sweat ran down his side burns. Tristan wiped it away. "I think I'm going to enjoy our sex life way too much."


"I'm glad to hear it," Tristan said warmly.


"We need to take care of you now," he said, gripping Tristan's hard dick. He groaned involuntarily. "Want to stick it in me?"


"Yeah," Tristan said with a smile. "But you probably watch too much porn. It can be painful the first time."


"If I don't have a first time, I can never have a second, third, fourth... fiftieth."


"Good point," Tristan said.


He kissed Zac and like so many previous times, Zac overwhelmed his initial aggression. Zac loved to kiss.


"I can't believe how great you look naked," Tristan said while he reached over to get some lube. Zac rolled onto him and straddled him. His dick was soft now. His chest and abs were so beautiful, and his face was so handsome it defied the laws of biology.


Tristan grabbed Zac's ass and rubbed his hole with his finger.


"Target acquired," he said jokingly, and Zac groaned and closed his eyes.


Tristan started by slowly inserting one of his lubed fingers in. Zac flinched initially but loosened up quickly. After a few minutes Tristan was already on two fingers and Zac was already hard again. The guy was a slave for sex. When Zac seemed comfortable enough he put lots of lube on his dick.




"You mean that wasn't your dick?" Zac said, and then smiled a moment later.


"Funny," he said disapprovingly.


"Let's have it," Zac said with mixed excitement and apprehension.


Tristan put his cock against Zac's hole and slowly pushed forward. The head went in easily and Zac leaned forward and rested his hands on Tristan's chest.


"You okay?" he asked Zac.


"Yeah," Zac said with a staggered breath. "It feels amazing. I just need a moment."


Tristan took it easy. His first time had been painful too. After a few moments Zac started to rock back and forward slowly, and Tristan felt his cock edging in deeper and deeper. It felt so good, but he was distracted by the fact that Zac was feeling discomfort. Zac's efforts intensified and after only a few minutes he'd taken in everything. Zac sat back against him, his dick deep inside him. Tristan was flooded with feelings of warmth. It was tight and so damn sexy. He didn't think he would be able to stop himself from shooting for more than a few minutes.


"This feels so awesome," Zac said. "I've really missed out."


"So have I," Tristan said. "This feels incredible."


Zac leaned forward and they kissed deeply. He started rocking back and forwards again and he could feel his cock sliding in and out of Zac's ass. It was the best sex he'd ever had. He was groaning and finding it difficult to kiss Zac.


"Fuck," he murmured.


"I know," Zac breathed into his neck, never stopping his rhythmic rocking.


He looked at Zac, though in truth he felt dizzy and disorientated. He realized how much he loved him. His body was the hottest thing he'd ever seen. He was friendly and kind, and just so awesome. He was so lucky. He couldn't believe he was so lucky! He felt semen building up in his dick.


"Zac I'm going to shoot. Stop," he said.


Zac smiled at him and continued to move his cock in and out of his ass. Tristan would have shot at that smile alone. It was love and lust and everything Zac loved about him rolled into one. He felt the muscles in his pelvis contract, felt himself go past that familiar point of no return.


"Oh fuck! Zac I'm cumming! Ugh! AAAAH!" he shouted. His whole body exploded. He could feel himself shooting inside Zac. His hips thrust, and Zac didn't stop rocking back and forward on him. He felt Zac kiss him, but he broke away. He was shouting with pleasure and needed air. Something hit his face and he realized that Zac was cumming again, with thick ropes of cum landing on his abs. He was groaning loudly, and he could feel his ass contracting rhythmically. Every muscle in his body contracted, and his body was filled with energy, and honey and sunlight. He felt dazed as if he'd taken a trip. He could literally see stars in front of his eyes.


Zac collapsed on top of him and they lay there silently for a few minutes with just the sound of their deep breathing filling the room. Tristan was sure he'd never had such an intense orgasm. He felt like he'd almost died during that one, but it was good. So good. He felt his dick slip out of Zac.


"Man..." he said.


"I know," Zac repeated into his chest. Zac was lying with his forehead on Tristan's chest. He stroked the back of Zac's head.


"I love you," he said.


"I love you too," Zac replied. Tristan had never been so happy. He wanted this to last forever.


Zac rolled onto his back and they looked at one another in the eyes. For the longest time they just looked at each other and touched each other lightly.


"Was it how you imagined it?" Tristan said.


"No," Zac said seriously looking up at the roof. "It was different. Good... but different."


"Just good?" Tristan said wryly.


Zac smacked his abs playfully. "More than good. I'm going to have such fun with you, Tris."


"Ditto," he replied.


"Let's go again," Zac said. He was hard again.


"Boy, you're going to kill me," he said with a laugh, but Zac was already back on top of him, and he could feel that his own dick was hard again. Zac sat down on him and this time he was deep inside Zac in an instant.


"Fuck," Zac said with smile. "I'll never get tired of this."


They started at it again. The night was young.



Zac felt himself coming out of a deep sleep and smiled even before he opened his eyes. He knew instantly where he was and how great it would be to wake up. He breathed deeply. The air was crisp and cleaner to his nose than he'd ever remembered. The light in the room was soft as it touched his skin. He turned slowly and looked at the guy who was sleeping beside him. His heart started to beat rapidly and his groin stirred. Last night had been better than he could ever have hoped for. He wanted to stand on the roof of this apartment block and shout with joy to the whole city.


Tristan was still sleeping. His face looked peaceful and Zac found himself staring blankly, lovingly. He couldn't imagine being more in love than he was now. His whole body was fuelled with passion for Tristan. He really wanted to spend the rest of his life with this guy. His body was almost alien to him. He felt the need to do things he ordinarily would never have done. He wanted to hug and touch Tristan all day, tell him repeatedly how much he loved him. He even had crazy thoughts about singing to him, and writing poetry about him. It was insane. It was love, and he thought he'd go crazy if the thought ever left him.


Tristan's eyes were closed and his nose flared almost undetectably every time he breathed in. His lungs expanded slowly. His chest was so strong, so well formed. He loved his muscles and how the flawless skin on his chest struggled to contain them. His arms were defined and powerful, and all sorts of things bulged out with the smallest movement. Zac felt like pulling him close, but thought he might wake him. After a few minutes he broke off his examination of Tristan's perfect face and body, and lay on his back with one arm behind his head.


He ran his other hand lightly over his chest and stomach as if vaguely trying to remember the previous night. Last night felt like a collision of galaxies. It was a sensory overload, almost as if his memory couldn't process it all. His skin prickled as he remembered what Tristan did to him. He smiled to himself. It had been great. His hand brushed lightly over his dick and he breathed out despite himself. He could sense it protesting already. He'd really pushed himself last night, and his dick felt really sensitive this morning. It was almost painful. He thought his ass would be sore too but it felt okay. It had really hurt at first but after that he couldn't get enough of it, and he imagined how many hundreds of times he could look forward to riding Tristan's cock in the future. He was reaching that point where he had to edit what he said to Tristan before he made a mess. Tristan would think he was a sex pest if he told him everything he wanted to do. He wanted to tell Tristan to bend him over the kitchen counter or anywhere in the apartment ten times a day and just to fuck him and cum in him. He knew Tristan enjoyed it. That much had been clear last night, but he didn't want him to think that he was hormonally imbalanced or something. He decided to see how Tristan reacted to the previous evening, but he wouldn't give up too easily. He needed more of last night. A lot more.


He turned to look at Tristan again and smiled. He couldn't help himself and moved close to him and put his forehead against his. He started to stroke his rough cheek.


"Zac," Tristan murmured as he started to wake up.


"Fuck, I love you so much," he said with pained eyes.


"I love you too," Tristan said sleepily. He was still really groggy. It would be a while before he woke up. He thought about all the times he'd get to wake up like this in his life and he wanted to laugh and sing and just be happy. His heart actually pained. He felt almost like he wanted to cry but also to laugh. It was a massive cocktail of things floating around in his mind and blood. He felt so alive!


Tristan lazily motioned for him to turn around and he did so, facing away from him. He felt Tristan move up behind him until they were touching, and Tristan's arm curled around and hugged his chest. He smiled to himself.


"This is nice," Tristan said drunkenly. He really was sleepy.


Tristan had a strong erection that was poking him in the ass. It felt really good. He put his hand round and gripped Tristan's cock and stroked it slowly.


"Morning wood. Sorry babe," Tristan said with a sigh.


"Don't be," he replied. "I'm not." Wow, what a stud.


He couldn't wait for Tristan to fuck him again. He couldn't think of a better place for Tristan's cock than in his ass. It was the most awesome feeling. Tristan's cock felt like it filled him, and yet it slid in and out so easily. He loved how it rubbed against his prostate and how even the slightest movement sent shivers up his spine. He didn't think his nerves were built for so many different sensations.


Tristan was a sex machine and even if he hadn't had sex with him, he would have paid good money to watch Tristan doing another guy. The way he moved he was so powerful and passionate while having sex. He groaned a lot but it wasn't radical off-putting shouting that he dreaded in his female lovers. It was a restrained groan that was proportional to his pleasure. He loved the way Tristan's groan grew, as he got close. It was awesome to hear him reach his high point and start to groan and curse as he went over the edge. He thought he was going to outperform Tristan but he should have known it was a fantasy. Tristan seemed to be good at everything, and flawed at nothing (in his unbiased opinion). Zac's first orgasm had been the most sensational of his life. He'd never shot so much, and to have Tristan's warm mouth around his cock was almost too much to endure. He'd swallowed it all. Fuck. It must have been a gallon. It felt like it. The second time had been just as mind-blowing. He was sure it was going to be dry but he'd cum all over Tristan's stomach and chest. He really couldn't believe he could make so much semen. Tristan had only started to get going then. He was like an animal that couldn't be contained. He almost seemed like a panther when Zac looked at him feral and unstoppable. Zac had managed one more orgasm that night, about an hour later, and it had hurt. He realized then that he had limits, but he still wanted to go on. The last one had been while Tristan was boning him relentlessly in the missionary position, and somehow he'd touched the right spot and everything had started to contract again. It was a dry orgasm but fuck it felt good. There was a dull pain after that, almost as if his pelvic muscles were begging for relief. He'd decided to not try for a fourth; he thought it might be a bit much for his body. He'd stayed hard the rest of the time though. But Tristan what a man he'd hooked up with. Five times. How could any guy shoot five times? He'd been relentless. After that first time, Tristan had fucked him another four times. He'd thrown him around like a rag doll at times, but always in a playful but forceful way. He didn't know there were so many positions to get fucked in, but some of them felt so good he couldn't wait to try them again. Each time Tristan had been banging him hard with his cock sliding in and out of him, before he'd made that familiar loud groan. He always called out his name when he came. It was so awesome. By the fifth time, Tristan was fucking him in the doggy position. That was one of his favourites. He was convinced Tristan was just shooting dry by that stage. Obviously he couldn't tell Tristan unloaded each time while he was inside him. He remembered Tristan's staggered pant as he'd pulled his cock out that last time and shot all over his back. He felt cum land in his hair and on his neck, before Tristan had put his cock back in his ass for a few more minutes. He couldn't believe it at the time. He couldn't imagine how much Tris had shot inside him before that. Fucking sex machine. He felt so lucky. They'd finally dozed off at 3am after nearly six hours of hot sex. It had seemed like a few minutes or a few weeks. He didn't know. His dreams had been warm and plentiful and for the first time in years he thought he'd rested without a care in the world.


"I could lie here forever," Tristan muttered into his ear with a croaking voice. He loved how hot the guy was in the morning. His hair was all over the place but brutally sexy. He had some stubble that chafed when he kissed him. Even his breath smelled bad, but it was all so hot.


"Me too," Zac said, clenching Tristan's hand.


"Did you enjoy last night?" Tristan asked yet again. He was really preoccupied with the idea that Zac's first time had to be amazing. If he only knew how awesome it had been. He felt like freaking out about it, but thought it better to play it cool.


"It was brilliant, Tris. Thank you," he said.


"No, thank you. I'm running on empty today I think," he said. Zac could hear the smile in his sleepy voice.


"I find that hard to believe. Do you normally go five times?"


"No," Tristan said. "I normally go once, maybe twice. You sort of pressed every button I knew about and every one I didn't. I've never felt so horny. I thought I was going to go crazy."


"It was great to see you like that. And to have you in me..."


Tristan's cock suddenly responded with purpose and Zac smiled to himself. "I like it a lot too," Tristan said.


"We should do it again some time," Zac said.


"I'll make you sick of it," Tristan warned.


"Not likely," Zac said truthfully.


"Trust me. I need you so much. I'm going to bend you over ten times a day until I have this out of my system."


Zac smiled widely. "I don't think you'll get it out of your system. Besides, I don't want you to."


"You make me really horny, Zac. Fuck it, it's disabling." He sighed despondently, almost as if he felt sorry for himself.


"I feel the same, Tris. Listen, I'd like to do something today and I don't want you to object."


"I'm not having a threesome," Tristan said, and he sounded surprisingly serious. He better work on what Tristan thinks of him.


"No, nothing like that," Zac said with a light laugh. "I want to introduce you to my parents."


There was silence for a second, but Zac knew that Tristan was suddenly much more awake. "We talked about this."


"You said you'd support me whatever I did," Zac said, on the verge of turning around, but Tristan held him in place.


"That's true. Doesn't mean I'll let you hear the end of it if it goes pear-shaped."


He laughed. "You dick. Anyway, I really want this. Will you drive there with me later."


"Sure Zac," he said instantly. Zac couldn't believe how little persuasion it had required. The guy had been honest when he'd said he'd always support him.


"Thanks my boy," he said, genuinely touched.


"Pleasure, Zac," he said. He sounded like he was falling asleep again. Well, they had only been sleeping for five hours.


"How about we lie here for a while and then shower, eat breakfast and go? I can't wait to introduce you to them."


"A shower sounds good. I have plans for you in there."


"Oh yeah? What plans?" he asked with a wry smile.


"Well, my balls have had a few hours and I can feel something happening downstairs. I have a small deposit I'd like to make."


Zac laughed and jumped out the bed. He started to pull at a shocked and clumsy Tristan who tried to protest.


"On second thought, lying around can wait," Zac said.


"You freak," Tristan said, standing up off the ground. He'd pulled him right out of bed. He looked so good naked, especially with a dick that was standing up and looking for trouble.


They went into the bathroom and Zac turned on the shower as they both climbed in. They started to kiss furiously and Tristan seemed to gain momentum as his brain started to wake up. It was the first time he'd had sex in the shower, and he was already enjoying it. Tristan turned him around and pressed his cheek against the wall of the shower. He felt Tristan slide into him and he groaned. It felt so good. He was obsessed with sex. He just wanted more, and Tristan seemed happy to oblige.




Tristan breathed in the fresh air as they sped along the freeway to Zac's parents' house. It was a good two-hour journey and they'd only been on the road for twenty minutes. He wasn't the type to speed around unless the need arose, and there were advantages to driving slowly, namely that he got to spend more time in the car with Zac. This time was different Zac was driving, but he was also driving slower than he needed to which brought a smile to Tristan's lips.


"Like it?" he heard Zac ask him.


Tristan shook his head and smiled at Zac and ruffled his hair. "It's awesome, but I don't understand why you went to so much trouble. You're so stubborn. I have cars like this."


"I know," Zac said. "But sometimes I like to be in control."


"You retard, I love you," he joked. Zac refused to use one of the cars he had parked in the basement of the building. Instead he'd made them drive to a rental agency so that he could rent a Mercedes convertible. It was an utterly brainless plan, but Tristan thought it was huge fun and ran with it without muttering a word. Zac's spontaneity was one of his best assets. He made life interesting, and Tristan loved that.


"I love you too," Zac replied, looking at him wide a wide smile one of those insanely handsome smiles.


"You've been smiling all morning," he said.


"Shit, if you only knew the night I had," he said with a smile. He looked so hot with his dark sunglasses.


"I think I have an idea," he replied, returning the smile with interest.


The evening had been amazing, obviously, but he decided not to speak about it anymore. He'd spent the whole morning doing that and he was losing his life to daydreaming. Not that it was an evil fate, and he knew he'd later indulge his mind a little. After their eventful shower that morning, they'd eaten a large breakfast designed to replenish their exhausted stores. Both of them had eaten a wagonload of fruit, cereal, eggs, bacon and other things until they felt full. It was good walking around the apartment shirtless and uninhibited, and even better doing it with Zac. Each time they touched each other, whether to say thanks, or when passing a plate or cup, was a special moment. There was unsaid intimacy between them, and their glances and stares into one another's eyes held a thousand words. Eventually it had been midday and they'd decided that if they waited any longer, they wouldn't be able to visit Zac's parents.


He rubbed Zac's leg. He was wearing blue jeans and a baby blue T-shirt that hugged his body tightly. His sneakers were geeky but cool. He was also wearing jeans but an orange T-shirt and slightly less conspicuous sneakers.


"I'm so glad I can introduce you to my folks," Zac said suddenly. He was beaming like a little boy.


"They think you're straight, right?" he asked.


"Well yeah..." he said with slight unease.


"Yikes. This is going to be interesting."


"Jeez. You're quite the optimist, aren't you?" Zac said with a frown. He seemed almost irritated, and that instantly got Tristan's attention.


"Sorry, Zac. I've just been wondering have you thought what might happen if it, you know, doesn't go well. It happens sometimes."


Zac flinched almost as if he'd been physically wounded. "I... have, Tris. I'd rather not."


"I'm here for you, Zac."


"I know."


Tristan turned in his seat to face Zac. Zac had lost some of his humour and seemed to be looking introspectively.


"Sorry Zac," he repeated. "It's just that your parents think you like girls, and it's made worse by the media. Girls idolize you and the media makes you into a sex symbol. So it's almost like it makes you `super-straight' in your parents' eyes."


Zac nodded slowly, but he looked sad. "I can see where you're coming from. Fuck, maybe we should turn around."


"No!" Tristan shouted, and then moderated his tone. "No. It takes guts to do what you're doing. And I'm really honoured that you chose me to do it with."


He squeezed Zac's leg and watched, as he seemed to recover some of his mood.


"You know I'd walk over fire for you," he said to Zac reassuringly.


"I know. I'm just hoping it won't be like that." He laughed bitterly. Tristan felt some regret that he'd dampened the mood, but Zac could be unrealistic at times. Then again, he could be a cynical prick so he regretted opening his mouth at all.


"Don't pout, Tristan. I love your honesty, even if I have a tantrum about it."


"I shouldn't have ruined the moment."


"I love you whatever you say. Just speak your mind, please, Tristan." He smiled at him briefly before looking back at the road.


"Tell me about your family," Tristan said. "In detail. I don't want to look like a fool in front of them."


Zac laughed, and started telling him about his parents and his brother. He spent the next hour telling him about how close he was to his family, with a few rants inserted about how they irritated him on occasion. Tristan listened with fascination and felt envy grow in him. He missed not having parents who loved him, or a sibling he could talk to. Jen was the closest thing he had to family, but it wasn't the same. Zac always had that backup if things went haywire. He suddenly felt alone in the world, and vulnerable, and his grip tightened reflexively on Zac's leg. They drove on for a while longer until Tristan started to feel sleepy. He hadn't slept much since the previous night and felt drained. He started to doze off in his chair despite Zac's lecture on his family, and he found that his sexy voice acted more like a lullaby than anything else. The cool wind on his face didn't help either.


Before he knew what was happening, he felt someone nudging his shoulder. He felt a hand run down his cheek. He woke up. The sun seemed really bright.


"Zac?" he said instinctively.


"We're here, Tris," he said with a smile. He'd opened the door for him.


"Shit," he said, rubbing his eyes and trying to wake up rapidly. "Sorry Zac. I'm a little low on energy today."


"Hey it's okay," Zac said with a warm smile. "No explanations needed."


Tristan got out of the car and found that he was in the middle of a suburban neighbourhood. It was very beautiful and seemed like the setting of a close-knit community. The house was a double-story white timber house with a neat green roof. He didn't know if Zac had grown up in that house, but he had a feeling he had. He seemed intimately familiar with the house and his eyes glowed when he looked at it. He hadn't been home for a while despite its relatively close proximity.


"Nice house," Tristan said.


"Yeah. Good memories," he said absently. For the hundredth time Tristan thought that no man had ever looked better in sunglasses.


The door swung open and Tristan held his breath. He was ridiculously nervous for some obscure reason. Sure, he could have thought of several reasons given time, but at that moment it didn't make much sense. He was probably nervous for Zac.


"Honey," a pretty woman said, running towards Zac.


"Hey mom," Zac said with blushing cheeks as he hugged her. It was all very sweet. "Mom, this is Tristan."


His mom turned and smiled politely, but her eyes were filled with questions, even unassuming ones.


"Hi Tristan," she said.


"Hi Mrs Efron," he replied with a well-mannered handshake.


"It's been way too long, Zac. Have you forgotten about us?" she said while ruffling his hair. It seemed like an irresistible trait to anyone who could get close to Zac. Tristan made sure the door to the car was closed and followed them inside. They entered the house, which was well decorated, and he saw a middle-aged man reading a newspaper. Zac and his mom had disappeared into the kitchen, and he assumed that Zac had greeted his dad in passing.


"Hello. Who are you?" the man said. Tristan felt like killing Zac for leaving him alone.


"Uh, I'm Tristan, sir. You must be Mr Efron."


The man stood and shook his hand. Tristan could immediately see the genetic legacy that was Zac's. There were hints of Zac's eyes and smile in his dad. He hadn't had a chance to stare too closely at his mom but he was sure he'd find things.


"That is correct," his dad said. "Did Zac drag you along on one of his road trips?"


"Something like that," he said, but he could feel his cheeks hot with embarrassment. Zac was going to pay. The pawns never ran off to leave the king undefended!


"WHAT?" he heard a shriek from the kitchen, and for an instant he made eye contact with Mr Efron.


They both ran to the kitchen.


"Fuck," he muttered silently under his breath. This was going to be hell on earth. Knowing Zac, he'd bulldozed into the topic without a hint of finesse.


"What's wrong?" Zac's dad said as he reached the kitchen.


"David, do you know that our son was kidnapped?" she said, her face white with shock.


Tristan's eyes were wide. It was not what he was expecting, but he could understand her reaction. He suddenly felt angry for being put through a few moments of agony. He glared at Zac who shrugged and looked at him innocently, and then smirked. The boy was so dead.


Zac started telling them the story about how he was kidnapped in France. He left out certain bits, such as the reason he was in France in the first place. His parents were infuriated that Jason, whom they'd known for years, was a kidnapping scumbag. It was kind of amazing, now that he actually thought about it. Jason had always appeared so normal and charming. Talk about Silence of the Lambs. Naturally Zac had inflated his heroism and how he'd rescued him. Zac's recollection became so overdone at stages that he started to feel humiliated. Luckily he stopped short of telling his parents that he'd fought fifty men with chains and dogs, and killed his enemies with fireballs that shot from his eyes. No one could embellish like Zac, and no one could look sexier telling a story with animated arm movements like Zac could. Tristan actually started to feel horny again, and eventually had to shake the thought from his head. That was one rising development he didn't need Zac's parents to notice. Either way, he could understand why Zac was going too far. He wanted Zac's parents to like him to balance out for the news that was to follow. Not a stupid plan at all, really. Not that he thought of Zac as stupid not at all. It's just that Zac was an impulsive on-the-moment type of guy, and planning was not his strong point. Maybe he was learning?


Eventually they landed up in the entertainment area. He sat on a couch next to Zac while his parents sat opposite them on a couch. The stage seemed ominously set, and no amount of delicious cheesecake could make him forget it. He was still full from their massive breakfast, but the cake was the best he'd ever eaten. How Zac escaped from this house and its nice cake without being obese was a mystery.


"Mom. Dad. We need to talk," Zac said suddenly. He put his plate down and exhaled strongly. Tristan felt his chest compress with tension. He wanted to soothe Zac but that would obviously release the bad news prematurely and would be counterproductive. For this brief period, Zac would just have to be alone.


"You look preoccupied, son," his dad said.


"I am, dad," Zac said, and Tristan almost gasped when he saw tears glisten in Zac's eyes. Tristan had to force himself not to console Zac.


"What is it? Did Jason do things to you?" his mom said. She'd picked up the mood from the moment they'd greeted each other.


"No," Zac said looking at the floor. "Nothing like that."


"Then what. If it's anything we can do, just..."


"I'm gay."


You could have heard a mouse sneeze during the silence. Zac's parents' eyes were wide open and their mouths hung open. Zac just looked at the floor, unable to face their judgmental faces. Tristan realized he wasn't breathing and quickly drew in some air. Suddenly he felt grateful that his parents weren't around anymore, something he thought he never would have felt. You could have cut the tension with a knife.


"It means I like men," Zac said, still looking at the ground. His voice had gained strength, and what seemed like frustration and irritation.


"We know what it means," his mom said, answering for the collective.


"It's just a ... surprise," his dad said with a strangled voice.


"That's an understatement," his mom said ominously. Her voice was no longer friendly and warm.


"Do you hate me?" Zac said. He hadn't looked up once.


The second's hesitation was almost diabolical. "No, of course not," his dad said.




"Then what?" Zac said, wanting to look up, but only reaching the table in front of him. His eyes burned with what seemed like rage but also glistened with tears that threatened to fall.


"Zac, honey, you couldn't have surprised us more even if you'd claimed to be a murderer," his mom said. Zac flinched.


"What your mother means, son," his dad continued, realizing how nasty that sounded, "...is that we've always had a picture of you in our mind. You've had lots of girlfriends. It just seems kind of weird, that's all."


"I know," Zac said with a sad nod. "I never realized what I was until recently. Now that I think about it, none of those girls meant much to me. I was pretending."


"We still love you," his mom said, leaning forward putting a hand on his leg. "We just need time to accept this news. To adjust, you know."


"Yeah, in time you can bring a ... guy... here for us to meet," his dad said, trying to be diplomatic.


"Who do you think Tristan is? My chauffeur?" he said caustically.


His parents' eyes swung his way and he felt their venom touch him as surely as if he'd been showered in acid. Zac you tactless fool. You owe me!


"Er..." was all he managed to say. He was not accustomed to being speechless.


"Tristan is my soul mate," Zac said, finally looking at them challengingly. He looked so strong and defiant. Tristan felt himself wanting to hide behind Zac for protection. "Sorry if it seems sudden."


Tristan knew what they were thinking. You turned our son. You've done something to him. We can blame you. You'd be dead if Zac wasn't here. You might still die if we can find a gun.


Suddenly Zac's dad stood and approached him. Tristan flinched expecting a black eye. He opened one eye and saw that he'd stretched his hand out.


"David," he said with a warm smile, as if he introducing himself for the first time.


Tristan stood and shook his hand and started to smile. Today was a hurricane of surprises.


"Starla," his mom said, giving him a warm hug.


They both then moved to Zac to give him a huge hug, which he returned. He could see Zac's fingers digging into his mom and dad, as if he was clinging on for life. Tristan felt overwhelming relief.


For the next few hours they sat chatting about various subjects. Zac ventured and put his hand on Tristan's leg, an act that alarmed his parents and made them visibly uncomfortable. They seemed to adjust within an hour of that happening though, and by the early evening they seemed to have forgotten the groundbreaking news. They did discuss relevant topics, such as Zac's career and how they should approach the relationship. Naturally Zac wanted to be open about everything, but his parents and Tristan had told him to stop being a brain donor and think about his future. As usual, he'd sulked for a few minutes, unhappy at being overruled or betrayed as he might see it. He glared at Tristan but he just winked back, and even Zac couldn't keep a totally straight face. Zac used the setting sun as an excuse to leave, especially because his mother was introducing dodgy ideas like them staying over for the night, which Zac seemed to be in no mood for. Most likely he was feeling a little overwhelmed by his parents and he needed to get away. He said goodbye to his parents warmly, and they gave him half a cheesecake to take home with him. They smothered him a combined hug and Tristan instantly felt like a part of the family. He was sure that Zac's parents would need time to adjust completely but in his extremely limited experience of `coming out', this had to have been a smooth ride. He started walking to the passenger side.


"Drive please, Tris," Zac said, throwing him the keys. He looked stressed and was pinching the bridge of his nose as if he was developing a headache. Without a word he went over to the driver's side and turned on the car. He waved to Zac's parents and watched nervously as Zac didn't do the same. They drove off.


"Are you okay?" he asked, leaning over and rubbing Zac's shoulder.


"Yeah," Zac said still pinching the bridge of his nose. His eyes were closed and he was frowning. He slammed his head back against the headrest. "Yeah," he repeated.


"You did well, boy. I'm so proud of you," he said, rubbing Zac's neck with his hand.


"Thanks, Tris," he said. He was rubbing his eyes with the palms of his eyes.


"Are you crying?" he said, shocked.


"Just a little," Zac said, turning away.


"Look at me, Zac," he said kindly.


Zac turned slowly. His eyes were red. He looked sad, and his lip trembled. He smiled weakly, but a tear slid down his cheek to ruin the effect.


"Oh Zac. What's wrong, boy? I can't stand to see you like this." His heart heaved. He couldn't handle the sight.


"I'm just relieved," he said. Another tear slide down his cheek, and he wiped it away angrily. He scowled.


"It's okay to cry," Tristan said with a warm smile. He pulled Zac towards him and Zac flopped over and lay with his head on Tristan's leg. Tristan stroked his head consolingly.


"I'm so proud of you," he said.


"You said that already," Zac said with a weak laugh. His nose was running and he wiped it away.


Tristan put his hand under Zac's shirt and ran his hand up and down Zac's abs slowly. Zac closed his eyes and smiled. He started to breathe deeply.


"You know how to make me feel better," Zac said.


"Hey I was doing that for myself," he said. Zac laughed loudly and looked up at him.


"Want me to get crazy with you on the road?" Zac said. He reached up and rubbed Tristan's crotch.


"You really do have a one-tricked mind," he said with a laugh. "And I like it. But let's wait until we get home. Rolling a rental car would be pricy."


Zac scoffed. "Yeah imagine how it would set you back. Hell, even I could fork out for it."


"I'm more worried about messing up your pretty face. You'd look hot with scars but I like you the way you are," he said with a smirk as he put his hand on Zac's face.


Zac shook his head and chuckled. "I'm ready for sex again," Zac said with a smirk.


"How nice for you," Tristan said, looking at the road.


"Hey that means you have a role to play," Zac said with false anger.


Tristan smiled. "Best role in the world."


"That's my role you're talking about," Zac quipped. Tristan reached out and held Zac's hand and squeezed it. It wasn't easy driving with Zac lying on his lap. Tristan growled in his throat. Zac, lying on his back, with one arm behind his head, with his bicep standing out and his shirt slightly lifted and showing his inviting treasure trail. He felt himself rapidly getting turned on.


"Are you sure you don't want me to do anything?" Zac said with a knowing smile. His head was resting on a site of incriminating evidence.


"Yeah," Tristan said hoarsely. "You just look... good... lying there. Wow."


Zac laughed. "I love the fact that you still find me attractive."


Tristan looked at him with a frown. "You're fucking kidding me, right? Zac, I don't think you know how attractive you are. I'll tell you one day in detail. I'll need a whole afternoon, though."


"Sounds good. You can tell me in bed," he said.


"I'm dating a horny teenager," Tristan replied with a shake of his head.


"Is that so, mister five-orgasms?" Zac said.


"Point taken," Tristan said. He could feel himself blushing.


They drove in silence for a while. Zac eventually sat up, but they continued to hold hands. Zac's hand was really warm and his skin was soft. The car was an automatic, of course, so one-hand driving was easy.


"We need to make a detour," Zac said.


"What? Where?" Tristan said. Getting used to Zac's impulsive nature was not easy.


"I need to come out to my brother."


"Now? Today? Zac I think you've had enough for one day," he said with exasperation.


"No, I need to finish this now while my blood is warm," he said. His eyes were set stubbornly.






Tristan sighed. "Where?"


"Down the road. He lives on campus," Zac said.


"Are you insane? Are you seriously suggesting going to visit your brother on campus? You'll be lynched, and this time we won't have any refuge."


Zac smiled. "It'll be dark when we arrive there. And it's a guy's dorm. The chances of me being taking down by a bunch of horny guys are slim to none at best."


"One can hope," Tristan rebutted with a smile.


"Not everyone is a fag like you," Zac said.


"You dick," Tristan said, looking at him with a glare. Zac laughed.


They drove for half an hour until they reached the campus. They drove around until they found his brother's residence. Walking through the passages, he realized that Zac had been right. Most guys walked right past them, but occasionally a guy looked at him or Zac, and one guy distinctly stopped in his tracks and looked back before shaking his head and walking on. Zac stopped in front of his brother's door and knocked. There was a short delay and the door swung open.


"Bro!" Zac's brother said as he hugged his brother tightly.


Tristan immediately saw the resemblance. They looked similar in many ways but Zac was much better looking in his opinion. Of course, being compared to Zac was not fair. His brother was really good looking and standing there, shirtless, would have caught anyone's attention in lesser company. His brother pulled a white shirt over his head and Tristan felt deflated. Having two hot brothers next to each other was a rare treat, especially when one was shirtless.


"Brother, this is Tristan," Zac said with a wide smile. They seemed to get on well.


"Hi," Tristan said, shaking his hand firmly.


"Hey man, I'm Dylan." They had similar smiles. It was a bit surreal.


He let them into his room. His roommate was out, but the room was everything he'd expected from a young college guy. It was a pigsty and was covered in gadgets and pictures of scantily clad women. Dylan was definitely straight, though he guessed Zac's room would have looked similar a few years ago.


"What's up, bro?" his brother said, quickly closing his laptop, and probably more quickly than he had to. Tristan smiled to himself.


"Dylan, I can't stay long. I just need to speak to you about something."


"Oh that sucks. I haven't seen you for a few weeks, but okay," his brother said with a cheeky smile.


Zac smiled and started to tell him his story. He was far subtler than with his parents and started slowly by telling his brother about how he once liked girls but how it had slowly changed. It was a long story and took almost five minutes, but he eventually arrived at the crux and told his brother. Tristan had been watching Dylan and was disturbed by his facial expressions. They'd changed from cheery, to confused to stony. By the end of the story he wore no expression at all, and a long silence stretched. Tristan was getting tired of long silences.


"Aren't you going to say anything?" Zac said impatiently.


Dylan breathed in deeply. "I think you guys should leave, Zac." He was looking at the floor.


"What?!" Zac shouted. "Are you serious?"

"Please leave, Zac," his brother said again. He looked like he was visibly restraining himself.


"I'm not going anywhere," Zac said.


"Get the fuck out!" Dylan said. He was suddenly standing and shouting and pointing at the door. Tristan felt a lump in his throat. He suddenly started to feel very nervous but couldn't think of a single thing to say to diffuse the situation.


"Fuck you! Say something," Zac said angrily. Spit flew out of his mouth he shouted so loudly.


"You want to hear something!?" Dylan said. "Someone in our family finally becomes something cool, and now he's fucking blowing it. It's not like you became a famous inventor or entrepreneur or something. No, you decide to become a fucking icon that women want and now you can't even do that right. Bravo!"


Zac stood poleaxed for a moment, and then frowned angrily. "Fuck you! I'm an actor and performer, not a fucking sex symbol."


"Oh grow the fuck up, Zac," Dylan said venomously. "Women want your ass because of your pretty face. You've got less talent than me."


"You fucking piece of shit," Zac said. He was moving on the spot, obviously trying to decide whether to attack his brother.


Tristan stepped forward and put his hand on Dylan's shoulder. "Guys please, let's just relax and talk about this before someone says something they regret."


Dylan shook his arm free violently. "Fuck off, queer. You're not my friend. You're not even family."


Zac was there in an instant, taking a swing at his brother. "Don't you ever fucking speak to him like that!"


Tristan watched as the two guys crashed around the room. He couldn't believe his eyes. He saw Zac's fist connect with his brother's face. Zac's eyes were murderous, but his brother matched him for rage. Tristan tried to separate them but they were wildly furious with one another and stronger than him in their anger. He felt blows glancing off the top of his head and he ducked while trying to hold the brothers apart. His stitches were paining. The door to the room smashed open and he heard a roar as five guys came in to separate the two fighting men. Tristan watched in horror as two guys pulled Zac away and two held Dylan back. They were shouting endless curses at each other. They looked like they wanted to do murder. Tristan ran after Zac and pushed the two college guys away. Zac tried to run back to the room. He was screaming at his brother, though he was much too far away to hear him. Tristan pulled at Zac. He was so strong he could barely match him. Zac didn't seem to hear his pleas. Eventually he physically picked Zac up and threw him over his shoulder.


"Put me down, Tristan! Tristan!! Dylan, you're fucking dead!"


Tristan staggered over to the car and threw Zac into the passenger seat. He made as if to climb out but Tristan pushed him back roughly.


"Stay there!" he shouted to Zac. "Are you out of your fucking mind!"


Zac looked incredibly angry but actually stayed in his seat. Tristan ran round and leaped into his seat before Zac could climb out again. He sped off leaving a trail of dust and flew out off campus at criminal speed.


"Fuck!" he shouted as he sped along the road home.


Zac was silent next to him, staring forward with eyes that could ignite paper. He was breathing heavily. After a few miles he felt the heat in his veins cool and he looked over to Zac. He looked the same. Tristan reached over and rubbed the back of Zac's head, but he moved his head away. He sighed with disappointment. With a frown he tried again, and Zac didn't move. Slowly he rubbed Zac's neck. The muscles were as tense as iron. Ever so slowly Zac seemed to relax and his shoulders slumped. He leaned his head towards Tristan's hand and eventually was drawn towards it. Zac moved over and leaned against Tristan with his back. It wasn't safe driving but Zac needed comforting. Tristan wrapped his arm around Zac and squeezed him tightly. Zac said nothing; he just stared in the opposite direction. Zac kissed Tristan's forearm and squeezed it tightly. He tightened his grip.


"It'll be okay," he whispered into Zac's ear.


"I know," Zac murmured sadly. He sounded crushed.


Tristan sighed and continued driving. They drove home in silence. He was there for Zac and Zac was there for him. The day hadn't ended well at all and it had been a mixture of emotions. He couldn't think of what to say to Zac so he just kept quiet. Zac would open up when he was ready... when he was ready.




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