***This story is a complete work of fiction revolving around a sexual encounter between German footballers Lukas Podolski and Michael Ballack. It is common knowledge that both men are happily married fathers, and this story in no way attempts to question their sexuality. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***

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Michael Ballack was in a furious rage after the stunt Lukas Podolski pulled on the pitch less than an hour earlier. The two got into a heated confrontation which quickly escalated and ended with Podolski slapping his captain live in front of millions of fans across the world. Subsequent interviews with on-pitch witnesses did not yield much information, although a few other players claimed they heard Ballack make an inappropriate comment about Podolski's mother; Ballack denied the accusation. Podolski himself neither confirmed nor denied the accusation, instead saying he was "over it and forgot everything that happened."

Ballack was storming through men's changing room looking for the young kid that just embarrassed him. Podolski needed to be taught a lesson about his superiors, and Ballack would be the one to do it.


"Leave me alone, Ballack. I don't want to talk about this. I'm not going to argue with you."


The locker room had cleared out only minutes before with Ballack and Podolski being the last two. Podolski had already changed into his track suit and was picking up his last things before joining the team on the bus for the short ride back to their hotel. Ballack was still in need of a shower.

Michael's rage would have been quite the scene to an outside party. No one had ever seen him this pissed before; not even Lukas. Lukas was genuinely afraid of his team captain under normal circumstances, let alone after pulling the stunt he did during the game. His body was literally trembling as Michael kept repeatedly yelling at him, although he tried to conceal his weakness by ignoring the captain, which only made the latter even more furious.

Ballack, sensing Podolski was being even more disrespectful by ignoring him, snatched Podolski's Louis Vuitton bag out of his hands (with such force that he ripped the high quality leather), and sent it flying across the room. He grabbed Podolski by his neck and pushed him up against the wall.

"Stop it Michael! You're hurting me!" Podolski cried. He never called his captain by his first name.

"You need to be taught a lesson! You have no manners or respect for players that are older and better than you," Ballack responded, tightening his grip on his teammate's neck.

"I'm sorry, Michael. I'm sorry, please forgive me. Let go of me, please man, you're hurting me."

Ballack removed his hand from Podolski's neck, causing the younger man to collapse to the floor, gasping for air. Ballack looked down at him in disgust and was going to walk away and leave his teammate to wither around in pain for a while, but realized the lesson he had for Podolski had not yet been taught. Podolski couldn't get off that easily; a little choking was not enough to teach the youngster to respect his elders.

The captain crouched down and climbed on top of Podolski, who had tears welling in his eyes. He slapped the boy-man and leaned down and whispered in his ear: "I'm about to fuck the shit out of you. That's all I can do to get you to understand that I'm tired of you young bitches coming in thinking you run the show. I run this show! This is my team! I am Germany!"

And with that, Ballack yanked Podolski's track jacket off, followed immediately by his pants, which got stuck around his ankles due to his trainers which were still on. "You're so lame, dude," Ballack said in a calmer, more matter-of-fact tone as he shook his head in disapproval at the white briefs (tighty whities) Lukas was wearing. The young Pole was in shock; his mind couldn't come to terms with what was happening.

Ballack groped Podolski's crotch, making noises of curiosity and approval as he felt his young teammate's thickness. He didn't have time, nor was he interested in foreplay; he just wanted to get right down to business. The captain yanked down the tighty whities, revealing a beautiful Polish sausage, complete with its hood intact, and a shockingly impressive thick patch of wiry dark brown pubes. Ballack scooped the reproductive tool in his right hand.


Podolski sat up on his elbows, staring back at his captain blankly. What the hell is going on, he thought to himself? A gentle, almost playful slap to the face brought him back from his brief daze. Ballack climbed off Lukas and went down to the youngsters feet, removing both his trainers and freeing the track pants and underwear that were hunched around his ankles. The captain took Podolski's feet in his hands and inhaled deeply. They were clean, as he had just come from the shower, but the funk from his shoes was starting to saturate his socks. Ballack liked the smell.

He grabbed both of Lukas' ankles and pushed his legs, bent at the knee, back into his teammate's chest, giving him a perfect and unobstructed view of the Polish man's anus: pink, tight, moderately hairy, beautiful. Ballack rubbed his hand on Lukas' perineum and moved it in a circular motion, similar to the way he rubbed his wife's clitoris when they were intimate. He let his fingers explore the area briefly, before tracing his right index and middle fingers down to Lukas' opening. He poked at the dry, unlubricated hole and managed to get as deep as a fingernail's length inside.

Ballack got down between Lukas' legs and sniffed around his crotch. His teammate smelled clean all over. He stuck his tongue out and licked, at first gently, the opening he was about to penetrate. Lukas clasped his anus tighter, as if that were even possible, and jumped at the tickling sensation. Ballack went back in like a ravenous wolf and rubbed his tongue all over Lukas' young, virginal hole. He, as did most of the guys on the team, thought Lukas had the nicest ass he'd ever seen, even better than his wife. And now, after so many years of playing alongside him and seeing him naked in the changing room, he was able to get an up-close look at the most private part of his body.

Lukas' cock started to awaken, with his foreskin slowly retracting and precum seeping out. Seeing what was happening, Ballack took the cock in his hand and began jacking it slowly, making sure Lukas' foreskin fully covered, then fully retracted, from his purplish glans. Lukas kept his eyes closed and moaned in pleasure; he had never experienced anything like this before. His eyes sprang open when he felt two of Michael's fingers trying to enter him.

"Ahhh," Lukas softly moaned. "That hurts," he confided to his captain.

"So did that slap to the face you gave me," Ballack quickly shot back.

The captain kept forcing his fingers inside until they hit Lukas' prostate. He rubbed the internal organ for a few seconds, which caused a glob of precum to flow out onto Lukas' stomach. Lukas anus was getting used to the feeling of something entering it, rather than exiting it, for the first time. He continuously contracted his pink hole around Ballack's fingers. After a few minutes, Ballack pulled them out and put them in his mouth, re-lubricating them while simultaneously tasting the deep insides of handsome teammate.

Ballack pulled Lukas' legs over his head and spit a thick glob of saliva onto Podolski's still winking anus. They both knew what was next; they were each about to have sex with another guy for the first time, and Ballack would be the lucky guy to take Podolski's anal virginity, something that was deeply envied among gay fans of football.

For the first time, Ballack removed all his clothes, revealing a hairy, yet toned body. He too had an absurdly bushy patch of black pubes; he hated when guys shaved their pubes, which is why he was impressed when he saw the private regions of his metrosexual Polish teammate that he was about to fuck.

The German national team captain retracted his foreskin and pushed his 7-inches of erect meat into the waiting hole. Lukas was tight! Like, super tight! Tighter than Ballack's wife! Lukas was wincing in pain, uncertain of how he would get used to this. He didn't like the feeling at all. But Ballack was apathetic to Lukas' concerns, and continued to push himself in deeper and deeper until his pubic patch met Lukas' scrotum.

He was kind enough to allow a few moments to pass before he pulled himself out and pushed back in, creating the first motions of what would result in the de-virginizing of Lukas Podolski. The sex they had itself was bland; were it not for the historic fact that they were having gay sex for the very first time in their lives with each other, it would probably even be considered pathetic! As much of a "lesson" Ballack wanted to teach his "disrespectful" teammate, he couldn't downright destroy him and leave him to roll around in a wheelchair for the next week or so until he gained control over his sphincter again. Ballack did, however, thoroughly enjoy Lukas' hole; he had never encountered anything as tight in any of the dozens of women he had slept with. Lukas was one of a kind!

After only about 10 minutes, but what seemed like an hour, Podolski felt Ballack's thrusts slow down and his cock becoming, seemingly, harder. Before he knew it, Ballack quickly pulled himself out of Lukas and jacked out 10 spurts of creamy German cum over the hole he just widened. Some of man fluid seeped back inside the hole, which was gaping open. Lukas himself had long lost his erection, as he never got used to Ballack's thrusts.

The captain shook off the rest of the cum still hanging on the tip of his penis. He stuck his finger back inside Lukas and pulled out some of his cum. He held it up to Lukas' mouth.


Lukas looked at him for a brief moment, but quickly did as he was told. The taste was repulsive. Ballack had tasted his ass, and now he was tasting Ballack's cum.

"Have you learned your lesson, bitch?"

Podolski nodded.

"What the fuck does that mean? Do you not know how to speak?" Ballack said calmly, yet in a still angry tone.


"Yes, what?"

"Uh, yes, captain?" Lukas said, almost unsure of what response the guy who just fucked him was looking for.

"No. From now on, it's `daddy.' You call me daddy. So let's try that response again."

"Um, yes, daddy."

"Good boy. And daddy's gonna get that tight ass of yours again soon. I haven't finished teaching you my lesson. That lesson was too easy."

Lukas remained speechless. What the hell, he thought to himself!

"Clean yourself up and hurry your ass to the bus."

Lukas did as he was told and put his underwear, pants, and trainers back on. He watched as his captain... "daddy"...went to the shower, seemingly unfazed by what he had just done. As he was putting on his backpack and hat, daddy leaned from around the shower wall.

"Hey Podolski! What room are you in?"

"Um, 1210."

"1210, what?"

"1210, daddy," Lukas said with an exasperated sigh.

"Ha, good. The lesson continues tonight, then!"

Lukas walked out of the changing room, limping slightly and shaking his head. He wanted this trip to hurry up and be over with. If only he could go back in time and undo that slap to daddy's face...!

-The End-

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