Mr. Matthews – Chapter 7

Fandom: Boy Meets World

Pairing; Jack/Alan Jack/Eric

Disclaimer: BMW is owned and copyrighted by Michael Jacobs Productions and

Touchstone Television.
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In spite of Alan’s many attempts to contact him, Jack managed to steer clear of the senior Matthews by staying at the student union as late as possible and hanging out with a few study groups he’d joined. By the end of the following week he congratulated himself on his Alanless week and had decided to visit a club he’d heard about. His hope was to meet someone his age, single and available. He had put in transfer applications to several colleges around the tri-state area. He was secretly hoping to go to NYU and planned a weekend trip to the area including a night in the famed village he’d heard so much about.

Shawn and Eric had recovered from their injuries and at some point Mrs. Matthews had grown tired of pampering them and kicked them out. As usual Shawn, Angela, Corey and Topanga had plans for the evening. Shawn had asked Jack to join them but as always, Jack turned him down. Jack hated disappointing Shawn, especially since they were just getting to know each other better. As much as he wanted to hang out with his half-brother, he wasn’t up to getting matched up with a mutual friend nor was he ready to come out to Shawn, which in essence meant coming out to the whole group since nothing stayed a secret for long in their close knit circle.

Jack felt optimistic about the evening and was actually humming when he entered the apartment. That mood changed quickly when he stepped over the threshold to find Alan standing there with wrench in hand obviously waiting for him to arrive.

“I wasn’t sure you still lived here,” Alan spoke, barely concealing his bitterness.

“How’s Amy and the kids,” Jack shot back.

Alan tried to hide the hurt and disappointment at Jack’s words.

“Look,” he said stepping closer, “You knew I was married when this whole thing began. Don’t try to make me feel guilty for your sudden change of heart.”

“I know,” Jack spoke evenly. “But why can’t you let it go. We fucked once and it’s over.”

“Is that what it was to you?” Alan asked.

Jack watched Alan’s hands as they tightened around the wrench he was holding. For a minute he feared for his safety. Alan caught his gaze and placed the wrench down.

“Do you think I’d hurt you?” He asked cupping Jack’s face.

Jack shook his head no.

“I know all this makes you uncomfortable, it makes me uncomfortable too. But I…I care about you deeply. Please just don’t give up on us so quickly.”

“We both know this can’t work. You’re married. You have a family. Someone is bound to get hurt.”

“And you think it’s going to be you,” Alan sighed.

“Tell me it isn’t” Jack pleaded, leaning into Alan’s caress.

“I wish I could, but I can’t. The only thing I know is how much I need you. Can I see you tonight?”

“I’m sorry Alan, I have plans,” Jack answered. He refused to look into his lover’s eyes. He didn’t want to be coaxed into changing his plans.

Alan studied the boy, seeing the anguish he was going through. “Alright, But I don’t give up so easy. You can always come by the shop around closing. I hope to see you soon.”

Alan brushed a soft kiss against Jack’s lips. It took all his will power not to push for more. As he rode down the elevator he replayed the first and only time they’d made love. The vision of Jack’s well toned body pressed against his own, the soft cries that escaped both their lips and the gentle touches after plagued him constantly. It had become increasingly harder to make love to Amy. He could read in her eyes the questions. All the late nights he’d spent at the store hoping Jack would come. The disappointment he’d carried home each night that he didn’t. Jack was right. He wasn’t being fair to either one of them, but he wasn’t willing to give up on the fleeting happiness he’d found with Jack either.

Jack went to his room and lay on his bed thinking about the man he’d made love to there just a little over a week ago. He refused to touch himself and give in to his body’s desire. He decided to take a shower and get ready for his evening out instead. He kept the shower brief to keep his body in check. Wrapping a towel around him, he bounded out of the room only to find Eric sitting on his bed.


“Hey,” Jack returned, feeling guilty about his friend sitting on the spot where he’d made love to his father.

“Any plans for tonight?” Eric smiled.

“Yeah. Going out with a few friends,” he lied.

“Oh. Me too. Thought you might want to come along.”

“Can I take a rain check?”

“Sure. Anytime.” Eric rose and left the room.

Jack couldn’t figure out why the conversation felt so awkward. Was it his own guilt for his affair with Eric’s father or was Eric acting strange. Jack laughed out loud at the latter. “How can you tell when Eric is acting strange?”

He quickly dressed putting on a black tee shirt and slim fitting black jeans with a crisp white shirt partially opened over it. He decided to pass by coffee shop in the student union to get a quick bite to eat before heading over to the club. As he entered the living room, Eric let out a long appreciative whistle. Jack spun around pretending to show off his outfit.

“You’re leaving so soon. What kind of dorky friends go out this early on a Friday,” Eric teased.

“Actually I’m going out to eat first since no one in this house knows how to cook.”

“That sounds like a challenge. Sit and I will make you literally eat those words.”

Jack laughed and took a seat at the breakfast bar. “So what are we having…toast…eggs?”

Eric quirked an eyebrow and tsked a few times.

“How about broiled salmon with lemon and garlic, wild rice and a tossed salad?” Eric the French snobby waiter asked.

“Oh…so we’re going out to eat.”

Before Jack could move, Eric was around the counter and tackling him. On the ground Eric demanded that Jack recant. When he refused he resorted to tickling and was delighted to see how ticklish his roommate was. The door opened and a non plussed Shawn watched as a flustered Eric scrambled to his feet and attempted to explain what was going on. Jack still lay sprawled on the floor propped up on his elbows breathless.

“I thought we agreed to a tie on the doorknob when we wanted to be alone,” Shawn quipped.

With that both men were up and attacking Shawn. After making he cry uncle and several other humiliating things the idea of Eric cooking dinner was scrapped. Jack freshened up while the other’s changed. They decided they’d all go over to the school before going their separate ways for the evening. Shawn made a quick call and arranged for Corey, Angela and Topanga to meet him there. Shawn rode with Jack and Eric followed in his car.

The evening went well, the group chatting amiable about school, work and their plans for the night. Mercifully Jack managed to be vague about his night’s activities without the usual prying from Corey and Topanga. They parted company around ten Eric lingering behind to talk to some girl that caught his eye while they were there. Jack sat a block away from Alan’s store trying to convince himself not to go in. After a good half hour of debating with himself, he started his car and headed for Spruce Street. It was a little past eleven when Jack parked and entered The Gateway. The music was throbbing and the place was packed. Several men solicited him the minute he stepped through the door. He made his way to the bar smiling, glad he’d made the choice to come out tonight. He was about to order a drink when a voice whispered in his ear “Come here often.”

He spun around to find Eric smiling back at him. “Did you follow me here?” He yelled over the music.

“No …of course not. I…I saw you when you came in.”

“I’m sorry,” Jack quickly apologized. “I guess I’m being paranoid.”

“Hey, why do you think I lingered behind when you guys left?”

“Have you been here before?”

“Not this particular club, but I’m familiar with the area,” Eric waggled an eyebrow suggestively. “How about you?”

“First time.”

“A virgin?” Eric laughed.

Jack felt his face go three shades of crimson.

“Not exactly,” he muttered.

It was Eric’s turn to blush. “So, do you really have friends meeting you here or are you on your own,” Eric said leaning in closer.

“On my own,” Jack answered suddenly feeling breathless. “Is this where you wanted to take me tonight?” He added, his lips scant inches away from his friends.

“Actually…I wanted to *take you* somewhere else.” Eric emphasized.

Alarms should have been ringing in Jack’s head. Warning bells about sleeping with your friend’s father and your friend. Jack happily ignored those bells and took Eric’s hand when he asked him to dance.